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    The Idiots Genre: Sports Documentary Directed By: Casey Affleck Release Date: April 12, Year 8 Theater Count: 2375 Theaters Budget: $7.5 million Running Time: 105 Minutes MPAA Rating: PG-13 for Brief Strong Language Narrated By: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Featuring Interviews with: Bill Burr, Johnny Damon, Rachel Dratch, Theo Epstein, Chris Evans, Terry Francona, Nomar Garciaparra, John W. Henry, John Kerry, John Krasinski, Pedro Martinez, Conan O'Brien, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Mitt Romney, Bud Selig, Joe Torre, Tim Wakefield, Mark Wahlberg, among others Premise: In 2004, a dysfunctional, party-hard, loose cannon coterie of baseball players called the Boston Red Sox ended one of the longest championship droughts in sports history, and revitalized one of America's original cities. Summary: Chapter 1: Aaron Bleepin' Boone! This initial segment of the documentary chronicles the close of the 2003 Boston Red Sox season, which culminated in a bitter seven game series against their hated rival the New York Yankees. The series is hard-fought and full of emotion and anger, including a dramatic benches-clearing brawl during which star Boston pitcher Pedro Martinez flings septuagenarian Yankee coach Don Zimmer to the ground with strong force. The final game of the series goes into extra innings, where Aaron Boone hits a walk-off home-run that wins the series for the Yankees and sends them to the World Series. The Red Sox sulk in their clubhouse and fans across New England are dejected and heartbroken, at yet another instance of the Curse of the Bambino. Boone's home run enters the lexicon of New England Sports talk as one of the most infamous occurrences in Red Sox history. Chapter 2: 86 Years This segment of the documentary first goes back in time to 1918, shortly after the Boston Red Sox win the World Series. The team at that time featured an extremely valuable player by the name of Babe Ruth, who split his time between hitting and pitching. The owner of the Sox, Harry Frazee, liked to finance Broadway productions and viewed his ownership of the team as a way to put money in his pocket for other business ventures. Wanting money to finance his latest play, in 1919, Frazee trades Ruth to the New York Yankees for the sum of $125,000.00. Frazee gets his play on the stage, and the Yankees get a player who becomes the most famous baseball player who ever lived. Following the trade, the Red Sox endure a calvacade of bad luck, misfortune, and playoff heartbreak, reaching the World Series 4 times over the next 86 years, and losing all four in dramatic fashion, among other dramatic losses that crush their championship hopes. By comparison, the Yankees in the same time period reach the World Series about 40 times, and win 26 of them. The documentary revisits some of the iconic moments of this period: Enos Slaughter's "Mad Dash", Carlton Fisk waving the home run fair, Bucky Bleepin' Dent's home run, Bill Buckner's legs. The documentary also spends a little time discussing the changing nature of the city of Boston, such as the violent uproar in 1974 for the desegregation busing program, housing crises, and the everlasting Big Dig. By 2003, the sports fanbase for Boston was exhausted, to the point of assuming that any Red Sox season would ultimately end in heartbreak. Chapter 3: The Boy Wonder Following the close of the 2002 baseball season, the Red Sox take a big chance by installing as the team's General Manager 29-year old Theo Epstein, the youngest General Manager in history at that point in time. Epstein brings a new way of thinking to baseball, being one of the pioneers of analytics, building off of the dynamics and theories of the "Moneyball" Oakland Athletics. Going into the 2004 season, Epstein makes a few substantial changes to the roster, including trading for outspoken and aggressive starting pitcher Curt Schilling. There's some friction and discussion in the front office, and between the owner, coach, and Epstein, as there's differences in opinion about how to strategize the team for the season, but eventually things get smoothed out. In Boston as a whole, just following the World Series, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was legal in the state, spurring celebrations in much of the city, which in general is left-leaning. The decision is stayed until spring 2004 to allow the state legislature time to do a legislative solution. Chapter 4: The Idiots The collection of players forming the Boston Red Sox for the season are quite the array of characters, ranging from the flamboyant and prima donna Pedro Martinez, to the