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    At this point, where do you see TLK heading on dom and ww charts/numbers? Dom seems a 550-575M, so top11, ahead of TDK 535M/behind I2 608M, probably going top12 after TROS (or top13 if F2 increases a lot from F1). Seems safe to say TLK won't be below 535 (unless an enormous collapse happens) neither above 608 (unless unexpected legs happen). WW, I think TLK could go top6 ahead of JW 1,671B and behind IW 2,048B (here I don't dare to say wether TROS or F2 will outgross it WW). Deadline says in some 10 markets H&S is not opening #1, assuming TLK is keeping that position (on weekend 3 of its run) in such countries like Mexico, Brazil, UK and some other big european countries (could be Spain, France, Germany). Those are big money maker countries, so we could expect good legs on them for the rest of the summer. Till last Sunday, Ch was 114M, Os-ch was 498. Os-Ch, TLK opened at 254 ow, then added 260 for the week (117 mon-thu + 143 fss). Considering a 45% drop week-to-week, on actual markets, it could climb as high as 930M+ (China included). But since Deadline assumes this weekend TLK is holding pretty good against H&S, maybe that 45% drop could be less (40%), what would put it in track of a 1B intl. (minus Japan and Italy). Japan let's say it adds 70M (though it could climb to 100 given coming Oboon festival, which boost Japanese box office a lot). Italy could go between TJB 12M and BATB 23M. That's a possible 120M extra. So TLK could split into a 550 dom + 1B ww for a 1,550 WW on a low end (top7, behind JW), or could go 575 dom + 1,1B+ for a 1,675B ww on a high end (top6, ahead of JW 1,672B). I expect TLK this Sunday to land on the 430 dom + 755/768 intl (-45%/-40%). A bit below 1,2B ww.
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    Saturday August 3 Rank Movie LW TW WKD % chg QD % chg 1 Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw -- 49,678 -- +56.4% 2 The Lion King 51,827 28,415 -45.2% +62.0% 3 Toy Story 4 31,422 18,027 -42.6% +66.0% 4 The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes: The Greatest Jail-Breaker -- 9,163 -- +21.7% 5 Once Upon A Time in Hollywood 11,763 6,903 -41.3% +50.1% 6 The White Storm 2: Drug Lords 15,200 5,466 -64.0% +43.8% 7 Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration -- 5,432 -- +146.1% 8 The Confidence Man JP: The Movie 4,005 1,896 -52.7% +50.5% 9 Weathering with You -- 1,800 -- -- 10 Spider-Man: Far From Home 3,563 1,188 -66.7% -5.7% Today was walk-ins day as every film from this morning increased from its pre-sales %. Hobbs & Shaw saw a decent increase from yesterday. The top 3 holdovers saw good holds. The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes managed to snag an increase but it still fell from its Thursday admissions. Hobbs & Shaw opening weekend projection - $2,065,000 After recalculating the multiplier due to 3D IMAX showings, Hobbs & Shaw is looking at a weekend over 2m. Sunday adm. (so far) August 4 Rank Movie LW TW WKD % chg QD % chg 1 Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw -- 17,224 -- +40.0% 2 The Lion King 20,723 12,107 -41.6% +51.3% 3 Toy Story 4 14,288 8,401 -41.2% +73.6% 4 The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes: The Great Jail-Breaker 348 5,873 +1587.6% +75.6% 5 Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration 7,952 3,979 -50.0% +140.1% 6 Once Upon A Time in Hollywood 3,798 1,769 -53.4% -3.9% 7 The White Storm 2: Drug Lords 4,321 1,602 -62.9% +59.9% 8 Weathering with You -- 1,374 -- -2.8% 9 The Confidence Man JP: The Movie 1,187 597 -49.7% +71.1% 10 Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane 600 432 -28.0% -- Those increases are insane. 6 films over 50% higher than Saturday pre-sales. Even Hobbs & Shaw is rocking a 40% increase. It's probably because of a planned city wide strike on Monday which will wreak havoc on admissions and Thursday scheduling for theaters. The Lion King went from -73% with Thursday pre-sales to only -42% today. Similarly, The Confidence Man went from -76% on Thursday to -50% today.
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    Yes, they are. Aladdin total OS when you add up all the numbers on BOM is just over $617m but the total reported OS is just over $675m. Why is that? Because the total is the number reported by the studio to the media (with ALL markets included) while BOM doesn't have up to date numbers for every individual market, that's why it only lists what it has. TLDR: The OS total is correct and isn't missing any markets.
