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    1917 Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report Final Count Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 33 1,137 6,609 17.20% Total Shows Added Today: 4 Total Seats Added Today: 1,250 Total Seats Sold Today: 620 Comp 2.354x of Angel Has Fallen (3.53M) 2.399x of Ad Astra (3.60M) 2.682x of Rambo (3.49M) 1.305x of Terminator (3.07M) 5.099x of Midway (4.72M) 2.850x of Ford v Ferrari (5.98M) 4.797x of Neighborhood (4.32M) Well shit. With numbers like these, 45M isn't even out of the question. Of course anything over 30M would be an amazing accomplishment, and that's not to say this movie is doing bad if it doesn't hit these high numbers, but the potential looks to be there.
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    Just Mercy Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report Final Count Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 35 403 4,675 8.62% Total Seats Sold Today: 224 Comp 0.544x of Gemini Man (870K) 0.595x of Black and Blue (402K) 0.816x of Harriet (489K) 0.692x of 21 Bridges (485K) Yeah this looks like it's following the footsteps of Goldfinch/Good Liar. Ah well.
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    Ant Man 2 and Captain Marvel are the only good films in phase 3... (other than Avengers finale)
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    If 1917 follows Hustlers: 43.1M If it follows Ad Astra: 41.17M If it follows Ford v Ferrari: 48.71M
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    Well, at least Scott Derrickson can take solace in finding out that he actually has fans who admired his ‘artistic’ craft and flair. All 2 or 3 of them in this thread.
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    1917 Thursday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 318 842 37.77% AMC Highlands Ranch Total 317 528 60.04% SEATS SOLD SOLD TODAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 1533 833 4687 32.71% 9 33 Showings added: 2 Total Seats removed: 328 Ford v Ferrari comp: 4.29M Terminator comp: 3.85M Gemini Man comp: 4.56M Rambo comp: 4.23M Ad Astra comp: 3.48M The loss of seats is due to some of the showings moving to smaller auditoriums. But nothing to really worry about. The comps fell back down to Earth a little bit. But I'm still pretty confident in it hitting 4M previews. Even if it has late walkups as poor as Terminator, it'll still get close. But I think it'll have better walkups. So I'll go with 4.05M.
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    Let’s not beat around the bush and be real honest, this is the best news that came out of this movie yet.
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    Auteur theory is a myth propagated by egotistical directors (which are most directos). Every film has multiple people working together as a team and really is more a team effort than something that was all done by the director.
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    I think in many spots editing would’ve/could’ve been more beneficial. We go through he journey essentially in real time with the protagonists, but once within a particular moment or sequence (especially the quieter ones) I think cutting would’ve been more effective, nor do I think the audience would’ve been taken out of the “real time” atmosphere. As it is, you end up watching the blocking (both for the characters and the steadicam op).
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    Dolittle Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-7 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 27 49 5,272 0.93% Total Seats Sold Today: 0 Comp 0.312x of Maleficent 7 days before release (718K) 0.352x of Jumanji (1.66M) 😬
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    Didn’t hate Derrickson, but hardly loved him either. I bet the replacement will be more exciting.
