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    Hindsight is... 20/20 *Okay in all seriousness though, how were they to predict this first of a kind incident since the dawn of movie theatres? The way they saw it, WW84's legs would be cut by Frozen 2 and SW9 and more importantly, it was too close to Joker. June 2020 seemed like the perfect summer date, taking the same spot as the previous film. In some ways, Joker's win turned out to be WW84's loss.
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    Disney+ has already far exceeded Disney's expectations unlike HBO Max which AT&T seems to sacrifice everything for atm. Everyone complains about Disney's dominance but would be funny if they remained more committed to theatrical releases because of that.
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    Yes, Disney trumps everything both at the box office and in terms of brand/library appeal to the average consumer. No question about that. I just feel like AT&T put together a pretty half-assed launch for HBO Max. An example of missing content: how about items like Batman: The Animated Series? Best cartoon ever and the bastards failed to include it so far. In terms of classic movies, you would have a really hard time beating Warner's archives. But so far they have only put the really obvious stuff out there like Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, etc. How about unleashing all of it, whether it's superhero stuff or the classic Warner films?
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    And what the actual fuck, r/boxoffice is blaming Chris Nolan and Tenet for this. Tenet was in no way a big enough flop to justify this kind of stupid strategy,
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    Anyone catch this bit? Don't think it was posted here... In the case of “Wonder Woman 1984,” insiders say that Gadot and director Patty Jenkins received generous backend deals after agreeing to send the film to HBO Max.
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    They should've just released it in late 2019. The decision to move it to 2020 gets more idiotic as time passes
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    I think movie theaters will be almost extinct in about ten years. This is definitely going to change the landscape. I think high budgeted tv shows like what we got with Game of Thrones and what we are currently getting with Mandalorian will become the norm and instead of a dozen 200m movies a year we will only get two or three. With these moves it is very clear by now that these streaming services are far more important to the studios than theaters are. And there is no way this isn't going to continue past 2021.
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    Yes. Nothing is off the table now, especially after today's news. But Disney won't announce this anytime soon, so that they don't look like "followers." But when May comes around, I'm betting 99% that this will be the reality - a simultaneous availability. It would be there in a couple of months, anyway, so...
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    OMG.....All of it? I just saw the HBO Max teaser. MATRIX 4 straight to Streaming? It's really happening. Technology has been moving so fast since I was a kid. It's just crazy to see the evolution happening this quickly. Consumers just have to many entertainment choices in this world. Hollywood is starting to adapt clearly. But Everything? The whole slate? This is huge news. I predicted this day to Friends over a decade ago. I said there will be a time people will choose Blockbusters like PPV and having screening parties with friends. That's a huge marketing rollout. OK Warner Bros, you got me. HBO Max subscribing for sure.
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    This was apparently a decision from the higher ups at AT&T. They’re desperately trying to stop HBO Max from sinking.
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    Holy! That is news...that's a gauntlet thrown at every streaming service...and a not welcome sign to all DOM theaters...
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    The problem is that once this becomes the new normal, how are they supposed to go back to the old model ever again?
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    THe only reason theaters have lasted this long anyways is because they generally had a handful of billion dollar blockbusters that they could count on every single year. Within the past year or so the studios that make those blockbusters have opened up their very own streaming services and they clearly see these streaming services as a better deal for them going forward than the theaters are. As I said a couple posts ago we probably won't get nearly as many 200m movies made going forward.
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    It also doesn't make sense to say that the trend of theaters declining in favor of streaming would have continued at the same rate indefinitely (which is the basis of this "Covid accelerated what already would have happened" theory). These things are usually not that predictable. There are also challenges to exclusively dropping movies on premier access rather than theaters as we saw with Mulan (the fact that Disney blamed the Xinjiang controversy for lowering sales probably says something about the performance.
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    Everything's backfiring on the major studios and industry right now, so they're making their own choices to at least get the content out there. I'm not saying I fully agree with that, but it will be interesting to see how this strategy works. We knew that major studios would have to effectively "write-off" a good portion of theatrical revenue for this year and possibly next; they're all already losing money daily -- ATT/Warners is making a bold bet that this is the model that consumers will prefer going forward for the time being... We'll see... but it's sure an interesting moment to witness! 😂 Theaters will never fully die. Or rather, they may die, but they will be resurrected (at least commercially, for blockbusters). ATT, Comcast, Disney, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Viacom/Paramount are all probably figuring that they'll be chipping in to "save" theaters once this is all over, as well. The question is...will consumers demand that this model remains permanently, or not? (The saddest losses here will be independent theaters with history.)
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    Nah, WW1984 is gonna do so badly that WB and AT&T will realise this is a really stupid decision.
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    I think they are though. AT&T/Warner just gave them cover to go with this type of agenda.
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    I’m assuming that AT&T has officially killed WB’s working relationship with Christopher Nolan.
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    What the fuckity fuck of fucking fucks. What is going on. Holy fuck! Well, RIP BO. RIP movie theaters. I did not see this coming. I feel like the AT&T CEO either has no clue what they are doing or wants to turn HBO/Warner Bros into the next Netflix and/or both that the CEO is incompetent and wants HBO MAX to be the next D+/Netflix. This is why a cellular company buying a movie studio is a bad idea.
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    Good old British arrongance; main reason we had to kick them out in 1776.
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    The Body Snatcher (1945) The Room Is Alive: Cap is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Cap's Personal Meeting Room Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 542 382 5182 Passcode: BOT
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    Demon Slayer Worldwide till 29 Nov 2020 Japan - $262.85mn Taiwan - $17.65mn Hong Kong - $3.35mn Total - $284.35mn Approx

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