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    It’s frustrating that he included the “40 from homicide” stat. That’s 74 due to gun violence in that same period. And likely a large portion of that Suicide number was also a Suicide that used a gun. That’s fairly significant, and all of those others get constant attention and fundraisers for awareness and solutions.
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    Was it not the complete opposite of the concept ? The auteur theory, which was derived largely from Astruc’s elucidation of the concept of caméra-stylo (“camera-pen”), holds that the director, who oversees all audio and visual elements of the motion picture, is more to be considered the “author” of the movie than is the writer of the screenplay. In other words, such fundamental visual elements as camera placement, blocking, lighting, and scene length, rather than plot line, convey the message of the film. Supporters of the auteur theory further contend that the most cinematically successful films will bear the unmistakable personal stamp of the director. Il est à noter que l'auteur du film ne doit pas nécessairement l'avoir écrit seul. Dès « Ali Baba et la « Politique des Auteurs », François Truffaut affirme que « en dépit de son scénario trituré par dix ou douze personnes, dix ou douze personnes de trop excepté Becker, Ali Baba est le film d'un auteur, un auteur parvenu à une maîtrise exceptionnelle, un auteur de film Has for writer/director on Nolan level there is not many, George Lucas, Coppola, Kubrick, Woody Allen, Nancy Meyers, Besson, Shyamalan, the Wachowski siblings, the Coens, JJ Abrams, James L Book, Peter Jackson, McQuarrie, George Miller, Crowe, etc.. all also got some success has Writer-Director, but Nolan level is quite an high bar.
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    Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $857,190,335 30.7% + Foreign: $1,937,100,000 69.3% = Worldwide: $2,794,290,335 Rise to 1937.1m
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    The Mummy at #6... Sure, it's a semi-fun movie, but 6th best of the year?!! @grim22 how many votes did GO get?
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    Precisely. If its not allowed to call people on bullshit, wrong predictions ect why bother spending time here discussing BO? I fully accept the other way around when im wrong. Its never personal some people are so freaking touchy touchy here
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    That was not what the post is about: its about Mendelson in certain cases only looks for female lead.... and seems to miss and also to not care about the quality of storytelling - why certain movies did not click with GA or the fans or.... As he also promotes quality.... in general, its a contradiction. He weight seemingly one over the other and does not even hints about the problems in the storytelling, when the GA does not click with the movie... he is behaving like a martyr.
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    @terrestrial/ @DeeCee/ @grim22 update the title please.
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    That's off the deep end even for her. For a woman who's pretty brash and opinionated and has made it big in geekdom in a predominately boys club she's also strangely retrograde and sexist in her opinions about actresses and female characters. For example - her recent hot take about the Mulan trailer was complaining that they're making Mulan too special when she's just one of the guys. HUH????
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    I think by brother he was referring to Brixton being a brother.
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    It varies but I'd say the target is about half of the last FF film in China, so roughly $190m.
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    I'm a Muslim, but I don't see how a soulless remake by a white dude making more money is a win.
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    I just want a future solo film to pass Age of Ultron, preferably Spider-Man but I don't mind if its something else. Also, Feige mentioned there was one more unannounced project for Phase 4 in 2021, which I'd wager is likely to be Spider-Man 3
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    Sunday: H&S: 2D OV: 27 / 170 (11:45: 19) 2D: 185 / 572 (11:45: 83) 2D: 286 / 572 (11:45: 82) Total: 498 / 1314 (11:45: 184)+170.7% ->-13.7% comp to yesterday I think this will end up below 500k, probably a little bit above 450k but don't see it going higher. TLK 3D 17:10: 72 / 322 (11:45: 17) 3D 20:20: 69 / 425 (11:45: 24) 2D 17:30: 133 / 425 (11:45: 22) 2D 19:30: 119 / 425 (11:45: 25) Total: 393 / 1597 (11:45: 88) +346.6% -> -11.7% comp to yesterday Think this will end up above 500k, hoping for something above the trend.
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    I think it 100% is on him if it flops. It's not an easy source material to adapt and none of his movies - good as they may be - are crowd pleasers. As such, if Dune is more akin to BR49 (i.e. beautiful cinematography, great effects, but overlong, plodding, with unmemorable characters) it may very well be a better movie than a more action-heavy loose adaptation, but I can easily see it flopping. Marketing might be able to cut a good trailer to attract more people OW than BR49, but if the movie doesn't connect with audiences beyond that it will flop and, again, that's 100% on Villeneuve.
