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    You gotta admire Nolan as a guy who's really married to the idea of the theatrical experience. Unfortunately we know what happens to the Nolan wives...
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    If the rest of the world has to wait for America to stop being backward before cinemas can open then cinemas will never open.
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    it's reviews are no where near as good as the other films you've mentioned. probably just acting nods at best.
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    Award shows consistently snubbing The Leftovers despite it being one of the best shows on tv at the time goes down as one of the their most annoying decisions of all time, especially nominating Carrie Coon for Fargo while just ignoring her brilliant performance as Nora. Agreed about the boys, just not feeling this episode or Hughie/Starlight
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    Man it's been forever since i've visited this site. In March me and my family almost got stuck in Tenerife when the borders were closed and we all probably had covid though it was luckily mild and we didn't get tested because my country wasn't testing non-serious cases back then. After that, time just hasn't been real. I have no idea what i've even been doing for the past 6 months. Yesterday i went to see Tenet because i wanted to support the local theater (i think the last movie i saw in theaters was Parasite back in the winter). There were about 20 other people at the showing and they all seemed to enjoy it and so did i. I hadn't realized how much i missed the theater experience and it makes me sad that this might be the new normal. Tenet is exactly the kind of movie that should be experienced on a big screen so it sucks that isn't doing that well, though probably the best it realistically could. I respect Nolan for wanting to retain the theater experience but at this point is pretty obvious that things aren't going back to normal anytime soon and i'm not sure should they before the vaccine.
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    I am old enough to have encountered similar situations even in pre social media times that where absolute accidental, not everyone does that on purpose. No matter the size. The ones I doubted it being accidental are usually more prone to want being seen (in the other meaning) than he seems to be. He seems to be missing the extra ‚need‘ some of the other people in the public awareness or the wish for that show.
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    It's too bad that the studios ended up sending most of their smaller films from earlier this year that would've made $15-40M even in a regular scenario (Antebellum, The High Note, etc.) to VOD cause the theaters could've used those as incoming product right now to keep the lights on as the tentpoles were held off instead of placing all their bets on one movie (and perhaps the wrong movie) to be their One True Savior. Hollywood gonna Hollywood still.
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    OW for Disney Princess Beauty & the Beast - $45M Alice sequel - $27M Cinderella - $25M Mulan - $23.2M Maleficent sequel - $22.8M Maleficent - $22.2M Aladdin - $18.8M
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    You do realize that most of the west coast is burning right now, right? That people’s homes are burning, that people have died, that the orange sky means we’re all breathing some of the worst air in the world right now?
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    WB played themselves here. They bet on having a respectable number through the 11 day total (probably a number starting with a three?) and now they're in a situation where the 2nd weekend drop is gonna be bad and the number is gonna be single digits for the 2nd weekend which the press will run wild with. After that though, I see no point in hiding. The only card you have left to play after that is low 20-30% drops (if not smaller depending on reopenings) to basically say "Hey this thing will run for a decent while, maybe Tenet isn't the right movie but the market can show good legs"
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    My anthro prof talked about the first movie for a good 6 minutes today
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    "debacle" as in that one time AMC and co. threw a hissy fit because Trolls 2 broke the theatrical window during a pandemic. Although I'm sure by the time this comes out, the chains won't give a shit about that anymore
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    I'll try to see Tenet in theaters before it leaves (whenever that ends up being) but honestly so much of the WOM surrounding the movie being of the "this movie is so confusing/I could barely understand it" variety has probably turned off more people than it has made them eager to go out and see it, at least in the current climate. Although with the delays already starting with Wonder Woman and Candyman leaving October we likely won't find out for a while if Hollywood just put their eggs in the wrong basket. Mentioned in the tracking thread earlier that now would've been a good time for Hollywood to use this period as a dumping ground and released all their movies that had $20-40M total potential that would've opened throughout this year and saved everything with a huge financial risk to it for later but they shot themselves in the foot there by sending almost all of those movies to VOD and now theaters are left literally with scraps. Now we'll just have to see how long theaters can last with barely any new product and the grosses being low as it is.
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    Monday 1. Tenet 20,356 4. NM 3,189 Tenet -32.1% compare to last week Monday KOBIS Presale 1. Mulan 9.3k 2. Tenet 8k ---------------------------------------- Tuesday 1. Tenet 19,313 4. NM 2,889 Tenet -32.3% compare to last week Tuesday KOBIS Presale 1. Mulan 12k 2. Tenet 11k ----------------------------------------- Wednesday 1. Tenet 21,613 (total:1,396,697) 5. NM 2,706 (total 58,244) -19% drop compare to last week wednesday KOBIS Presale 1. Mulan 18k 2. Tenent 12k cgv 02:20 mulan 6k tenet 2.9k
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    Another Round would be a fantastic film in the International category! I don't think there's any big competition for Denmark's selection, either. I think it might win, to be honest, since it's somewhat of a feel-good film! And it's a long shot, but maybe Mads Mikkelsen could gain traction for Best Actor(?).
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    speaking of the international category. Another Round by Thomas Vinterberg was among the best films I've seen so far at TIFF. great performance by mads mikkelsen. I think it would surely get in the international feature race if Denmark submits it. Vinterberg/Mikkelsen's previous collaboration was nominated back in 2012 for The Hunt so that should help.
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    There is no way they are going to risk making another 200m film unless the theater going audience proves they can support it. Tenet has made 29m domestically after two weeks and will probably end with a total WW cume around 300m or so. Sorry but until these films prove they can get at least somewhat close to a billion dollars again in this post covid era they will not make movies that expensive on a regular basis at all. And right now Tenet will probably make more than most as there has been a lot of buildup for that movie for the past six months.
