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    Things I'm thankful for: 1. That my state has not shut down this summer 2. That, by my own advocating, my primary care appt that was gonna be canceled this summer, was kept (after having been canceled in April) 3. That referred specialists are also available for in person appts and tests can now be run 4. That movie theaters, with their spacing and cleaning requirements, are now gonna be world's safer for me than before, at least for the short term. So, in 2020, I knew my health was not great this spring, but a little fatigue - whatevs...not an emergency, but not great and needing to be looked at...but Covid...so, it waited a few months...and now... Well, as an early 40's female with zero family history, I now have Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia (also known as Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). For a month, I've known this diagnosis was coming, but it still sucks. In good news, you normally die from infection and illness (not the actual cancer), and you're incredibly susceptible to both, so all the Covid precautions and the washing of the hands - you now aren't just doing it for Covid folks and yourself, but Leukemia folks, too... PS - This is a jackpot diagnosis. It is more rare for me to get diagnosed with this, that it would have been to die from Covid at my age. And there's nothing you can do in life to stop it from coming, and nor is it yet curable. So, I'm gonna spend the next few years enjoying as much of life as available in the bubble, b/c it will be world's safer for me (and my family) now than when we go back to ignoring sniffles and getting together in cramped packs. As a favor to me, forever try to avoid the 1st (although feel free to do #2, b/c I'll have to avoid those when we get post-Covid anyway)... So, just a reminder - you gotta live the life you have without being stupid about it...and you don't really fully ever control your health - sometimes, sh&t just happens. PPS - I'm so thankful I only had to wait a few months for the diagnosis, not a few years, since I do have a few markers that might make treatment more necessary sooner vs later...I still have tons of staging testing to do this month and next before I know how bad the prognosis is, but unlike my parents, I do know I won't be stage 4 right away (or stage 3, so we're looking at stage 0-2), so there's that blessing...and I'm gonna enjoy my movie night tomorrow in my practically empty AMC theater with my mask and hope I get a bunch more under the protective policies in place before they, or my health, go away:)...
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    36th: Downfall - Germany (2005) 1 Top 10 133 pts Assumed Plot: I mean it is the a pretty famous film about Hitler, and I am pretty sure that he didn't win WW2, so it is likely the story of his downfall in said war. (or maybe his inability to get into art college, but that is unlikely). https://www.captiongenerator.com/1940782/Hitler-Reacts-to-Downfall-finishing-in-36th Ok I have given up trying to find a way to embed that video. If anyone knows, I'll edit it in time. I knew that this film would come because it is both highly acclaimed and highly memed so it isn't as easily forgotten as some films (like potentially Amour) have been. It does also bring up a third film for Germany on this list immediately after the second appeared and maybe this means German cinema will finish with a respectable number on the 100 after all. From Amazon user, PASpayd This story of the last 2 weeks of Hitler's Third Reich is the best WWII film I've ever seen. It combines several stories: Traudl Junge's book is closely followed in her story as Hitler's Secretary (see her film and book), then the story of a Wehrmacht/SS doctor who tries to care for the civilians and wounded in the Russian attacks on Berlin, the story of a Hitler Youth boy who's conflicted as his world and idol of the Fuehrer implodes, the story of the last days of the bunker. Fast paced and from sources who lived thru the experience. Well done. Bruno Ganz' portrayal of Hitler is chilling - not a parody of Hitler - rather a multi-dimensional character who is believable for the first time since anyone ever attempted this difficult role. Subtitled in English, I found I've watched this story many times, as I learn the dialogue, then I go and watch the actors, their expressions and the interplay of the others. The supporting actors playing Eva Braun, the Goebbels family, Goering, Himmler, Speer, the secretaries, the medical doctor, and the young boy are incredible - a plus to this film is a discussion of the actors about the heinous characters they portray. The director discusses the background of doing this film - the FIRST totally German film about the last days of the Reich and Fall of Berlin. Films by Nation 14 - France 12 - India 9 - Japan 6 - Italy 5 - Hong Kong 3 - Germany 4 - South Korea 2 - Sweden 2 - Soviet Union 2 - Mexico 1 - China 1 - Denmark 1 - Canada 1 - Austria 1 - Lebanon 1 - Poland
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    New Mutants still at 2 tickets total for next Thursday. Tenet is up to 39 tickets for Wednesday, and 29 for Thursday. I'd say having this sort of jump in less than 24 hours is encouraging; shows that it wasn't just upfront Nolan demand. I legitimately think this could break out somewhat bigger than what people might expect.