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    Country F1 M$ F2 M$ F2 vs F1 Usa+Can 400,74 452,51 112,92% North America 400,74 452,51 China 48,24 119,88 248,51% Japan 249,04 103,59 41,60% South Korea 76,70 97,34 126,92% Australia 26,70 24,06 90,11% Philippines 2,69 16,38 608,79% Indonesia 2,77 14,88 537,18% Taiwan 1,50 10,96 730,67% Malaysia 3,62 9,37 258,94% HK 2,58 7,68 297,70% India 0,60 7,28 1213,33% Thailand 1,45 6,45 444,83% Singapore 3,84 6,01 156,45% NewZel 4,43 3,72 83,98% Vietnam 0,88 3,22 365,91% Asia 425,03 430,82 UK 57,92 65,08 112,36% Germany 48,29 55,00 113,90% France 46,94 51,19 109,05% Russia 33,44 31,17 93,22% Spain 22,49 21,74 96,65% Italy 26,42 20,78 78,65% Poland 7,35 11,84 161,07% Netherl. 10,51 11,77 112,03% Belgium 7,93 9,62 121,38% Sweden 9,74 8,76 89,98% Switzerland 4,28 7,24 169,16% Denmark 7,77 7,02 90,40% Norway 7,53 6,97 92,61% Austria 5,29 6,65 125,72% Czech Rep. 1,56 4,71 301,92% Finland 2,51 4,49 178,64% Ukraine 2,87 4,23 147,59% Turkey 4,73 3,81 80,51% Portugal 3,01 3,53 117,32% Romania 2,00 2,92 146,00% Hungary 2,05 2,79 136,16% Greece 2,18 1,85 84,75% Slovakia 1,21 1,33 109,92% Croatia 0,50 0,90 180,00% Lithuania 0,58 0,81 139,66% Serbia & M. 0,42 0,77 183,33% Slovenia 0,45 0,69 153,33% Iceland 0,35 0,47 134,29% Europa 320,30 348,13 Mexico 25,73 27,80 108,04% Brazil 21,74 10,23 47,05% Colombia 6,27 5,77 92,05% EAU 3,14 5,75 183,03% Israel 2,34 5,30 226,70% Chile 5,23 3,48 66,50% SAFR 2,66 3,41 128,20% Argentina 11,55 1,90 16,44% Venezuela 12,51 - 0,00% Rest 43,55 33,33 76,54% Rest 134,73 96,97
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    TROS Multiplier advantage versus TLJ Multiplier advantage Week 1 = +0.28 (2.82 + 0.28 * $177.4M = $550M TROS final domestic total) Multiplier advantage Week 2 = +0.24 (2.82 + 0.24 * $177.4M = $543M TROS final domestic total) Multiplier advantage Week 3 = +0.11 (2.82 + 0.11 * $177.4M = $520M TROS final domestic total) ... and so on ... If it keeps on decreasing, then the final total shifts downward. If it increases, the final total shifts upward. And TLJ only added another 0.32 to its multiplier between yesterday (Thursday) and its final multiplier. If TROS final total is $500M, then day it hit 90% is Day 17 If TROS final total is $505M, then day it hit 90% is Day 18 If TROS final total is $510M, then day it hit 90% is Day 20 If TROS final total is $515M, then day it hit 90% is Day 22 (today) If TROS final total is >=$520M, then day it hit 90% is Day >=22 (today) Comparisons
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    TROS with a jump of about 5% today. It’s entire run will be below the OW of TLJ. Although it can take solace in the fact that at least its doing better than Solo. Dolittle with about 21% jump. Lagging a bit behind the Jumanji 2 comp right now
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    Antman 2 is terrible in every way. btw, Sam Raimi should be The perfect choice but is impossible
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    We haven't seen any images of Let's Morbius yet so the trailer will have THE first reveal. Have to admit I'm curious....
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    For Your Consideration Best Supporting Actor (Jonathan Majors) Best Original Screenplay Best Cinematography Best Original Score Best Overlooked Film Best Breakout Actor/Filmmaker (Joe Talbot) This has a great chance of being my last FYC before the shortlists are due. Without further ado, Joe Talbot's debut, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, is a fantastic and earnest drama that everyone should see as soon as possible. It has a conplex plot that is meaningful to the modern world in a variety of ways. This is one of my favorite movies of the year.
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    Anything over 30m is tremendous for 1917 - it's a very British World War I movie with zero real starpower attached in January. This ain't American Sniper folks - it ain't even Dunkirk. Likely heading towards 35m, which is excellent for this kind of movie.
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    doctor strange maybe be bad movie for some but the audience liked it very much, no doubt about it , it has great ratings too,
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    The movie is played with lyrics and people can enjoy the movie while singing at the songs. The first frozen was released this way too and boosted its box office results in the USA
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    So Bart Allen didn't survive huh? His enthusiasm was his downfall I guess 😅
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    I know. I think everyone knows that a film is a team effort. I mean it’s obvious Feige has his fingerprints on all of the films, it’s been obvious since back in 2014 when they had films from 2028 planned, but for films like for example Black Panther, there’s obvious reason for seeing Coogler’s films, it seems obvious he had more of a presence. It felt a bit more unique to me than the other MCU films despite having a lot of the same elements, and a lot of other CBMs, which is why it’s one of my favorites CBMs and one of my favorite movies. I never said they were bad films or even that producer based films are bad, even Civil War which is like the worst of the Phase 3 films can be enjoyable, it just seems to me that the ones were it feels like the director had more of a presences tends to be the ones I like the most. I’m not saying the MCU is a cancer to the film industry, I’m just saying those tend to be the MCU movies I like the most.
