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    You've been on this site for months, and you're just now discovering this?
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    Toronto ontario canada IT Chapter 2 Thursday sept 5 Scotiabank Theatre No dates (!) Queensway VIP 530 4/111 615 6/135 800 27/56 930 10/110 1015 4/135 AVX 630 21/377 1030 14/377 "X" 530 2/224 930 0/224 Yonge and dundas VIP 630 21/61 1030 4/61 AVX 615 2/386 945 4/386 IMAX 500 19/356 845 23/356 4DX 530 4/82 900 9/82 Ive been away so its hard to say how sales are for a movie this far out. I imagine as summer vacay ends more sales come about So right now a big "i dunno" lol No dates for scotiabank. Thats odd.
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    LucIId Director: Justin Lin Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller Release Date: December 9 Major Cast: Henry Golding as David Karl Urban as Mark (voice role) Kyle Chandler as One Ben Mendelsohn as Two Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Zero John Boyega as Paul Zane Format: Scenes in italics are shot in 4:3 and are in black and white. Theater Count: 3,892 MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sci-fi action, sensuality, strong violence, and language. Runtime: 134 min Production Budget: $105 million Music by: Alan Silvestri Previous Film: Lucid - 44.9M/144.3M/507.9M (OW/DOM/WW) Plot Summary: Following the previous film, David must find Mark on four dream layers in order to finally wake up from this nightmarish dream. Plot:
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    JFC! I guess they got karmically punished for their censorship BS, but it’s too bad that all the communities still got impacted by it 😕
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    After Angry Birds, this looks like the best offering of this coming weekend. I hope it's a hit! Could be a lot of fun for teens before going back to school.
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    I was coming here to tell you this. Holy sweet fucking God I have no words to describe this disaster. Lowest rating and share ever for a soap in the channel from what I am reading.
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    Mexico's debut has been solid compared to the rest of the countries, and it should show some legs in Spain and France. Target is still Pikachu.
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    I was just saying this to another poster off the main thread, but if I had to place a longer-shot bet, I'd place a bet on this. It evokes the disgraced samurai/ronin type ending/plot that is quite common in the samurai genre. Also evokes the Wandering the Earth while doing good deeds in an attempt to find a sort of peace that is common across all types of storytelling. Given how heavily influenced SW is by Samurai films and whatnot, something like that could easily happen.
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    Last weekend people on here complained that Hobbs & Shaw underperformed. Well it’s doing just fine. It’s just like the porn forums I used to go to and they got all hysterical that Glamour Model Melissa Debling got her boobs done. Anyway im not here to talk about Melissa Debling, she’s hot but this is box office talk not hot women talk or classic conversation. Hobbs & Shaw took in a decent cruise for the weekend, should finish in the $170 million or so vicinity, as overseas should help out as well! It was nice to see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood hold strong and pass $100 million this weekend as well. As a fan I Hope late summer legs will help boost the film some momentum. Scary Stories and Dora pulled in decent debuts for moderate budgeted flicks, Scary Stories should pull in $50 million domestic and Dora should pull in close to $60 million. As for the other new releases, they were eh to awful. The Kitchen is proving to be that audiences are tired of Melissa McCarthy as it’s her lowest debut yet! Maybe her lowest since her brief roles In duds like Go or Drowning Mona. The Art Of The Racing In The Rain was expected to do eh. So it’s debut is eh. Brian Banks looked like Brian Blanks more than anything. This box office weekend was interesting but I’m not feeling like doing a gigantic analysis this weekend. Only think I was here for this weekend was to be happy on Once Upon A Time In Hollywood passing $100 million, Hobbs & Shaw doing alright, and that silly comparison that I feel sometimes on these forums.
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    @captainwondyful @ZeeSoh @Wrath @baumer @Thanos Legion @Rorschach @chasmmi @DAJK @Sheikh @YourMother the Edgelord @Fancyarcher @Keanu @PanaMovie @Reddroast @Premium George @MrGamer @Avatree @Kjtc @Darth Lehnsherr @MeowwoeM Thank you all for joining this game! First things first, I would like to ask all of you to send me, via Private Message, three traits that you would like your character to have. I will base your story characters around those traits! I will say that, yes, I want you to send me traits whether you're a newcomer or a veteran. Secondly, I will say that this will be a weekly game with many moving parts; I will post a discussion and rules thread for the game, and the start of the story will follow soon after. I want to start the game by posting Episode One of the story either on Sunday or Monday, depending on how soon everyone sends me their three traits. I'll be tagging everyone for the new story episodes (aka announcement of results) and the tribal councils (aka eliminations) each week, so if you're on the site each week, you don't have worry about missing the posts for the game! This is the forum where all of the Survivor posts will be. It's in the games section on the front page of the forums, but I've posted a link here: https://forums.boxofficetheory.com/forum/40-box-office-survivor/ The game will make more sense as it goes along, but if there is any confusion, I'm here to answer any questions you may have. Again, thank you all for joining the game! And special thanks to @Mr Pastaffelees! I'm really happy that I get to host it! This is going to be a fun game of Survivor!
