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    Also this sunday drop will be soft this weekend due to Columbus day. What's impressive is AMC PS is ahead of monday !!! I am confident it will have soft monday to wednesday drop. That would confirm great 2nd weekend, I am also thinking low to mid 50's at this point. I definitely feel all the publicity around potential mass shooting subdued OD and since then BO has been on a tear. So that should help it have really soft 2nd weekend drop. its basically going to pull in a Gravity or Martian kind of hold(though not exactly at crazy levels of those movies). 55m 2nd weekend would be low 30's drop minus previews. That is off the charts for a movie based on very popular CB character !!!!!
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    24616 pre-sales for Joker today. If it follows : (excluding previews) Hobbs&Shaw : 264k admissions OD Ready Player One : 166k Black Panther : 321k It : Chapter Two : 201k Going with 200-220k admissions OD, but it could go higher and approach 300k including Friday and yesterday's previews. 4.3 Average Score on Allociné (professional reviewers) 4.7/5 avg user score (jaw dropping, it's Bohemian Rhapsody/Green Book level). BREAKOUT INCOMING.
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    08/10/19 (Tuesday) 1 JOKER 03/10/2019 USA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 1.016.982 162.113 2 ROGER WATERS US+THEM 07/10/2019 GBR NEXO DIGITAL S.P.A. € 151.081 10.687 3 C'ERA UNA VOLTA A...HOLLYWOOD (ONCE UPON A TIME IN...HOLLYWOOD) 18/09/2019 USA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 78.443 12.819 4 ROYAL OPERA HOUSE 2019-2020 08/10/2019 GBR NEXO DIGITAL S.P.A. € 40.345 3.542 5 TUTTAPPOSTO 03/10/2019 ITA MEDUSA FILM S.P.A. € 37.146 7.240 6 IL PICCOLO YETI (ABOMINABLE) 03/10/2019 USA UNIVERSAL S.R.L. € 34.441 6.602 7 AD ASTRA 26/09/2019 USA 20TH CENTURY FOX ITALIA S.P.A. € 32.830 5.677 8 RAMBO - LAST BLOOD 26/09/2019 BGR NOTORIOUS PICT. S.P.A. € 30.489 5.079 9 IO, LEONARDO 02/10/2019 ITA LUCKY RED DISTRIB. € 29.211 5.361 10 L'UOMO CHE VOLLE VIVERE 120 ANNI 08/10/2019 ITA ZENIT DISTRIBUTION € 26.101 4.277 Unbelievable. 11% increase after a nuts Monday. Is this getting to freaking 10M before FSS begings? Currently at € 8.231.751. All I know is I may go speachless...
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    I hate to hype up too soon but Joker BO is crazy good. its BO so far is running 10% ahead of Monday at AMC!!So even if it over indexes at AMC today its going to have a great Monday to Wednesday Drop. 9m+ wednesday would be crazy good. let us see where things are tonight. I started tracking cinemark only mid day yesterday and so I don’t have any monday to Wednesday comparisons. But it’s doing good there as well in isolation. Drop today will be most critical for its legs. If it pulls a rabbit out it locks up 300m.
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    Terminator: Dark Fate Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-23 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 34 59 8,517 0.69% Total Seats Sold Today: 10 Comp 0.108x of It: Chapter Two 23 days before release (1.14M) Adjusted Comp 0.607x of Hobbs & Shaw 23 days before release (3.52M) This caught me by surprise. I honestly thought this was gonna do something like 2 or 3 tickets today. But 10 is pretty solid this far out, though we'll see whether that means anything for the next couple days. Also this was the day the 3D shows for Hobbs & Shaw went away, hence the big boost for that film comp-wise.