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    Greta Gerwig? She's free, killed wit with Lady Bird, and I don't know of any other Gretas...
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    You nailed it again. Thanks!
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    Nolan usually delivers but that budget is pretty huge. Hope the film's a success. Also may be an unpopular opinion but i would love WB and Nolan to do more stuff with inception. Think a hbo max series would be interesting in that world.
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    you are seriously fucking insane. She does not look like she's 50 years old. I can't even talk to you guys about this you guys are seriously absolutely ridiculous.
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    1. Birds of Prey 2. I'm Thinking of Ending Things 3. Tenet 4. Da 5 Bloods 5. In the Heights 6. The Invisible Man 7. Mank 8. Last Night in Soho 9. Dune 10. Malignant
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    Leave No Trace (2018) Directed by Debra Granik "The same thing that's wrong with you isn't wrong with me." Most Valuable Player: Thomasin McKenzie as Tom Awards Count: Some Critics Circle Wins and Nominations, Lots of BOFFY noms Box Office: 6m DOM Metascore: 88 Synopsis: Will (Ben Foster) and his teenage daughter, Tom (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie), have lived off the grid for years in the forests of Portland, Oregon. When their idyllic life is shattered, both are put into social services. After clashing with their new surroundings, Will and Tom set off on a harrowing journey back to their wild homeland. The film is directed by Debra Granik from a script adapted by Granik and Anne Rosellini. Critic Opinion: "Granik steps down the social ladder another rung with her third feature, Leave No Trace, the tale of a widowed, traumatized war veteran and his 13-year-old daughter living in a heavily forested public park near Portland, Oregon. A trained survivalist, Will (Ben Foster) knows how to evade trackers and live off the land, and young Tom (Thomasin McKenzie) doesn't mind their tenuous existence if she can stay with her dad. After police apprehend them, father and daughter are processed through social services and set up with a more stable work and living arrangement, but Will is so alienated from modern life that he can't function. Leave No Trace offers a stark commentary on homelessness and the terrible human cost of America's wars. What makes it a great and moving film, though, is the extraordinary connection between Will and Tom, who are as quiet and direct with each other in their isolation as the forest is with them." - J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader User Opinion: "Enjoyed this a lot. It's a very emotional film with two excellent performances from the leads. I wasn't expecting the second half to be what it was, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially as the movie sits in my mind. Probably my favorite movie of the year so far." - @WrathOfHan Commentary: What a shame that the academy couldn't seem to find room for Debra Granik for a Directors nomination (meanwhile the BOFFYs could!). Leave No Trace is a film that has sat better with me overtime, even though I found it to be a really solid work when I initially watched it. The quiet character moments that surround Thomasin McKenzie really work and settle in. It's a moving and relevant works over the effects of PTSD and homelessness, and it shows how these effects ripple into the lives of others beyond just the person being pushed to the margin of society. All of the attention seems to go towards the flashier, cinematic films and it can be easy to forget how much tender care goes into directing a quieter, character based piece like this one. Year Count: 2018 (9), 2015 (8), 2017 (7), 2019 (6), 2012 (6), 2014 (5), 2011 (5), 2016 (4), 2010 (3), 2013 (3) Director Count: Wes Anderson (2), Alex Garland (2), Steven Spielberg (2), Taika Waititi (2)
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    Megan is an emergent artist and Normani hasn't even a career yet lol The only known artist on the soundtrack is Halsey. She has good streaming numbers, followers on social media and hits.