eccentric, uncontrollable, oddball slugger Manny Ramirez, to the affable and gregarious David Ortiz, and the disheveled, bearded, party man Johnny Damon. This loose-playing, partying, eclectic bunch of individuals, many of which kinda did things to their own tune, or kinda ended up a bit clueless or goofy, end up being called The Idiots by the Boston sports media, and the name catches on nationwide as the Red Sox start the season doing well, but into May and beyond they start hitting big trouble with injuries, numerous miscues on the field, and other problems. Tensions also grow between players, and between players and coaches, most especially with the star shortstop Nomar Garciaparra. By mid-summer, the Red Sox are eight games behind the Yankees in the standings, and instances like a brawl between Sox catcher Jason Varitek and Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez only serve as fuel for the media fire covering The Idiots as a trainwreck of a team. Meanwhile in Boston, the state legislature takes no action to either implement or overturn the state supreme court, so on May 17, 2004 the first same-sex marriage licenses are issued in the city, with hundreds of weddings occurring in the initial days, and national media giving the event their full attention. There's some tensions as many opponents of same-sex marriage converge on Boston to protest in front of the State Legislature, but the overwhelming response in the city is positive. Chapter 5: The Shake-Up With the Red Sox mired in struggle, Epstein makes one of the most dramatic player transactions in team history when at the trade deadline he trades Garciaparra, one of the faces of the team, to the Chicago Cubs. Epstein gets crucified by both the media and by fans for trading Garciaparra away, but he stands by it as necessary to shake up the nature of the team. The removal of Garciaparra from the team removes much of the toxic atmosphere from the team's clubhouse, and the players received in the trade, while not stars, provide valuable assistance in key spots, and the Red Sox turn things around, winning 22 of their last 25 games to qualify for the playoffs. In the first round of the playoffs, the Red Sox battle it out with the Anaheim Angels but win it in three games, to advance to the League Championship Series against their nemesis, the New York Yankees. During this time, Boston hosts the Democratic National Convention, where Massachusetts senator John Kerry is nominated as the Democratic candidate for President. Chapter 6: Of Socks and Sox In a mirror of 2003, the series between the Yankees and the Red Sox goes to seven games, with the Yankees winning the first 3 games of the series, making each subsequent game a must-win for the Red Sox, or they get eliminated from the playoffs. Games 4 through 6 are nailbiters, with Games 4 and 5 each going into extra innings. Game 6 goes to the Red Sox in what is known as the Bloody Sock Game, as their pitcher Curt Schilling had to have an ankle sutured, and the sutures ripped during the game, bleeding through his sock. The dramatic, pain-filled performance by Schilling sends a jolt through teams and fans alike, so when Game 7 comes, the Red Sox absolutely destroy the Yankees, and advance to the World Series against the venerable St. Louis Cardinals, who had the best record in baseball in 2004. It turns out to not be close, as in an anticlimax the Red Sox sweep the Cardinals in 4 games, bringing the World Series trophy back to Boston for the first time in 86 years. The entire city of Boston goes on a joyous bender unlike almost anything seen in the city for decades, and for a brief moment, the city is truly united in success and celebration. The documentary shows a bit of the victory parade, and provides some additional context, such as the Farrelly Brothers romantic comedy Fever Pitch being filmed during the World Series and the ending being changed mid-production as the Red Sox win the whole thing, with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore attending the winning game in-character. Boston success does not carry over to John Kerry, as he loses the 2004 presidential election to incumbent George W. Bush, with the election results hinging on a narrow win by Bush in Ohio. The documentary closes out with some discussion of the aftermath for the Sox and many of the key players, noting things such as Pedro Martinez's election to the Hall of Fame, Manny Ramirez's multiple steroid test results and sudden retirement, Curt Schilling's devolving into a MAGA troll. As a closing note, it's mentioned that Theo Epstein some years later left the Sox to take over the Chicago Cubs, and eventually led them to break their own 108-year curse in 2016.
