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    Yeah, I am - thanks for checking:). I made a few life changes this summer (thanks to some CLL experts) on top of those I'd made in 2019 for food allergies and for now, while my genetic markers at diagnosis in July should have indicated a really, really rapid disease progression, it seems I've slowed it down (although not stopped it). And slow is what one wants a lot with CLL:). My goal is to stay untreated through 2021, so I'm thinking ahead and longer term:). PS - For those who do leukemia, on top of my crappy deletions and rearrangements, my CD38 positivity at diagnosis was 65% - that's normally the sign it's all going rapid and badly quickly...it's how I earned 6 week blood tests, when most folks at diagnosis get 3 month ones:)...and how I earned getting approved for every old person vaccine now, but one at a time (to not overload my immune system). I just got done the pneumonia series, and next up will probably be Shingles before Covid, b/c my sis has had shingles (so it's in the family), b/c you can't take the shingles one once you need treatment, and b/c I don't know which Covid vaccine is gonna work for my protein deletions (so, that's gonna wait on the doc getting up to speed - we're gonna chat in Dec at my next appt, but I think he'll want Shingles series 1st, then Covid one)...
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    ^Australia’s vaccine plan is to first test it on millions of English people.
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    THE FOURTH QUARTER (PART THREE) Plus Two One of the more memorable hits of the otherwise slow Year 6 was the equally charming and equally funny Plus One, starring Tessa Thompson and Adam Driver with enough electric chemistry to power the CAYOM industry for a trillion years, and now they’re back in a sequel along with the additions of the lovable Roman Griffin Davis and Pam Grier among others. While the preview short before last year’s Temple Run didn’t elicit that big of a response, one more round of drunk karaoke shouldn’t be too much to ask during the so far sparse holiday season, am I right? Increase from predecessor? LIKELY Comedy sequels are fickle; some blow up (Pitch Perfect 2, Meet the Fockers, 22 Jump Street, Hangover: Part II on opening weekend, etc.) and many do the exact opposite (Ted 2, Magic Mike XXL, Neighbors 2, Think Like a Man Too, the third Hangover and Pitch Perfect films, etc.). Oftentimes the problem is either that the sequel feels like reheated leftovers, or that people just thought the premise was a one and done and so one could argue that the original film overperformed in the first place. In Plus Two’s defense, everything I’ve seen of it suggests it won’t be a blatant rehash, even if replicating the charm of the original was always going to be a tall order. The switch from summer to December is a plus also (pun not intended), as audiences not interested in either the Squirrel Girl sequel or The Queen Who Never Was would have a perfect date night option over the holidays. As long as Plus Two isn’t a spectacularly poor downgrade from its predecessor or tread too much into being cutesy when the original managed to be both charming and crude, there’s not too much I see that’d work against it. Predict: $140-$190 million ----- Untitled Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Sequel Looking at the Year 8 schedule (combining both the advance schedule and what’s listed in the studio plans), there’s currently seven animated films scheduled for release in Year 8: Dog Man Where? Meeka Beastars Animal Crossing Everything We Miss Untitled Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Sequel (YM told me Larrikins was unlikely to happen) At least two of these are definitely not aimed at young audiences, and post Animal Crossing there’s a four month gap between it and the low-budget, limited release Everything We Miss, and a five month gap between Crossing and the anticipated Squirrel Girl sequel. Disregarding The Last Airbender and Panzer Dragoon, which may have family appeal but are still fantasy blockbusters aimed at general audiences, the last kid-friendly tentpole release would be the Olive the Other Reindeer sequel in the beginning of October. This is likely going to change, but if we pretend for a moment that this is how things pan out, then Squirrel Girl may just be in the most favorable position on the schedule this whole year, even disregarding the automatic benefit of being a December release. There’s three films that, at the moment, I see as the likeliest contenders for topping the Year 8 box office. I’ve already discussed both Mass Effect and The Last Airbender, one with a high built-in floor and the other with the potential to break out beyond expectations, and when it comes to the Squirrel Girl sequel, both the floor and the ceiling are fairly high, especially under current conditions. Increase from predecessor? HIGHLY LIKELY Reception has less of an effect on family animated films than most other genres, outside of maybe teen slashers, but being tolerable to parents can go a long way to get them to take their kids to see the sequel, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl had a lot of heart, meta-humor and Marvel comic book menagerie to strike a chord with more than just its youngest viewers. While reception was never on the tier of Can You Imagine? or Gateways, an 85 on the critical aggregate is nothing to snuff at. What prevents Squirrel Girl from seeing an increase comparable to last year’s Should You Imagine? partly comes down to scheduling. Imagine switched from spring to a prime summer spot, while Squirrel Girl works from the same conditions as its also December bound predecessor. The added benefit of exclusive access to IMAX after