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    Italy 🔴 #Coronavirus, national update at 18 • Current cases: 94,067 (+880, + 0.9%) • Deceased: 17,127 (+604, + 3.7%) • Discharged / Healed: 24,392 (+1,555, + 6.8%) • Intensive care patients: 3,792 (-106, -2.7%) Total cases: 135.586 (+3.039, + 2.3%)
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    A helpful perspective. A thread. I’ve actually been to Florence, Oregon.
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    A single dose of antibodies drawn from the blood of Covid-19 survivors appears to have improved the symptoms of 10 patients severely ill with the disease, according to new research. As PA Media reports, the treatment, known as convalescent plasma (CP) therapy, involves using antibody-rich blood plasma of those who have recovered from coronavirus, which can neutralise the bug to fight infection.
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    some patients get their lungs damaged, in severe cases. No data how many
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    To be honest, I always saw Tenet as a low-to-mid 200 million domestic movie. But it could well be that international will be ready to open by July. If that happens, I actually think WB SHOULD open it worldwide without domestic. No Euros, no Olympics, no entertainment for months... I think it can do 600-700 OS easily in those conditions, especially if it's pushed as the event to reopen cinemas properly. If it picks up another 150 domestic in October, that's the cherry on top.
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    yep, data seem to indicate a "real" mortality rate of about 0,5% or lower. Meaning, if you have 100 Covid19 deaths today, there were about 20.000 "real" cases about 14 days back. If you don't test outside hospitals like Sweden, you have no cases, but still deaths.
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    Just because you are mod you does not mean you have an open license to say stupid nonsense that is not true. Then delete post that counter you narrative. Like there are a lot of low information voters, but that is reaching a bit lol
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    I think the window of opportunity closed at around middle of February for every European country. European countries are so comprehensively connected with one another that once the virus started spreading you didn't have many options. The countries that are sparsely connected to the outside world are the ones that are faring the best for now.
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    😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭
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    I hope your wife gets better...and if you need to be the squeaky wheel, be it. Threaten a medical malpractice lawsuit if you feel she needs to be in the hospital getting oxygen support. Keep complaining and going in if she has any more degradation. Get your personal care doc to support you and call the ER next time to grease the wheels. Make sure she acts like she's dying if she goes. These are all lessons learned from when an ER almost discharged me when I had acute pancreatitis, jaundice, and a blocked bile duct (b/c my gall bladder had gone bad during a pregnancy and they thought I could be elective)...I went in and tried to be upbeat when my doc said I had to go...and b/c I was pleasant and upbeat, the ER almost discharged me without tests and then I said call my doc - I can't leave b/c he told me to be here...2 hours of phone calls later, plus actual run tests, meant I got immediately admitted with surgeries done the next 2 days and enormous amounts of constant IV meds for 72 hours...and then I went home... I never forgot those lessons...
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    Yeah, of course the deaths should always be higher in hospitals. But the fact they are almost comparable to hospital deaths, the fact that a QUARTER of all deaths in France are dying in nursing homes unable to get to a hospital is very depressing. I've read stories about the coronavirus hitting nursing homes and killing more than a third of the residents and multiple staff
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    Is that frustration speaking or is that seriously meant - assuming you mean counting for the US?
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    Still don't understand why Trump is stupid enough to get into it with the Governor of Michigan when that was one of 3 states that barely gave him the presidency.
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    Another sign that Italy is trending down, now the road to recovery can begin.
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    Georgia has also cancelled in person classes for the rest of the year. A couple of systems have already told parents if they are happy with their kids grades at the last progress report then they can be done for the year. The University System of Georgia which manages all the public colleges and universities in the state has already said the summer sessions at colleges and universities will be remote and not on campus (Spring Semester here ends at the beginning of May and Summer Session starts in mid-May and runs to the end of July). Hoping to have the college students back on campus in the fall if the health conditions warrant it. I think President Trump will not extend the April 30th guideline, but I think alot of governors will anyways. Since it was never a Federal mandate it will be up to the Governors to decide what to do in their states. I think alot of them will keep their restrictions going.
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    Yeah...I do, too...I had a late Feb virus that did give me shortness of breath one day...and I've never had that symptom in a virus in my life...my fam also all got sick within 24 hours of each other (thus, wildly contagious), with just 2 having symptoms for one week...most of us kicked it rapidly, but we were taking homeopathic anti-virals:)... And yet, after this illness, I developed my new suspected allergy...which is the kinda weird after-effect that might happen if I dealt with some new virus I never had before... So, I would also love certainty on antibodies:)...
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    I had a bug before Xmas with all the symptoms, the not being able to breath was what got me, never had that before. Also I literally was falling off chairs with the fatigue. I know its highly unlikely/impossible because of the timing, but there's always that nagging doubt. I wish the antibody tests were available.
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    https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections It defaults to US national, but you can pick any state. Then go to the second chart for a state - deaths by day.
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    You’re going to have a hard time convincing the average person that China doesn’t deserve any blame. Not a good election tactic
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    I guess not counting deaths in retirement homes might be a specificity from European countries then, I for sure know Italy an Spain do not count them. That bothers me because it makes comparisons are to believe...Think about Iran, we know they're much higher than that, China is suspected to have gotten 40,000 deaths from Covid. As for France I'm not sure counting them now is a good idea if other countries don't on one hand, on the other hand transparency should be the goal..
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    Properly subscribing is the best choice and a gift greater than gold.
