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    Colombia Weekend Adimssion week 33 8.15-8.19 # Film Title Weekend Total 1 The Lion King 228,310 4,236,832 2 The Secret Life of Pets 2 211,722 538,844 3 FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS AND SHAW 189,591 1,466,595 4 Crawl 121,692 121,692 5 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 88,226 88,226 6 The Art of Racing in the Rain 77,404 77,404 7 Monos(Local) 42,751 42,751 8 Toy Story 4 6,485 5,142,257 9 Un hombre en apuros 3,631 31,001 10 Bring the Soul: The Movie 3,146 36,469 *8.19 is national holiday Chile Weekend Adimssion week 33 8.15-8.18 # Film Title Weekend Total 1 The Lion King 150,575 2,219,380 2 FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS AND SHAW 72,662 335,477 3 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 45,954 45,954 4 Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups 45,280 111,597 5 Toy Story 4 38,293 3,164,349 6 Araña(Local) 24,804 24,932 7 Spider-Man: Far from Home 14,623 1,086,451 8 The Secret Life of Pets 2 12,614 48,676 9 Avengers: Endgame 8,383 3,094,876 10 Anna 4,389 4,389 Peru Weekend Adimssion week 33 8.15-8.18 # Film Title Weekend Total 1 The Lion King 149,708 3,173,160 2 FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS AND SHAW 91,824 874,852 3 Crawl 83,550 83,550 4 Recontra loca(Local) 81,625 244,905 5 Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups 78,213 78,213 6 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 65,143 221,852 7 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 13,357 13,357 8 Air Strike 11,116 20,816 9 The Secret Life of Pets 2 10,280 445,002 10 Toy Story 4 9,107 2,785,306 In Colombia, TS4 is all-time NO.2 and Lion king is No.5, here is top 10 admission: 1 AG4 5,915,759 2 TY4 5,142,257 3 AG3 4,375,070 4 FF7 4,374,998 5 The Lion King 4,236,832 6 FF8 3,900,430 7 IC2 3,838,628 8 Aquman 3,793,298 9 Minions 3,147,060 10 Captain Marvel 3,048,914 In Chile, TS4 is all-time NO.1 and Lion king is No.5, here is top 10 admission: 1 TY4 3,164,349 2 AG4 3,094,876 3 AG3 2,334,956 4 COCO 2,240,711 5 The Lion King 2,219,380 6 Minions 2,088,540 7 Stefan v/s Kramer 2,076,061 8 IceAge4 2,068,957 9 IC2 1,832,467 10 Avatar 1,653,130 In Peru,Lion king is all-time No.2 and TS4 is No.6, here is top 10 admission: 1 AG4 3,854,982 2 The Lion King 3,173,160 3 AG3 3,138,943 4 Asu Mare2 3,082,942 5 Asu Mare 3,037,686 6 TY4 2,785,306 7 Asu Mare3 2,597,453 8 IceAge4 2,319,759 9 IceAge5 2,257,386
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    Letterboxd tells me I got 88 movies from the '70s I've rated 3.5/5 or higher. Not sure I can kick that number up to 100 in a month but I'll try. FYC
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    ^ when you see there's a big-budget sequel about to be directed by a human being and not an algorithm
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    Something I am curious about is that I'm wondering if people will put classic movies on their list, like the godfather's or The Exorcist, even though they might not have seen them. I really hope that is not the case. I hope these lists are honest and if you have not seen a movie don't put it on your list.
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    Hobbs & Shaw (3 days out) Midnight - 5.51m OD - 19.96m (25.85%) (94400 shows) Sat - 6.83m Sun - 3.82m Quite a weak jump today as well as yesterday. It's the weakest jump of all movies listed below in comparison. All numbers in tables are for PS 3 days out. OD PS Midnight Sat PS Sun PS Show Count Final PS JW2 21.47 2.53 11.08 5.60 83144 60 CM 21.37 4.13 9.41 3.71 73297 73.08 Hobbs & Shaw 19.96 5.51 6.83 3.82 94400 Spiderman FFH 17.97 5.08 7.48 3.84 82292 67.03 Venom 17.84 2.53 8.25 3.32 82969 60.1 H&S is showing signs of frontloadedness. It has the highest midnight PS right now of all these movies whereas its Sat PS is the lowest of em all. OW internal multiplier may not be that great. One thing it has going for it is that it has the highest show count 3 days out compared to the other movies. Final show count could be quite good. Competition is weak too which should help the OW and legs. Final PS it seems is heading to high 60's at this point, but it could be lower if H&S continues to have low increases. Still seeing this heading to 85-95m range atm. Let's see how it goes over the next couple of days.
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    I guess you should visit German Highways (mostly no speed limits = more people are used to higher speeds, even if the most choose usually not to do so, e.g. expensive per car gets 'thirsty' 😉 ) beside the funny (for me) pictures I'll put it in spoiler tags as too OT
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    manhattan eraserhead the devils the beguiled claire's knee alice in the cities jeanne dielman 23 quay de commerce 1080 bruxelles
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    forgot a notepad : Red Sun 007 - Diamonds are Forever Brother Sun, Sister Moon Chato's Land Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (not my thing, for more genres) Keoma Kramer vs Kramer (not my thing) Manhatten (not my thing)
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    Disney+ panel is on Friday from 3:30-5 PM PST which is where I imagine some new shows (like Kenobi) will be announced. Also theme parks are fun if you are into that.
