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    I imagine a lot of the friendly faces you are missing did indeed leave after we cracked down on trolling. We are perfectly fine with a community that is smaller but better to be in than a community that is larger but toxic. But I know you like your data so I'm going to share some with you. We can actually track community activity. The site lists this as "The total number of members who submitted new content, followed something, or reacted to something on the community in the specified time period." Our data for February 2020: 578 (down from 593 in 2019...not a significant amount). The fanboy thread was locked down at the start of February and we did not seem to lose any real activity during February. Our data for March 2020 when the lockdowns started: 473 And we've been around 300 until Tenet came out when it went back up slightly to 355 (and 367 in September) then it went back down to around 300. Oddly enough our activity lulls are usually in September! What do we see here? We lost about 200 members around the lockdown. We gained a little bit when there was box office then it went back down. So two things: 1) One people actually did come here to discuss box office numbers especially during blockbuster seasons. 2) Yes there are movies in the pipeline but news is slow on that front due to COVID and there isn't as much to discuss. 300 member activity is actually pretty solid for us. Of course, since you seem to think people are fleeing our site to other sites, you are free to go ahead and stop posting here and start posting at these sites with less moderation. Have a good day JCS.
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    Yes solid considering the circumstances. This is a box office/movie forum. There is less theatrical movie news and no box office. If you really think we wouldn't have lost a lot of members and activity over that, then I think you have confused why a large portion of the community did come to this site for: to discuss how their movies are doing and how future movies will do. I can tell you right now that over the years, activity on this site has gone up when the box office is doing really well and tapered when the box office is slow. There is a direct correlation with how movies are doing and the activity on this site. I've attached a chart of total posts over time so you can see what I mean: we peak when the box office peaks, we are very weak when the box office is weak. So 50% loss of activity with no box office? Yeah, solid. I sincerely hope Avatar 2, with other big tentpoles, can help bring people back to theaters and bring the box office back. January 2020 posts: 14,778 February 2020 posts: 15,554 (posts went up despite the fanboy thread being closed at the START of February) March 2020 posts: 16,278 May 2020 posts: 10,773-here you see a drop-off. I'm guessing COVID/theaters closing drove posting in March since it was so new. But as movie news slowed down and with no box office... June 2020 posts: 8,155 July 2020: 7,149 August 2020: 7,864 September 2020: 7,516 October 2020: 7,452 So with half the members we are making...about half the posts. Which is what you'd expect.
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    I definitely encourage you to do more of these! And not just negative reviews but also of movies you like! I'm also hoping Suicide Squad is better than this mess (can't be that hard). I also think it would be interesting to get your thoughts when Civil War comes out! Anyways, I was thinking about this and I realized something. It isn't just Supergirl/The Flash cross-over (as well as the Flash/Arrow cross-overs which also have a contrast between a light hero and a far darker hero) who did it a lot better. It was Daredevil. People pointed out that Daredevil S1 was what S1 Gotham wanted to be. I'd dare say that despite it's flaws, Daredevil S2 is exactly what BvS wanted to be. Spoilers for Daredevil S2:
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    Except the fact that Steve and Tony haven't reconciled is the resolution for that plot thread in this movie. If you strip it down to the bone, there are ultimately only two ways that plot thread could've ended here. Either Steve and Tony reconcile or they don't. They didn't. That's the resolution. It may not be the ultimate resolution for plot in the MCU as a whole, if they reconcile in later stories, but that is the resolution for this movie. That's a fact. You claiming 'Oh they might reconcile more in later movies' doesn't stop it from being the resolution in this movie. Again, you're basing that entirely on your predictions of a completely different movie that none of us really know anything about. And yes, them being on the run is going to change things. I severely doubt they're going to drop all their grudges and conflict carried over from here like a hot potato to deal with Thanos and, if they do, that's a problem with that movie, not this one. If you're going to play the 'it's just my opinion and that's that matters' card, maybe don't get into a reasoned debate with other people revolving around actual facts and themes of the story. It's fine if you don't like a movie or a certain aspect as much as I do, but you're going to try and tell me I'm incorrect about something, the 'it's just my opinion' card isn't exactly going to cut it. Well, unless all the