the fourth Scavenger Wars film vacated may make a minor difference, but animated films have rarely had the same impact on the format that live-action blockbuster spectacles have. There’s also the question of if the publicized storyline won’t be more appealing to the parents than it may be to their children, even if the superhero antics should keep them occupied for the majority of the runtime. Given the lack of family options otherwise during the Year 8 holidays as of yet, though, I can’t see that factor making that big of a difference, at least unless the film actively starts boring its target audience. Predict: $315-$425 million ---- The Queen Who Never Was I'm sorry, Numbers, but I can’t just give a shrug to this one. It’s a Game of Thrones prequel. A Game of Thrones prequel. The HBO series effectively altered the landscape for genre television series. It kept HBO a viable entity during the decline of cable and the rise of streaming. It won a record number of Emmys. Nearly every high-budget genre show that came out in its wake got compared to it in some way, and nearly every high-budget genre show nowadays wants to be it. Only The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have been more influential for the fantasy genre, and now even Lord of the Rings may borrow from it. Yes, the final season was an utter mess and dampened its legacy. Yes, CAYOM may be rebooted three more times before George R.R. Martin finishes The Winds of Winter. Yes, the complex, multi-threaded storytelling is far more suited for television than it is to film. Yes, the film is said to be at least three hours long (though that hasn’t stopped some of the highest grossing films of all time in the past). And yes, it’s a prequel taking place 200 years before the events anyone gave a damn about. But come on. Now that the fourth Scavenger Wars film has vacated Year 8, there’s also no other live-action big budget tentpole film releasing this christmas, and both The Last Airbender and Castaways will be old news by then. Maybe a three-hour prequel won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Solo: A Star Wars Story I honestly feel is the floor for this domestically, and the likelihood of Hobbit numbers or higher is not a distant possibility either. Until competitors like Zelda, Last Airbender and Panzer Dragoon actually start coming out, Numerator Pictures pretty much owns the high fantasy genre, and both Pillars of Eternity and Sylvarius were hugely successful under less favorable conditions. I understand being cautious. I understand that just because something’s popular doesn’t mean people are going to turn out for everything related to it. I understand that being a gory, three-hours plus political allegory spanning multiple years is going to leave some people a bit lost. It's pretty much a massive wildcard. But I can't be dismissive of it either. That’s just me being honest. I’m gonna make a staunch prediction here. Deal with it. Predict: $250-$350 million ----- The Orphan Master’s Son This may be brilliant. This may not even come out. The likelihood of it coming out given the lack of updates from Panda is a bit slim to begin with. But also, given the premise and the fact that it’s basically a foreign film, the appeal among general audiences is probably going to be very limited, even if Park Chan-Wook is a darling among foreign film connoisseurs. If you want to see me actually shrugging on something, it’s going to be this one. This is a probably a film you could talk about at length, but there’s really nothing to say when it comes to its box office prospects, which is what this whole thread is about. I’m sorry. Predict: 🤷‍♂️
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    Yeah, I haven't posted much on my health since my diagnosis this summer...the reason - it's been good for what it could be...so, it's a "no news is good news" scenario:). Plus, I've been using the boards as an escape for movies, so fixating on health here wasn't what I wanted - but I'll always post if someone asks (or if it goes downhill - the spouse knows he can hop on my account to do that:)... And thanks for the positivity - I'll take all thoughts, positive vibes, and prayers as long as folks want to send them my way...they never hurt (and who knows - maybe they are helping b/c I'm already slightly bucking my trend:)...
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    At this point, there’s no telling when things will go back to normal, and the more they push this movie back, the more money they burn.
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    Yes. Nothing is off the table now, especially after today's news. But Disney won't announce this anytime soon, so that they don't look like "followers." But when May comes around, I'm betting 99% that this will be the reality - a simultaneous availability. It would be there in a couple of months, anyway, so...
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    Holy! That is news...that's a gauntlet thrown at every streaming service...and a not welcome sign to all DOM theaters...
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    Anyone catch this bit? Don't think it was posted here... In the case of “Wonder Woman 1984,” insiders say that Gadot and director Patty Jenkins received generous backend deals after agreeing to send the film to HBO Max. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/coronavirus-movie-theaters-release-dates-1234842520/
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    6.4/10 rated by 30 users for Monster Hunter after early screenings. Not good sign considering mostly studios are controlling early reactions very hard.
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    All it does is remind you of how much better "Tora! Tora! Tora!" was.