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    Jexi Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-2 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 15 14 1,747 0.80% Total Shows Added Today: 8 Total Seats Added Today: 604 Total Seats Sold Today: 12 Comp 0.187x of Stuber 2 days before release (140K) lol
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    Joker: (T-0): Previews: XX + 704 + 1517 = 2221 Th: XX + 575 + 1245 = 1820 Fri: XX + 455 + 1039 = 1494 Sat: XX + 303 + 715 = 1018 Sun: XX + 147 + 340 = 487 TFSS: XX + 1480 + 3339 = 4819 / 25602 -> 18.82% PTFSS: XX + 2184 + 4856 = 7040 / 28989 -> 24.29% Adjusted adm. (without CS Bremen) only TFSS: Wend (wo Previews): Aladdin: 339 => 4102k John Wick 3: 522 => 2633k Godzilla: 184 => 3677k Rocketman: 128 => 4479k Dark Phoenix: 236 => 2533k MIBI: 162 => 3352k Five Feet Apart: 59 => 8632k Spider-Man FFH: 1672 => 1251k TLK: 2142 => 2074k H&S: 625 => 3792k Hollywood: 1585 => 1335k TS4: 280 => 4101k It: 1880 => 1513k WOW The presales are way stronger than I expected. (In this list the different presales multis can be seen, Hollywood, It 2 and Spidey had the worst. TLK’s is surprisingly bad too and Five Feet Apart had an insane one. Shows that besides genre it’s also important how big the hype is. None the less are the preview numbers 2221 tickets at two theatres so big that I think previews alone should be close to 100k (I know that it starts in 690 theatres but not all have previews and the two I counted tend to – I think – overperform for superhero related movies and one is in the top 10 cinemas in Germany and the other should be somewhere around #30 or so) so thinking they together make up 2.2% or a little more is probably reasonable. (might be a higher share for previews). Even if I say that due to the hype the presale multi is worse than Spidey’s by quite a margin (let’s say presales multi is only half) that would still be 625k (+100k previews = 725k PTFSS). As the Cinemaxx might have overindexed a little due to the Cinestar Bremen still being closed none the less I am going to go with 625k for the true weekend* could obviously go both ways, comps suggest a way stronger opening or the hype and the press could make it come down from this high. Quick note at the end – previews might be overestimated – I have no idea how they behave. I find them the hardest to determine – I suck at predicting the rest but previews is always pure luck. *I really hope that after the weekend I can say damn, why didn’t I go with what I initially wrote (850k +100k). But right now I decide against it because I have no comps from movies with comparable hype and I think this might turn out to be really, really presales heavy. AND it's Germany... so it will disappoint. "disappoint" (obviously the best DC opening (540+k wouldn't be disappointing in any way). EDIT: The presales are also kinda spread out through the weekend - obviously really strong for Thursday and Friday but even Sunday is good.
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    Addams Family Thursday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Dolby: 4:00 PM 0 217 3D: 5:00 PM 3 56 7:30 PM 15 56 9:45 PM 2 56 2D: 4:00 PM 9 94 6:30 PM 4 94 9:00 PM 4 94 Total 37 667 AMC Highlands 24 Dolby: 4:00 PM 7 210 3D: 5:30 PM 4 52 2D: 7:00 PM 0 85 Total 11 347 SEATS SOLD SOLD TODAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 115 34 5451 2.11% 9 44 Showings added: 14 Seats added: 1677 Abominable comp: 1.19M
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    Deadline: The Addams Family: $28-30M Gemini Man: $24-29M Jexi: low single digits Also projecting a second weekend of $42.5M for Joker. https://deadline.com/2019/10/joker-october-tuesday-box-office-record-weekend-forecast-addams-family-will-smith-gemini-man-1202756065/
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    I have asked for premier day off, just want my shot to buy tickets. I remember last time it was crazy and we were home, so I could imagine trying to do it from the middle of the ocean. October 21 is perfect for us!
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    Star Wars News Net reporting that the trailer will be released on 10/21. Makes a lot of sense to me, and seems like they are following The Force Awakens release schedule. 10/14 just started to make less sense as more information came in.
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    A bunch of thoughts. @YourMother the Edgelord Congrats on your first number one in the game! I'm so proud of how you progressed, especially since it's taken me a long time to get my own number one. Well done, my friend! HOLY FUCK LISA FRANK PARADISE ISLAND OSCAR SQUAD CHOO CHOO That Spark score isn't bad at all considering what I feared. Oh yay I won a prize Good haul this year! Thanks for 2, 4, 9, 11, 17, 19, and 21.
