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    Really enjoyed it here. Personally think it was definitely better than the trailers had me expecting. Robbie does a good job despite almost one too many over the top self-aware jokes. Loved McGregor. Almost feels like a Tarantino styled violence in a DC film. They really took that R Rating to heart. Fun soundtrack.
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    Birds of Prey 11.85 Bad Boys for Life 5.50 1917 4.25 Dolittle 3.10 Jumanji: The Next Level 2.70 The Gentlemen 1.85 Gretel And Hansel 1.65 Knives Out 1.13 Little Women 1.12 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 1.10
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    At this time, Sonic is outpacing Detective Pikachu by 30%,
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    Quick update. in just 2 hours at Empire 25 Birds of Prey is at 659/7910(38 shows). That is super strong start. As I said Joker sold 1000+ tickets on 1st day. That said its not close to Joker overall though its PS start is strongest I have seen minus SW9/Joker. It has started with 1224 shows at MTC1 and 1259 at MTC2. Not very big but it will go up big time next tuesday. I am expecting at least 4000-5000 shows between the 2 MTC. Target previews should be 8m. but its early days yet.
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    an R rated Gotham City Sirens with Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy eating each other out would have been epic
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    Having actually seen it, I don't blame marketing as much anymore. I really don't think they had anything of value to sell, so being confused in their message isn't as unexpected. Didn't think it was bad per se, just...pointless?Muddled storytelling structure that only served to make it more obvious it was emulating the first Deadpool, though it still managed to be fairly boring for the first half of the movie. Deadpool-lite continues with a lot of swearing and violence that SHOULD be entertaining yet isn't. The fights lack any real phisicality, despite the John Wick inspiration. They don't feel real, they lack impact and the violence alone would probably not be enough for an R rating. And that's the other issue - I said before I don't think the rating had an impact on the performance and I still think that, with the note that the movie isn't really embracing that rating. After Deadpool did the shock violence for humorous effect and Logan for dramatic purposes, this was lost so where in the middle. The movie's not funny, the violence isn't so over the top you can have fun with it, the dramatic scenes don't have much impact because you're not invested in these paper-thin characters that once again have to be introduced with actual on-screen text... The marketing was bad because this movie really had nothing to sell. For all its faults, SS had Joker, Batman and Will Smith, plus large scale action to sell (and sell well the trailers did). This... Zilch. I'm glad the overall reception is OK, as I want DC to stop being the punching bag it's been in recent years despite them righting the ship, but by God was I disappointed in this, following the reviews. I was expecting crazy action, humor and violence and all I got was sick of hearing Margot Robbie's voice. Aside from being mostly bored, the biggest takeaway was... What a waste of Ewan McGregor. A better made film overall than the likes of SS, JL and BvS, but I found this to be the least entertaining movie DC has made since Catwoman. I just have zero interest in rewatching this, whereas even with the bad ones, there's either hilarious entertainment value or certain scenes that I enjoy. This is just... Instantly forgettable.
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    No numbers yesterday because of a birthday invitation . Birds of Prey, counted today at 10am EST: NY (AMC Fresh Meadows 7): 351 (total tickets sold for Thursday) / 394 (total tickets sold for Friday, 13 showtimes) Boston (AMC Assembly Row 12): 221 / 250 (16 showtimes) Boston (Boston Common 19): 257 / 268 (14 showtimes) Miami (AMC Sunset Place 24): 313 / 217 (18 showtimes) Grand Rapids (AMC Grand Rapids 18): 87 / 38 (9 showtimes) Austin (AMC Lakeline 9): showtimes): 29 / 27 (8 showtimes) Tempe/Phoenix (AMC Center Point 11): 119 / 62 (12 showtimes) San Francisco (AMC Metreon 16): 594 / 499 (15 showtimes) LA (AMC Bay Street): 249 / 202 (17 showtimes) LA (AMC Universal): 592 / 427 (18 showtimes) Total tickets sold in 10 theaters till today for Thursday: 2.812 and for Friday: 2.384. Looks a bit frontloaded. Comps: Bad Boys for Life had on Thursday 2.502/2.460 sold tickets, Ford v Ferrari 1.116/1.516, OUATIH 3.644/2.765 and Hobbs & Shaw 2.902/3.407. Bad Boys 3 must have had great walk ups so to be on the safe side I don't compare the Friday presales in this case. But if I compare the Friday number of BoP above (2.384 tickets) with those of the other mentioned films, BoP would still achieve an OW of ca. 37M-49M, not bad. As you can see, the Thursday comparisons are even more favorable. The only thing that worries me is the possible frontloadedness.
