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    Just like any of my output this year, these films ALMOST made it but just missed out. Honorable Mentions
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    China shuts down everything because of 3 new cases Meanwhile the US is asking people to die for the economy.
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    China is a communist dictatorship. They can get away with that.
  7. 2 points Moved up a week to August 14
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    I am in the maybe camp. It is possible the deaths are declining, but it is also possible they are flat. The data is pretty noisy and I have grown very cynical about some of the numbers because of the people doing the counting. I think there is very clear proof of systemic undercounting in some states to make the situation look less bad than it really is. Florida is the best example, but there are others. For a clear picture we need to look at the overall deaths so we can correct the undercounts, and I just don't have the time to put into that right now. What I can show is that while the numbers for today and most of this week look a little better than a week ago, it wasn't the case on Monday. Hopefully you are correct. The optimistic scenario is that people take the threat seriously and resume some normal activities while taking the necessary precautions. If that happens I'll be thrilled. I can say that things are looking much better in Michigan, and the opening process is going slowly, steadily and smoothly... so far, at least.
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    maybe thanksgiving would be the the new date when they realize Oct is impossible in Sep.
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    2002 The No Child Left Behind Act is sent into law, the United States begins its invasion of Afghanistan, and the Department of Homeland Security is established, all one year after the World Trade Center attacks. A SARS epidemic begins in China, the Sierra Leone Civil War ends, and suicide bombers blow up a hotel in Mombasa. Television saw the finales of The X-Files and Family Guy, only for both to return with new episodes years later. Milestone episodes for the likes of Sesame Street, General Hospital, and Jeopardy! debuted, and we saw the premieres of The Shield, The Wire, American Idol, Firefly, and Jimmy Neutron. Eminem, Avril Lavigne, and Nelly were some of the biggest music stars for the year. Vice City, Metroid Prime, Morrowind, and Kingdom Hearts landed in the video game aisles. Plus, 2002 would see the births of Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Asher Angel, and Gaten Matarazzo. When it comes to the box office, while Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter continued their box office successes after massive predecessors, the key success story, the #1 movie domestic, was the debut of Spider-Man. Based on the famous web-slinging hero from Marvel Comics, Spider-Man has been an evergreen property ever since its debut. Comics, toys, video games, cartoons. Naturally a film adaptation was inevitable, but it went through a lot of decades of development hell before we got to the movie we know today. In the 1980s, Marvel Comics optioned the film rights to Cannon Films, with the first planned adaptation being directed by Tobe Hooper of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. Reportedly, Cannon chiefs Menaham Golan and Yoram Globus did not know or understand the concept of Spider-Man, which meant the original idea for the film would see Peter Parker transform into an eight-legged monster...that did not go over well with Stan Lee or other Marvel executives. This led to a new script that was more in line with the comics, focusing on the villain Doctor Octopus, and would be directed by Joseph Zito, then known for the Chuck Norris film Invasion USA. Stunt actor Scott Leva and even Tom Cruise were considered for Peter Parker, while Bob Hoskins was considered for Doc Ock. Other actors vying for roles included Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn, Peter Cushing, Adolph Caesar, and even Stan Lee as J. Jonah Jameson. Alas, the film was not to be. Cannon was already known for their cheap budgets, but after flops like Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and Masters of the Universe, the project saw its budget slashed to under $10 million. Zito dropped out, more and more rewrites emerged, and the film was canceled. The rights would soon be picked up by Carolco Pictures, best known for Schwarzzeneger vehicles like Terminator 2 and Total Recall, and MGM. This resulted in a scriptment developed by James Cameron. Yes, that James Cameron. His treatment was developed just after True Lies wrapped up filming, and featured the villains Electro and Sandman. However, contract disputes led to the project being shelved yet again. But in 1999, Sony Pictures optioned Cameron’s scriptment from MGM, earning the film rights to Spider-Man in the process. However, Cameron was not going to direct the film, nor would they use his script. And after several promising contenders, the reins were given to Sam Raimi, best known for his Evil Dead trilogy. However, Cameron’s work would be the basis for the actual screenplay, written