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    Numerator Pictures has finalized its cast for its Sci-Fi Drama/Thriller Here Nor There, which is slated for a Fall release. The film is being headlined by Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers, Fosse/Verdon, Fatal Rendezvous) and Trevor Jackson (Grown-ish, A Woman in the Crowd), and other principal roles are played by Nicholas Braun (Succession), Dakota Fanning (The Alienist, Attack on Titan), Shazad Latif (Star Trek: Discovery), Wunmi Mosaku (Lovecraft Country, Loki), August Diehl (Schadenfreude, A Hidden Life), and Katja Herbers (Westworld, Evil) Filling out the cast are Anne-Marie Duff (Suffragette, Sex Education), Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist, On the Rocks, Yang), Jake Horowitz (The Vast of Night), Tuppence Middleton (Mank, Pillars of Eternity: An Ancient Legacy), Ralph Ineson (The Witch, Chernobyl, Mass Effect), Scott Shepherd (The Report, First Cow), Ato Essandoh (Chicago Med, Away) and Gustaf Skarsgård (Kon-Tiki, Vikings) * CAYOM roles are noted in Italics Here Nor There is directed by Deborah Chow (Better Call Saul, Star Wars: The Mandalorian), with a story/screenplay from Misha Green (Lovecraft Country)
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    The Croods 2 looks to go above $45M despite the fact it's been available on PVOD for a month now. Honestly had it come out in Tenet's September spot when more theaters were open and things were looking slightly optimistic it might have legged it out to a $100M+ total (but didn't because it wasn't ready yet at the time).
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    Most Weekends at #1 (1998-)22 - Titanic (1997) 18 (2 from re-release) - Spirited Away (2001) 16 - Frozen (2014)14 - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) 14 - Armageddon (1998) 13 (9-consecutive) - Your Name. (2016) 10 - Avatar (2009) 9 - Howl's Moving Castle (2004) 9 - Bayside Shakedown: Save the Rainbow Bridge! (2003) 9 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) 9 - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) 9 - Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) Top 100 Highest-Grossing Films of All-Time001. ¥36.15 billion ($345.7 million) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *94-Day Est.* 002. ¥31.68 billion ($261.2 million) - Spirited Away (2001)*_______________ 003. ¥27.05 billion ($218.0 million) - Titanic (1997)* 004. ¥25.50 billion ($249.6 million) - Frozen (2014) 005. ¥25.03 billion ($236.5 million) - Your Name. (2016) 006. ¥20.30 billion ($163.7 million) - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) 007. ¥20.18 billion ($173.7 million) - Princess Mononoke (1997)*_______________ 008. ¥19.60 billion ($190.0 million) - Howl's Moving Castle (2004) 009. ¥17.35 billion ($164.5 million) - Bayside Shakedown: Save the Rainbow Bridge! (2003) 010. ¥17.30 billion ($147.8 million) - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) 011. ¥15.60 billion ($167.7 million) - Avatar (2009) 012. ¥15.50 billion ($156.0 million) - Ponyo (2008) Most Attended Films of All-Time (5 Million+)001. 26.43 million - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *94-Day Est.*_____________ 002. 24.28 million - Spirited Away (2001)* 003. 20.03 million - Frozen (2014)_____________ 004. 19.50 million - Tokyo Olympiad (1965) 005. 19.30 million - Your Name. (2016) 006. 17.43 million - Titanic (1997)* 007. 16.20 million - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) 008. 15.50 million - Howl's Moving Castle (2004)_____________ 009. 14.98 million - Princess Mononoke (1997)* 010. 14.00 million - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) 011. 13.00 million - Emperor Meiji and the Great Russo-Japanese War (1958) 012. 12.87 million - Ponyo (2008) All-Time Most Attended Films/Population Comparison (10 Million Admissions+):% of Pop, (Film's Admissions/Japan's Population) - Film (Year)21.02% (26.43 million/125.71 million*) - Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (2020) *94-Day Est.