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    Just a reminder that Hayao MIyazaki made a feature in the 1970s, if you want to vote for it. Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro
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    Agree with you, the weekend overall was good, Hollywood did good (nothing great, but good). TLK really wants to top Endgame. As the weather report for next weekend looks really sunny and hot I'd say Hollywood will stay #1 quite comfortably, with meh weather TLK might have had a tiny chance but not with great weather as Hollywood will probably be a little less weather dependent.
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    Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism...
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    It's fine @SLAM!. I think we all understand the situation you're in. People have real lives outside of this forum. I'm really enjoying participating in the game so-far, but I can wait.
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    Hey folks, I had my nose buried deep in some gaming the last few hours. Any interesting news break today? *checks* WOW. I certainly can't imagine any news topping THIS today!!!!
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    Yeah, they missed out on doing it now but "John Wick 3' really did fill that void for long-time Matrix Fans. 2024 would be too long. If they shoot 2020 I think they can make 2022 Summer date which is the Star of the new "Star Wars" Trilogy as well. 2023 gives them about 3 years. That's Crazy, it could very well be Star Wars/Matrix/Avatar sequels over the entire 2020's. But I don't understand why Studios aren't understanding what Disney has. That 70's and 80's babies (Who are going to be the new Baby Bombers) are driving the box office. This is why Disney is killing it with all these "Nostalgia" properties. It's time to dust off stories and properties that people love. They need to stop letting Disney get all this money, lol. (I'm not hating, Disney was smart dusting off Aladdin and Lion King as well as Toy Story. Genius move". What's crazy is Matrix is actually more relevant now because the themes of technology and how much it controls our lives and with the way the Internet has exploded.
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    Not even joking, they need to find a way to put Will Smith in there.
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    I can't wait to hear more about the upcoming original Pixar and WDAS movies!
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    Yes, I presume as much. I've been reading up on the differences between the three cuts and consensus I think seems to be Final Cut is better than Redux but not as good as original. That being said it does appear to be Coppola's vision of what he wanted.
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    Thank you a lot Not sure, something looks familiar. As at the time that one got aired here (maybe a repeat of a repeat airing?) I tinkered then already at my moto cycle and later on cars too, I think that might be the one driving me nuts as any car should be by far faster than any truck, especially such kind of truck. But there are more than one movie with a truck and a slow car = not sure
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    It was a grimace emoji because Manhattan has some weird subject matter.
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    When I was at school in the UK ~5 years ago they had smaller cinemas that played subtitle movie from all over
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    ATP is at $8 at the moment thus something like $80M.
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    Disney makes the world a better place.
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    Yeah, the run shows that Venom’s club was more within reach than I thought at the time. If the reception was great (US and China, clearly the reception in some countries is incredible) I think we’d have hit 2B
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    C'mon Josh Groban as Beast in the Beauty and Beast Revival Announcement. C'mon, Disney.
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    Remove Japan and Germany, and the drop is 34.5% (including Poland on both weekends). $20M from current markets + $20M from Germany and other countries where it has opened, yet + $20M from Japan for a culmination of $653M. Just a tick above TS3's OS. Good result Edit: Actually, this has a shot of doing close to $10M in UK alone, which would need 22.7% weekly drops to do so. $7M more is very likely.
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    Do you mean, dump because they do not do some careful type of roll-out (does the material go with that), because 2,300 is a lot for FSL. Top 5 FSL start: Row Rank Movie Title (click to view) Studio Total Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters Open 1 30 The Banger Sisters FoxS $30,307,416 2,739 $10,037,846 2,738 9/20/02 2 16 The Hills Have Eyes FoxS $41,778,863 2,621 $15,708,512 2,620 3/10/06 3 33 Street Kings FoxS $26,418,667 2,469 $12,469,631 2,467 4/11/08 4 52 The Birth of a Nation FoxS $15,861,566 2,105 $7,004,254 2,105 10/7/16 5 39 Baggage Claim FoxS $21,569,509 2,230 $9,031,102 2,027 9/27/13 Top 10 theater count reached for FSL if that happen ow Rank Movie Title (click to view) Studio Total Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters Open 1 2 Slumdog Millionaire FoxS $141,319,928 2,943 $360,018 10 11/12/08 2 30 The Banger Sisters FoxS $30,307,416 2,739 $10,037,846 2,738 9/20/02 3 16 The Hills Have Eyes FoxS $41,778,863 2,621 $15,708,512 2,620 3/10/06 4 1 Juno FoxS $143,495,265 2,534 $413,869 7 12/5/07 5 33 Street Kings FoxS $26,418,667 2,469 $12,469,631 2,467 4/11/08 6 3 Black Swan FoxS $106,954,678 2,407 $1,443,809 18 12/3/10 7 6 The Shape of Water FoxS $63,859,435 2,341 $166,564 2 12/1/17 8 39 Baggage Claim FoxS $21,569,509 2,230 $9,031,102 2,027 9/27/13 9 35 Gifted FoxS $24,801,212 2,215 $446,380 56 4/7/17 10 52 The Birth of a Nation FoxS $15,861,566 2,105 $7,004,254 2,105 10/7/16
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    And this why we somehow collectively have to embrace original films ways from the franchise fare and the fireworks that come with it.Personally I am a huge sucker for comic book films myself but I have decided to support more original films at the theaters (rather discovering them at a boring night at my house ). Nolan is our one true savor.