by David Koepp of Jurassic Park and Mission: Impossible fame. And of course, releasing just a few months after 9/11, this New York-set film went through some major changes during post-production. Not only was the World Trade Center digitally edited from certain shots, one sequence was cut out entirely. A group of bank robbers were escaping with a helicopter, until it got caught from a giant web spun between the Twin Towers, created by Spider-Man himself. This was the initial teaser trailer, debuting in the summer of 2001, and was going to appear in the film. But after 9/11, the teaser was pulled, and the scene was removed for obvious reasons. There was even a poster that had the Towers in the reflection of Spider-Man’s eye, but that poster was also pulled. Yet with all that development hell and the major changes after such a horrific attack, it was all worth it. Upon its release on May 3, 2002, Spider-Man opened to $114.8 million. On that weekend, all the records were broken. It broke Sony’s personal record, formerly owned by 1997’s Men in Black. It broke the May record, held by 1997’s The Lost World. But the one shocker, the one thing that amazed everybody, was it dethroned Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and generated the biggest opening of all time, and the first movie ever to generate $100 million in three days. Nobody thought it would do this well. In fact, the idea of a $100 million opening weekend, let alone one well above and beyond that mark, was considered an impossibility. It may seem strange to say this in a day and age where Disney sneezes $100 million openers every other month, but back then, it seemed impossible. Says Rick Lyman for The New York Times, “while industry executives had expected a strong opening for the film because there was little competition in the marketplace and prerelease polling indicated intense interest from all age groups, no one predicted that ''Spider-Man'' would surpass the ''Harry Potter'' record.” That astonishing number continued with astonishing legs in the weeks ahead, in spite of intense competition. Positive WOM spread like wildfire, resulting in an incredible $407 million total, and 5th place in the all-time domestic box office. Even today, the film is still in the top 35, and was Sony’s biggest film domestically for 15 years. Overseas was just as strong, with the film totaling $825 million in all markets. There’s a lot of reasons why the film opened the way it did. Strong marketing, iconic superhero, rave reviews. However, I think the one element that made it so beloved in the summer of 2002 was simple: its heart. Peter Parker, from his very conception, was designed as the everyman. He wasn’t an incredible god like Superman. He wasn’t a rich genius like Batman. He’s not a strong Amazonian like Wonder Woman. He’s a nerdy kid just trying to get by. He’s forced to deal with bullies and school every day, while also being a friendly neighborhood hero. He has the confidence to save New York every day, but not enough to talk to his crush Mary-Jane. He’s got incredible gifts, used them to make money, but soon realized, after losing his Uncle Ben, he has to use his powers responsibly and grow up. We all go through these issues and insecurities. Raimi and Koepp understand that, and Maguire sells it. Sure there’s fun action and joyous energy here but Peter Parker is what makes the film and the Spider-Man mythos itself shine. The success of the film changed everything. It was Sony’s biggest hit ever, and alongside the likes of Men in Black II, Mr. Deeds, xXx, 2001’s Black Hawk Down, and Panic Room, led to Sony hitting #1 in 2002’s market share. To this day, Spider-Man is Sony’s golden boy, their most consistent heavy-hitter, and so important to the studios’ bottom line they had to go through two reboots in order to keep it going. But obviously the film’s biggest legacy is its rejuvenation of superhero movies and comic book adaptations. This was far from the first superhero film to be successful. Superman was huge in the 70s, and Batman was the event of 1989. But once the 90s rolled around, with a couple exceptions, a lot of superhero movies were critical and commercial failures. Tank Girl, Steel, The Shadow, The Phantom. It kind of turned the idea into a joke. Of course, that started to change. Blade saw decent success in 1998, and X-Men was the sixth-biggest opener when it debuted in 2000. But Spider-Man’s record-breaking opening, almost $115 million, showed how much money these adaptations can make. With the right blend of writing, action, direction, and acting, you can make something that will excite superhero fanboys and intrigue new fans at the same time. This created a boom in superhero movie productions all across Hollywood. The next few years saw Hulk, X2, Fantastic Four, and Batman Begins, among others. And of course, thanks to Spider-Man’s success, this soon led to the comic book movie boom we have today. Every CBM release, from The Dark Knight to The Avengers to Wonder Woman to Endgame all pay their success and popularity due to Spider-Man. That film gave executives and producers confidence in these movies, and for better or worse, Hollywood today wouldn’t be the same without Spider-Man, and I think we can all be happy about that in some way.