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    Unhinged Friday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 177 650 27.2% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 224 434 51.6% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 540 N/A 2461 21.94% 4 46 I'm not exactly sure what seating capacity limits the theaters are under for Denver, so this is just an estimate. I'm just going based on AMC's 40% capacity and Regal's 50% capacity. I haven't seen any specific guidelines that would require less.
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    New Mutants Thursday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 61 225 27.1% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 50 148 33.8% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 168 N/A 998 18.84% 5 17
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    we're not in normal. normal won't come soon. that's the point.. and pretty much every film will struggle to make profit no matter what. let's see how Tenet will do in theater, and Mulan will do in D+ anyway, here is new survey saying +80% don't mind watching big films at home.
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    November 6 in theaters it is. https://www.hsx.com/forum/forum.php?id=3&pid=503384
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    Coming up tomorrow... THE GETAWAY, from 1972. Steve McQueen, Ali McGraw, written by Walter Hill (based on Jim Thompson's novel), music by Quincy Jones(!), and of course directed by Sam Peckinpah. A recently released ex-con and his loyal wife go on the run after a heist goes awry. TimeOUT London says "An evident precursor to The Driver (Walter Hill scripted both, this one from Jim Thompson's novel). The major strength of The Getaway rests solidly on McQueen's central role, a cold tense core of pragmatic violence. Hounded by furies (two mobs, police, a hostile landscape), he responds with a lethal control, blasting his way through shootouts that teeter on madness to the loot, the girl, and Peckinpah's mythic land of Mexico. Survival, purification, and the attainment of grace are achieved only by an extreme commitment to the Peckinpah existential ideal of action - a man is what he does." Variety said that the film involved a lot of "seedy sadism" and parts of it descended into "vulgar overexploitation". Vincent Canby of the New York Times sniffed that "The action and the violence of "The Getaway" are supported by no particular themes whatsoever." If you've seen some of Peckinpah's movies or know a bit about him, then my little summary will be redundant, and so I apologize in advance. But if you aren't familiar with him... he came out of TV Westerns in the late 50s and early 60s, and whether he fully understood it or not, he was fascinated by masculinity and the frontiers of society and the myths involved with such. Diving into exploring all this, deconstructing it all, laying it all bare, he essentially became that himself -- a self-destructive, hard-drinking man who ultimately destroyed himself, his friends, and his allies, but who was occasionally sober enough (especially in the earlier years of his career) to make compelling, amazing, ARTY movies about violence and men who commit violence and their place in society. By the time of THE GETAWAY he was coming down off the high of THE WILD BUNCH and would barely last through the end of the decade before dying in Inglewood in 1984 at the ripe old age of 59. During his active years, there wasn't really anyone else like him in the studio system, who could made seedy, occasionally nasty brooding movies with moments of "extreme" violence, which also had poetry and grandeur, but bared the ugly layers of relationships that these violent men had with each other and their girlfriends and spouses. He made movies that skirted (and occasionally fell into) exploitation but managed to star big names: William Holden, McQueen, Charlton Heston, Kris Kristofferson, etc. I hope y'all check out the Projection Room tomorrow for THE GETAWAY. Some shit goes down.
