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    Been watching a lot of Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung stuff this weekend and they're both amazing actors that I'm kinda surprised didn't ever break out into Hollywood. And their English is pretty good too so not really a language barrier. And In the Mood for Love is a masterpiece. Haven't been this invested in a romantic movie since Before Sunset. Can't wait to watch 2046 soon.
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    Watched the Eurovision movie. It’s ok got a few laughs out of me. Definitely too long and Ferrell’s shtick is pretty tired but Rachel McAdams is the best comedic actress rn. the songs are legit pretty good too.
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    Ah yes how could we forget all those iconic, rich villain roles that were so beautifully tailored to the talents of Mads Mikkelsen, Jude Law, Guy Pearce, Christopher Eccleston, Daniel Bruhl, Corey Stoll, Lee Pace...
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    Yeah, playing another one-dimensional superhero villain feels like a waste of talents and especially his charisma.
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    I agree with 95% of the video. The other 5% i disagree strongly with and its only the portion where hes making fun of the "boring white people in cinemas". I personally hate people at the movies who talk openly while the film is playing, who laugh when theres not even a reason for it or who explain everything that happens to the people sitting around them or who cheer omg. Ugh, i cant stand that. Maybe its because here in Germany its considered extremely disrespectfull to do these thing while the film is playing, in the US there seems to be a completely different moviegoing culture
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    As far as Tony is concerned they were apparently courting him to come over to Hollywood for years but he kept turning them down because the parts just weren't good enough. so it's weird that he's finally made the turn playing the mandarin in Shang Chi but i guess tony wants a new pool.
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    Agreed. I mean for example one of the biggest cinemas in QLD - Chermside is showing Sonic and David Copperfield as the major releases starting on the 2nd July when it reopens. If you look through the list, essentially they are showing the same films which were in release in March when they closed + a few slightly older films - Ghostbusters, Inside Out, Bohemiam Rhapsody. Mind you they are also are reopening with half price tickets across the board - almost tempted to go and see Jumanji TNL again but in 4DX Also noting that the # of sessions is way down on what they used to show. (probably around half especially with no sessions starting after 7.15pm local time) . For reference Sonic is already out on blueray and you can buy it for $21 AUD from JB right now. going to be a hard sell if this is the bulk of what we have in cinemas until end of July.
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    We are at a small resort in Oregon. It's cool, shared rooms no dog fee no resort fee $50 credit and smores kit for the family. Private beach path was great. Puppy is snoring loudly. Picking up dinner right near by us (hotel charges $20 for drop off, no thank you). Log cabin will be frickin awesome. So glad we did this. No one near by so it feels safer than Tacoma.
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    Jun 26, 2020 ~ Jun 28, 2020 Rank Title Release Date Weekly Gross (Total) Admissions (Total) Number of Screens Revenue Share 1 #ALIVE South Korea Jun 24, 2020 $5,222,782 ($7,355,323) 702,979 (1,060,043) 1,882 72.3% 2 Innocence South Korea Jun 10, 2020 $698,820 ($5,289,658) 98,177 (716,075) 647 9.67% 3 Onward U.S. Jun 17, 2020 $614,622 ($2,029,712) 87,797 (279,850) 661 8.5% 4 Batman Begins U.S. Jun 24, 2005 $126,460 ($4,779,622) 21,215 (897,412) 301 1.75% 5 The Greatest Showman U.S. Dec 20, 2017 $75,181 ($11,002,433) 14,978 (1,682,768) 142 1.04% 6 ME AND ME South Korea Jun 18, 2020 $101,914 ($1,335,743) 14,356 (180,295) 477 1.41% 7 Baseball Girl South Korea Jun 18, 2020 $49,920 ($204,295) 6,616 (28,399) 99 0.69% 8 ENDINGS, BEGINNINGS South Korea,U.S. Jun 24, 2020 $46,799 ($71,307) 6,409 (10,394) 246 0.64% 9 Intruder South Korea Jun 04, 2020 $37,225 ($3,976,905) 5,305 (529,261) 181 0.51% 10 Slumdog Millionaire U.S.,U.K. Mar 19, 2009 $21,688 ($6,167,667) 4,360 (1,118,134) 47 0.3% large weekend in south korea this week, 1M admissions for the 5-day OW for the new local #alive I think this would be the biggest OW for a movie since Jan 24th.
