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    Can't have a backlash to your movie from the general public if you never put tickets on sale for said movie.
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    I don't see what the problem is if the scene is just to remind audiences of where the movie is in the timeline which is post-Civil War.
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    Box Office Trivia Since 1980 (not including 2019), 9 films have won the box office crown (domestically) for that year by at least 50% over the next nearest film. What are the those 9 films? Answers in the spoiler box.
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    The new episode will be posted later tonight. All of the data has been crunched, and I have the results; how late I post the episode depends on whether I'm allowed to work on my computer during my meetings. Yeah, those Monday meetings that I was talking about are starting today...
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    (C)2019フジテレビ 東宝Weekend Estimates (09/14-15)01 (---) ¥450,000,000 ($4.2 million), 0, ¥560,000,000 ($5.2 million), Hit Me Anyone One More Time (Toho) NEW 02 (01) ¥245,000,000 ($2.3 million), -22%, ¥915,000,000 ($8.5 million), Kaguya-sama: Love is War (Toho) WK2 03 (02) ¥218,000,000 ($2.0 million), -14%, ¥12,575,000,000 ($116.9 million), Weathering With You (Toho) WK904 (---) ¥150,000,000 ($1.4 million), 0, ¥195,000,000 ($1.8 million), No Longer Human (Shochiku/Asmik Ace) NEW 05 (03) ¥131,000,000 ($1.2 million), -31%, ¥6,180,000,000 ($58.3 million), The Lion King (Disney) WK6 06 (04) ¥125,000,000 ($1.2 million), -22%, ¥1,955,000,000 ($18.3 million), Ossan's Love: Love or Dead (Toho) WK4 07 (05) ¥x92,000,000 ($850,000), -34%, ¥455,000,000 ($4.3 million), Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll (Shochiku) WK2 08 (06) ¥x91,000,000 ($840,000), -30%, ¥5,215,000,000 ($49.1 million), One Piece Stampede (Toei) WK6 09 (07) ¥x90,000,000 ($830,000), -28%, ¥850,000,000 ($8.0 million), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Sony) WK310 (---) ¥x85,000,000 ($785,000), 0, ¥110,000,000 ($1.0 million), A Dog's Journey (Toho-Towa) NEW 11 (08) ¥x70,000,000 ($645,000), -39%, ¥850,000,000 ($8.0 million), Samurai Shifters (Shochiku) WK3 12 (09) ¥x58,000,000 ($535,000), -30%, ¥460,000,000 ($4.3 million), God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Crimson Legend (Kadokawa) WK3 13 (10) ¥x46,000,000 ($425,000), -38%, ¥9,900,000,000 ($92.7 million), Toy Story 4 (Disney) W10Holiday Monday Estimates (09/16): Respect for the Elderly Day¥240,000,000 ($2.2 million), 0, ¥800,000,000 ($7.4 million), Hit Me Anyone One More Time (Toho) Day 04¥175,000,000 ($1.6 million), +162%, ¥1,090,000,000 ($10.1 million), Kaguya-sama: Love is War (Toho) Day 11¥140,000,000 ($1.3 million), +186%, ¥12,715,000,000 ($118.2 million), Weathering With You (Toho) Day 60¥x85,000,000 ($785,000), 0, ¥280,000,000 ($2.6 million), No Longer Human (Shochiku/Asmik Ace) Day 04¥x80,000,000 ($740,000), +146%, ¥6,260,000,000 ($59.0 million), The Lion King (Disney) Day 39¥x55,000,000 ($505,000), +74%, ¥2,010,000,000 ($18.8 million), Ossan's Love: Love or Dead (Toho) Day 25¥x50,000,000 ($460,000), +129%, ¥5,265,000,000 ($49.6 million), One Piece Stampede (Toei) Day 39¥x50,000,000 ($460,000), 0, ¥160,000,000 ($1.5 million), A Dog's Journey (Toho-Towa) Day 04¥x45,000,000 ($415,000), +72%, ¥895,000,000 ($8.4 million), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Sony) Day 18¥x40,000,000 ($370,000), +74%, ¥890,000,000 ($8.4 million), Samurai Shifters (Shochiku) Day 18¥x35,000,000 ($325,000), +199%, ¥9,935,000,000 ($93.0 million), Toy Story 4 (Disney) Day 67¥x30,000,000 ($275,000), +26%, ¥485,000,000 ($4.6 million), Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll (Shochiku) Day 11¥x20,000,000 ($185,000), +74%, ¥480,000,000 ($4.5 million), God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Crimson Legend (Kadokawa) Day 18Very, very strong Monday. Even though it was a national holiday, it was a bit stronger than the typical holiday Monday.