characters have been injected with immortality juice while I wasn't looking, you still have that. The characters can still die. It may be narratively unlikely, but they're not immortal. Besides which, for the vast majority of blockbusters out there, it's already obvious most of the MC's won't die, but there's still tension in the fight scenes. Because it's not about whether they will make it out, but how they will make it out. Plus, there are other methods to create tension and stakes in a fight other than death. It's utterly silly that you're bringing up the 'we are still friends, right?' comment in the airport because a large point of that fight scene is that neither side is actually trying to kill the other. None of them want anyone dead in this (except maybe Black Panther and Bucky), they're aiming for different goals. Team Iron Man wants to capture them alive so the government won't send out another team to outright kill them. Team Cap wants to get past them so they can get to Siberia and stop Zemo. There are still stakes in play for both teams and reasons it would be bad if either lost, yet all without the need for anyone to die or even be at serious threat of dying. And even then, things still get out of hand and there is still permanent damage to a character when Rhodey is crippled and neary died. And personally, I'm glad they didn't kill off Rhodey there because that would've changed the rest of the movie. If Rhodey did die, then Tony going berserk over his parents's murder would've lost a lot of its impact because he'd just lost a current friend and that would've/should've weighed on him more. Oh come on. That's willfully missing the point. The rifts in the first two movies were personality rifts designed to create drama and tension. Neither of those ended with outright fighting breaking out, the team completely broken and half of them on the run from the other half. (The brief Thor/Iron Man scuffle in TA1 doesn't count because that was before they'd properly teamed up or even met). Trying to seriously compare them to the rift in this movie is just silly.
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    Bit of a Catch-22 you've got going on there. If they have a happy ending, it's 'too safe', if they have don't have a happy ending then it's 'zero resolution'. Both are completely incorrect, mind. This movie has a resolution. It's not a happy one and it deliberately leaves some things ambiguous, but it's still a resolution. Also, just because the movie isn't catering to the specific risks you want, doesn't mean it's still not taking risks. It's still a Bittersweet/Downer ending which ends with half the team on the run and, despite hints that they might be able to reform, Cap and Tony are still pretty estranged. And that's something that should, and I suspect will, carry over to the next movies and get more exploration there (and if it doesn't, that's a problem with that movie, not this one.) Also, killing off a character doesn't necessarily make a movie more 'risky' or, more importantly, better. All it means is that you can no longer tell stories with that character. And, quite frankly, there are plenty of interesting stories yet to tell with almost all of the Avengers cast, so I don't particularly want them to be killed off just to satisfy some misguided bloodlust that it's the only way to make a movie 'deep' or 'risky'. I'd rather they be kept around and more interesting stories be told with them. Honestly, that's part of the reason I was a bit annoyed they killed off Crossbones. Also, if you don't understand how the bad guy won, you weren't paying attention. Yes, the gang was rescued and yes there are hints that Cap and Tony might be able to make up, but Zemo succeeded in creating an internal rift between the Avengers and, by the end of the movie, that rift is still there. Half the team is still on the run and reconciliation for many of them is not going to be easy. Things are not going to be able to go back to the way they were.
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    I love that Wonder Woman wants her picture. A digital picture. Not a framed picture. She doesn't even want to destroy Lex's data storage because he's collecting all this information. No, she just wants to copy a f***ing jpeg!
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    These are interesting numbers! What about activity of those members? Correct me if I'm wrong @JamesCameronScholar but it seems like you were pointing out the total activity/posts happening, rather than the unique people who made a single or more 'impression' (potentially not even posting!). I know I'll appear the same this month as I did last year using these metrics, but the reality is I was far more active last year. Just using the eye-test the number of posts seems way down and the front page seems slow. I reckon it will all pick up though! : ) When big tent pole blockbusters are back and A2 saves cinema (literally).
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    Nice, pleasant layout. I like. The reaction and like icons are not loading though. Chorme v59/32-bit, Win 10.
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    go back and read my first post, I was obviously talking about the comment you made about other people's opinion, so of course I would use 'it's my opinion' card. Anyway, I think I have made my points clear.