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    Please request films to receive a brief, paragraph long review, if so desired.
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    Just as a heads up, the 2002 edition of THABOS will drop tonight. It might be a touch different from what @baumer would have posted, but I promise it'll have a lot of the same enthralling and entertaining production and box office stories you guys come to know and love from this thread. See you there!
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    again Saturday, #1 with +100k attendance. and overall +200k attendance which is first since 2/23 Sunday.
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    @CayomMagazine New Journey Pictures is scrapping multiple Y8 projects indefinitely. The projects being pulled from the Y8 schedule include: - Echelon - A Hop, Skip, and a Jump - Tealbird The spokesperson's statement: "We're not saying we're cancelling them, and we're not even saying they won't show up in Y8. It's just that... In terms of story, we have no story." On Christie Monteiro, a spokesperson commented: "There's elements of sensuality in this film that don't align with our beliefs. Normally we'd cancel it... But production is almost done. We're in the process of filming the climax, actually. I'm sure you understand that we can't cancel a project that's almost finished." The schedule replacements are as follows: Greg on All Fours Director: Stephen Chbosky (Seeing Her) Logline: A family torn by divorce must react when the teenage son transforms into a dog overnight. Style: Live-action with a CGI dog. Pre-Reading: This is a personal film similar to the way Tealbird was a personal film. @Spaghetti once offered to pre-read Tealbird, and I still owe him a pre-read from Y6, so I have him set to pre-read this at the moment. The Orchid Director: Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsmen and Ghost in the Shell (2017)) Logline: A nest of anthropomorphic wasps must choose a successor to the queen--and a treacherous male seeks the title relentlessly. Style: "Live-Action" in which every role is done in motion capture. Pre-Reading: This is the type of live-action film--like Avatar, The Lion King, Bambi: A Life in the Woods, and moments in the Scavenger Wars trilogy--where people will point to it and say it's animation. It therefore takes the slot once occupied by A Hop, Skip, and a Jump, meaning I have @YourMother the Edgelord set to pre-read this. *This film is eyeing an IMAX slot.* Worthless Director: Fede Alvarez (Borrasca) Logline: A community of humans are spurred into action when a trumpet blares from Heaven, announcing the start of the Biblical rapture. Style: Thriller with elements of existential horror. Pre-Reading: This'll take the mystery film slot, so I have @cookie and @Ethan Hunt set to pre-read this. (Anyone who is set for a pre-read can change what they're pre-reading at any time. Anyone who isn't set for a pre-read and wishes to pre-read something may let me know about it.) New Journey Pictures are making these changes because the company is "committing to taking a break from releasing films in Y9 and Y10." In terms of Y8, it means they are aiming to "transition into their moment of pause with a significant year of quality releases, which will still include Animal Crossing, The Catcher in the Rye, Christie Monteiro, Fullmetal Alchemist: A Tale of Two Brothers, No Mercy, Panzer Dragoon, and School of Sharks as of this writing." New Journey Pictures wishes to thank its fans and the other Cayom industry moguls ( @Alpha, @Blankments, @cannastop, @Reddroast, @Rorschach, @Xillix, @4815162342, @MCKillswitch123, and everyone else previously mentioned, as well as anyone I forgot to mention) for their continued support. Additionally, New Journey Pictures will take this moment to announce a cast for Panzer Dragoon: Mena Massoud Geraldine Viswanathan Said Taghmaoui and Rami Malek, who plays the villain Roar Uthaug (The Wave) will still direct.