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    that's cos Leo is the exception and peaking as a leading man at 22 is generally not great for longevity.
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    Yeah, that’s a pretty important note XD I wish BOM would put a * or something on OWs that weren’t the first 3 days...
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    Not Another Teen Movie and Scott Pilgrim vs The World weren't huge BO hits but they both had residual cultural impact. Edit - Also, you're moving the goalposts here. Initially you said "no successful movies", now you're saying "no hits". Those aren't the same thing.
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    Will count it (and Ad Astra) in a few hours. From what I saw its sales are pretty similar to that of Angel has Fallen.
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    Yeah I’d probably take that with a grain of salt. I couldn’t find anything with them saying October 2nd/3rd
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    Yep and it's budget was $50m less than the 8th instalment. Using 55% / 38% an 25% Fate made $457m from it's theatrical run and Hobs will make $294.45m so they should have reigned in the budget a bit more for sure but I don't understand why they would think that hobs could make closer to $900m when it's not in their main series. That said they should be very worried about F9, 1B seems pretty hard atm.
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    the drop dom will be around 23% which is very good. drop in china will be 47-48%. considering dom returns are 55% vs 25% from china it did not take as big a hit ww as it appears. a non-spinoff could itself have dropped that much dom going by F8's 2.29x multi and mixed reception. the studio will take heart from the 2.85-2.9x multi for HS. feel confident we will get HS2. they will need to reign in the prod budget like say jw2 did.
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    I don't think Chris Evans was the draw for Snowpiercer to make 59M in south korea
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    It won: Sound editing Visual effect Costume Make Up Stunts Title design Score Casting Sound Mixing Editing Was it not really high quality of craftsmanship on pretty much all of those ? At least it didn't win cinematography or script or best series, I doubt anyone will have issue with any of those win's
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    If it's true that this movie in a highly interconnected universe has a tiny appearance from the most important character in that universe, when it's set in a time period where it makes sense in-universe? Hyperbole much?
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    @titanic2187 You included the production budget for Venom LOL Venom cost less in combined production and worldwide P&A costs ($227M) Like I said Venom Ww Promotion - 127 million ASIB ww promotion - 110 million yikes promoted the same amount as a blockbuster and couldn't even crack the top 10.
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    Dying at that bit at the end. Shades of "Other than that, how was the play?"
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    Added Most Wanted Man in Britain to the no-request list since I’m currently reading it.
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    Ad Astra for me was the easy pick to come out on top out of the 3 wide openers on Sep 20 but tracking for this suggests it will contend with Downton Abbey for the crown. Looking forward to seeing if Sly gives js a little surprise hit here. I'm 50/50 on seeing it at the moment. This may be one of the rare instances where I check out reviews.
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    Maybe Cinematography or Costume Design if it gets enough passion. A guy can dream, god damnit!
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    Key word some. You are basing your entire argument on the back of reviewers who do not have an objective review of the movie. I agree that the Joker deals with difficult and sensitive matter, but by most legitimate accounts, they handle it well. I think we can put this discussion away and discuss it when we all watch the movie. Otherwise we are just quoting reviewers who may or may not be right!
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    If Cameron asks for something it's not like Disney will just say "NO". They both have an interest in maintaining a good business relationship with each other. Cameron can't just leave Disney and Disney cannot just fire Cameron without them both suffering heavy loses, Sure with the current arrangement Disney makes the call, but it's not like Cameron doesn't have any weight in this kind of decision, he owns the IP after all and ideally you want to keep happy someone who's handling a boatload of your cash. I think some of you like to fantasize that Disney is holding Cameron on a leash like a dog, but I don't think that's exactly how it works.
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    I’m gonna take an insane guess that more people watch it.
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    is foreign inclusion a thing now for the AMPAS? I know they have been including more members overseas every year but I thought Roma & Cold War breaking out of the foreign category was more of a testament on how weak the english-speaking films that year were. (the ones that had oscar buzz anyway)
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    What are you talking about? Indiewire rarely lets their critics' political beliefs affect the review, Ehrlich loved The Mule.