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    Sending posters is basically so that if something suddenly changes (like a vaccine) they can still jump right back in. Eventually though they'll realize that things won't be changing that soon and they'll either delay it or put it on Premier Access
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    Test: @chasmmi Can confirm this video is very resistant to being embedded here,
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    How are they going to pay the high budget and marketing costs and still make a good profit? Disney receives absolutely nothing from porn ads on torrent download sites and I doubt they would make enough money by launching this product directly on D +. Trolls 2 died too fast domesticaly and piracy killed any potential overseas. Also, Trolls 2 only did "well" on VOD (only domestically) because of the quarantine and people being at home. In a normal situation and competition, it probably would have done just over half of what it did. https://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbean/2020/05/06/vod-movie-sales-skyrocketed-67-during-march-2020 https://screenrant.com/trolls-world-tour-box-office-streaming-profit-universal/
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    37th: The Lives of Others - Germany (2007) 1 Top 10 133 pts Assumed Plot: Berlin is a city of have and have nots. It is a city where the have nots dream and fantasize about what it would be like to be a have. So when a young German boy, finds himself mistaken for a member of the societal elite, he gets a taste a lifestyle that he could never be a part of but is now determined to join. Part Talented Mr. Ripley, part Parasite, this is a look into how class divides and how power corrupts. So is this more of a Rear Window type deal then? I will say that one thing I have learned from watching all these trailers is that too many critics use the words Masterpiece or Compelling for any film they think is good. I am not sure why the trailer decided to show zero dialog as it end up being another irritating trailer that is trying to sell the film off the back of "Everyone says it is great, so go watch it. We're not gonna put anything in the trailer to let you make up your own mind. We don't need to do that because see, Empire gave it 5 stars. I must say that I have been surprised by Germany's poor showing so far. I was expecting it to register a lot more on the poll, but yet here we are with entry number 60 odd and it's only the second time Germany has struck. From Amazon user, Norma Vazquez After readings a few reviews of this movie and after it won an Academy award for Best Foreign film,I decided to watch it.It covers a period in the DDR,which was the Eastern part of Berlin occupied by the Russians. The inhabitants lives are constantly under surveilance by the ruthless Stasi apparatus(a spy network). The story centers on an actor/writer,his girlfriend and his friends who areconstantly watched and recorded by the master spy of the Stasi who eventually questions his actions and their consequences on the people he has been orderedd to surveil. What I found absolutely profound is that the actor who portrays the spy, actually lived in the Eastern part of Berlin during this time and after the Berlin wall fell, discovered in the secret files stored on him, discovered to his surprise and dismay,that his wife,and some friends had betrayed him by providing the Stasi information on everything he said and did.The actor died shortly after making this movie. I recommend this film highly. One has to put up with sub-titles,but it's worth it. Films by Nation 14 - France 12 - India 9 - Japan 6 - Italy 5 - Hong Kong 4 - South Korea 2 - Sweden 2 - Soviet Union 2 - Mexico 2 - Germany 1 - China 1 - Denmark 1 - Canada 1 - Austria 1 - Lebanon 1 - Poland
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    Today I went to see two movies to theaters: The power of positive thoughts, fam! Honestly, the movie is not even all that much IN YOUR FACE with its ideas. The twist is bonkers and hilarious but you could see it coming like a train. I can't even recommend it to see it high. Just don't see it. The perfect double show doesn't exi- Yeah, so I am now a believer of God and positive thoughts. Besides the musics that were embarassing and cringe inducing, the movie is actually quite solid and I even had a tear in my eye at the end.
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    Okay. Havent paid much attention during Corona so i`ll take your word for it 😊
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    On 19th, 1.907mn out of 2.176mn were sold online i.e. 87.5%. Comparing it with same day last year 2.7mn out of 3.33mn were online. 81%. That's with no new release. On 4 July 2018, Wednesday of Dying To Survive 3.09mn out of 3.59mn were online. I.e. 86% Not much of difference. The walk ins also book online no. Online offers and avoiding to stand in line is a big incentive.
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    Bingo. But it seems some people just want to stick their fingers in their ears and “la la la can’t hear you” so that they can pretend the financial situation on VOD vs theatrical is somehow anything close to normal
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    The logo looks cool for sure. Really smart having all marketing come through Reeves directly, keeps it focused on a single point.
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    um of course ? are we really suprised that people dont have problem watching big movies from home ? of course covid helped but its not like at least imo, it would have been much lower otherwise
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    have a train journey booked and have reached that state of mind :) positive test % last 5 days in India ( new cases in thousand/tests in lakhs [1 lakh = 100,000] ) 19th 7.54% 69.2/9.18 18th 8.11% 65.0/8.01 17th 6.03% 54.3/9.0 16th 7.96% 58.1/7.3 15th 8.57% 64.0/7.47 was 8.5-10% in 1st week of July.