*19.72% (19.50 million/x98.88 million) - Tokyo Olympiad (1965)18.48% (23.50 million/127.13 million) - Spirited Away (2001)15.76% (20.03 million/127.08 million) - Frozen (2014)15.24% (19.30 million/126.59 million) - Your Name. (2016)14.30% (13.00 million/x90.73 million) - Emperor Meiji and the Great Russo-Japanese War (1957)13.35% (16.83 million/126.06 million) - Titanic (1997)13.10% (12.55 million/x95.83 million) - Godzilla vs. King Kong (1962)12.74% (16.20 million/127.13 million) - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)12.14% (15.50 million/127.68 million) - Howl's Moving Castle (2004)11.26% (14.20 million/126.06 million) - Princess Mononoke (1997)10.99% (14.00 million/127.39 million) - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)10.08% (12.87 million/127.68 million) - Ponyo (2008)9.869% (12.60 million/127.67 million) - Bayside Shakedown: Save the Rainbow Bridge! (2003)9.477% (12.10 million/127.67 million) - The Last Samurai (2003)9.022% (10.69 million/118.48 million) - E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)8.615% (11.00 million/127.68 million) - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)8.364% (10.61 million/126.26 million) - Weathering With You (2019)8.237% (10.45 million/126.26 million) - Frozen II (2019)8.051% (10.31 million/127.55 million) - Avatar (2009)
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    Weekend Estimates (01/16-17):01 (01) ¥200,000,000 ($1.9 million), -33%, ¥36,145,000,000 ($345.7 million), Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (Toho/Aniplex) WK14 02 (02) ¥144,000,000 ($1.4 million), -50%, ¥805,000,000 ($7.8 million), Gintama: The Final (Warner Bros.) WK2 03 (04) ¥x91,000,000 ($875,000), -11%, ¥1,405,000,000 ($13.7 million), Poupelle of Chimney Town (Toho) WK4 04 (03) ¥x62,000,000 ($595,000), -41%, ¥3,570,000,000 ($33.5 million), New Interpretation Records of the Three Kingdoms (Toho) WK6 05 (06) ¥x61,000,000 ($585,000), -18%, ¥1,635,000,000 ($15.8 million), The Promised Neverland (Toho) WK506 (---) ¥x55,000,000 ($530,000), 0, ¥x55,000,000 ($0.5 million), Natsume's Book of Friends: The Waking Rock and Strange Visitor (Aniplex) NEW 07 (05) ¥x53,000,000 ($510,000), -37%, ¥1,330,000,000 ($12.9 million), Pokemon: Coco (Toho) WK4 08 (09) ¥x23,000,000 ($220,000), -33%, ¥2,625,000,000 ($25.4 million), Stand By Me, Doraemon 2 (Toho) WK8 09 (10) ¥x21,000,000 ($200,000), -27%, ¥260,000,000 ($2.5 million), Peninsula (Gaga) WK3 10 (07) ¥x20,000,000 ($190,000), -47%, ¥105,000,000 ($1.0 million), Sailor Moon Eternal - Part 1 (Toei) WK2There are now 11 prefectures under the state of emergency restrictions, and theaters have agreed to them and are closing early (at 8PM), meaning the last showing of the day has to begin at 5/6PM. These 11 prefectures account for a vast majority, easily in the 85% territory, of the entire box office, so the evening/night business will be increasingly weak for the next 3 weeks. However, despite this, everything still performed quite well, and these drops are easily on par with most middle weekends in January, and even better than the average weekend this time of year (in terms of holds). >Demon Slayer: Mugen Train continues its reign atop the box office (even taking back #1 in admissions this weekend), having achieved its 14th-consecutive weekend at #1 now. And after 14 weeks, it has now earned about ¥5 billion (enough to be considered a blockbuster in the market) more than Spirited Away. Even after all this time, it's a mind-boggling achievement. Look for a finish near ¥38 billion (~$365 million) with nearly 28 million admissions, but don't be surprised if it has some event announced over the Demon Slayer Festival on Feb. 13-14 that could change things. >Gintama: The Final experienced a large 50% decline, but not too surprising given the giveaway event over its first weekend/week of release. It also has a couple events happening over the next two weeks. Beginning Jan. 22nd, moviegoers can download an app to listen to commentary from the cast during special showings. And beginning on Jan. 29th, moviegoers can receive a limited-print double-sided poster (in collaboration with Demon Slayer again). So it should have a pretty good run over the next several weeks, and I believe it still has a good shot at reaching ¥2 billion (~$20 million). Excluding the two live-action films, it needs to surpass Gintama: The Final Chapter's ¥1.7 billion total to become the highest grossing animated