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    Sonic the hedgehog (T-1) MTC1 Prev - overall 1512 shows 27613/235631 414979.05 334210.19 +7390 MTC2 Prev - overall 1783 shows 18799/256331 230628.34 164405.34 +5255 MTC1 OD - overall 3545 shows 63886/592581 855607.25 696350.93 +22396 MTC2 OD - overall 3511 shows 60404/548771 644493.47 511724.49 +19419 MTC1 D2 - overall 3562 shows 38544/592039 474017.35 413735.30 +12466 MTC2 D2 - overall 3515 shows 32911/549857 323916.70 274090.48 +9102 Good day but not as good as I expected 🙂 If the preview numbers double tomorrow it should be good for 3.5m. With better walkins even 4m can happen. OD is where the main action is and that had another good day though it tapered off a bit in the evening. Saturday PS is also very robust and what is great is MTC1/2 ratio which shows movie is playing strong in big cities and smaller cities overall. I will stick to 50m+ 3 day and 60m+ 4 day for now.
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    Birds of Prey Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-1 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 80 763 16,591 4.60% Total Shows Removed Today: 2 Total Seats Removed Today: 311 Total Seats Sold Today: 194 Comp 0.319x of It: Chapter Two 1 day before release (3.35M) 0.222x of Joker (2.95M) 1.856x of Terminator (4.36M) 4.410x of Charlie’s Angels (3.96M) Adjusted Comp 0.609x of Hobbs & Shaw (3.53M) Yes, this lost showtimes. Do with that what you will.
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    HQ: 1.75 1917: 0.75 BbfL: 0.75 Parasite: 0.48 Jumanji: 0.29
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    I have nothing to do with eddyxx's warnings or bans. And trust me, I did not like how Grim ghosted you for months. But let me go through the other ones for you. With grey ghost, surely you know at this point how toxic The Last Jedi is here. With just one mention, you will have people debatin the merits of Star Wars, how it is a disgrace to cinema, and several posters chiming in to support conspiracy theories. I had to stop this early, because it was going to make the thread miserable for everyone who just wanted to talk about Birds of Prey. Now I'll fully admit, giving grey ghost points was harsh in hindsight, and I sincerely apologize to him. He simply didn't know, and it's entirely my fault. But if I didn't "jump the gun", things were gonna get ugly. Trust me, I know how this forum works. As for Firepower, I've known him long enough to know his dogwhistles, and how he will often derail threads to complain about "woke US critics" and "filmtwitter", making threads toxic and unpleasant to read. Him going "it'll get 80+ no matter what" is basically just another form of that kind of behavior (Firepower, don't you fucking dare start that again). It was going to get ugly and misogynistic fast. I don't these forums to be unpleasant to read through, and again, I knew what was gonna happen if I let him continue. He's shown no signs of changing or acting better, so why should I expect things to get better? As for VENOM...we gave him a chance. He randomly went into the TROS thread stating it was gonna get 75% reshot, first saying he knew someone working on it. Then he changed things up by saying it was already being reported on by other news sites. When people called him out, asking for reciepts, but put out this dodgy excuse of "you already know it's out there, go look it up", not even bothering to give out a source when people asked him to. All it seemed like to me was him making stuff up and trying to make people angry. We gave him all the chances he needed, and when he wasn't cooperating and making things even more miserable, we had to threadban him. Besides, the man's a bully anyways. It's really a bad idea to defend him. Regardless, with all those options, the important thing between all of them was because I, and the staff, knew what was going to happen. We've been on this website long enough to know the patterns, know who likes to push people's buttons, and knows who is just here to make this place unpleasant for everyone else. We fully support controversial statements and arguments. But we know when people are just here to make it miserable for everyone else or when things are about to go out of control. And sometimes, it's best to just jump the gun and stop something bad from turning into something worse. I get that you're upset over grim and the rest of the staff. Trust me, we're completely in the wrong for what we did to you. But please at least try to understand at least my reasonings here
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    Invisible Man(T-2) MTC1 Prev - overall 919 shows 9558/185642 161899.10 133356.09 +2981 MTC2 Prev - overall 980 shows 2527/166987 31628.17 22725.64 +975 MTC1 OD - overall 1887 shows 8428/420245 145396.74 122263.10 post 6PM 1038 shows 6568/233007 114714.00 95429.80 +3442 MTC2 OD - overall 2006 shows 4569/371181 51967.39 40563.58 post 6PM 882 shows 2982/163255 37633.30 27194.49 +1996 Its hugely overindexing at MTC1. OD PS continue to be higher than Preview PS which is good news. I think its good for 20m. How much higher I dont know at this point. Let us see where things are on thursday.
