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    OS actual has gone up nearly 3M to hit 1B OS!!! Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $510,635,735 33.8% + Foreign: $1,000,775,374 66.2% = Worldwide: $1,511,411,109
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    It's at 1 526 572 admissions sold after a 52 683 11th week on its way to 1,6+ depending on how it holds after the end of summer. It already passed recent blockbusters like Solo and Dark Phoenix (both 1,4). Very, very impressive considering it more than doubled the previous highest grossing Korean film, Snowpiercer (678k) and that its distribution company, The Jokers, is very small (they distributed Snowpiercer and The Neon Demon (139 505 admissions), but most of their films fall in the 20-50k admissions range (They were in financial danger due to the failure of Galveston last year). Not a great comparison, but it's like if a Neon film grossed $110M + in the US with a semi-wide release... The film really connected to French audiences, receiving a "Label Plébicite du Public" which is like an A+ Cinemascore. It currently is the best reviewed film of the decade by professionnal critics (4,8/5).
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    Summer RT Update: Only two more wide-release films to be released in the summer movie season according to BOM, which will make for a total of 48 wide-release films this summer. The current updated summer list with 46 films breaks down at 21 ‘Fresh’ films and 25 ‘Rotten’ films - a similar breakdown to the previous summers I have tracked (every summer has somewhat more ‘Rotten’ than ‘Fresh’ films, like clockwork so far). Only Toy Story 4 and Booksmart hit the elusive 8+ average rating this summer. 2019 — 46 wide-release films (*SO FAR*) 21 fresh, 25 rotten 80% or higher: 14 films 8.0+ rating: 2 films (Toy Story 4, Booksmart) 2019 Summer Films RT Watch (Wide-Release — May/June/July/August) Toy Story 4 — 97% — 8.4 rating Booksmart — 97% — 8.3 rating John Wick: Chapter 3 — 90% — 7.5 rating Spider-Man: Far From Home — 90% — 7.4 rating Blinded by the Light — 90% — 7.4 rating Rocketman — 89% — 7.6 rating Ready for Not — 87% — 7.2 rating Once Upon a Time In Hollywood — 85% — 7.8 rating Midsommar — 83% — 7.5 rating Dora and the Lost City of Gold — 83% — 6.4 rating Long Shot — 81% — 7.1 rating Crawl — 81% — 6.4 rating Late Night — 80% — 6.8 rating Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark — 80% — 6.6 rating Good Boys — 78% — 6.5 rating The Angry Birds Movie 2 — 74% — 5.8 rating Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw — 67% — 6.1 rating Pokémon Detective Pikachu — 67% — 6.0 rating Annabelle Comes Home — 65% — 5.8 rating Child’s Play — 64% — 5.8 rating Yesterday — 63% — 6.4 rating Secret Life of Pets 2 — 59% — 5.8 rating Brian Banks — 58% — 5.9 rating Aladdin — 57% — 5.9 rating Brightburn — 57% — 5.6 rating Ma — 54% — 5.6 rating The Lion King — 53% — 6.0 rating Tolkien — 51% — 5.8 rating The Sun Is Also a Star — 51% — 5.7 rating 47 Meters Down: Uncaged — 50% — 4.7 rating A Dog’s Journey — 49% — 5.2 rating Where’d You Go, Bernadette — 47% — 5.6 rating Stuber — 43% — 5.1 rating The Art of Racing in the Rain — 42% — 5.1 rating Godzilla: King of the Monsters — 41% — 5.2 rating Angel Has Fallen — 40% — 5.0 rating Overcomer — 38% — 5.1 rating Poms — 34% — 4.8 rating Shaft — 32% — 4.6 rating Anna — 31% — 4.5 rating The Intruder — 30% — 4.2 rating UglyDolls — 27% — 4.4 rating Dark Phoenix — 23% — 4.6 rating The Kitchen — 22% — 4.5 rating Men in Black International — 22% — 4.5 rating The Hustle — 14% — 3.9 rating Previous summers: 2018 — 45 wide-release films 22 fresh, 23 rotten 80% or higher: 13 films 8.0+ rating: 3 films (BlacKkKlansman, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and Hereditary) 2017 — 42 wide-release films 18 fresh, 24 rotten 80% or higher: 14 films 8.0+ rating: 4 films (Dunkirk, The Big Sick, War for the Planet of the Apes, Baby Driver) 2016 — 42 wide-release films 20 fresh, 22 rotten 80% or higher: 9 films 8.0+ rating: 1 film (Kubo and the Two Strings) Peace, Mike
