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    Fuck, first covid case in my family (at least that we know of). Just found out earlier that my grandad got covid.
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    Seems like ¥860mn Sunday and ¥1.66bn weekend (-34%). Total ¥20.28Bn ($193.6mn). Let's see what actuals are tomorrow. For now thinking ¥3Bn 4th week, which keeps it on ¥35Bn route but ¥38Bn may be tough.
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    "You're stuck between two worlds, child, and the time has come for you to decide which one you belong to. It is impossible for there to be a middle ground, a peace, between our kinds." "I refuse to believe that. I refuse to believe that co-existence is impossible." "Then you'll end up watching alone from the side as you lose everything and everyone you hold dear." A NUMERATOR PICTURES ANNOUNCEMENT In August Year 5, Numerator Pictures released the animated feature Sylvarius, which grossed $259,033,760 domestic and $590,054,123 worldwide. It also received substantial acclaim, with strong reviews and multiple Oscar nominations. It caught on with audiences and critics alike with its themes of tension between humanity and nature, and family dynamics. Now, after a few years of letting things settle, the studio is set to make its return to that world. It is now time for the curtain to be pulled back on the sequel.
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    Denmark now being sealed off after the mink farm outbreak jumps back to humans with a mutated spike protein. Army being deployed to destroy 17 million Mink.
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    This is fucking great, don't sleep on it.
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    This is a very deep dice into the genome sequencing the of the 2nd wave outbreak in New Zealand.
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    The U.K. Court ruled against him in his libel lawsuit against The Sun. That doesn’t mean he’s guilty of abusing her, but some people like to take it as proof against him.
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    @cayommagazine Endless Entertainment is ecstatic that Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States with Kamala Harris as the Vice President. America is back!
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    cause the universe and characters are super outdated. Nobody cares about Arthurian legends, Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, etc old medieval stuff anymore. I don't know why Hollywood is still trying to make them happen but it's not going to. However, movies/TV that are inspired by but created their own universe that appeals to modern audience could succeed (look at GoT).
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    Shame we won't see another movie in this universe, I'd have liked to see that. Oh well, I got an enjoyable movie out of it, it's all good.
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    I want to reiterate that I like Jurassic World for what it is and I've watched Jurassic World more than once, it's a fun movie. And it can't be argued with, it had good word-of-mouth and was a massive success. A lot of Marvel fans that were critics and bloggers, seemed to be really bothered about it beating the stuffing out of Avengers Age of Ultron domestically. I found that to be a humorous reaction and it caused me to root on the movie because I didn't think Age of Ultron was all that great either. I think Ultron is less entertaining than JW. The hatred for Jurassic World from some circles is over the top and silly.
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    I am honestly still trying to understand how/why this forum is making Jurassic World seem like some failure. It wasn't a failure at all. It got pretty good reviews. It made 1.6 BILLION DOLLARS world wide. It opened to 208 MILLION dollars and still managed to get a 3.13 multiplier and made $652 million domestically. I understand some folks didn't like the film and all but like how can one seriously sit there and type out that Jurassic World is a failure or even a slight failure AND keep a straight face while doing so.
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    honestly i think it's less a jurassic world backlash more of an Episode IX frontlash. most people here beyond 4000 year old moderators don't have much of a problem with jurassic world, it's fine, but they still don't want that boy fucking with their star wars.
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    Man, I hated JW more than almost all of you and even I think the schadenfreude's getting ridiculous about this.
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    Agree. It is a movie that will live on, become a cult classic, and turn a profit in a few decades.
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    Hmm.. i guess even with the DVD sales, it won't help much..... actually the cost for a sequel should be less, since they can re-use the equipment , items and some of the scene, hope miracle do happen If there is really no sequel, then the good thing is it is up to fans for their own interpretation on what happen next.. things will always live in our own dream If i am not mistaken, traditionally ALL fantasy films suffer ill-fate except for Lords of The rings, because wizardry , dragons and knights are not for everyone's taste ... Lord of The Rings was smart to manipulate the title into sort of historical movie and they change lots of heroic staff into focusing on the humble humanity, like they change Aragorn larger than life heroic story into a mere humble king and focus about how a humble hobbit can change the world, this sort of things are perfect for critics and they can accept it..