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    The only films I will rank below will be Cars trilogy, Brave, A Good Dinosaur. So yeah bottom 6th. I do admire your work in CBO but those comments on Endgame OD and following days don't help the latter part of your sentence.
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    I'm tempted in preparation for this new movie, to see the chapter one re-release
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    Yikes. Just looked up the Japanese voice actors for the two main characters. They were... pretty old.
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    Baumbach getting Screenplay would make whatever other travesties happen this year worth it.
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    It’s kind of shameful I haven’t seen American Movie considering those guys are from the area
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    Yeah that video. Great video about the problems in spreading misinformation (false information). Don't really the difference between those two. English isn't my 1st or 2nd language.
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    I do like the guy more than most here, but his whole "TS4 could barely miss $1B" he's been doing the last couple days is like...c'mon.
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    You can’t really believe Universal expected the spin off to gross more than the actual franchise? That budget was clearly greenlit with international numbers in mind.
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    Some of last weekend actuals: July 25-28th The Lion King 1 4 $2,363,848 -34.5% - - - $7,648,077 Toy Story 4 2 4 $677,144 -30.2% - - - $14,403,770 6 Spiderman FFH 3 4 $370,241 -28.5% 84 -26 $4,408 $5,065,412 4 SLOP 2 4 4 $207,254 -9.4% 67 +1 $3,093 $1,860,407 4 Better late than never. The Lion King held well but unfortunately Winter's Holidays are over in most of the country and I don't see much staying power after that. It should still pass 10m USD with ease and join the all time top 10. TS4 hold is kinda bad, BUT I did the math and if its following Incredibles 2's avge ticket price then it could take the all-time crown as soon as this Sunday. Spidey outgrossed Black Panther and SLOP 2 outgrossed the OW of the first one.
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    Checking in to say I'm not dead. Currently, channeling my inner Tony Stark and partying hard.
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    FAST & FURIOUS In USD / $ Fast & Furious 1: $1.4m Fast & Furious 2: $3m Fast & Furious 3: $2.7m Fast & Furious 4: $10.3m Fast & Furious 5: $16.7m Fast & Furious 6: $23m Fast & Furious 7: $46.6m Fast & Furious 8: $41.8m In local currency / Brazilian Reais Fast & Furious 1: R$2.99m Fast & Furious 2: R$8.6m Fast & Furious 3: R$6.1m Fast & Furious 4: R$20m Fast & Furious 5: R$33.4m Fast & Furious 6: R$49.1m Fast & Furious 7: R$142.5m Fast & Furious 8: R$133.4m In admissions Fast & Furious 1: Not available Fast & Furious 2: Not available Fast & Furious 3: Not available Fast & Furious 4: 2.3 million admissions Fast & Furious 5: 3.6m adm Fast & Furious 6: 4.5m adm Fast & Furious 7: 9.85m adm Fast & Furious 8: 8.5m adm
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    TS4 is now the most attended movie ever in Mexico, passing Endgame. And it still has a bit of room to grow.
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    Titanic is the most well-paced movie I've seen and it's 3 hours long. That's no easy achievement.
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    I haven’t seen Titanic in a few years, but it never fails to make me cry. Had it at 7 so 1 down is fine with me. I saw it for the first time when I was 6 or 7 and I remember crying while sitting in front of the TV screen. Doubt I really understood much of what was going on, but it’s a movie that hits you, young or old. I didn't have The Godfather on my list and I was only able to finally finish watching the 2nd half a a week ago. It’s so long! And the sequel is even longer! It might take me 3 days to watch that one. .. The last 15 or so minutes were brilliant though. Rewatched LOTR trilogy last week and I’m glad they’re high on the list, though only ROTK made my top 15, with the other 2 lower on my list. It’s ROTK > FOTR > TTT. I remember having such a huge crush on Viggo Mortensen because of these movies and didn’t understand why anyone cared about Orlando Bloom. Long movies, but you don’t feel it. Also, rewatched Avatar last week and it was long. The first act with all the human stuff was no good. The 2nd act with the Navi was brilliant. 3rd act was mixed. Visually, it’s still great though. Overall, it was okay. And it might’ve been the lack of 3D that affected it’s quality to me, because I saw it twice in theaters, and remember loving it so much I dragged my family to see it with me. My sister, 7 at the time, hated it though and refuses to rewatch it.
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