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    It: Chapter 2 Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-11 days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 0 122 15646 16772 1126 6.71% Total Seats Sold Today 55 Not really sure what to use as a comp for this film, since as I understand it horror isn't that pre-sale heavy. Maybe. For now, gonna throw in a few recent ones along with JW2 and DP2 and hope for the best. T-11 Adjusted Comps #1 (probably lol - use at own risk) % Sold T-11 Total Sold Sellouts / Shows Seats Left / Total Seats Perct Sold Comp Pika 182.20 38 618 0/75 8030/8648 7.15% 10.39m Aladdin 124.97 38 901 0/70 9096/9997 9.01% 8.75m KotM 147.77 45 762 0/90 11367/12129 6.28% 9.31m TS4 65.69 87 1714 0/90 10595/12309 13.92% 7.88m TLK 39.14 185 2877 0/191 17794/20671 13.92% 9.00m It 2 (adj) n/a 55 1126 0/122 14067/15193 7.41% n/a PRE-SALES NOTE: Detective Pikachu had 30 days of pre-sales, Aladdin and The Lion King both had 25 days of pre-sales and KotM had 21 days of pre-sales. In comparison It 2 had 36 days of pre-sales. ADJUSTMENT NOTE: It 2 (adj) is the ticket data at the same theaters I had tracking info for all of the movies in that stat block. See this post for explanation. T-11 Adjusted Comps #2 (probably lol - use at own risk) % Sold T-11 Total Sold Sellouts / Shows Seats Left / Total Seats Perct Sold Comp JW2 64.51 76 1606 0/97 8507/10113 15.88% 9.87m DP2 36.89 82 2808 0/104 10161/12969 22.15% 6.86m It 2 (JW adj) n/a 53 1036 0/122 11251/12287 8.43% n/a PRE-SALES NOTE: Fallen Kingdom had 23 days of pre-sales and Deadpool 2 had 30 days of pre-sales, while It 2 had 36. ADJUSTMENT NOTE: It 2 (JW adj) is the ticket data at the same theaters I had tracking info for Fallen Kingdom and Deadpool 2.
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    And we can praise one woman without unfairly dragging another. Madonna is the most consistently successful female pop artist of all time. Most records sold, biggest touring artist, and first ballot Hall of Famer. Trying to make the case that Madonna doesn’t have talent or, of all things, longevity, is absurd. Taylor Swift will be quite happy if she lasts half as long as Madonna, and she’d be the first one to say so, I’m sure. Not that this has much relevance to the weekend thread, so I’ll tie it in by saying none of the week’s releases are likely to leave an impact on pop culture like Madonna or Taylor Swift, but Ready or Not sure was a great moviegoing experience!
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    It Chapter Two Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-11 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 98 848 20,251 4.19% Total Seats Sold Today: 44 Adjusted Comp 0.311x of The Lion King 11 days before release (7.16M) 3.799x of Hobbs & Shaw 11 days before release (22.03M)
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    OUATIH is Quentin' Tarantino's best-ever start at $2.4M (about 46M lc), tracking 207% ahead of The Wolf Of Wall Street. The Lion King is up to $51.4M and Toy Story 4 finished its shows at $71.9M.
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    A 2 hour video of me eating a ham sandwich would just about beat SW at this point.
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    "Expansion" = 2 showings on the whole weekend in theatres in northern germany, that's not a normal expansion. Don't know how it was in the middle parts.
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    Monday numbers: OUATIH 205k (-53%/-66%) 895k TLK 130k (-61%) 4,66M Good Boys 110k TS4 85k (-64%) 400k H&S 85k (-57%) 1,42M Leberkäs 82,5k (-38%) 915k So this will soon become the first! german movie of the year to pass 1M...