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    found some information highest grossing film in south korea by year in last century 1971 Notre Dame de Paris(re release) 1972 Ben Hur(re release) 1973 Fist of Fury 1974 Heavenly homecoming to stars 1975 Ja in her pride 1976 The last hard man 1977 Winter lady * (Break seoul admission record held by 1965 movie '007:From Russia with love') 1978 007:the spy who loved me 1979 Drunken Master* (Break seoul admission record) 1980 The Young Master 1981 007:Moonraker 1982 007:For your eyes only 1983 An offical and a gentalman 1984 E.T 1985 The Killing filed* (Break seoul admission record) 1986 The Mission 1987 Platoon 1988 Die Hard 1989 Indiana jones and the last Crusade 1990 Ghost* (Break seoul admission record) 1991 Dance with wolves 1992 Basic Instinct 1993 Cliffhanger 1994 The Lion King* (only animated film which take the first place in south korea market) 1995 Die Hard 3 1996 The Indenpence day 1997 The Lost World:Jurassic Park 1998 Titanic* (Break Seoul admission record) 1999 Shiri* (Break Seoul admission record)
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    All this talk of Hong Kong Cinema made me think about A Better Tomorrow for the first time in years, went to look for a trailer on YouTube and the whole thing is on there with English subs, will be watching that sometime this week. Speaking of greats from that region Leslie Cheung was a phenomenal actor and singer it’s really unfortunate that he passed away especially with the circumstances surrounding his death.
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    Why are people so selfish? What is it about americans and their "me me me" attitude? Sorry to the great people of America, but this guy doesn't make you look good
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    I suspect they’ve structured the opening times and staffing schedule so that until the end of September everyone is working up to the JobKeeper amount. Effectively apart from Superannuation and accruing of annual leave they won’t be paying for their employees. JobKeeper is $1500 per fortnight before tax. At $22 per hour that equates to a 68 hour fortnight. Almost a full time fortnight. I was in JB Hi Fi yesterday and the Blu Ray top 10 was almost identical to the opening day schedule at Event George St.
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    Another scenario is that Australia had won the previous year and because we can’t host we had sold hosting rights to the UK. That would have been a good angle for a running gag. I’m surprised there wasn’t a single joke about Australia participating.
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    Movies: HTTYD: 9/10 Probably the best Dreamworks movie other than Prince of Egypt and Shrek 2 HTTYD 2: 8/10 Very good sequel with some issues regarding the villain HTTYD 3: 8/10 Same as above with a weaker plot but the ending makes up for it Edge of Tomorrow: 8.5/10 Though sad we probably won't get a sequel I don't really feel the need for it. TV: The Boys: 8/10 Not sure the concept of "superheroes are actually terrible" can be done that much better than this show. Not really a story I'm all that interested in unlike most people I suspect but execution wise it's great. Can't wait for Season 2.
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    The elephant in the room here is as a number have said. Yes the theatre owners can try and fill the calendar with nostalgic trips and older films but that isn’t going to cut it longer term. You will need new content to bring the people in. Exclusive content. For many places this is going to become a major issue while we wait for US market to return (if it does). there is a lot more pain to play out in the theatre business (Domestically and internationally) especially if new releases keep pushing backwards from the Hollywood studios. I feel like there is a tipping point where studios have to release films in theatres to places that can play it now and either hold back releases in places they can’t or go VOD in the that country. Not sure how workable that is domestically but I’d imagine there is a tipping point for all parties involved.
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    This movie wouldn't exist at all without Nolan let alone it having a smaller budget, we'd be eagerly anticipating Unhinged to bring us back to theaters.