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    Really? That's not a challenge at all. I mean, for people who understand English well enough like me. The point is, I don't find subtitles distracting at all. I guess we are "trained" since we were little to read subtitles when we watch movies. Because almost all foreign movies here in Indonesia are not dubbed in our own language, including kids movies. Unless it's for TV broadcasting, then kids movies are sometimes dubbed. Subtitles can be distracting when the movie is in my own language though. For example, an Indonesian movie with English subtitles. But I can still ignore the subtitles, and sometimes they help if I can't hear the dialogues. So really, watching a foreign movie with subtitles is not that hard. If we can do it, then you can too.
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    @pepsa This thread needs you. Please, humor me!
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    O mei, what to say about that: non English speakers, even worse for me, see self-trained...., we watch AUS, UK Eire, CAN, US,... movies too (and often enough 'pray' for subtitles) I feel subtitles are more distracting if they are in my own language, I watch the movies in the original language and the original language's subtitles, then I only glance at them if I didn't understood a word or .... = my brain wont get 'cross-eyed' Exceptions are when the foreign language also has another kind of letters, than I add either my language or - more often the only available subtitle language - English subtitles. Means me as a German, I do watch e.g. a Japanese spoken movie with English subtitles, if the movie interests me enough (I do have quite some Japanese movies on my favourite list, and other titles with non Western EU letters) You should not do that with headaches already there going in 😉 Hmmm in the case all those top something lists they decided on are through and no new one arises, that might be a nice addition (after @tawasal does the foreign language movies list?): non-US English movies with at least a lead having also a strong local accent Like an AUS indie or a small UK movie telling e.g. something out of the poorer parts of a city or countryside. Or...
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    Big twist that that Chinese politics is threatening 2 sure-fire Disney blockbusters.
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    Monday morning estimates (Blickpunkt:film and insidekino): Hollywood:435k (€4500k ≈ $4920k) +70k TLK: 330k* (€3100k ≈ $3390k) (Total above 4400k adm.**) TS4: 245k (€2000k ≈ $2185k) H&S: 195k (€1850k ≈ $2025k) Leber: 132.5k (€1100k ≈ $1200k) Pets 2: 82.5k *best 5th weekend of the year and as the previous best week was 249k its also the best 5th week already. Should be the best 5th weekend since Fack Ju Göhte 2 in October 2015 (359k), a bit above TFA's of 324k. ** in € it should have entered the Top50 this weekend, needs 40M for that. Most likely (like 98% likely) it won't enter the Top 100 ever in admissions because therefore it would need 5.863M.
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    how can you possibly say the movie has no internal logic when you have no idea where the story is going to go from here? The adult part of the story is not quite as interesting as the kids story but that's because discovery is always more interesting than acceptance. Having said that there are a plethora a fantastic scenes in the book that involve the adults. And there's a few Easter eggs for other Stephen King stories as well. One that I really really hope they keep in the movie.
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    1 Avengers: Endgame BV $109,264,122 4,662 $23,437 Sa 4/27/19 $266,725,763 2 Avengers: Endgame BV $97,461,641 4,662 $33,776 F 4/26/19 $157,461,641 3 Avengers: Endgame BV $90,389,244 4,662 $19,389 Su 4/28/19 $357,115,007 4 Avengers: Infinity War BV $82,131,612 4,474 $18,358 Sa 4/28/18 $188,466,551 5 Avengers: Infinity War BV $67,334,939 4,474 $23,767 F 4/27/18 $106,334,939 6 Jurassic World Uni. $63,453,950 4,274 $19,175 F 6/12/15 $81,953,950 7 Star Wars: The Force Awakens BV $62,119,282 4,134 $28,815 F 12/18/15 $119,119,282 8 Star Wars: The Last Jedi BV $59,684,491 4,232 $24,736 F 12/15/17 $104,684,491 9 Avengers: Age of Ultron BV $56,824,532 4,276 $19,744 F 5/01/15 $84,424,532 10 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 WB $47,571,119 4,375 $20,816 F 7/15/11 $91,071,119 I did this for fun. Previews and midnights taken out and see what are the biggest days. DH2 is definitely short changed since people that went midnight would have definitely gone on to see it on OD but still it's an interesting chart to look at. Marvel's Saturday's are truly historic!!!!!!!

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