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    Moderation Not the Fanboy Wars thread. C'mon y'all, you're better than this. Besides, this implies DS2 isn't going to get delayed again
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    Im sure they'll adjust this once other 2022 dates are freed up.
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    It's a great excuse to subjugate people and control Hong Kong. I'm not a China Hawk but I trust them no more than Russia (which GOP basically is Putin's lover now, hypocrites).
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    Uh... I’m not sure I understand WW’s move to October. I guess it’s wishful thinking, but odds are the 2nd wave of the virus will most likely be much worse in October - and probably won’t get ‘better’ until after February 2021. With cases of the virus on the rise in many states, and STILL no clear path or leadership from the US government on how to tackle, contain, and mitigate spread - studios seriously need to take a look at just releasing straight to streaming/Home until mid 2021.
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    To be fair, Mulan moved to the weekend Jungle Cruise was supposed to open before it moved back an entire year (and were probably betting on Tenet moving away from the 17th when they set the date back in early April).
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    Aladdin TV Premiere 6.426mn TVTs. 3rd Highest for Hollywood after The Jungle Book and Avengers: Endgame. Week 22: Saturday, 30th May 2020 to Friday, 5th June 2020 Rank Channel Name Programme Impressions (000s) Week 22 1 Zee Cinema WTP-HFF-COMMANDO 3 7711 2 Sony MAX HFF-BAHUBALI 2 THE CONCLUSION 7089 3 STAR Gold WTP-HFF-ALADDIN (WILL SMITH) 6426 4 STAR Gold HFF-HOUSEFULL 4 5078 5 Zee Cinema HFF-SAAHO 4502 HSM (U+R) : NCCS All : 2+ Individuals, To get this data on your Twitter timeline, tweet with #BarcTweet Top 5 Hindi Movies Programs
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    Honestly kind of surprised they're pushing for a theatrical release. Felt like this was prime D+ material, but I guess Disney's got a lot of hopes for Best Documentary or something
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    Some states and cities already slowing down the reopening process because of the nasty spike in Covid numbers. I think there is going to be distinction made between essential and non essentila reopenings, and movie theaters are not going to be considered essential. it will vary from place to place. Safety should be the main consideration. IF public safety says theaters should remain closed, keep them closed. Even with reduced seating, they are pretty cleary hotbeds of Covid to spread. If you have to wait a few more months to see a movie, tough shit as we used to say in the Army.
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    I don't know. I think it could be a great move to shift to July 10th with Tenet moving to the end of the month (for now). Unhinged is going to be the only new movie in town and unless I'm mistaken theaters in several places weren't going to be open until after July 4th. So the date change won't impact all that many locations, really, and cuts down on the risk of piracy. If I were not so risk averse, I would definitely be going out to see Unhinged in mid or late July.
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    Now I think that the second trailer will be released live at this new DC online event in August.
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    I know my decision might not reflect everyone’s decision, but surely in the current situation that the world is in, there will be a sizeable majority of the general audience who will think “shall I watch this in a cinema or play it safe and watch it on Blu Ray/HBO Max/Netflix?”. I can’t really see an Inception re-release attracting anyone but hardcore Nolan fans. Sooner or later someone is going to have to risk a tentpole, and only then will we have a clear picture of what’s going to happen. Unhinged would likely have bombed wherever they put it, so let’s not pretend that’s a test.
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    Yeah gaming channels always get tons of views. Doesn't have anything to do with covid. And they are now releasing trailers for the initial round of ps5 games they are going to put out so people are tuning in to see how spiffy the graphics on the new console is going to be.
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    Here's my top 10 atm: Expect Shirley to make it in there when I watch it later this month and Ema if Mubi is available here (I saw no "not available in this region" message so I assume I can use it).