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    I still need to watch so many movies but hey, don't we all? Here's my full top 1. Pan's Labyrinth (2006) - Spain 2. Peking Opera Blues (1986) - Hong Kong 3. A Prophet (2009) - France 4. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) - South Korea 5. City of God (2002) - Brazil 6. Cinema Paradiso (1988) - Italy 7. Spirited Away (2001) - Japan 8. Eastern Condors (1987) - Hong Kong 9. Police Story 3: Supercop (1992) - Hong Kong 10. Ip Man (2008) - Hong Kong 11. The Lives of Others (2006) - Germany 12. Amélie (2001) - France 13. The Chorus (2004) - France 14. Bicycle Thieves (1948) - Italy 15. Police Story (1985) - Hong Kong 16. La Femme Nikita (1990) - France 17. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) - Hong Kong 18. Hard Boiled (1992) - Hong Kong 19. Ong-Bak (2003) - Thailand 20. Iron Angels (1987) - Hong Kong 21. In the Line of Duty 4 (1989) - Hong Kong 22. Memories of Murder (2003) - South Korea 23. Web of Deception (1989) - Hong Kong 24. Infernal Affairs (2002) - Hong Kong 25. Mirage (1987) - Hong Kong 26. The Raid (2011) - Indonesia 27. Lethal Panther (1990) - Hong Kong 28. Heroic Trio 2: Executioners (1993) - Hong Kong 29. My Neighbor Totoro (1988) - Japan 30. Project A (1983) - Hong Kong 31. The Skin I Live In (2011) - Spain 32. Ivan the Terrible, Part I (1944) - Russia 33. Police Story 2 (1988) - Hong Kong 34. Crime Story (1993) - Hong Kong 35. La Vie en Rose (2007) - France 36. The Blue Sky Maiden (1957) - Japan 37. Timecrimes (2007) - Spain 38. Train To Busan (2016) - South Korea 39. Your Name. (2016) - Japan 40. Chungking Express (1994) - Hong Kong 41. Madam City Hunter (1993) - Hong Kong 42. Parasite (2019) - South Korea 43. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004) - Japan 44. The Inspector Wears Skirts (1988) - Hong Kong 45. Fox Hunter (1995) - Hong Kong 46. Oldboy (2003) - South Korea 47. Dragons Forever (1988) - Hong Kong 48. Kiki's Delivery Service (1989) - Japan 49. Life is Beautiful (1997) - Italy 50. She Shoots Straight (1990) - Hong Kong 51. Tiger Cage II (1990) - Hong Kong 52. Devil Hunters (1989) - Hong Kong 53. Hero (2002) - Hong Kong 54. Outlaw Brothers (1990) - Hong Kong 55. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) - Sweden 56. The Handmaiden (2016) - South Korea 57. The Twelves Tasks of Asterix (1976) - Belgium 58. Yojimbo (1961) - Japan 59. A Touch of Zen (1971) - Taiwan 60. Cléo from 5 to 7 (1962) - France 61. The Seventh Curse (1986) - Hong Kong 62. Tiger Cage (1988) - Hong Kong 63. Downfall (2004) - Germany 64. Dreaming the Reality (1991) - Hong Kong 65. In the Line of Duty 3 (1988) - Hong Kong 66. Magnificent Warriors (1987) - Hong Kong 67. Royal Warriors (1986) - Hong Kong 68. The Innocents (2016) - France 69. The Legend of Drunken Master (1994) - Hong Kong 70. The Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk (1993) - Hong Kong 71. The Villainess (2017) - South Korea 72. A Very Long Engagement (2004) - France 73. Corpus Christi (2019) - Poland 74. I Vitelloni (1953) - Italy 75. Ip Man 3 (2015) - Hong Kong 76. Iron Monkey (1993) - Hong Kong 77. The Hunt (2012) - Denmark 78. The Raid 2 (2014) - Indonesia 79. Angel Terminators 2 (1993) - Hong Kong 80. Naked Killer (1992) - Hong Kong 81. The Heroic Trio (1993) - Hong Kong 82. The Protector (2005) - Thailand 83. Wheels on Meals (1984) - Hong Kong 84. Yes, Madam! (1985) - Hong Kong 85. Magic Crystal (1986) - Hong Kong 86. La Haine (1995) - France 87. Rumble in the Bronx (1995) - Hong Kong 88. Chocolate (2008) - Thailand 89. Once Upon a Time in China II (1992) - Hong Kong 90. Fearless (2006) - Hong Kong 91. Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002) - France 92. On The Run (1988) - Hong Kong 93. Three Colors: Blue (1993) - France 94. Spy Games (1989) - Hong Kong 95. The Dinner Game (1998) - France 96. SPL Kill Zone (2005) - Hong Kong 97. 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) - Hong Kong 98. Incendies (2010) - Canada 99. Jules and Jim (1962) - France 100. Armour of God (1986) - Hong Kong I'm an unapologetic Hong Kong movie fan and I'm aware of it
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    The Governor of California ordered a county to shut down. I think it's a matter of time before California goes back to full lock down. I really don't see this coming out in August, and I am starting to doubt any tent pole movie coming out for the rest of 2020.