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    Hmm, good question. The weekend actual cume of 73.617 had it on track for roughly 97M by my spreadsheet. BOP's weekend forecast from yesterday forecasted a cume through this Sun of 82.3M, which would be a 57% hold on the Mon-Sun week. So far this Mon+Tues we've got 2.26M, a 57% hold from 3.98M last Mon+Tues, so that seems pretty reasonable to me. I think that puts it on track for more like 95M, but with one of these next two weekends showing a surprising hold it would be right on the edge again.
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    I have a veeery good feeling about this movie now. Previews and bookings for tomorow seem to be great (according to the InsideKino forum, Joker http://www.forum.insidekino.de/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4845 and SSquad http://www.forum.insidekino.de/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2671&start=25) For example: SSquad: 3k Joker: 2,8k SSquad opened to 500k, so to top that is totally possible. I'm hyped to see it tomorow
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    Isn't he one of the most diverse director of all time ? Wolf of Wall street, silence, Raging Bull, GoodFellas, Gang of New York, Mean Street, Kundun, New York/New York, Taxi Driver, Color of Money, Hugo, Last temptation of the Christ are quite different, for the big auteur out there, outside the really smooth editing/craft it is not that obvious you are watching a Scorsese movie. Why would he not be literally the one, one of the very top one in the world talking about being generic/formulaic, has one of the big cinephile and one of the most diverse in output director of the last 40 year's ?
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    I think he meant they're theme parks in that they're enjoyable for the spur of the moment but not much more. I didn't think it was even that negative of a comment, but maybe I'm misinterpreting it idk.
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    For some reason they didn't inc previews on Joker OW (i think), Joker OW with previews is $ 31.6m according to Portal Exibidor (I think it's the biggest OW for a DC solo movie in Brazil and 2 biggest OW for a solo movie in General). https://www.exibidor.com.br/rankings/top-10-brasil/1427
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    @cayommagazine Endless Animation announces the characters in the upcoming animated western, Scorching Saddles, aiming for a late September release date. While Orman remains attached to the project as a writer, Alex Hirsch will direct the project due to Orman’s prior convictions.
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    Jordan is my go-to guy when it comes to Star Wars trailers news. So I take a lot of what he says seriously. He did add this:
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    Deadline: "Paramount and Skydance’s exposure on the movie is only 35% apiece with Fosun, which is handling China, in for 25% and Alibaba at 5%."
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    FWIW I thought Joaquin was excellent in this and elevated the choppy script. Movie definitely would've fallen apart completely in the hands of a lesser actor.
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    Great increase! Anything over 50M second weekend would be awesome, and these early grosses points to that happen
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    The trailer is way better than the whole movie though it looks dumb already.
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    Homecoming and Far From Home already surpassed those movies. They are bad. No matter how you spin it - the ratio of good to bad movies remains awful. The MCU has a far better track record. Anyone that's a fan of Marvel should want all the characters to be under the same roof. LOL at stale Wikipedia drags in 2019. You do realize that Wikipedia quotes all it's sources and you can verify them yourself? If you don't know how to use the site I'll gladly help you out. Superhero films isn't a genre. Again GOTG is nothing like TWS, even a 4 year old could tell you the difference. "Old man yelling at a cloud" Scorsese isn't relevant to this discussion.
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    Masterpiece. I really hope that Phoenix can get the Best Actor next year and a nomination on Best Picture. And many others categories like Best Sound Mixing and Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Film Editing would be hella deserved.
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    Gemini Man is selling horribly around here too. Getting a sinking feeling about this one, reviews did it in.
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    Another reason I don't think we are getting the trailer next Monday, is that there is already a halftime performance schedule for 10/14. After getting the crowd all "Fire't Up" Gilbert then dropped some big news, sharing his plans to perform during half-time of the Monday Night Football game next week on October 14. "We actually, on Monday Night Football for the Green Bay Packers Game, we are playing the halftime show," he reveals to the crowd, adding, "It's going down." This is Gilbert's first time performing this halftime show, so be sure to tune in next week for the Lions vs. Packers game to see the country singer take over the big stage at halftime.
