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    Soul CGV ended at 33k exactly as predicted, CGV % rose just slightly to 52.4% for a 63k day. DS is barely in 1st place with an OD of 66.5k. Reception on naver and megabox seems very good, no CGV egg until next week of course. For Thurs, Soul PS are 7.9k. Guessing PSm drops to 2.4 or so for a 36k day.
  2. 3 points Pfizer Inc. will be able to supply the U.S. with 200 million Covid-19 vaccine doses by the end of May, two months sooner than previously expected, according to its top executive. Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla said Tuesday that the drugmaker and its partner, BioNTech SE, will be able to deliver the doses to the U.S. well before an earlier July 31 deadline due to a change in the vaccine’s label that allows health-care providers to extract an additional dose from each vial. In all, Pfizer and BioNTech have said they plan to produce 2 billion doses in 2021, a 50% increase from estimates given last year.
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    Varietys VIP thing reportedly said they may be looking at Disney+. It's behind a 400 dollar paywall so I don't know if there's any details beyond that.
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    Pretty standard runtime and makes me wonder if it stays on the current date since it's been revealed.
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    Making people happy is my favorite hobby. 😊
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    This post gave me one of my biggest spontaneous laughs in a while, so thank you.
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    “Considering” is doing a lot of heavy lifting there... After all that “Pedro Pascal quit The Mandalorian” bullshit that she tried to spread, I’m shocked that anybody even listens to her anymore.
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    It’s nearing 35m views just on the WB page on YouTube, this has blown past any expectations anyone could of had for the reactions to the trailer. Let’s see how this translate to Box office/max subs.
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    All I'm saying is that I hope theaters are open in my province by March because no way am I giving Disney the satisfaction of 30 dollars to watch this by myself on my tiny little TV.
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    Is there no way of avoiding Grace Randolph posts in a DC thread?
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    Next week gonna be pretty big for this year's race. Probably the most important until the 2nd week of March: Judas and the Black Messiah Sundance premiere/review embargo Golden Globes noms SAG noms Critics Choice noms These 4 things could easily change the course of the race by next week. There's also the Cherry review embargo lifting which will be fun to watch for the lolz.
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    I agree. If Mulan was profitable, and that's why they're doing the day-and-date release, I'm wondering why not with Soul. The only reason I can think they're charging premier access for this is because of the simultaneous release; it may help to push it in theaters if someone isn't willing to pay the $30 bucks if they're watching it by themselves. If the movie was free on D+, it would absolutely kill any chance it had in the theaters that it's playing in.
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    I feel that’s still too optimistic, WW sure but I think DOM has a good chance to go under 250M, maybe around 150m-200m as I don’t suspect California or NY to be open, yet alone over 50% capacity.
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    There’s no reason to announce anything now about delays/release strategy. It’s not like getting people to see an mcu movie is hard at this point. Seems like the States will be able to vaccinate a lot of people over the next few months so technically this should be able to open in a pretty decent sized market. And if the larger markets don’t open they can just do a hybrid release.
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    But as I’ve said, it’s not, because they won’t.
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    It IS weird. They dumped Soul like its nothing and Raya they are doing theaters and Disney+ both. Huh.
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    About 800 daily deaths DOM and 4000ish're right - DOM may be a little better, WW may be a little worse... I'd take the under for that DOM number bet for a May 7 release...and even if it hits, that would be a woeful number for what Disney expected for BW...and one they might be willing to pass up for D+ subs and continued subscriber happiness DOM... And the other big DOM change from Tenet to BW - all the folks who just signed up for annual streaming from D+ and HBO Max this Xmas...
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    The situation is nothing like Tenet though. Numbers will likely be much better than August, and more importantly with a very different mood given levels of vaccines and deaths. BW can go pure theatrical on May 7 and earn 250+ DOM/750+ WW
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    That's what Tenet said last year...and it did totally work overseas...May release will likely have similar viral numbers to Tenet's August release or about 40K daily cases DOM and 250K-275K daily cases WW... If Disney's okay with Tenet numbers, they can get them on BW's release...but I don't think $363M WW is their full theatrical BO target...heck, with China's love of Marvel, maybe they could even flaunt with $400M or more...
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    There was a severe lack of your own reading comprehension. I'm sorry to be so direct about it, but if you want to dish it, you better be able to take it. The point that many others were trying to make to you then, and that I am pointing out to you now, is that a blanket prediction could not be made - i.e. that it could be predicted that the disease would just fade away everywhere during the summer. Which it did not, despite the general pattern. This distinction matters because as I believe you do understand, the seasonality of the illness is driven by changes in human behaviour rather than the nature of the virus itself. So it was important for people to understand that they couldn't just assume this would go away until October like the flu - that they should continue to be "on guard" during the summer. Perhaps you do understand this, but you clearly did not and still do not understand it was the point others were trying to make. In Canada, the rise in cases may appear to be seasonally driven, but the rise in cases began to happen in August, a few weeks after lockdowns were lifted, and there was a dramatic rise in cases in September. The much higher cases counts later into the fall are therefore partially an artifact of when the lockdowns were lifted - it's very possible that had we decided to lift lockdowns very quickly like they did in the southern US, we could have seen a surge in the spring as well, despite spring and summer weather that is significantly more comfortable. It's worth noting that flu cases do not begin to start their rise here until October. The point being that the behaviour of other respiratory diseases could not be used as an exact guide in this first year. Allow me to re-emphasize: other people did not say that COVID would not display any seasonality. In fact, the probable seasonality was directly acknowedged. They pointed out, correctly, that it could not be assumed the virus would automatically decrease in warmer weather. While the US is the only country that had a large wave in a period of warm weather, there were numerous countries that had rising case counts in periods of warm weather, Canada included. Again, this is different than what we see with the flu, where infections do not rise until the weather is quite cool.
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    Mainly sounds like they're taking out the unflattering depictions of indigenous people, which was inevitable. They also took the bride auction scene out of Pirates of the Caribbean during the height of the #MeToo movement a couple of years back.
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    How about we acknowledge that this is a Box Office Forum and not a #MonstersUniverse Fan Forum, and ideally everyone should be encouraged to fairly judge these products as released, including trailers and previous entries, on how they might "appeal" and produce business? There's been clear mismanagement of this whole franchise from the bottom-up, and I think many agree on that.
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    I tried to watch that last night and gave up after an hour which is something I very rarely do once I’ve started watching something, it was just a big dumb loud headache of a movie. They took entirely the wrong message from the Godzilla (2014) feedback, the problem wasn’t necessarily the lack of monster fights, it was that they killed off the only decent character in the first 20 minutes and then gave us 100 more minutes of uninteresting characters moping about. Give us someone to care about amidst the carnage and we’ll engage with the entire thing a lot more, or at the very least make the tone more fun, KOTM just doubled down on the bland uninteresting characters doing dumb stuff for “reasons”. I’ve honestly never seen a talented cast be as wasted as the KOTM cast was. This GvK trailer looks like more of the same unfortunately.
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    King Of Monsters is horrible. It makes me wonder how anyone could be fooled by this trailer.
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    Definitely a film where you need to shut off your brain and just enjoy the monster battles.
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