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    Looks like hospitals are getting better at treating the virus symptoms.
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    JULY The Exchange - This is honestly more of a drama than it is a comedy. There's nothing all that funny about it, to be perfectly frank. It even hits some pretty dark notes along way that made me feel uncomfortable. I guess the fish out of water elements can add up some humor, but I wouldn't necessarily call this a comedy. That being said, for what it is, it's a functional story. And Park is likeable, the family dynamic has thinking behind it and the acting is solid. - C+ Out On The Lake - Your typical haunting horror movie with some slasher elements thrown in. It's basically the Friday The 13th remake but without a physical presence killing the stereotypes. Serves just fine as a trashy Summer scare. - C- (Scooby-Doo: Apocalypse - Wow. Well, this is definitely not what I expected a Scooby-Doo movie to look like. But I will praise the movie's ambition as it is legitimately trying to be a compelling adult-skewing film about the Scooby gang, even if it does take a huge amount of liberties with the IP. Does it work? Well, merely as a mystery movie, yeah, it does enough. It builds to the mystery quite intricately and has enough character drama to keep me excited. Very debatable as a Scooby-Doo movie, though. It changes quite a lot and some changes are pretty weird. But ehh, I'm open enough to different interpretations, even if they sometimes can come out of the weirdest sources... like Scooby-Doo of all things. - C+) Scooby-Doo: Cult Of The Creeper - This sequel is overall not as entertaining from start to finish - it drags a bit in the second act and even a little in the climax. However, I think that, narratively speaking, and especially as a Scooby-Doo movie, it's an improvement. It has a fun identity with the musical aspect, it feels like the world is crazier and the stakes are higher, it has a much better villain (and Ethan Hawke's performance is hammy at its finest), and the characters all grow. And it is surely more of what I expected a Scooby-Doo movie to be. So yeah, it's fine. - B- Scout's Honor - It's an Andy Fickman movie. For the most part, it's pretty inoffensive kids schlock - it's just small children pranking each other - but this thing also has some fucking despicable characters and an odd sense of humor, where somethings are childish and other things are genuinely terrifying rather than scary. And this sends a reeeeeeally odd message about, well, scouts' honor. I think it may entertain an infant or a 5 year old, but anyone above that age will likely have their intelligence challenged... and not in a good way. - D+ Attack On Titan - Titan in name, Titan in length. Jesus. Now, I had no prior exposure to either the manga or the anime, apart from a couple of gifs and general knowledge of what the story is about, as well as knowing that it is a pretty brutal and violent thing. So I walked into Attack On Titan with curiosity to know what the fuss is all about. I came out of it feeling like I definitely saw a crazy ass anime movie, alright. On the pros side, Attack On Titan lives to its fame of being absolutely relentless. It's brutal, it's violent, it's gorey, it's revolting at times and it's insane. The action in this movie is out of this world, this film is a frontrunner for the Best Use of Action Oscar at the moment without a shadow of a doubt, and has a fair shot at Visual Effects as well. The atmosphere is intense and lived in; the emotions are raw and believable; and the movie picks up considerably at the end of the second act, through a narrative event that I called but was still very excited to see. Finally, one can't help but appreciate the themes of hope, refusing to back down even in a hopeless scenario, fighting to live in a world that's free of any sort of oppression, and even that of freedom of expression that this movie backs up. That being said, this movie has quite a lot of problems. The dialogue is terrible. This is the kind of stilted, forced dialogue that kinda takes me out of the experience to make fun of it often. The enormous ensemble of characters gets points for a solid portion of them being multi-dimensional - by the end of the film, everyone had something that vulnerabilized them and something that made them fight - but also gets points taken away for a lot of them existing as mere pawns of action. The film has a weird fetish with editing things exactly as if it were an episode of the anime, rather than a Hollywood film, and the transition of formats doesn't work strongly at times - especially with some of the flashbacks and image flashes that often occur. And I feel like I should've been more emotionally invested than I actually was. The sadder aspects of the film had their power - some more than others - but a few failed to touch me. Overall, Attack On Titan is an interesting experience and I'm sure fans of the manga/anime would absolutely love it. For me, I think its script and editing problems are hard to overlook, but visually speaking, it's a feast. You can tell Matt Reeves tried what he could, but you wouldn't be wrong if you called this a Zack Snyder movie. - C+