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    Watched this last night, it's pretty good! Can't really complain about much, other than it's unable to maintain its level of energy throughout the whole runtime. Lopez is great. Felt like Molly's Game-lite, which is still pretty good praise.
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    France +1417 deaths today. Guessing they added some more prior deaths to that list too
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    Austria-Denmark-Norway plan to open up in April (starting april 14 for Austria, the famous after Easter date still going on for them) and I imagine many other between then and early may, that will probably be used as a benchmark for others. If they fail (would add Sweden not closing much to start with to that list) yes the rest will not follow, if they find a openned up list of measure that keep an RO under 1 (no interior group of 50+, mask in public transports/grocery/etc..., intensive hand washing) others could well follow, how much temperature/UV intensity play a role will also matter I imagine. This acting like a terrorist type of event fear wise, will be an important metric and one that will change from place to place for sure.
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    Exactly what did I write that is not true? I get that you don't agree with it, but that doesn't mean what I wrote is wrong. The majority of experts are not sticking to a hard and fast date for reopening, but in general they are saying it will be, at best, in early summer. May 1st is unrealistic. The testing is not in place to facilitate that, and the virus is simply too widespread. It would be a disaster and lead to a massive 2nd wave. Also, even if we manage to start reopening to some extent over the summer, it will be nothing like it was before the lockdowns. 2020 is done, stick a fork in it. Social behavior has been modified. Individuals have modified their lifestyle, and until they feel safe they are not going to revert. That transition is going to take a very long time, well beyond declarations that things are open for business.
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    FWIW Clint is famous for shooting with one take only, which sometimes results in bad performances from even the most seasoned professionals (see: Dianne Wiest's awkward death scene in The Mule), so using that method on three non-actors was always gonna make for a lethal combination. Granted, the movie wouldn't have been any good even with actual actors in those roles due to terrible writing that included howl-worthy lines like "my god is bigger than your statistics" and the basic flaw that there wasn't a compelling narrative feature to be made out of any of their backstories, but using the real guys, while clearly nothing more than a marketing gimmick, was the easiest way to ensure it wouldn't turn out well. The 15:17 to Paris and Cats would actually make for a great "Oscar-Winning Directors Trying to Get Their Awards Rescinded" double feature.
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    The number of posters on Twitter wishing he would die confirms it as the biggest cesspit on the internet.
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    The image is not great, go on that link and load the excel data, also read the notes that are on that link. These are all the deaths in English hospitals (not UK) by date of death. There is also a comprehensive list of every death in every hospital in England.
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    I was California, it was a long time ago mind, and a local queried my accent and when I said England, he looked puzzled and asked "is that east coast?".
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    Falling like flies, there won't be much of a government left at this rate.
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    How fractured Britain has become, we cant even agree what a bread roll is.
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    With regards to Boris being in intensive care. The UK and Australian systems would have a lot of similarities. In NSW they list current situation daily. Roughly 50-60% of ICU cases tend to be on a ventilator. “There are 229 COVID-19 cases being treated in NSW. This includes 37 cases in Intensive Care Units, and 24 of these require ventilators.” https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/news/Pages/20200407_00.aspx
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    Yes, and I just edited it now. Thanks for pointing that mistake out.
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    The average person doesn't even know where China is. The biggest drop in GPD (35% predicted by Dimon), double digit unemployment and millions of medical bankruptcies will be the "election tactics: people will be worrying about.
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    Virginia will reverse June date. Trumps date is April 30th. He will say he wanted Easter but waited to be safe. Numbers wiill start to look at lot better in 2 weeks
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    Slight side digression, but I think it's important to comment on: There are many out there who say an armed insurrection against a major power like the US is doomed to fail because "lol tanks and missiles against AK47s ain't a contest". I disagree and simply point to the numerous bloody awful civil wars that have been going on since the dawn of humankind. Being better armed is no sure bet to prevail. Even overwhelming advantage is no sure thing. Asymmetrical warfare developed for a reason, after all. More to the point, @Noctis is quite right that usually charismatic revolutionaries lead to bad ends for a country, even when they win. Or perhaps especially when they win. Success stories like America's founding, while not unique, certainly ain't the norm. Now I do actually sympathize with @dudalb's point to a very large degree. Perhaps more than most of the posters here. The difference might be, I look at such a situation with eyes wide open. It wouldn't be so much "WOLVERINES!!!!!" as "Nasty, brutish, and short very very VERY long". And bloody. And terrible. And full of atrocities. Nothing romantic at all. ==== To put all of this in perspective. Think of the sheer amount of guns that are floating around the US right this very moment. Then imagine either a breakdown of civil society or the backdrop of a totalitarian regime. Then imagine the sheer amount of education of would be Walter Whites floating about. If you don't have an quick and involuntary shudder at the short and medium term prospects of such a situation... Well... Maybe I just have enough of an imagination to think what it would be like.
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    Another reason why I break with the liberals on the topic of private gun ownership.An armed citizanary is the last defense against tyranny.
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    It would've ended a whole year earlier had Dylan O'Brien's injury not resulted in production being shut down for a while.
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    It’ll be funny if Mutants are introduced to the MCU before this movie even comes out.
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    @charlie Jatinder @ZeeSoh @a2k We are never going to learn. 😬😬
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    It does seem like one of the big things being played up is the Sersi/Whitman romance, based on the set photos. Love and Thunder is a Valentines date now too. Huh.
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