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    @cookie is being beat at his own game: https://toonado.com/cartoons/ducktales-goes-super-smash-bros-as-season-2-adds-characters-from-talespin-rescue-rangers-and-more-a2815
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    Same but is it okay if we did August 21st, as I get back from vacation on the Monday of that week.
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    Are we talking teen young or low 20s young? If we're talking teen young then Asher Angel (Billy Batson in Shazam!) could work.
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    Copying tags from @Tower @WrathOfHan @Jason @DAR @Brainbug @matrixdmath5 @Daxtreme @4815162342 @Jake Gittes @Pandamia! @filmlover @Morieris @Slambros @Rorschach @Blankments @CoolioD1 @aabattery @MrPink @grim22 @Ethan Hunt @Porthos @Spagheditary @DeeCee @Wrath @Jandrew @Cmasterclay @Kalo @AndyLL @Jayhawk @Jay Hollywood @franfar @Water Bottle @Chewy @#ED @Empire @Fancyarcher @kayumanggi @Sam @The Futurist @Noctis @redfirebird2008 @RichWS @ddddeeee @K1stpierre @Ozymandias @a2k @The Stingray @Lordmandeep @MovieMan89 @Claire of Themyscira @tribefan695 @DAJK @Gopher @ElastiRoc @chasmmi @JJ-8 @Spidey Freak @YourMother the Edgelord @Arlborn @Nova @RobrtmanAStarWarsReference @cookie @grey ghost @lilmac @Jack Nevada @James @RandomCat @ChipMunky @elcaballero @MCKillswitch123 @angeldelmito @CaptainJackSparrow @Captain Craig @cannastop @75Live @Goffe @Tower @Napoleon @rukaio101 @Michael Gary Scott @POTUS @darkelf @ChD @ShouldIBeHere @SchumacherFTW @Eevin @Alpha @Mattrek @AJG @Webslinger @Kalderic @boomboom234 @vc2002 @Valonqar @Mulder @Blaze Heatnix @Shawn @sfran43 @Biggestgeekever @Thanos Legion @MrGlass2 @cax16 @Darth Lehnsherr @TLK @ACSlater @trifle @Exxdee @misafeco @Barnack @Ithil @StevenG @Finnick @Rebeccas @FantasticBeasts @CoolEric258 @Sheikh @Boxofficerules @KeepItU25071906 @LonePirate @titanic2187 @Olive @ZeeSoh @Jim Shorts @Mekanos @raulbalarezo @The Fast and the Furiosa @m3racer123 @That One Guy @SchumacherFTW @Telemachos@reddevil19
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    So you're saying he saw SLOP 2 18x times in theaters?????????
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    My philosophy is that if it isn't in public domain, which CITR isn't, you'd have to claim rights.
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    1. Coco 2. Inside Out 3. Toy Story 3 4. Incredibles 2 5. Toys Story 4 6. Finding Dory 7. Monsters University 8. Cars 3 9. Cars 2 10. Brave 11. The Good Dinosaur
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    I mean, I don't disagree with you there, but TLK kinda has to do something like that now or this summer is just a complete and epic disaster.
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    This movie will have good legs, panic in here is unwarranted. Although I blame Deadline a lot for jumping the gun with that 200 million talk without realizing that the PS run was way shorter than I2, therefore first day will be inflated compared to it.
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    Holy fuck is this coming Y6?!?!
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    I have not rhe slighest clue what my Y7 slate will look like
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    So some updates about my work: I'm hoping to have the first two "chapters" of Star Fox up by next week. I'm trying to set a goal for myself of about 1,000 words a day for all my Y6 films, which should hopefully increase my productivity and get myself in the right frame of mind for writing. There's also going to be a big announcement about the film itself tomorrow that thankfully isn't another delay, but is still pretty significant.
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    @CayomMagazine New Journey Pictures is ready to announce a brand new, original CGI-animated feature film for Y7 titled A Hop, Skip, and a Jump. The logline: In a Zootopia-esque society of anthropomorphic animals, the young Tortoise and Hare, years after their footrace and its ensuing fallout, attempt to forgive each other as well as themselves. Alessandro Carloni, the co-director of Kung Fu Panda 3 alongside Jennifer Yuh Nelson, is set to direct the film. As far as casting goes, New Journey Pictures is eyeing Ryan Potter to play the role of the hare, while Kodi Smit-McPhee is being eyed to play the role of the tortoise.