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    JANUARY Father Knows Worst - A simple, maybe even generic and clichéd but fine enough watch for families with a few slightly moving moments. Michael Ealy and Regina King are inspired choices for the leads. Surprised Tyler Perry directed a movie with head and feet. - C+ Hypercompetency - These fucking character names, man. Why can't any of the Wachowski sisters make it easier on us mortal beings? I kid (or do I?). Hypercompetency is a VERY ambitious project. No wonder, it comes from one of the filmmakers behind The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Speed Racer and the much maligned Jupiter Ascending. This one is all about two things: worldbuilding and crime drama. So, how does it fare next to Wachowski's works and as the 1st tentpole of Y7? Well, it definitely feels all the way like a Wachowski film. Hypercompetency wastes no time in setting its own DNA up - it starts off grand and epic, showing off the city-state of Corence in all its glory (seriously, the 185M budget was not wasted - this is some Blade Runner-level shit) and then it jumps into a bunch of sci-fi shenanigans that it doesn't even bother to explain. I was excited for a movie intent on visual storytelling, but, while I personally had an understanding of the plot before watching the movie, so I knew what was going on, will that be the case for every viewer? Because that opening scene throws a lot at you that you may not really understand. It's a definitely a movie that warrants a rewatch with all the information acquired. Then, the opposite scenario happens: an exposition dump by our lead, Keif (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), that, while clarifying some things, also made a few others even more confusing. And that's not the only element of exposition in this movie... oh boy, if you ever wanted a lesson on how to write a script intent on explaining to you the rules of a movie's world, this is one of those movies, for sure. That being said, when this movie shines, it shines. It is absolutely stunning to look at, the visuals are incredible. The action is gritty, intense and visually enthralling. The performances are good, even if a bit handicapped by the overly expository script - my highlights definitely going to Michael Shannon and Mya Taylor. And, by the end of it, you really do find yourself caring about the protection of those who deserve it in a story that really comes down to a sci-fi metaphor about the Marxist class struggle. It's definitely a bit of a hard keep-up for those uninterested in paying attention, and it has a share of issues related to the script, but I would recommend Hypercompetency as an exciting, visually incredible and thematically enlightened action movie that is definitely a step above the average January movie, for sure. Let's see if the box office rewards its sequel aspirations. - B+ Finders Keepers - Well, truly a movie about a bunch of assholes. It's kind of amazing when a drug cartel look like the heroes in a situation. This movie is basically Final Destination lite, what with death basically chasing down each of these friends through stupidity and chaos. And while it is pretty dumb and over the top, the kills are entertaining and the ending is satisfying. A fun watch on date night. - B- Outside The Law - Interesting that this movie and Finders Keepers both have a very similar ending (no spoilers), shouldn't come as a surprise that they're both from Numerator. Anyway, this is an entertaining action thriller. The cast all do a solid job, in particular O'Shea Jackson as the lead, and Andrea Berloff does a solid job of filming the carnage. It's basic shit when it comes to crime action, it's not the brightest movie in the world and it reminded me a lot of Call Of Duty: Of Their Own Accord when it comes to other movies in the genre, but hey, you do what you do. It was a fun watch with solid action. - C+
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    It looks that way yes. IW did: 257m DOM 200m China 391.4m OS-China-Russia +Japan EG needs 650m DOM+China That leaves 550m for OS-CHINA/RUSSIA This would mean a 41% jump from IW OW's. At the moment it's doing better than that but it will be frontloaded.