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    Non~Hubei provinces only had 40+ cases on Wednesday. In Hubei, cured patients are more than new diagnosed.
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    Birds of Prey Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-2 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 82 569 16,902 3.37% Total Showings Added Today: 21 Total Seats Added Today: 2,608 Total Seats Sold Today: 101 Comp 0.298x of It: Chapter Two 2 days before release (3.13M) 0.222x of Joker (2.96M) 1.835x of Terminator (4.31M) 4.781x of Charlie’s Angels (4.33M) Adjusted Comp 0.605x of Hobbs & Shaw (3.51M) I'm sure Philly is underperforming, so I'm not expecting numbers these low. But numbers from other trackers here aren't boosting my confidence in this. Ah well. Thankfully June will be better for DC. Yes, you can quote this if WW84 doesn't pan out well.
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    Birds of Prey (T-3) MTC1 - overall 1466 shows 27625/310617 473736.46 +5854 MTC2 - overall 1515 shows 10227/254709 132523.97 +2374 It needs to triple the numbers for 5m previews. Should do that barring toxic reviews. I think 4x this number is possible if it gets big boost post reviews. WB normally does not do SB spot but this movie releasing week after SB should have had a spot.
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    Onward Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-10 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 44 69 8,937 0.77% Total Seats Sold Today: 0 Comp 0.500x of Maleficent 10 days before release (1.15M) 1.568x of Dolittle (1.45M) 0.504x of Sonic (1.51M) Sigh...
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    marketing couldn't have done much more with a movie that was a literal vanity project for its star, from hiring inexperienced indie puppet director to do her bidding, to who-hell-she co-stars to self-indulgent subtitle to the fact that the movie had no clue who its target audience was. You can't change habits overnight. Women don't massively flock to violent movies and having women as stars of such movies does not change the fact it's a violent movie with blood and brain tissue sprayed all over. OTOH, men watch such movies more but not when served with at least pre-release dose of "down with toxic masculinity/patriarchy/whatever" and when stars are so tiny you can't seriously buy that they throw around people 3 times their size. at least male action stars look like The Rock not like anorexic heroin chic models. I thought that there would be enough DC fans to help this break even and maybe make a bit of a profit but I guess not. Maybe schizophrenic colors and cuts turned people off and in all honesty HQ isn't nearly as likable as Deadpool.
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    First weekend estimates from insidekino.de: #1: Sonic - 425k (nice surprise hit)! #2: Nightlife - 325k #3: Dolittle - 150k #4/5: BoP/Enkel - 105k each some excellent holds coming from last weekend's weather-depressed numbers!
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    Birds of Prey (T-7) MTC1 - overall 1383 shows 15934/296559 280159.82 +5466 MTC2 - overall 1289 shows 5458/226009 71422.56 51649.77 +1287 No way to spin the fact that its underperforming at MTC2. Its strong in NYC/LA but seems to underperform elsewhere. That said I would rather have movies overperform in these markets as tickets are priced higher and so there is potential for higher previews. I still dont have any predictions at this point but its way below what I thought from initial start. FYI Empire 25 is at 939/7910(38 shows) and there the average ticket price is $20.
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    You know that great buzzy feeling when a movie ends really well? This movie ends perfectly. I saw it an hour ago and I’m still feeling a high.
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    Onward Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-19 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 44 42 8,937 0.47% Total Seats Sold Today: 0 Comp 0.396x of Maleficent 19 days before release (911K) 1.312x of Dolittle (1.21M) 1.000x of Sonic (3M)
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    noticing that ever since 2017 DC have been having a coin flip on and off success with their movies at the box office. Wonder Woman breaks out>JL bombs> Aquaman is a huge hit>Shazam underperforms>Joker makes a billion> BoP underperforms (or maybe flops). so if this pattern continues, WW84 will breakout to a billion
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    Anything to do with an ensemble of characters that is primarily females in an action setting is gonna trigger those folks.
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    This thread is ridiculous. Have you guys bothered to look at the February schedule? It's a wasteland. Birds of Prey isn't going to have an issue making it's money. Even if it opens up to a modest number there is nothing else to see for weeks. If it's even halfway decent it will find its audience. As for WB mishandling anything, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, Joker.. all say hi. Successes that range from decent to unbelievable.