film in the franchise. >Poupelle of Chimney Town enjoyed the best hold in the Top 10, and it was a pretty stellar hold at that. It's going to be more of crawl-type of performance, but if it continues like this for awhile, it could eventually reach ¥2 billion (~$20 million). >Fourth through seventh place this weekend is very, very contested. At the usual locations, barely 2,000 admissions separate all four films. Natsume's Book of Friends: The Waking Rock and the Strange Visitor is a limited release, only playing in 65 theaters, so it's probably at a disadvantage in terms of admissions, but most Aniplex releases have higher ticket prices via events and special ticket pricing and such, so it could have debuted above the three holdovers. >The Promised Neverland is apart of that four-way battle for 4th-7th place talked about above, but I'm giving it a special mention here due to its excellent sub-20% hold. This may have been a result of its primary audience not having a chance to see it over the weekdays since theaters are closing earlier, thus not really giving students/workers a chance to see films on the weekdays right now, but it's great nonetheless, especially if the upcoming weekdays are at least decent. ¥2 billion (~$20 million) is still an uphill battle, but it's keeping its chances alive with its hold this weekend.
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    It’s pretty good for a Japanese movie. PS can be found here:
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    I will be watching Egg closely on OD, but the PS aren’t really looking like a breakout, just solid. It’s some 35% of Peninsula D-2 PS. A big movie will have much more share than 51% on D-2 as well. If Soul is going to do very well will need a couple of nearly flat/increasing weekends. Probably not room with restrictions to get that kind of run from Soul and DS a week later, so we’ll see which it happens to (if either).
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    Soul with nearly 51% of the presales with 36K+. Looks for a breakout!
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    From your own article... "So far, the virus does not appear to have become resistant to COVID-19 vaccines, says vaccinologist Philip Krause, who chairs a WHO working group on COVID-19 vaccines."
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    Agreed. Agreed, but chances look pretty good to me for now. Oh for sure, I don’t expect 100% seating until the fall or so. But 50% seating is really no obstacle to a 100M opening when it can just get double the screens it normally would because nothing else is making money for exhibitors. Sounds like the perfect release plan to me (assuming you mean PA) 👍
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    Looking at the numbers, I'm not really worried about this film at this point. I expect a hybrid release just to make people comfortable, but at least 80 million people will be fully vaccinated by May 7th (in the US). Couple in the fact that north of 30 million people will for sure have had the virus (the real number is probably 3x higher) and I expect more than 50% of the population will have immunity. It'll be enough for a decent amount of theaters to be open and seating to be available.
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    10% better than now isn’t good enough for a theatrical exclusive. How about 95% better? May 2021 will be waaaaaay better in terms of theater restrictions and audience interest than May 2020 would have been, trying to release it then would have been a PR disaster and total flop.
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    If it gets worse or stays the same I think we’d be looking at 25M maybe, if they tried pure theatrical? But it’s not going to be worse or the same. The past month will be basically the worst month of the entire epidemic in the US (in terms of infections, deaths lag so the worst month will be like Feb). Pessimistically May will be medium-better than right now, in which case I think this will get delayed or hybrid PA. Optimistically we’ll be at like 150 daily deaths by the time this comes out. Right now I’m leaning much closer to the optimistic view, but there is a lot of uncertainty.