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    Addams Family Thursday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 3D: 5:00 PM 3 56 7:30 PM 15 56 9:45 PM 1 56 2D: 4:00 PM 8 94 6:30 PM 4 94 9:00 PM 4 94 Total 35 450 SEATS SOLD SOLD TODAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 81 25 3774 2.15% 7 30 Showings added: 4 Seats added: 247 Abominable comp: 1.6M Big increase thanks to T-Mobile Tuesday. But Abominable still had a relatively good day, so it didn't change the comp by much.
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    1 1 Joker (2019) WB $9,702,049 -60% - 4,374 $2,218 $105,904,386 4 2 3 Downton Abbey Focus $945,085 -60% -43% 3,548 $266 $74,561,940 18 3 2 Abominable Uni. $746,740 -80% -54% 4,248 $176 $38,501,710 11 4 6 Judy RAtt. $570,000 -59% +64% 1,458 $391 $9,627,241 11 5 4 Hustlers STX $565,101 -65% -45% 3,030 $187 $91,980,805 25 6 5 It: Chapter Two WB (NL) $393,326 -72% -54% 3,163 $124 $202,561,012 32 7 7 Ad Astra Fox $376,989 -65% -58% 2,910 $130 $43,674,339 18 8 8 Rambo: Last Blood LGF $326,567 -69% -56% 2,900 $113 $40,200,320 18 9 9 War (2019) Yash $145,000 -73% - 305 $475 $2,259,917 6 10 11 Good Boys Uni. $91,890 -60% -52% 1,006 $91 $82,124,605 53 11 12 The Lion King (2019) BV $72,697 -68% -54% 1,034 $70 $541,353,843 81 12 10 My People, My Country CMC $65,428 -75% - 67 $977 $1,618,945 7 - - Angel has Fallen LGF $65,297 -54% -57% 831 $79 $68,365,715 46 - - Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Uni. $58,910 -59% -37% 682 $86 $173,168,280 67 - - The Peanut Butter Falcon RAtt. $53,000 -57% -41% 623 $85 $19,028,511 60 - - Overcomer Affirm $48,193 -62% -41% 672 $72 $33,970,057 46 - - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark LGF $39,337 -68% -36% 577 $68 $67,551,911 60 - - Dora and the Lost City of Gold Par. $31,319 -74% -58% 481 $65 $60,034,425 60 - - Toy Story 4 BV $18,623 -74% +26% 243 $77 $433,333,060 109 - - 47 Meters Down: Uncaged ENTMP $7,527 -71% -23% 145 $52 $22,119,539 53 - - Ready or Not FoxS $6,919 -48% -53% 125 $55 $28,626,279 48 - - Lucy in the Sky FoxS $6,238 -56% - 37 $169 $60,296 4 - - The Art of Racing in the Rain Fox $5,797 -56% -36% 103 $56 $26,255,179 60 - - The Goldfinch WB $5,138 -57% -78% 86 $60 $5,264,441 25 - - The Farewell A24 $4,484 -61% -55% 40 $112 $17,563,862 88 - - Aladdin (2019) BV $4,393 -72% -33% 105 $42 $355,470,910 137 - - Chhichhore FIP $2,597 -72% -67% 33 $79 $1,992,890 32 - - Blinded By the Light WB $2,312 -64% -44% 75 $31 $11,892,960 53
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    neither of them will get nominated but wouldn't it be funny if the last 2 spots in the INTL category was Weathering With You vs Ne Zha
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    Don't know when reviews come out, but David Sims just put the movie in his Letterboxd at 2.5/5. For reference, he gave the first one 1.5/5, so make of that what you will. Guess we'll get more info soon? EDIT: Sims' tweet
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    Passed €30M in the Netherlands, (€30,000,107) first movie to even do that, (#2 is Titanic with 25.619M 1997+2012 3D, third is Bohemian Rhapsody with 21.9M. And spectre is the only other movie above 20M (19M) with 20.52M. In admissions it's 7th with 2.955m (roughly, should roughly get to 3M and 6th place). #4 in it's 12th week. In Portugal it's also the highest grossing with 6.96M (#2 is Avatar with 6.93 and #3 Minions with 4.732M) and most admissions sold - both since 2004 - with 1.274M (#2 is Avatar 1.207M and #4 is Miniony with 939k (Avatar (had slightly higher ATP than TLK). (Dropped out after 9 weekend) In the UK it's #8 in £ of all time with 74.9M. (Was #6 in it's 12th weekend) In France it stalled before 10M, none the less it's the most successful movie since TFA in December 2015. (Dropped out of the Top 10 after 10 weeks) In Germany it's just a €400k from €50M after a 623k weekend (enhanced by unity