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    The Call of the Wild, counted today at 11am EST: NY (AMC Fresh Meadows 7): 7 (total tickets sold for Thursday) / 15 (total tickets sold for Friday, 5 showtimes) Boston (AMC Assembly Row 12): 26 / 36 (4 showtimes) Boston (Boston Common 19): 12 / 10 (9 showtimes) Miami (AMC Sunset Place 24): 9 / 2 (10 showtimes) Grand Rapids (AMC Grand Rapids 18): 11 / 30 (5 showtimes) Austin (AMC Lakeline 9): showtimes): - / 12 (1 showtime) Tempe/Phoenix (AMC Center Point 11): 7 / 6 (4 showtimes) San Francisco (AMC Metreon 16): no showtimes so far LA (AMC Bay Street): 30 / 29 (6 showtimes) LA (AMC Universal): 23 / 28 (8 showtimes) Total tickets sold in 8/9 theaters till today for Thursday: 125 and for Friday: 168. Comps: Dolittle had on Wednesday 317/308 sold tickets, Maleficent 2 1.190/1.444. Hopefully it looks better tomorrow. The Boy II, also counted at 11am EST: NY (AMC Fresh Meadows 7): 5 (total tickets sold for Thursday) / 11 (total tickets sold for Friday, 5 showtimes) Boston (AMC Assembly Row 12): 11 / 12 (2 showtimes) Boston (Boston Common 19): 5 / 5 (5 showtimes) Miami (AMC Sunset Place 24): 2 / 1 (5 showtimes) Grand Rapids (AMC Grand Rapids 18): 2 / 2 (5 showtimes) Austin (AMC Lakeline 9): showtimes): no showtimes so far Tempe/Phoenix (AMC Center Point 11): 6 / 0 (4 showtimes) San Francisco (AMC Metreon 16): 28 / 22 (5 showtimes) LA (AMC Bay Street): 5 / 1 (5 showtimes) LA (AMC Universal): 13 / 5 (5 showtimes) Total tickets sold in 9 theaters till today for Thursday: 77 and for Friday: 59. Comps: Scary Stories had on Wednesday 645/475, Crawl 261/209, Countdown 170/131, Underwater 179/170, Gretel & Hansel 199/190 and Fantasy Island had 0/663. The Turning had on Thursday 239/219 sold tickets. Even worse! Fits to the other reports here. Maybe the holiday on Monday caused a little delay? We will see tomorrow.
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    Photograph(T-1) previews MTC1 prev - overall 963 shows 6830/132886 91447.15 71357.72 +2584 MTC2 prev - overall 940 shows 2393/119901 27698.66 19183.80 +772 MTC1 OD - overall 1905 shows 26624/292669 357842.57 284372.31 +9566 MTC2 OD - overall 1634 shows 16327/225195 176917.28 130237.72 +4639 Not much action for previews. if it triples this number it will hit 800K previews. Let us see how walks up go tomorrow. Edit: updated with OD numbers and they are quite good. With good walkups I could see Photograph true friday > BOP True Friday !!!!!
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    NYC Local Mon Tues Wed Thur Previews Start Invisible Man 42/1151 (4pm) 44/1151 (4pm) 48/1151 (5pm) 70/1151 (6:30pm) 7:00 PM Onward (Sat sneaks) 53/160 (4pm) 56/160 (4pm) 76/160 (5pm) 80/160 (6:30pm) 3pm (Sat) Mulan (-4 weeks) 66/1756 (6:30pm) IM (6:30pm): Doctor Sleep (5pm): $1.98m Zombieland 2: (6pm) $2.216m Countdown: (4pm) $1.916m Brahms: The Boy: (4pm) $0.95 Turning: (4pm) $1.43m Mulan - very early comps (using BOP just b/c I had Day 1 sales for it) NYC Local Mon Tues Wed Thur Previews Start Mulan (-4 weeks) 66/1756 (6:30pm) Maleficent 2 39/1154 (4pm) 42/1154 (4pm) 53/1154 (4pm) 96/1425 [6pm] $2.3m 7:00 PM Aladdin 98/1242 (12pm) $7m 6:00 PM Frozen 122/1824 (4pm) 169/ 2724 (4pm) 208/ 2724 (4:30pm) 304/2274 (4:30pm) $8.5m 6:00 PM Birds Of Prey (-1 week) 60/1844 (6pm) 67/1844 (4pm) 6:00 PM Birds Of Prey 71/1844 (5pm) 84/1844 (7:30pm) 106/1844 (7:45pm) 166/1844 (5pm) $4m 6:00 PM
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    Monday numbers from insidekino see no real change at the top, but some improvement beyond that: #1 Sonic the Hedgehog 250k #2 Nightlife 200k #3 Parasite 110k #4 Lassie 105k (back to the number it started the first trend with) #5 The Call of the Wild 85k #6 Dolittle 70k #7 Enkel für Anfänger 67.5k #8 Bad Boys for Life 62.5k #9 Fantasy Island 60k (doesn't get listed in the post, but stands at 60k in the chart on the right, maybe with previews?) #10 Birds of Prey 55k
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    George Orwell predicted this. 1+1=3 If you repeat it long enough, it becomes the truth. Different opinion = toxicity, trolling Repeat after me. Different opinion = toxicity, trolling Repeat after me. Freedom of speech they said ... Ahh the memories ... I've never been to these places called reddit & 4 chan but my gut feeling it is the place described by democrats & liberals where republicans and Trump voters dwell an discuss about things. So basicaly the homebase of toxic trolls it is ok to insult and make fun of. Amirite, free thinkers ? Mel Gibson died for Freedom in a famous films. Voltaire was ready to die to allow someone to say someting he disagrees with. Would you ? Nah. Cancel and threadban is the best solution obviously. Who would be against tolerance ? Not even Miss America herself. And yet ... here we are. The self proclaimed tolerant and open minded people are the new fascists that can't stand other views and opinions and will do anything to shut your mouth. That is a Churchill prediction this one.