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    if it was 10 films for BP the last couple of years. in 2019 we would've got Knives Out in 2018 Beale Street and Can You Ever Forgive Me in 2017 I, Tonya or BR2049
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    the ten nominees thing is for next years oscars not this years. oh btw this is great.
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    India, new cases last 10 days (and daily tests): 11156 (145.2k) 7.7% Wed, Jun 10 9981 (141.7k) 7.0% Tue, Jun 9 8536 (108.0k) 7.9% Mon, Jun 8 10884 (142.1k) 7.7% Sun, Jun 7 10408 (137.9k) 7.5% Sat, Jun 6 9472 (143.7k) 6.6% Fri, Jun 5 9847 (139.5k) 7.1% Thu, Jun 4 9638 (137.2k) 7.0% Wed, Jun 3 8815 (128.9k) 6.8% Tue, Jun 2
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    If New Mutants is the first movie back then it will be one of the funniest things in box office or movie business history
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    I stopped downtown last Saturday and not only were people out, it looked like New Year's Eve. The lines here are literally out the doors of stores every day. I'm not saying this is a good thing, at all. But I am just saying it is a thing. People are really ready to be out there and doing stuff, and yes, I think that applies to movies too. I think this movie's bigger problem is that outside of the internet crowd it's just not something that's gonna jazz the public as this huge event worth being the first one out - and I say that as a Nolan fan. I was predicting about 50/150 before all of this, so I don't think this is going to be sudden breakout. But if something like WW84 was the first movie out.....I think people absolutely would be there in droves.
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    06-07 Saturday Box office 1. Intruder - 100,849 (total:199,701) 2. The Greatest Showman (re-release) - 18,975 (total:1,570,117) 3. Underwater - 9,235 (total:93,223) First +100k Attendance since Feb 16 Sunday
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    Cinemascope that was big investment theatres needed to make significant changes to theatre to accommodate. first Duplex was in 50's in Toronto place still exists plays films during film festival otherwise mainly theatre productions AMC started in 60's as its name implied American Multi-cinema they build multi screen complexes (most cases converted existing single screens) not sure off hand how many screens got to. Toronto had first big multi at Toronto Eaton centre it was like 18 screen (expanded later years) that was in late 70's however majority of auditoriums where like theatrettes (most not even seating 100 people) Multiplexes as we know today started late 80's more 90's Globally there were in the 70's twins and anything up to 6-7 screens, a 7-plex built in Sydney in the 70's replace basically 6-7 single screen picture palaces that all closed until decades later when it was carved up, its total seating was greater that some of the 20+ screen multis built in the US in late 80's to mid 90's. Thing is even with 70's early-mid 80's having some theatres with more than one screen it was rare for a film to play more than one screen, so it could be the biggest film of the time and in say a 4-plex still only played on one screen 4-5 sessions a day. The Varsity Twin in Toronto when it opened Star Wars played both screens (only place in city doing so) and on one screen it was in mono sound the other have the new Dolby stereo. Even when big multiplexes and even megaplexes started up a lot didn't screen all day, so you could have a 25-plex that mon-Thu didn't have sessions before 4-5pm and only had morning and early matinees Fri-Sun and Sundays there could have also been session restriction. Theses days a lot of multiplexes you have to play multiple screens to even get near the capacity of the old single screen theatres(but offering choice of sessions vs only playing 5pm,730pm,10pm), India still has a lot of old 1000-2000 seat theatres that fill with Bollywood product
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    you dont say ? wow, sorry for being ironic , but i mean you are in a country of 1,3 billion people did anyone really expect china to have 10 cases all the time ? lol ps personally i think that the goverment should give cinemas financial help, cinemas or other buisness are not their toys to play with, if they dont want them to open for now, they sould at least help them financially ps2 i hope that this is not their strategy is completly unrealistic to think that china will stay wtih 10 cases all the time, they shoud do more testing imo

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