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    "If they have a happy ending, it's 'too safe', if they have don't have a happy ending then it's 'zero resolution." Nope, didn't say that. Thousands of people die, governments around the world proposes regulations to ease the tensions, superheroes fight over personal problems, the end. Civil War ends in the same way it started on that issue. No resolution. It even leaves Tony and Steve reconciliation to the next episode. No resolution about that either. Now, I might reevaluate Civil War if Stark and Rogers don't become buddies again in the next chapter. "Half of the team on the run" until Earth needs their help to fight Thanos in the next installment, then they will be championed. How risk. Anyway, I didn't find CW risky based on my own parameters, that's what matters to me, why should I care if it's risky for whatever reason that I don't consider risky? "Also, killing off a character doesn't necessarily make a movie more 'risky' or, more importantly, better... only way to make a movie 'deep" way to go... if your objective was to completely miss my point about killing characters. I want them to be killable, so that way I can feel some urgency in the action, I want to fear for them, I want to feel they are in danger. That's the reason of action scenes, isn't it? I mean, at some point a hero says to another hero, in the middle of a fight scene, "we are still friends, right?". Far from being bloodlust guy you implied me to be, I don't actually want characters who I care about to die. "Internal rift between the Avengers" just like in the first Avengers.... and the second?
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    Agree with some points, disagree strongly with others. "The bad guy won. How's that for the 'Marvel always plays it safe story-wise' crowd" It is still safe, no risks whatsoever were taken. First because there was zero resolution, second we just know they will make amends and get together to fight Thanos in IW. Risky would be killing one of the major players (they didn't even the balls to kill War Machine), risky would be one of the sides actually breaking with the whole moral conflict, risky would breaking the Marvel mold of doing movies. Civil War ended with Cap rescusing the whole gang and Stark in the middle of the process of making peace with Cap. How did the bad guy won?
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    It's a story/webcomic I'm fiddling around with to test different techniques I'm trying to use for work.
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    I think he found out when he went to the alien ship and was "tell me all you know about all the knowledge you've gathered from hundreds of planets." I mean Clark Kent's identity. No idea how he found out that Bruce Wayne was Batman but.....Bruce Wayne did keep the Bat signal at the destroyed Wayne Manor so (that's where it was, right? or was it a warehouse?) He's unpredictable because you never know when he's going to shove a jolly rancher in your mouth! By the way there was a missed chance for adding tension to the Batman vs. Superman fight since they went with that route. That is the tried-and-true approach of cutting to the literal clock that's running down. Imagine you're watching Superman lose the fight because Superman's an idiot, cutting to the time running out for Martha, back to fight, and such. But no. We see the villains setting up the clock. Next time we see that clock? the fight is over and Batman's beating the asses of the mercenaries. So freakin' dumb.
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    I loved that some user got so mad when I pointed out Wonder Woman was irrelevant. As for Batman? I mean he did save Martha. So he has that going for him.
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    "Batman could've easily been written out of this movie." -- Yeah, it really feels like 3-in-1: BvS - Supes' position in our world and Bats' different ideology, MoS2 - Lex hating Supes and creating Doomsday, The Trinity - introducing Wonder Woman and that whole DC world-building.
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    "Plus it killed off Mercy Graves, who was like the hottest thing in this movie." -- TRUE.
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    Those special bullets are amazing... Who's manufacturing them? LexCorp? Who's using them? Lex's mercenaries.
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    There are times when adding scenes can improve a movie. This is not one of those times. I don't want more Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Pondering to go through in re-watches.
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    I gotta say that even though I liked the movie way better than you, I really enjoyed reading this and I hope you finish up this giant review!
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    You hatewatched it, didn't you? Probably went in there with a pen and a pad.
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    Dustin Hoffman is a minor star? What are you smoking WB?
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    Shit, I saw that at the theater!
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    Try Delhi Safari. It's one of the worst things I've seen. Also "Airplane Vs Volcano" is pretty special too.
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    597 to 'around 300'. I guess if you see a nearly 50% drop as 'solid', personally I'd say those numbers prove my initial speculations correct, so thank you, and I do appreciate you sharing those numbers. I'll stick around to see how the Avatar 2 thread ticks along I suppose, unless it gets nuked (or if the site continues its decline maybe it'll just shutter - I hope not). And again, I don't 'seem to think' people are 'fleeing' the site, seems plain as day to me, and you (based on your own numbers), that they are. It's a real shame.

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