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    Better than now isn't even close to good enough for a theatrical exclusive wide release. Frankly with how bad it is it would have been safer if they released it *last* year
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    Not in the US it doesn't. April was the optimistic timeline, and that didn't account for the and rollout and people flat out not taking the vaccine.
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    I`m 46 and have a 17 year old son. So i`m allowed to make old people jokes 😏
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    FLOODBATH Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment Director: Leigh Whannell Release Date: September 13th Y8 Genre: Disaster/Thriller/Drama Rating: PG-13, for intense sequences of violence and some language Format: 2D Budget: $12 million Theater Count: 3.003 Runtime: 1 hour and 32 minutes Cast: - Annalise Basso as Lauren - Hero Fiennes-Tiffin as Andrew - Brendan Meyer as Louis - Unknown child actor as Victoria Plot:
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    I'm new at this, so please tell me if I'm doing this right and what should I do next to help my film 😰 Title: As Fast As I Can Director: Alfonso Cuarón Genre: Family, Sport, Crime Release Date: December 6th, Year 8 Major Cast: Jaeden Martell - Thomas Leonardo DiCaprio - Lewis Dev Patel - Joe Thomasin McKenzie - Ellie Halle Berry - Trainer Taylor Julianne Moore - Katie Theater Count: 3,100 MPA Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 116 mins Production Budget: $30 Million Original Song: Go by Maroon 5 Plot Summary: *Video and picture montage of Thomas family as he is growing up with upbeat music for background, including home recordings of competitions at parks and schools, and of the trophys he has won, and the last one being a clip of them watching TV of the Olympic games and getting excited with it, then the film title appears on screen* Talented young athlete Thomas (Jaeden Martell) has shown a huge love for athleticism since he was a little child and has got an incredible talent, winning most leagues and championships he has participated on, always with the support of his parents Lewis (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Katie (Julianne Moore), and his sister Ellie (Thomasin McKenzie), but what he has always dreamed of is going to the Olympic games. "Remember Thomas, this race is really important, you've got this!", the countdown begins, and we see the family cheering and screaming in support, as Thomas races and starts to gain advantage over the other athletes, at first he seems to be struggling a little, but after a few seconds, he goes ahead and wins it, the family goes to a restaurant to celebrate, as all conversation goes towards the race, Ellie tries to talk a little about how she did good on her tests, but she gets little attention from the rest of the family, so she keeps on topic about the race. *Katie is in the hospital, non-explicit mastography scene, then in the waiting room, and then in medical consultation, the doctor is talking to her, then she is driving silently in the car and parks over and starts to cry, when she gets to the house she talks to Lewis, he hugs her hard, so after a long family conversation she gets support from all the family and decides to start chemotherapy. *Lewis goes with Katie to the hospital, as she starts the therapy, he holds her hand and hugs her. Back in the house she is puking in the bathroom.* *Lewis talks to Katie and Thomas that the monetary situation is critical and they talk about what stuff they could sell to get some money, they decide to sell Thomas car* *Another scene of Thomas racing, this time, with the family watching, Katie is looking a little bit more deteriorated, while the race is on, she starts coughing and faints, as soon as Thomas looks, he stops racing and runs towards them and they take her to the hospital.* One day at the hospital, Katie talks to Thomas and tells him how proud she is, and she makes him promise her, that he would keep on doing what he loves the best he can. "I only hope to be alive for the time that you achieve being a worldwide winner". Sadly, she dies a few days later. After her death, Lewis showed support to his kids as a lovely father, but at lonely times during the night he starts drinking until falling asleep. A couple months letter, Thomas receives a letter from the National Olympic Comitee informing him that he got accepted as a candidate for preliminars. He looks at the letter, and then looks at a picture of her mother. Ellie enters the room and takes the letter from his hands, and reads it overwhelmed with joy for his brother. The only problem is he is required to pay for expensive uniforms, a professional trainer and travelling across the country, but the family spent most of their money with Katie's therapy. When he knew about all the money that was required, Lewis told Thomas that they wouldn't be able to afford it, Thomas didn't seem okay with it and they started discussing louder and louder until the screams came in. They all had been through a lot, so they couldn't help to have all of their feeling they had silenced before to come out in that moment, and hurtful things were said by both. Katy tried to control them both, but they wouldn't listen to her, so she started crying, as Thomas went on to his bedroom, and Lewis walked out the house to a bar nearby. So Lewis gets a deal with a criminal drug group leaded by Joe (Dev Patel). As Thomas keeps on winning with the support of his sister Ellie and his trainer Taylor (Halle Berry) he gets closer to the Olympic games, while his father gets more involved with the criminal group, putting Katy and Tom's lifes at risk.