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    Thanks @ZackM, @keysersoze123 your daily projections have been nothing short of fantastic. 👌👌👌
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    The Big Short (2015) Directed by Adam McKay "Tell me the difference between stupid and illegal and I'll have my wife's brother arrested." Most Valuable Player: Michael Lewis' Source Material Awards Count: Won 1 Oscar Box Office: 70.3m DOM Metascore: 81 Synopsis: Based on the book by Michael Lewis (writer of Moneyball, Liar's Poker and Flash Boys, among others), the true story of a handful of investors who bet against the US mortgage market in 2006-7. Through their own research they discovered that the US mortgage backed securities market was a bubble about to burst, and they invested accordingly. What they didn't initially know was how structurally flawed the MBS system was, the level of corruption in the market...and the impact on the average person when the bubble burst. Critic Opinion: "Director/co-screenwriter Adam McKay, whose background is comedy (“Anchorman,” “Talladega Nights”), lightens things up by having characters break the fourth wall now and then to explain in simplified terms what’s really going on. In one scene, it announces that Margot Robbie, the striking blonde from “The Wolf of Wall Street,” will make clear the intricacies of mortgage-backed securities. Cut to: Miss Robbie. In a bubble bath. Sipping Champagne. And her explanation does make sense. Sort of. But I somehow wound up focusing on those bubbles, slowly bursting and … Huh? Where was I? Oh yeah. See the movie. It’s a treat. And educational, too." - Soren Anderson, Seattle Times User Opinion: "Every person needs to watch this film. Makes you wonder if 2008 was just a warning shot of much worse to come. The system is every bit as corrupt as it's ever been and we have way too much debt in numerous industries (student loans, oil exploration, still in housing, and on and on). Too Big To Fail is still in place even though the banks should have been split up to help lower the risk of crashing the entire economy. I enjoyed the sense of humor, acting, and choices of music (GN'R, Metallica, and Zeppelin fuck yeah!!!). Bale's character is awesome, especially since it's a real life guy who figured out all this stuff before anyone else. People like him should be Treasury Secretary or Federal Reserve chairman instead of these mega bank executives like Henry Paulson." - @redfirebird2008 Commentary: While it's a shame that this is the movie that likely inspired the making of Bombshell and Vice, you can't really blame an excellent movie for being the inspiration of future mediocre ones. The Big Short is Adam McKay at his very best, likely because he has some superb source material from Michael Lewis to work with. The Big Short is a relevant and informative picture that manages to break down a complex market failure in 2008 into something that is digestible for the general audience to see. Absolutely love the cameos, such as Richard Thaler and Selena Gomez, that's a pairing you'd never expect to see prior to viewing this movie. Absolutely love how well this film is able to explain some concepts in Economics in layman terms, a great educational tool. I'd love more adaptions of Michael Lewis' works, as they seem to always end up as winners. Year Count: 2018 (8), 2015 (8), 2017 (7), 2019 (6), 2012 (6), 2014 (5), 2011 (4), 2016 (4), 2010 (3), 2013 (3) Director Count: Wes Anderson (2), Alex Garland (2), Steven Spielberg (2), Taika Waititi (2)
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    My mom hated Chalamet in this (I disagree with her) "Oh HE'S not going anywhere after this. They gave him his first role and he messed it up" Uh... I got some news for you there mom
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    As expected, you can't say anything bad about female led movies. I loved WW, CM and I am rooting for BOP. I am just pointing out my pov.
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    Can anyone actually tell me what the target demo for BoP is? Who is this trailer designed to appease? The colors, noise, and action makes me think this is for middle schoolers, yet the R rating would indicate otherwise. Comparisons to Deadpool's marketing is pointless. Deadpool (both of them) had genius, innovative marketing campaigns that made a point of playing with form and expectations, while focusing entirely on getting the audience accustomed to the unique nature of it's title character. Harley Quinn narrating about how she broke up with the Joker doesn't come close in any regard.