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    My apology for involving other movies into it..LOL, but it was a mere expressing of an honest feeling, had been watching lots of movies for past 2 years.. but normally i chose to keep it quiet within myself and not criticizing any of it (because i don't intend to becoming a hater myself).. but watching King Arthur Legend of the sword brought some life into me and reignite some of my movie passion... i haven't felt that intriguing about a movie in a long time (approximately 2 years, even though there were loads of "good" movies where i forgot their names ), reading some bad comments from critics and haters alike kind of push me into leaving a comment or two of my own, and in doing it i release some of the hidden feeling about other movies (my personal opinion anyway) Umm.. well, i don't understand why someone thought it is sloppy, maybe i have to reply that person in another reply...LOL in comparison between this version of King Arthur and the one by Clive Owen + Kiera Knightny(i forgot her surname), i felt this one actually brought some authentic and unique element into it, Clive Owen version was the one that tried too ard to impress the critics with a traditional and rigid portray of the Legend, and even so it didn't do too well either, Legend of the sword brought some likable chemistry between the characters, especially between Arthur and the Mage(i think she is Morgana), now this is a cute and unique couple that rival the famed John Connor and Cameron Philips ( from TV series sarah connor chronicles).. in the sense that it is a mysterious relationship that cross between trusted ally and love, they didn't need to talk too much and even expressing some lovable feeling openly, but with the few words that they utter, it feels like they understand each other and trusted each other..and it had the argument of a foolish trust that was explainable, can a guy trust a witch that wield dark magic just like can john connor trust a cyborg who was program to kill him, and told him that "she" love him ? Just like John connor, Arthur hold destined responsibility on his shoulder and he made a gamble into trusting a lady who he may had a feeling for .. I am glad it was not Guinevere who appear in the movie, because if it was Guinevere i will less interested , i hope the producer didn't actually turn guinevere's character into a Morgana like witch... because i believe Morgana as the Mage is enough to transform a new legend, and i never like Guinevere , she was never Arthur's true love, their marriage is out of politics and she BETRAY him... but for Morgana, conflicting legend told that she actually was the one that truly love Arthur, as a powerful witch, she can easily slay Arthur if she really wanted to.. Arthur is so naive that even Merlin can't protect him all the time... so for my interpretation , Morgana actually tried to warn Arthur of Guinevere and Lancelot's betrayal ... Hence , after watching this first movie , i felt like maybe the producer is going with this direction ? Hopefully in the 2nd movie, Mage is review as Morgana and she was heart broken when Arthur need to marry Guinevere out of politics to please nobles alike, but the Mage never betray Arthur, she tried to warn him when Lancelot join the round table (Lancelot was actually a villain in one of the arthurian novel i read, i forgot the title unfortunately because i stand reading it in a book store one whole day without buying it, i should had bought it then).. Arthur doesn't listen because he is so naive, so the Mage/Morgana left but when she heard that Arthur had been betray, she will rush back trying to save him but she was too late and Lancelot blame her in his plots, Morgana needs to change her identity into Merlin in order to rally Arthur's force (because no one will trust a witch), The Mage didn't manage to save Arthur but she help crush Lancelot's force, and she preserve Arthur's body... In order to make Arthur a true legend, Morgana took the blame herself and create a heroic legend for the person she love .... Sound like too much of a fan fiction right? But i believe this will make the legend and story more refreshing to watch.... so i really hope this is going to be the direction ahead
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    I don't like it because it's a sloppy film. Guy Ritchie threw a lot of stuff on the wall and created a mess. Somewhere in there is a decent blockbuster, but it gets dragged down by so much stuff.