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    From memory the last one didn't had the fun of being particularly bad, it was just mediocre (below mediocre for a big budget director/material affair)
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    Prayers and best wishes for you @TwoMisfits
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    sorry for ur sixers @Chewy (and other victims of philly basketball)
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    2.6% with no points 30 year mortgage can be had for refinance. My God. 1.99% with points was available for short while ....on 30 year. I swear if 1.99% no points comes I will do my 3rd mortgage on 2 years.
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    Seats sold Tenet - Event Cinemas Albany, New Zealand - 7 Days Until Release All unlabeled sessions are VMAX, GC are labeled Thursday 27/08 10:30am 0 sold 12:30pm 0 sold 1:50pm 0 sold 4:00pm 0 sold 5:10pm 0 sold 6:15pm GC 6 sold (took up 12 seats) 7:00pm GC 1 sold (took up 6 seats) 7:30pm 4 sold (took up 14 seats) 8:30pm 10 sold (took up 24 seats) Total: 21 sold (+3) Friday 28/08 10:30am 1 sold (took up 6 seats) 12:15pm GC 0 sold 12:30pm 0 sold 1:00pm GC 0 sold 1:50pm 0 sold 3:45pm GC 1 sold (took up 6 seats) 4:00pm 0 sold 4:30pm GC 0 sold 5:10pm 0 sold 7:15pm GC 0 sold 7:30pm 2 sold (took up 8 seats) 8:00pm GC 0 sold 8:30pm 2 sold (took up 8 seats) Total: 6 sold (+4) Saturday 29/08 10:30am 1 sold (took up 6 seats) 11:30pm GC 0 sold 12:15pm GC 0 sold 12:30pm 0 sold 1:50pm 2 sold (took up 2 seats) 3:00pm GC 1 sold (took up 6 seats) 3:45pm GC 0 sold 4:00pm 0 sold 5:10pm 0 sold 6:30pm GC 2 sold (took up 6 seats) 7:15pm GC 6 sold (took up 14 seats) 7:30pm 0 sold 8:30pm 0 sold Total: 12 sold (+6) Sunday 30/08 10:15am 0 sold 10:45am GC 0 sold 11:30am GC 0 sold 12:15pm 0 sold 1:30pm 0 sold 2:15pm GC 0 sold 3:00pm GC 0 sold 3:45pm 0 sold 4:50pm 0 sold 5:45pm GC 2 sold (took up 4 seats) 6:30pm GC 0 sold 7:10pm 0 sold 8:10pm 0 sold Total: 2 sold Total for opening weekend: 41 sold (+13) Best day so far, still well behind normal times but at least it’s starting to ramp up now.
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    I've been reading the manga, and I can easily say that the series continues to be excellent even as it passes the story parts of the first anime season. One of my favorite Shonen Jump series by far.
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    The second one played to an audience of 70% over 25. Just going off the content and marketing alone, anyone pretending Crimes of Grindelwald was marketed towards an audience of children in any significant way is being deliberately condescending and diminutive. That's hardly been the case for the entire franchise since around Azkaban/Goblet.
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    Delaying Black Widow isn't impacting the rest of the MCU if the other films can't resume filming properly.
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    Kids goof off during class whenever possible........how shocking..
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    The issue with Black Widow is it delays the rest of the MCU content. Now they might be scrambling, because production has been shut down for six months. So they might be willing to wait out Widow. But by delaying BW, they delay the important things like Eternals, and Eternals, in Eternals... So I fully support them dumping it on Disney+ at this time the hype was never really there to begin with for the movie.
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    Seats Sold Tenet - Event Cinemas Albany, New Zealand - 9 Days Until Release Thursday 27/08 - 13 tickets sold (+2) Friday 28/08 - 2 tickets sold Saturday 29/08 - 4 ticket sold (+1) Sunday 30/08 - 2 tickets sold Opening Weekend - 21 tickets sold (+3) More detailed breakdown in the NZ international thread.
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    I think the only reason Tenet is releasing in the US this summer is to keep Nolan happy.
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    This is a boring, dull, mediocre movie that pales in comparison to Nolan's other movies. C-

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