day on Thursday and bad weather, will probably take until after the following weekend to get to €50M this weekend should see a 60% drop or so because the weather is forecasted to be better, no public holiday, only fall holidays in school and Joker get's a 2pm showing almost everywhere. It's #32 in € right now. In admissions it's around 120 or so I think. (Was #8 in it's 12th weekend) Interestingly it beat Endgame in admissions in Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Finnland, Bulgaria, Serbia Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia. In the UK for that to happen ATP would have to be about 19-20% lower, so Endgame most likely barely beat it there in Admissions. Endgame did it in Greece, (UK, Ireland), Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Ukraine, Turkey, In € it stays overall rather similar but in Germany out of all countries Endgame had a higher gross besides the ones it had a higher admission count in. Don't know how the gross is in some of the others as the higher ATP leads to a higher gross so they could sometimes be barely on Endgame's side too. Last weekend markets: Total: $3077k (-26%) Germany: $685k (+36%) UK: $450k (-20.6%) Netherlands: $290k (-34.2%) France: ~280k (-33%)? Japan: ??? Italy: 152k (-60.5%) Belgium: ??? Also: Domestic: $541,281,146 32.9% + Foreign: $1,104,712,348 67.1% = Worldwide: $1,645,993,494 That means OS-China is roughly 984M and it it might end around 990M or so.
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    OS Actuals $151M https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/joker-box-office-all-records-broken-1245732
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    1. The Godfather 2. Network 3. Fiddler on the Roof 4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 5. All the President’s Men 6. The Godfather Part II 7. Blazing Saddles! 8. The Deer Hunter 9. The Day of the Jackal 10. The French Connection 11. Young Frankenstein 12. The Sting 13. Chinatown 14. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope 15. Tora! Tora! Tora! 16. The Outlaw Josey Wales 17. Alien 18. National Lampoon's Animal House 19. 1776 20. Jaws 21. Patton 22. Scrooge 23. Slap Shot 24. Duck, You Sucker 25. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 26. Dog Day Afternoon 27. Monty Python’s Life of Brian 28. Three Days of the Condor 29. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) 30. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 31. Rocky 32. Serpico 33. Get Carter 34. The Candidate 35. The In-Laws (1979) 36. The Odessa File 37. Halloween (1978) 38. American Graffiti 39. Taxi Driver 40. The Paper Chase 41. The Boys From Brazil 42. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 43. The Exorcist 44. Murder on the Orient Express (1974) 45. Mean Streets 46. The Omen 47. Dirty Harry 48. Apocalypse Now 49. MASH 50. Sleuth 51. The Conversation 52. Superman (1978) 53. Mad Max 54. Dawn of the Dead (1978) 55. Grease 56. A Bridge Too Far 57. Barry Lyndon 58. The Spy Who Loved Me 59. Kelly’s Heroes 60. Bedknobs and Broomsticks 61. The Rescuers 62. Silent Movie 63. Carrie 64. Soylent Green 65. Badlands 66. Murder by Death 67. Papillon 68. Marathon Man 69. The Poseidon Adventure 70. Jesus Christ Superstar 71. Rocky II 72. The Longest Yard (1974) 73. Macbeth (1971) 74. Charlotte's Web (1973) 75. The Towering Inferno 76. Cabaret 77. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes 78. Force 10 from Navarone 79. Star Trek: The Motion Picture 80. Jaws 2 81. Tommy 82. Omen II: Damien 83. The Great Gatsby (1974) 84. The Buddy Holly Story 85. Saturday Night Fever 86. Escape From the Planet of the Apes 87. The Aristocats 88. The Phantom Tollbooth 89. Where the Red Fern Grows (1974) 90. Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
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    Now that this is brought back, uh.... @The Panda still got those images on ya?