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    I put in the picks that people PMed me. Please let me know by Monday morning if I had any typos
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    Epcot really is going all in on becoming a Disney-themed park. Lots of exciting stuff.
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    Both looks great but the white one is killer. Would have look great with her hair braided like in EG.
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    Toronto ontario canada IT Chapter 2 Thursday sept 5 Scotiabank Theatre No dates (!) Don mills ( new addition!) VIP 530 0/115 615 4/115 930 1/115 1020 2/115 Yorkdale (new addition!) AVX 500 2/349 845 13/349 Eglinton town (new addition!) IMAX 600 10/339 945 4/339 AVX 630 2/383 1015 3/383 Yonge and eglinton (new!) VIP 500 2/95 615 17/91 900 15/95 100 2/91 AVX 700 14/339 1045 0/339 Queensway VIP 530 10/111 615 12/135 800 39/56 930 30/100 1015 6/135 AVX 630 31/377 1030 16/377 "X" 530 6/224 930 0/224 Yonge and dundas VIP 630 35/61 1030 7/61 AVX 615 35/386 945 5/386 IMAX 500 33/356 845 36/356 4DX 5 30 10/82 900 10/82 412/8067* Okay more theatres! More data yay! So i discovered eglinton area 2 different cinemas hence some confusion. The total seats sold is right as far as i know however it might be off so take with salt while i take time to do mathy stuff. These counts are Toronto proper this is NOT counting missisauga richmond hill scarborough IE Greater Toronto Area...thats a whole other kettle of fish. And these are theatres with reserved. There are at least 4 that are still first come first served.
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    The Lion King (2019) becomes .... The 9th film to reach $1.5B WW The 9th film to reach $1B Internationally The 8th film to do both* Hooray for TLK! * The Avengers (2012) is in the $1.5B WW club but not the $1B International club. The Fate of the Furious is in the $1B International club but not the $1.5B WW club.
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    I believe he has what they call a "German" accent.
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    Corpse: Weekend Actuals (08/24-25)01 (01) ¥467,078,400 ($4.4 million), -26%, ¥4,625,556,300 ($43.7 million), The Lion King (Disney) WK3 01 (02) ¥420,665,000 ($4.0 million), -21%, ¥10,734,722,500 ($99.5 million), Weathering With You (Toho) WK603 (---) ¥343,000,000 ($3.2 million), 0, ¥554,095,500 ($5.3 million), Ossan's Love: Love or Dead (Toho) NEW 04 (03) ¥305,843,000 ($2.9 million), -32%, ¥4,133,257,100 ($39.1 million), One Piece Stampede (Toei) WK3 05 (04) ¥180,244,800 ($1.7 million), -31%, ¥9,325,748,800 ($87.2 million), Toy Story 4 (Disney) WK706 (---) ¥132,000,000 ($1.2 million), 0, ¥182,682,200 ($1.7 million), Rocketman (Toho-Towa) NEW 07 (05) ¥110,149,400 ($1.0 million), -47%, ¥2,716,146,000 ($25.7 million), Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (Toho-Towa) WK408 (---) ¥100,000,000 ($940,000), 0, ¥144,788,500 ($1.4 million), Ni no Kuni: The Movie (Warner Bros.) NEW 09 (06) ¥x70,755,100 ($672,000), -37%, ¥1,903,230,700 ($18.0 million), The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Toho-Towa) WK5 10 (07) ¥x49,836,800 ($473,000), -49%, ¥1,734,158,100 ($16.3 million), The Great War of Archimedes (Toho) WK5 11 (09) ¥x47,146,100 ($448,000), -37%, ¥2,750,639,100 ($25.8 million), Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution (Toho) WK7 12 (08) ¥x41,884,800 ($398,000), -50%, ¥1,301,982,000 ($12.2 million), Dragon Quest: Your Story (Toho) WK4 13 (12) ¥x39,337,600 ($373,000), -36%, ¥1,067,165,600 ($10.0 million), Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer (Toei) WK5Split #1 films this weekend: >The Lion King achieved its third-consecutive weekend atop the weekend box-office, though drops to second place in weekend admissions, selling a further 290,000. It experienced quite the spike to its average ticket price, likely linked to a cut in 2D showtimes. The film exceeded 3.2 million admissions after 17-days in release. Its projected total could still stay a bit, depending on how it behaves once summer vacation is over next week, but it's looking good for a total around ¥7.5 billion ($65 million+). >Weathering