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    @CayomMagazine The New Journey Pictures conference has begun. Noah Hawley walks onstage. "We hope you're excited for Psyren: The Second Call. Many of you many have thought that it was necessary already, but we have nonetheless decided to push the sequel out of Y6 and into Y7. This is done to ensure that our cast and crew is actually able to shoot the film. I am still very excited to make this film, and I'm very confident that it will be better than the first. Thank you very much."
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    Teyonnah and the Renegades \ A / > RIGHTEOUS < / S E X T E T \ Writer/Director: Boots Riley and Nia DaCosta Composer: Tuneyards and the Coup Major Cast: Bridgette/Teyonnah by Boots Riley Letitia Wright ad Bridgette Dover/Teyonnah Jones Shameik Moore as Typhoon Daniela Vega as Celeste John Mulaney as Ian Campbell Regina Hall as Ruby A Book for One, A Book for All by Nia DaCosta Brooklyn Prince as Abby Dafne Keen as Florence Alex Hibbert as Riley Toni Colette as Nancy Addison Rosario Dawson as Sarah Hannibal Buress as Robbie The Princess Who Didn't Give a F$%k by Boots Riley *Salma Hayek as The Fairy Godmother *Sabrina Carpenter as Princess Claudette *Alex Wolff as Prince Darian *Michael Sheen as King Surran *Lakeith Stanfield as Francis Meet Moddy by Nia DaCosta Steven Yuen as Dustin Jena Malone as Charlotte Ed Harris as Calvin *Ellie Kemper as Moddy A Week at St. Chester's Academy for Boys by Nia DaCosta Mena Massoud as Russell Jonathan Groff as Kenton Ramin Kamirloo as the Headmaster The Paradigm Valley Examination by Boots Riley Julian Dennison as Marshall Siena Agudong as Emily Alison Brie as Proctor Polly Madeline Harris as Sophie Ed Oxenbold as Duncan Luke Wilson as Sohpie's Dad Genre: Anthology/Comedy Release Date: June 3rd Theater Count: 15 (6/3), 2,611 (6/10) MPAA Rating: R for pervasive language, brief sexual content including graphic nudity, some violence including bloody images, and drug use. Runtime: 127min (2hr, 7min) Production Budget: $25 million PLOT: An anthology of six stories centered around the perils of hatred and inequality. Note that the notes under each segment title are not shown on screen, only the title of each new segment.
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    The early June release date sucks. Everyone is spent after May/Memorial Day, it's finals/graduation/nice weather season.Nowadays is so different than the 80s and 90s. W/ exception of Christmas, biggest openings happen when people are in the middle of life routine and want a break. Millennials LOVE their travel making most weekends poor choices. Wonder Woman 1984 needs to move and get ahead of BLACK WIDOW if it wants to be the mega blockbuster it can be. The June 5th date sucks.
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    My mom saw the trailer and asked, "Why is Thor doing a non-superhero movie?" Needless to say, we're going OW for the LOLz.
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    Think I could put him in a minor role somewhere.
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    @cookie @4815162342 @YourMother the Edgelord I just made some edits to the third act of Sp4rk to make it flow a bit better overall.
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    Oops, wrong thread.
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    I linked to it in the Onward thread because Tree said something stupid ("onward isn't an adjective") and the thread got temporarily derailed by people correcting him.
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    Potentially Exciting Announcement: I think I might try to revive my adaptation of the anime Banana Fish, with two caveats: - The film will be a January release. - The plot will be structures in bullet points and written in a way that is very easy to understand. There will be a lot of story beats in the film and this is my way to ensure the film does not feel overstuffed. I acknowledge that the decision lessens the project's viability as a major film.
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    You think they could do an animated epic, cause I’m good at using Russel and Bray and some one else.
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    @CayomMagazine Voltron: Rift is set to be delayed to Y8. The third entry in the Scavenger Wars series will take over its planned Y7 release date.
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    Scott Mendelson‏@ScottMendelson Box Office: #TheVoyageOfDoctorDolittle (Starring #RobertDowneyJr) Is Reportedly So Expensive ($175 Million) That It Must Become The Biggest Live-Action Talking Animal Comedy Ever Just To Break Even https://bit.ly/2IBeZ1i via @Forbes by @ScottMendelson
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    In other news who would have though this would be the highest grossing SH movies this year. Everyone was expecting it to be 2nd to Justice League. Well Deserved. Sony must be very happy they made the deal with Marvel.

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