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    please tell me you aren't still watching eternal sunshine
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    I'd say yes. Odds are this doesn't get beat until end of March unless Onward surprises. Honestly though, the fact that (let's say Mulan disappoints Dumbo style) this has a chance of not being beat until May is nuts.
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    Last January finished at $812m, this January is already $663m with 11 days left, it's easily going to destroy last January. Glad to see the year that everyone thought that would be the death of cinema starting on such a huge note.
  27. 1 point
    I agree - we lamented the dearth of $200-$300M movies last year...this year, we might be rolling in them by the end of the year:)...
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    I mean, we literally just had Bad Boys 3 do a $70M 4 day OW, like I’m not denying it’ll likely see a dip from 2019 but I do think the hits will be more widespread.
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    Thinking at least a 5% gross dip, given a pretty modest ATP growth would be first year below 1.2B admits since 1992. Could go under 1992, but I think it can at least beat 1991. Not in admits per capita of course, that'll be the lowest since 1980 easily, probably ever.
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    Wow how horrible will 2020 be domestically ouch. Impressed with international though
  31. 1 point
    Shocker for Bad Boys. Didn't expect those numbers at all and feared the worst about Will Smith's pulling power in an action film following Gemini Man, but it looks like he has the potential for a great year and this film for a great run. Obviously nice to see the profile increases for Martin Lawrence and Joe Pantoliano as well. But among the rest of it its just a great start to Sony in what is shaping up to be a bit of a wildcard year after last years batch of Disney sure-things. The competition is so important.
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    Honestly if the rest of the year produces hits on this level on a near-consistent basis I think we can officially put to bed the notion that streaming is killing the multiplex, especially as all of these new services will be launching this year.
  33. 1 point
    Bad Boys exploding seems like a good sign for any potential breakouts for the rest of the year. If the ingredients are there, people will still show up to the movies, as the last few months have demonstrated. Poor numbers against its budget as expected for Dolittle but it could be worse as well. Consolation prize that at least it won't quite go down as an all-time Hall of Shame level embarrassment ala Cats.
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    This also feels like good news for upcoming decades later sequels like this summer's Top Gun 2 and next year's Matrix 4.
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    I think 2020 is going to be a much more interesting year to watch than last year because of unpredictable breakouts like 1917 and this one. We only started to get smaller breakouts like these ones last year around the second half of the year (with films like Hustlers, Knives Out, and FvF)
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    Jesus Christ, we are in the middle of January and we already got two huge break-outs, cinema is alive again? 2020 is off to a fantastic start so far.
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    Loved this. James Mangold has delivered the kind of crowd-pleaser we rarely see anymore, and proves why these types of movies deserve a comeback. The 2.5 hour running time zooms by (wink wink), and it works as both a racing movie and as a feel-good tale about the friendship between two different men. Matt Damon and Christian Bale are both at the top of their game here, and they have such an easy chemistry between them that one wonders why it's taken so long for these two certified leading men to share the screen together (too bad the trailer ruined the best scene in the movie, when they fight outside Bale's home while his wife just pulls up a chair and watches). There's nothing about this that'll reinvent the mainstream sports/friendship movie, but when the results are this well-done in every way, who is gonna complain? A-

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