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    AEG opens to 458k and €5,06M in Germany, +104% from AIW!!!! 7th biggest OD ever in admissions, 3rd biggest in €...
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    How do I make a sig? This applies to basically every number from every country, might as well sig it.
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    775-285=490 490/360-> +~36% adjusted for today’s rates. My gut is shying away from it, but the presales have been insane and OS-C has 2 different types of territories where it could plausibly grow more than DOM or China: 1) countries where IW already did insane but HW is fast-growing (SE Asia, India) 2) countries where IW did great for a SH movie, but SH isn’t a huge genre. If AEG can play past its genre even more than IW, there’s a proven capacity for more % growth (Japan, Australia(?), Europe) So, I won’t go that high on OS-C, but I won’t say it’s beyond the limit either.
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    Top 25 lists: Xillix's Critical Reviews (#1: And the Band Played On) Ethan Hunt Reviews (#1: 56 Days of Love) Hiccup's Critical Review (#1: To the Moon) Spaghetti Kitchen (#1: And the Band Played On) Edgy Reviews by YourMother (#1: And the Band Played On) Rorschach Reviews (#1: And the Band Played On) Crunching the Numbers (#1: To the Moon) Cookie's Corner (#1: And the Band Played On) Total points: And the Band Played On - 182 Blank - 153 The Parvelli Reunion - 149 Midnight in the Afghan Valley - 134 To the Moon - 128 Lord of the Flies - 124 War of the Gods - 124 56 Days of Love - 119 Voltron: Rise of Lotor - 110 The Odyssey: The Spoils of War - 106 After Party - 104 Our City - 100 The Terrible Plight of Freddy Zapper - 100 The Towering Inferno - 98 Bounty Hamster - 92 On the Beach - 87 Closed Domain - 66 The Human Revolution - 64 The Amityville Nightmare - 50 Isolation - 41 Blood and Fur 2: Maul-Ma Mater - 39 Flower Eyes and Needle Teeth - 33 The Road to El Dorado - 32 The Simulation - 31 Treasure Planet - 31 Ta2ed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hillls - 28 Pokémon: The Journey Begins - 27 The Knight - 24 Academy - 22 Storm Hunters - 21 The Film - 18 My Life To Waste - 13 Sitting Ducks - 11 Gorillas - 10 Taking Names - 10 American Dragon: Jake Long - 7 The Island - 7 The Witch of Blackbird Pond - 6 Damnation Alley - 5 Lenny Lipton and the Super Scary Sleepover - 5 The Skeleton Crew - 5 Crash Bandicoot - 4 Maid - 4 Rise of the Dead - 3 Torrential - 3 Little Demons - 2 The Twenty-One Balloons - 2 Bounty Hunters from Heaven - 1 TOP 5 TRACKING Top 5 placement in 5+ lists: And the Band Played On The Parvelli Reunion Top 5 placement in 4 lists: Blank To the Moon Top 5 placement in 3 lists: 56 Days of Love Top 5 placement in 2 lists: Lord of the Flies War of the Gods Voltron: Rise of Lotor The Odyssey: The Spoils of War Our City Bounty Hamster The Towering Inferno Top 5 placement in 1 list: On the Beach The Amityville Nightmare

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