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    Dropping this 2.0 filler in at the request of @YourMother the Edgelord Day of the TentacleGenre: Sci-Fi Comedy/AdventureCast: Joe Keery (Bernard), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Laverne), Skyler Gisondo (Hoagie), Kurtwood Smith (Dr. Fred)Directed By: Evan GoldbergWritten By: Seth Rogen and Evan GoldbergRelease Date: October 14thTheater Count: 3025Budget: $30 millionMPAA Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language, drug references, and lewd humorPlot Summary: Adapted from the classic Lucasarts adventure game. The film is done in a very quirky style, reminiscent of Paul, while also having the traditional Rogen/Goldberg raunch humor and jokes, though at a PG-13 level.In the late 1980s, Purple Tentacle—a mutant monster and lab assistant created by mad scientist Dr. Fred Edison—drinks toxic sludge from a river behind Dr. Fred's laboratory. The sludge causes him to grow a pair of flipper-like arms, develop vastly increased intelligence and a thirst for global domination. Dr. Fred plans to resolve the issue by killing Purple Tentacle and his harmless, friendly brother Green Tentacle, but Green Tentacle sends a plea of help to his old friend, the nerd Bernard Bernoulli. Bernard travels to the Edison family motel with his two housemates, deranged medical student Laverne and slacker rock band roadie Hoagie, and frees the tentacles unaware of what Purple was up to. Purple Tentacle uses trickery to escape and maniacally cackles about resuming his quest to take over the world.Since Purple Tentacle's plans are flawless and unstoppable, Dr. Fred decides to use his Chron-o-John time machines to send Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie to the day before to turn off his Sludge-o-Matic machine, thereby preventing Purple Tentacle's exposure to the sludge. However, because Dr. Fred used an imitation diamond rather than a real diamond as a power source for the time machine, the Chron-o-Johns breaks down in operation. Laverne is sent 200 years in the future, where humanity has been enslaved and Purple Tentacle rules the world from the Edison mansion, while Hoagie is dropped 200 years in the past, where the motel is being used by the Founding Fathers as a retreat to write the United States Constitution. Bernard is returned to the present. To salvage Dr. Fred's plan, Bernard must acquire a replacement diamond for the time machine, while Hoagie and Laverne must restore power to their respective Chron-o-John pods by plugging them in. To overcome the lack of electricity in the past, Hoagie recruits the help of Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Fred's ancestor, Red Edison, to build a superbattery to power his pod, while also playing some pranks on the other Founding Fathers and trying to sleep with Betsy Ross and change her ideas on the American flag, while Laverne evades capture by the tentacles long enough to run an extension cord to her unit, having to pose as a tentacle and use a mummy as a prop human to win a talent contest for “pet humans" and then instigating a riot by imprisoned humans to distract all of the tentacle guards. The three send small objects back and forth in time through the Chron-o-Johns and make changes to history to help the others complete their tasks.Eventually, Bernard uses Dr. Fred's family fortune of royalties from Maniac Mansion to purchase a real diamond, while also evading a pair of inept FBI agents who have arrived to arrest Dr. Fred for tax evasion and ransack the mansion for valuables, and both Laverne and Hoagie manage to power their Chron-o-Johns, and the three are reunited in the present. Purple Tentacle arrives, hijacks a Chron-o-John and takes it to the previous day to prevent them from turning off the sludge machine; he is pursued by Green Tentacle in another pod. With only one Chron-o-John pod left, Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne use it to pursue the tentacles to the previous day, while Dr. Fred uselessly tries to warn them of using the pod together, referencing the film The Fly. Upon arriving, the trio exit the pod only to discover that they have been turned into a three-headed monster, their bodies merging into one during the transfer. Meanwhile, Purple Tentacle has used the time machine to bring countless of versions of himself from different moments in time to the same day to prevent the Sludge-o-Matic from being deactivated. Bernard and his friends defeat the Purple Tentacles guarding the Sludge-o-Matic, turn off the machine and prevent the whole series of events from ever happening. Returning to the present, Dr. Fred discovers that the three have not been turned into a monster at all but have just gotten stuck in the same set of clothes; they are then ordered by Dr. Fred to get out of his house. The film ends with the credits rolling over a tentacle-shaped American flag, one of the more significant results of their tampering in history.
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    Yall ready for the bullshit Disney and Marvel are gonna build if Birds of Prey is successful? Probably greenlight an A-Force movie in February.

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