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    First of all welcome to the forums! I hope you'll stick around, this is a great community! Second, I agree with your views regarding this movie but I do enjoy the other movies you crapped on while expressing your views so ehhhh. Well, I'm glad you went to watch it after all.
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    Hysterically dark trailer, but effective. Before Moana when the trailer cut to black, a kid just chirped in, "Oh no!" Yea it worked at not making people roll their eyes. Good work, Pixar marketing team.
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    Definitely a smart trailer. It feels like Pixar knows they have something to prove, after how poor Cars 2 was, a film which is the only true blemish in their filmography (the only Pixar film that isn't Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes). It could just be a good trailer, with the film being another poor instalment, but this trailer does give me optimism. We'll find out. Peace, Mike
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    Well considering how much the Alien franchise has been dragged through the mud with 3, Resurrection, the AvP movies and to a lesser extent Prometheus (the Lindelof effect), I wouldn't call it a prestigious franchise again just yet. Anyway, if they're going for a Cannes premiere, I don't think that justifies moving the release date forward closer to the Cannes premiere. Last year, the BFG had a Cannes premiere when it opened in July. Other Cannes out-of-competition films have opened as late as September. It doesn't change the fact that it went from a month where it was monthly tentpole to a month where it's not. So I don't see how this doesn't have a negative effect on box office.
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    I don't think it will be a huge hit either, but it is good for a 60-70M OW IMO. That itself means other movies will be affected, especially with screen space being a premium during summer.
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    I think Fox is trying to tell us something, guys.
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    If anything Ninjago is this generation's Bionicle, I'd say it could possibly make over $200M domestic. LB should do $285M (minimum) to $360M (maximum).
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    I imagine Parker and Stone's next feature film would be The Book of Mormon.
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    Yeah sorry but not even a small chance of a Storks nom. There are 7-8 films fighting to the death for a nom this year, and even after that you have films like SLOP and Trolls that would still probably get in first. Storks would be unlikely in a field of 10 noms this year. Landmark year for the medium.
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    It was only in jest, I really like The Ninjago short before Storks so I'm hopeful it'll be good. Lego Batman will probably make more money in its OW than what Storks did in its domestic run but I expect Ninjago will do decently. My only fear is that if the branded properties like Lego and Scooby Doo do better than the original films like Storks and Smallfoot then WB will focus on making less original animated films.
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    With Pixar's other movies you can tell a lot of thought and care went into building the world and considering how it might work, and that's the basis of how they're able to craft such unique stories. You can argue that they still take scientific shortcuts for simplicity's sake but they still present themselves as plausible concepts. Cars however is just a human world where everyone looks like a car, there's nothing about the characters that makes them need to be cars, and because of that it's pretty much impossible to write a novel story from it.
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    It's the big reason the best this can hope for is 70s on RT as opposed to the 90 of other Pixar films
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    I'm in the camp that thinks as long as a movie makes an emotional sense, people will buy it. Exhibit A the movie in your avatar.
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    What would a car do to get high? Snort antifreeze?
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    Needs to be in the next trailer, just sung really dark and moody, like all the cool trailers do these days with old pop songs.
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    Lightning McQueen, damaged and no longer capable of racing, turns to drugs and alcohol to deal with his sorrows? Is that the movie you want?
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    I see Kung Fu Panda 3 ($140M) numbers for it Domestically. With about 270 OS giving it, $410 million WW.
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    Prometheus? Not awesome, nor terrible. Just a disappointing and bloated film with a couple of excellent scenes mixed with some awful plot holes, with two strong leads around many embarrasingly developed characters.
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    Game of Thrones last night honored Prometheus by having a character run from impending danger in a straight line
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    Mostly just this one for me. Dory being great would go a long way toward confidence in the other two.
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    Clemens and Dilon were interesting. :< Not 'likeable', but interesting to watch.
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    Alien3 isn't a terrible movie but the deaths at the very beginning almost completely took me out of it. Weaver was good, as always,but I didn't care about a single other character. Which is just the opposite of the first two movies. I'm looking forward to seeing where Scott goes with these next few movies though

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