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    I think Kornél Mundruczó is probably in the top ten of Best Director candidates for Pieces of a Woman. There's a lot of showy one-takes. And the academy did nominate Pawel Pawlikowski, so this might become a similar situation. I'll break down the last two years: - Roma wins three Oscars, almost Best Picture - Cold War nominated for three, Never Look Away surprises in Cinematography - Antonio Banderas gets into Best Actor in a crowded field of excellent choices - Parasite wins four including Picture and Director American films and directors still have the advantage (obviously), but we have an academy that's willing to dabble into artistic/foreign filmmaking if a narrative shows itself. Mundruczó could become a beneficiary of the dabbling, especially during a year with a limited range of contenders.
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    doubt it that it would do so much better without covid, piracy and bad wom hurt it more than covid
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    I agree and another aspect is probably in the short term budgets will be going up with medical precautions likes tests, social distancing and the like. I imagine both Jurassic World 3 and The Batman will come in over original budget due to this, particularly Batman which has had to be delayed due to Pattinson catching Covid. This also means studios won’t want to waste money implementing these measures on mid and budget fare for a while, we’ve already seen quite a few TV shows and movies be cancelled due to what is currently going on, probably for this reason as they were likely nearing production and would have been too much of a monetary commitment from the studios thus they got scraped. The studios are probably going forward on their safest bets right now which are big budget known IP. I think it’ll be a while before the studios put out these movies though in order to maximise returns, after its seems both Tenet and Mulan are going to make much less than originally anticipated.
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    Mulan is basically to China what Robin Hood is to Europe and North America. Both are also the same type of tale where it is a fictional story that may have been inspired by a real person/people or event.
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    Seems destined to make little. Death on the Nile is the next movie with potential to come close to a double digit opening.
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    I'm just outside the GTA myself, and based on numbers we're seeing from Tenet, it doesn't feel like we're necessarily overperforming based on ticket sales at my local. I'm the only person I know who's stepped into a theatre (and did so in an empty showing for Tenet). I don't know where to find Canada specific numbers, but it would be interesting to see. I think it would give a fair bit of insight into Canada's risk tolerance around the virus compared to other countries. We're fairly close to Europe in our current case counts, but it feels like the European theatres are doing better.
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    It’s so easy to make posts on twitter when you don’t know the bottom line for companies. I’m not going to argue if people should be sitting in a theatre or not cause that’s not my place to judge. I won’t be going to a theatre till mid 2021 at least but that’s my choice. What I will say, as a business owner myself, and even with the Canadian government supplementing rent (by 75%) for months now we’ve still lost thousands upon thousands of dollars. I’m not saying this for pity, I’m just saying this cause it’s easy to just sit and be judgemental when you don’t know a companies numbers or loses.
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    @CayomMagazine After some internal musings, New Journey Pictures has redacted its previous statement concerning Smooth Moves, confirming that Chris Evans is, in fact, still in the cast.
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    admissions not accurate because most theaters sell 5b% seats at most, some locked seated are falsely count
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    Was there? Feels like hardly anyone even knew about it even as it kept moving release dates around. It's perhaps telling the only post-lockdown movies that have made any sort of mark (even if it's still a small one) are ones that still had a good amount of marketing muscle behind them like Unhinged and New Mutants did.
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    If it’s the Mirror, you can pretty much immediately disregard it. When it comes to entertainment news, The Mirror and The Sun are the newspaper equivalent of We Got This Covered.
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    Yeah comScore numbers are shielded but I don't think folks at that level won't know the numbers. I mean we have almost the numbers for two MTCs and we are way below what resources they have. Yeah cS isn't revealing numbers, but MTCs and other chains have their own numbers, which rival studios can easily get. The concerning thing is last part. What if all studios follow it and who says they can't continue it in normalcy. Then as box office community we are fucked. FWIW, as per our tracking, we have $2mn TENET 2nd Friday.
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    2 is unlikely to happen since The Mandolorian season 2 starts on Oct 30 and will run until mid December based on the season 1 schedule. Most likely it will be delayed until Feb. They only have 3 movies on schedule right now for 2021 and can easily push Eternals to May and Shangchi to July. With Spidey 3 possibly delayed and BP2 almost certainly delayed they have a bit of room to work with.
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    WTF you mean "money above humanity"? Do you actually know what money is used for ?? As a result of lockdown we have HUGE levels of unemployment. And its going to get worse. People who have lost their job will be unable to provide for their families. They will have worse health. They are vulnerable to homelessness. Also leads to more depression which results in more suicide. Destroying the job market does massive harm to MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people. FAR more people than the virus will ever kill. I could not give a rats arse about saving big corporations who are crying about going out of business. But within those companies are humans, whose livelihoods are being killed off by the government in the name of "saving lives". When it will do the exact opposite. If you have no job you will have a lot less money. Without MONEY you cannot SURVIVE. Do not DARE accuse me of being "inhumane". Get stuffed mate.
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    if it was perfectly safe to go to a cinema they would be not be mandating masks. it's as risky as any other in-door activity. but to call it "perfectly safe" is an exaggeration and depends on the pandemic situation in your area. and whether you were already infected and or have been vaccinated.
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    For the CAYOM Festival... Blankments Productions will submit... Learning to Care a film by Brett Haley EssGeeKay Studios will submit The Space Between Trees a film by Debra Granik Blankments Productions will also submit, out-of-competition... American Wonder a film by Baz Luhrmann
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