With You wasn't able to climb back to the #1 spot in weekend revenue, but it did rise back atop the weekend box-office in admissions, selling an additional 305,000 admissions in its sixth-weekend of release. Makoto Shinkai's latest exceeded 8 million admissions after 38-days in release. It will overtake Aladdin in a couple of weeks to become the #1 film of 2019, and is targeting a total around ¥15 billion ($140 million+). How close to the mark, or how much above it, depends on how the post-summer vacation business affects it next week. >Ossan's Love: Love or Dead settles for a respectable third place debut, selling 239,000 admissions over the weekend frame across 325 screens, and sold 389,533 admissions since opening on Friday. A pretty good start here, and it should be able to gross around ¥2 billion ($20 million). >One Piece Stampede experienced the second biggest third weekend in the franchise, after only One Piece Film Z, and has exceeded 3.1 million admissions after 17-days in release. So far, it's displaying better holding power than I would have expected, and a total north of ¥5 billion ($45-50 million) is guaranteed now. It should even make a realistic run closer to ¥5.5 billion ($50 million+), which will make it the second highest grossing film in the series (again, behind Film Z). >Toy Story 4 is still doing well, but well has become its Achilles heel, so to speak. Following its record-setting opening weekend, it just hasn't been able to deliver any remarkable holds, simply "good" ones, and will ultimately have to struggle a bit to reach the ¥10 billion milestone. It's also impossible now to outgross Toy Story 3 (¥10.8 billion) or Finding Nemo (¥11.0 billion), which was a very likely scenario when it opened. It has, however, sold more admissions than Toy Story 3, so that's very impressive. And a ¥10 billion total is never anything to dismiss, it's incredible, but there was a decent amount of money left on the table here. >Rocketman couldn't get off the ground, posting a mediocre debut by selling just 96,000 admissions over the weekend across 321 screens, and sold 135,105 admissions since opening on Friday. Musical/music-inspired films generally perform well in Japan, but there have been a string of them disappointing ever since Bohemian Rhapsody's phenomenal run. The film is unlikely to reach the ¥1 billion ($10 million) milestone. >Ni no Kuni: The Movie hasn't had its weekend figure released yet, but its 3-day cumulative total above is its actual. It sold 110,640 admissions since opening on Friday. This is a very disappointing number, and I wouldn't expect much more than ¥500 million ($4-5 million) or so here. >Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire received its 4D expansion in its 20th weekend of release, but failed to come near the Top 10. However, with the many weeks of unreported numbers in limited release combined with its earnings this weekend in 4D, it exceeded ¥9.18 billion ($84 million) to become the highest grossing film in the long-running franchise (it became the most attended back in July). This also marks the seventh-consecutive year that a Detective Conan film has outgrossed its predecessor.
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    Did some research and found this: Translation: There is still an embargo, we must wait until Monday 02/09 to comment more broadly
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    Goucha has had one of the biggest falls from grace I have ever seen. He went from the guy who was carrying TVI's mornings to 30%+ just last year on his own and made Secret Story 7 a hit... to the guy who can barely manage half of Cláudio fucking Ramos and does worse on his own than someone the GA barely knows (Maria). I wouldn't even count the RAP show as a given, at this point. The repeats of the show on Sunday nights have likely hurt it. And even if RAP does alright, the soap will go the Alma e Coração way, which made 13% rating coming off a 17% lead-in (Cristina Ferreira's Jornal da Noite interview), but on an even lesser scale. With the non-existing marketing they have right now, they're begging for a soap that will manage to find ways to make the Amar Depois de Amar and Prisioneira duo look good.
