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    The rate of severe reactions for viral vaccines that have actually gone through the full approval process is generally about 1 in 1 million. The chances of getting COVID-19 are going to remain way, way above 1 in 1 million in the vast majority of countries, including Canada. Mild reactions are such as soreness at the injection site are obviously more common than 1 in 1 million but are simply not comparable to getting COVID-19. To put it mildly, it doesn't make any sense at all to suggest that there's a greater risk from a vaccination than from COVID-19. (An exception would be someone with a known allergy to ingredients used in the vaccine. But such allergies are quite rare, and in any case that conclusion can't be drawn until an approved vaccine actually exists.)
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    Theaters will reopen on June 22 in France, I thought it'd be a pleasant info for the forum. :) And given I'm here writing something let's add that after 18 days of reopening the number of cases didn't increase in France: the number of deaths, cases..etc..is still decreasing. It might be too early to rejoice but it shows a good plan and dedication can work. As for me I didn't change my behavior from the lockdown days: social distanciation, wearing a mask where there are people (downtown, shops...) but at the same time I mostly go where there aren't many people in order to walk without having to wear a mask (because it's pretty uncomfortable). And now I'm ready to play Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, available on May 29th and I waited this for a very long time so have fun and let's make predictions once again in the future after normalcy is back :)
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    June Adam & Cindy - its cute. I wish it had a better resolution to its central tragedy than just slapstick though. 2.5/5 Yang - utterly baffling in so many ways. Whereas the first film existed in a lovely dream-logic, this film exists in something more akin to a horror film, and entirely lacks the subtle flow of Yin. Honestly, I think last year's Facepaint would've been a better Yang than this was; this should've been left as a spiritual sequel, as the plot setup feels likes it's going towards a film with legitimate social commentary and scary moments, but it all leaves way to nothing but shock moments and mindnumbing stupidity to try to retroactively explain the first film's twists. That film worked because there was no explanation to it; this film doesn't for so many reasons. You know the twist almost immediately coming in as you've seen the first movie. This movie throws all this political and social stuff your way and does nothing with it, despite the clear context and tone of the franchise implying they might factor into the plot in some manner. To top it off, the ending epigraph completely negates the interesting worldview of this franchise; that of yin and yang. However, one could argue this entire film attempts to negate what the original a masterpiece. This is a frustrating mystery box film where the mystery is painfully obvious and you're ahead of the characters; but moreover, it's a film that's determined to make logic out of dreams, and in that process, insults the audience and those who legitimately loved the first film. 1/5 The Scavenger Wars Part III - hmmm. I feel kinda off about this movie, and I'm not exactly sure if I can really put a name to why. If anything, I feel like whereas as Scavvies 2 made up for its lack of the leads of the original with a variety of intriguing new characters and a political exploration of Khouga, this trades that for mostly resolving leftover plot threads from the previous film in a way that feels kinda rushed, although not so much that it feels like a total waste. Sunn is a lot more tolerable this go-around, which is a relief, but I feel like in general this kinda focuses on trying to go big in a sense that the film doesn't feel built for until the third act. And the third act is tops, but it takes so long to get there that a lot of the build up doesn't work necessarily for me. However, this is a Scavenger Wars movie which means in general, despite all my misgivings of it, I genuinely find the world and characters intriguing enough for me to say I really enjoyed this - I just found it to be the weakest of the three so far easily. I will say that Carrie is a really good addition; the sequence with her and Tamara vs. the Dominian is possibly the greatest this franchise has had so far. Also, I found the central theme of the movie to be well-done and a good sum-up of the franchise has been so far. However, that doesn't change my general feeling of disengagement until the third act, something that I didn't feel when I looked back at a few scenes of Scavvies 2 while reading this (for a refresher). Basically, I find this good, but lacking in a way that's really hard to give a concrete reason on why it seems so off to me, which is probably disappointing in its own sense. That said, I have high hopes for IV, especially with the teaser at the end. 3.5/5 Hearts of Fire - it's a solid whatever action movie. Can't say I'll remember much about it in a few days, but it does the job. 3/5 Should You Imagine? - my main takeaway from this is that for a movie about imagination, it's a genuine problem that its two main antagonists feel wholescale lifted from other recent movies (the Steven Universe movie and The LEGO Movie 2). Whenever they show up, I'm distracted, whether the former being something where I wonder how everything about it reminds me of the trailers I've seen for that movie, or the latter where I just think about how underdeveloped Smarmy is compared to Rex Dangervest, despite functioning literally exactly the same in the film. As for the film besides these (very huge) roles, it's fine. It's adequate. The Kyle and Jennifer plot is pretty dire and boring, but the main plot is interesting, and does have a lot of cool thematic ideas about a developing sense of self - this is the clear best part of the film, although it's always lessened by the presence of the derivative villains. The funhouse sequence is the absolute highlight of the film all around, but in general, I'd honestly say this suffers from what I'd call Time Warp Trio Syndrome. When I was a kid, I would read all the Time Warp Trio books, but I would find remarkably less engaging on the actual adventure. The set-up here is marvelous, but once we enter Imaginationland, I just found it to be kinda rote? Maybe the film would've worked with different villains, but overall, Tiana and Ethan are really the only parts of this sequel that really work, and as they're the pivotal roles, that's makes it more tolerable than the rest of the lackluster elements would make it seem to be. 2/5
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    @cayommagazine Isabella Moner (Thirsty, Mass Effect: Ascension, Shiverin’ Gulch) joins My Hero Academia: One For All replacing Ariel Winter as Ocahco Uraraka.