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    Around 1.3M for BB today. I think I'll keep tracking this one through the weekend and then call it.
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    and 12% of them give it 1/10, completely unrealistic it's just boring at this point, every movie with woman, POC etc is faces that this days
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    (C)2019「AI崩壊」製作委員会Weekend Forecast (02/01-02)01 (---) ¥200,000,000 ($1.8 million), 0, ¥260,000,000 ($2.4 million), AI Amok (Warner Bros.) NEW 02 (04) ¥189,000,000 ($1.7 million), +15%, ¥1,330,000,000 ($12.1 million), Parasite (Bitter's End) WK4 03 (01) ¥178,000,000 ($1.6 million), -32%, ¥770,000,000 ($7.1 million), Cats (Toho-Towa) WK2 04 (02) ¥148,000,000 ($1.3 million), -25%, ¥1,695,000,000 ($15.4 million), Kaiji: Final Game (Toho) WK4 05 (03) ¥134,000,000 ($1.2 million), -20%, ¥12,980,000,000 ($119.0 million), Frozen II (Disney) WK1106 (---) ¥100,000,000 ($915,000), 0, ¥130,000,000 ($1.2 million), Bad Boys for Life (Sony) NEW 07 (05) ¥x89,000,000 ($815,000), -29%, ¥6,950,000,000 ($63.6 million), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Disney) WK708 (---) ¥x75,000,000 ($690,000), 0, ¥x95,000,000 ($0.9 million), Knives Out (Long Ride) NEW 09 (06) ¥x65,000,000 ($595,000), -30%, ¥590,000,000 ($5.4 million), Last Letter (Toho) WK3 10 (08) ¥x51,000,000 ($465,000), -28%, ¥835,000,000 ($7.7 million), Ford v. Ferrari (Fox) WK411 (---) ¥x50,000,000 ($460,000), 0, ¥x50,000,000 ($0.5 million), Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown (Toho) NEW 12 (10) ¥x46,000,000 ($420,000), -27%, ¥330,000,000 ($3.1 million), Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul (Kadokawa) WK3A difficult weekend to predict since Saturday is a first of the month, meaning it's a national discount day (40% off movie tickets). These days always see a big boost in admissions, but the increase in revenue is much smaller due to the discounted ticket prices (though still typically stronger than normal). And as a result of the first falling on a Saturday this weekend, everything (Parasite aside) will likely experience sharp declines on Sunday to keep the weekend itself relatively normal. The #1 spot is very contested this weekend between the debuting AI Amok, which I'm predicting with much uncertainty edging out the victory, and holdovers Cats and Parasite. Cats played fine over the weekdays and pre-sales today are good, so I think legs will be fine (Japan will already become its #2 overseas market after two weeks). And Parasite actually looks like it's going to enjoy another weekend increase, and it'd be quite a feat if it manages to rise to first place. All three appear on course for ¥175/200 million.
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    Birds of Prey (T-8) MTC1 - overall 1352 shows 10468/289438 185493.25 MTC2 - overall 1255 shows 4171/222138 54589.73 FYI Empire is at 799/7910 (almost 80% of Joker). I will not say the numbers are great. But would like to see how PS goes as there are just 8 days to go. 8m was not a prediction but just as aspiration based on what i saw at Empire. The OD overall across 2 MTC does not indicate that big a previews. I dont have a prediction now with just 1 day of PS.

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