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    @Bates | Rank Player Total Score New Release Score Holdover Score Difference from Avg. Score Total Points Predicted Movies 1 Bates 82.383% 64.207% 86.927% 5.235% 18 10 2 Tower 82.322% 49.665% 90.486% 5.173% 17 10 3 BobDole 81.379% 75.648% 82.812% 4.231% 16 10 4 Keanu 81.230% 70.733% 83.855% 4.081% 15 10 5 TheXper 80.679% 60.692% 85.676% 3.530% 14 10 6 POTUS 2020 80.612% 69.505% 83.388% 3.463% 13 10 7 Wildbill 80.331% 46.725% 88.732% 3.182% 12 10 8 glassfairy 80.317% 66.495% 83.772% 3.168% 11 10 9 datpepper 78.525% 52.989% 84.909% 1.377% 10 10 10 Sheikh 77.849% 73.332% 78.979% 0.701% 9 10 11 TalismanRing 77.826% 45.437% 85.923% 0.677% 8 10 12 boxofficeth 76.426% 44.449% 84.420% -0.723% 7 10 13 kayumanggi 76.208% 46.302% 83.685% -0.941% 6 10 14 sloth 73.236% 58.695% 76.871% -3.913% 5 10 15 8wombi7 72.687% 41.225% 80.553% -4.462% 4 10 16 The Fast and the Furiosa 72.221% 46.443% 78.666% -4.928% 3 10 17 lilmac 68.834% 58.977% 71.299% -8.314% 2 10 18 Fancyarcher 65.616% 65.616% 65.616% -11.533% 1 10
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    Scoring for the holiday period has finished now that STX finally reported the Dec 20 weekend gross for Playmobil needed to score week 8's question #19 Week 8 (Dec 20-22) With another jumbo-sized weekend of 20 questions, could the players continue the scoring momentum from the prior few weeks or would they fall back into the curse of low scores plaguing prior supersized weekends? It was the latter. With the lowest high score of the game (78k), not one player was able to hit a 6-figure score in the week. Chasmmi did the best in Part A with 54k points from 14 correct answers, beating out Sheikh's 52k from 14 correct. For the first time in the game, everybody got points from part B. The bad news: It was the lowest total points from part B of the season with Wrath's 15k points making a good chunk of the 39k total. Part C was equally terrible; of the 9 players, 4 got one correct and one got none with BobDole and Sheikh getting 4 correct each. Sheikh gets the high score of the week and extends their lead to 119k over second-place, putting the distance between 1st & 2nd at six-figures for the first time in the game. *A note on scoring: while none of the websites with full weekend charts are showing it, (Boxofficemojo, TheNumbers), per Deadline, Indian movie Dabangg 3 grossed $1.115M for the weekend which affects the scoring for both question #15 & part C as that would place it as the 12th highest-grossing movie for the weekend though, again, none of the main box office reporting websites show it as such Week 9 (Dec 27-29) This week proved to be much better with a new high score of 126k set by Fancyarcher narrowly overtaking the previous season-high of 125k set in week 5. In doing so Fancyarcher also overtook BobDole for 4th place in the game. With only 7 players in the week, it was a generally high-scoring affair with almost all players getting 6-figure scores. Four players got 14/15 in part A while Inceptionzq received the third perfect 15/15 of the season in part A Despite fewer players vying for the limited number of points from part B, they still couldn't capitalize on the decreased competition getting a total of 42k from part B, barely better than the season-low set the prior week. 2/3 of those points went to Inceptionzq & Fancyarcher. Two weeks after the first 6/6, three(!) players got a perfect part C in week 9. 2nd-place Inceptionzq manages to cut the distance between them and 1st place down to 109k Week 10 (Jan 3-5) bcf26 & Sheikh tied for best score in Part A at 13 correct/58k points each while part B perked up from the doldrums of the prior 2 weeks with a season-best 79k total points with glassfairy accounting for 27k of those on their way to the week's high score. Multiple players got 4/6 correct in part C. Wk10 Cume Sheikh 83 927 Inceptionzq 82 817 ZeeSoh 77 761 Fancyarcher 70 732 BobDole 69 701 glassfairy 88 666 Wrath 0 563 chasmmi 61 553 bcf26 83 445 captainwondyful 0 304 JJ-8 0 298 The Panda 0 102 WrathOfHan 0 50 As always, take a glance at the scoring (link to spreadsheet in first post) for mistakes/typos
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    1) Eternals Black Widow Raya Mulan Jungle Cruise Onward Soul No Time to Die WW84 10)Tenet
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    Assuming the war hasn’t already ended with Marvel on top, I guess 2021 would be the big year.

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