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    Going through this thread again, this might be the funniest statement about the movie so far. @Plain Old Tele @ThatOneGuy
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    No Netflix movies at the fall film festivals this year (if there are any).
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    Watched the final episode of Mrs. America last night. Great ending to an overall very strong miniseries that shows us how far we've come while also reminding us we've still got work to do. Wouldn't be surprised if it ended up winning the Limited Series Emmy (or at least provided a real challenge for Watchmen). Cate Blanchett is gonna win every award for this and deserves it. Tremendous performance capturing what an evil person Schlafly was while still allowing her humanity to shine through every now and then (in particular that quiet little moment where she realizes her son is gay). Her last scene was perfect. It's a pretty fantastic cast overall though. Rose Byrne, Sarah Paulson, Margo Martindale, and John Slattery are all sure to get Emmy nominations and even the smaller players added to the whole too. There honestly isn't a single weak link: projects like this are the reason why Ensemble awards exist.
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    Those numbers specifically are not. 2019 Weeks 1-18: 4467 2020 Weeks 1-18: 5969 Still a difference of >1500 And the difference is basically from mid-march to mid-may. So huge increases when the #s ought to be going down. Just a coincidence that the huge spike was before the lockdowns Here's a chart: The national difference is > 32,000 My understanding that coronary deaths are way higher also.
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    You know Nolan is king when nobody gives a shit about Mulan and focused solely on this. 😎
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    $50 million might be a bit pessimistic, but I can definitely see it missing $100 million which would be a shocker for a Nolan film in any other circumstances, and not something WB would be happy with. Speaking purely anecdotally, I love Nolan movies, I’ve seen them all in cinemas and own all the DVD’s/Blu Ray’s, but there’s no way I’ll feel comfortable heading out to a cinema in July. I can’t wait to see Tenet and it absolutely shouldn’t skip theatrical, but I’m not going to risk death and the health of those around me in order to watch it before it’s considerably safer to do so. If it sticks to July, it’ll be the first Nolan film I’ve skipped in theatres. They’d be fools to stick to that date, and I hope the lack of a date on the actual trailer means that they know that.
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    Okay, this fat guy that just keeps making annoying sounds is getting on my nerves.
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    fun fact: Tim Miller cited Hard to be a God as one of his influences while making Deadpool
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    Then invite that one who'd wanna watch it over and tell the other guy to fuck off
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    Take a moment to appreciate all the good qualities this film has to offer, because it won't be long before shit and mud is smeared everywhere
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    I'm starting this bitch in 5 mins, @RobrtmanAStarWarsReference. With or without you.
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    I want to bring a girl to see Hard to be a God for a first date. She will witness the power of me stanning for a film, and it has the perfect ingredients for a movie date: Strong disturbing violent content A lot of shit and chickens Nudity Language Plus, the ladies love Russian films. Right?
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    This is unbelievable. I can’t believe this is real. To sum it up with what the guy in the film just said, “it’s a joke”
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    Michigan also hasn't given up the crazy, almost criminal "send covid positive patients back to nursing homes" policy...in fact, apparently, they re-upped the mandate on May 13, so it's not a surprise Michigan is doing worse than Florida, even with a smaller overall elderly population...

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