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    First weekend I’m back and I see Gaga vs Venom, Beyoncé vs JLO and Alli still trying to make Ansel Elgort a box office star. What. A. Weekend.
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    That's like saying "A pineapple pizza tastes better than a burnt blackened pizza".
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    Over 1.1 OS with the highest market at 120 is just a bonkers distribution.
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    Firstly - recap of the last Weekly update - this covers all of weeks 1 - 15. @Sheikh is out in front with @Jake Gittes and @chasmmi following closely behind. As noted we still need to add weeks 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and make up questions to this chart (yes i know week 20 and make ups are scored, however i won't add them until we have weeks 16 - 19 done and included) Rank Player Week 13 Total Week 14 Week 15 New Total 1 Sheikh 1,191,000 93,000 91,000 1,375,000 2 Jake Gittes 1,129,000 104,000 89,000 1,322,000 3 chasmmi 1,098,000 80,000 83,000 1,261,000 4 PanaMovie 1,077,000 68,000 96,000 1,241,000 5 MrPink 1,077,000 69,000 93,000 1,239,000 6 ZeeSoh 1,008,000 70,000 85,000 1,163,000 7 kayumanggi 1,004,000 61,000 75,000 1,140,000 8 glassfairy 969,000 71,000 97,000 1,137,000 9 Wrath 976,000 73,000 86,000 1,135,000 10 Fancyarcher 939,000 86,000 108,000 1,133,000 11 BCF26 992,000 50,000 75,000 1,117,000 12 captainwondyful 940,000 58,000 91,000 1,089,000 13 BobDole 947,000 40,000 82,000 1,069,000 14 JJ-8 930,000 62,000 74,000 1,066,000 15 24Lost 907,000 63,000 47,000 1,017,000 16 Simionski 895,000 0 0 895,000 17 CoolEric258 796,000 78,000 0 874,000 18 WrathofHan 469,000 0 0 469,000 19 The Panda 441,000 0 0 441,000 20 Mike Hunt 299,000 0 0 299,000 21 Kalo 155,000 0 0 155,000 22 Empire 141,000 0 0 141,000 23 Infernus 94,000 0 0 94,000 24 MovieMan89 87,000 0 0 87,000 25 NannerManCan 70,000 0 0 70,000 26 AndyLL 0 0 0 0 27 Cmasterclay 0 0 0 0 28 Darth Lehnsherr 0 0 0 0 29 Ms Lady Hawk 0 0 0 0
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    It's a shame this isn't Sony, we would get BW poster with mostly RDJ on it lol
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    i like them both so i don't mind who wins, but i'd give phoenix the edge right now just because it seems more showy and transformative, which is usually what wins. i guess the one recent win that's comparable to Driver's role would be Casey Affleck's, but casey affleck wasn't up against any "omg look how much weight this guy lost!" type performances.
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    And moment of silence for Moviepass. It is ceasing operations as of today, and unless they find a new purchaser is DOA.
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    1)Frozen 2  Black Widow Knives Out WW84 Jumanji Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Onward Mulan Charlie’s Angels 10) Terminator
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    I haven't seen 100 movies from the 1970s. only 47. and I find 34 Better than Jaws. Yeah sorry, there are two universally acclaimed classics, that while I don't think they are bad per say I just don't feel them like most people. Jaws and E.T. but it has been a long time since I've seen either.
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    It's not short for this series. The longest of them is Rambo III at 106 minutes, and the previous movie was around 90 too. That's one thing I appreciate about these movies - given their fairly basic premise they don't tend to overstay their welcome.
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    It's possible to submit a list much shorter than 100 films (minimum is 10). So maybe the people who excluded Star Wars and Jaws didn't actually imply that there are 100 films from the 70s they have seen that are better.
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    290M returns from theatrical run on 360M (200M+160M P&A) costs doesn't sound that bad all things considered. home video sales + streaming and TV deals will cover those 70M and then some.
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    Okay, so here is thw thing.. When CM was about to release everybody was saying it will be Marvel first flop. Now, it has made money. Everybody is saying Endgame helped it. So desperate you all are. It is pathetic.
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