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    Could be 430 or later with strong evening shows. FFs skew older than SHs. They will take it in after work. Its running at 5.5m ph. Double that from 630-9pm. 85-87m -55%
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    Goucha is getting paid like 70.000€ a month to be embarassed by people like Cláudio Ramos, Raminhos and Mourão. Fucking lmao. They should use RAP's show after Jornal das 8 or during it like they did on Sundays. That should increase the ratings and give the new soap a good launching pad.
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    Soooo Peter Dinklage, Richard Madden, Iwan Rheon, Natalie Dormer, Maisie Williams And now Kit Harrington are part of the MCU.Marvel sure loved their GoT actors.Wake me up when Queen Daenerys Targaryen aka Emilia Clarke gets her rightful place as the First Lady of the MCU, Sue Storm.Do it Marvel.
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    Hey, I'm not the one who's only seen Interstellar once. Also, who says I'm not in double digits now? 🤔
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    https://deadline.com/2019/08/it-chapter-two-opening-weekend-box-office-projections-bill-hader-jessica-chastain-1202669396/ No Clowning Around: ‘It: Chapter Two’ To Set Fall On Fire With $120M+ Opening On Par With First Pic
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    Today was so bad only the sweet taste of defeating Jake this week could cheer me up
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    4 is probably my bottom and Hobbs and Shaw would probably be ahead of it. If Hobbs and Shaw is way too jokey, then Fast and Furious is generally too dour and serious because of whole Dom out for vengeance thing. Honestly tho, I haven't really enjoyed a Fast and Furious film wholeheartedly since 6. Take us back to the promised land, J Lin
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    Depends on which Spiders they had chosen. Some like Peni Parker seem to work best in animation so choosing her was a great choice to contrast her anime style against the more Looney Tunes-y take on Spider-Ham and ole newspaper print on Spider-Man: Noir. But selecting some other Spider-People would have worked as well or even better in live action IMO.
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    oh sorry i meant to post this in the Deadpool christmas movie thread.
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    I enjoyed the first movie, but seeing the trailers for this had my expectations really low. And for good reason. Seems like they have somehow forgotten the events from the first movie. The pacing is horrid (there's a certain sub-plot that drags on way toooo long) it actually affected my enjoyment of the movie more than anything else. The editing has too many cuts. Boyega is the only one in the cast giving somewhat of a damn, everyone else was forgettable. The tone feels light and off to me. If you're seeing this, I suspect the only thing you may halfway enjoy are the fight scenes, there's a few that are decent. The Kaiju actually had some decent looking CGI. Some bits of the soundtrack from the first movie gets used again. Never seeing it again
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    This advance screened earlier today. A colleague of mine went (by skipping work from the looks of it) because he was a big fan of the first movie. His reaction to me when I asked him how it was - "they Independence Day:Resurgenced it". Probably the first and last time Indepedence Day Resurgence will be used as a verb.
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    http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/behind-screen/new-lego-short-master-debut-922834 It seems that a Lego short will be played in front of Storks.
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    All in all, the Finding Dory trailer videos have garnered about 30 million views. Compared to other animated films with their first trailers: ~ Finding Dory, 29 - 30 million ~ Zootopia, around 10 - 11 million ~ Pets, around 19 - 20 million ~ Kubo and the Two Strings, around 1 million ~ Kung Fu Panda 3, 16 - 17 million ~ Inside Out, 12 - 14 million This was a fast-paced pile up of all the first trailers I could find so it might not be as accurate but as you can see, Finding Dory, aside from Frozen Fever which isn't a feature film is leading the race even amongst films whose release date is sooner than Finding Dory's.
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    X2 is the best X-Men movie by a wide margin and one of the best superhero movies period. His other two X-movies are just passable.
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    not different than any other actor. For example, did Chris Pratt have anything to do with the success of Jurassic World and GOTG? Likely no. Put another actor that does a good job in those roles and they would make the same. The fact is there are hardly any draws these days. Reynolds is no different than most actors
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    Meh. I cannot get too excited about another superhero film . Plus Ryan Reynolds is now 1 for 50. Another nail in the coffin regarding the concept of a box office draw I guess.
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    I um think that 55 was for the second weekend. Yeah that's the ticket

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