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    Keep in mind that at least in the US this would be an emergency use authorization, so only specific groups would be allowed to receive the vaccine - healthcare workers, nursing home staff and residents, maybe a few others. FDA is requiring 6 months of safety and efficacy data before it will consider approving for general population. So that means April/May is the earliest that we would see widespread vaccination of the general population.
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    Strongly considering putting in Hinton in my Flex spot for the "just do it and be legends" factor.
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    Millionaire films since the reopening, sorted by release date: July 2 The Personal History ofDavid Copperfield 1.5m Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves 1.47m July 16 The King of Staten Island 1.24m July 30 Unhinged 3.69m The Secret Dare to Dream 1.06m August 13 Made in Italy 1.43m August 27 Tenet 13.71m Trolls World Tour 8.1m September 3 New Mutants 1.53m September 10 After We Collided 3.22m Paw Patrol: Jet to the Rescue 1.69m Bill and Ted Face the Music 1.1m September 17 The Secret Garden 3.08m September 24 Cats and Dogs 3 Paws Unite 1.44m October 1 Antebellum 1.01m October 22 Honest Thief 2.8m October 29 Rams 3.53m November 12 Freaky 1.19m I think that's all of them so far.
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    At 10:30 quite good numbers for Croods 2. May be 45mn ($7mn) Saturday. Weekend can be 105mn ($16mn) range.
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    Good grief did WB get utterly dominated in the release date war. Pathetic. They really should just hire @Excel1 to get things back on track.
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    I'm not an expert like Charlie or @Corpse but I'll try to make predictions, even though japan is a pretty unpredictable market : Week 1 (10/16-18) : ¥4,623,117,450Bn ($43,9M) / 3,420,493 admissions Week 2 (10/19-25) : ¥6,131,115,100Bn ($58,3M) / 4,567,836 admissions Cumulative total : ¥10,754,232,550Bn ($102,2M) / 7,988,329 admissions Week 3 (10/26-11/01) : ¥5,045,132,900Bn ($48,2M) / 3,908,283 admissions Cumulative total : ¥15,799,365,450Bn ($150,4M) / 11,896,612 admissions Week 4 (11/02-08) : ¥4,684,246,200Bn ($44,8M) / 3,470,793 admissions Cumulative total : ¥20,483,611,650Bn ($195,2M) / 15,367,405 admissions Week 5 (11/09-15) : ¥2,865,679,400Bn ($27,3M) / 2,137,404 admissions Cumulative total : ¥23,349,291,050Bn ($222,5M) / 17,504,809 admissions Week 6 (11/16-22) : ¥2,107,345,100Bn ($20,2M) / 1,538,041 admissions Cumulative total : ¥25,456,933,550Bn ($242,7M) / 19,042,850 admissions Week 7 (11/23-29) : ¥2,025,000,000Bn ($19,1M) / 1,475,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥27,481,933,550Bn ($261,8M) / 20,517,850 admissions Week 8 (11/30-12/06) : ¥1,300,000,000Bn ($12,1M) / 950,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥28,781,933,550Bn ($273,9M) / 21,467,850 admissions Week 9 (12/07-13) : ¥1,100,000,000Bn ($10,1M) / 800,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥29,881,933,550Bn ($284M) / 22,267,850 admissions Week 10 (12/14-20) : ¥750,000,000Bn ($7,3M) / 550,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥30,631,933,550Bn ($291,3M) / 22,817,850 admissions Week 11 (12/21-27) : ¥650,000,000Bn ($6,2M) / 475,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥31,281,933,550Bn ($297,5M) / 23,292,850 admissions Week 12 (12/28-01/03) : ¥975,000,000Bn ($9,3M) / 700,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥32,256,933,550Bn ($306,8M) / 23,992,850 admissions Week 13 (01/04-10) : ¥1,225,000,000Bn ($11,7M) / 900,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥33,481,933,550Bn ($318,5M) / 24,892,850 admissions Week 14 (01/11-17) : ¥500,000,000Bn ($4,8M) / 375,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥33,981,933,450Bn ($323,3M) / 25,267,850 admissions Week 15 (01/18-24) : ¥375,000,000Bn ($3,5M) / 275,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥34,356,933,450Bn ($326,8M) / 25,542,850 admissions Week 16 (01/25-31) : ¥280,000,000Bn ($2,7M) / 200,000 admissions Cumulative total : ¥34,636,933,450Bn ($329,5M) / 25,742,850 admissions Rest : ¥980,000,000Bn ($9,4M) / 715,000 admissions Final : ¥35,616,933,450Bn ($338,9M) / 26,457,850 admissions I know these predictions are probably inaccurate but I wanted to do them because the Demon Slayer run Japan fascinates me and we will never see it in Japan again
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    The underperformance of Godzilla: King of the Monsters is probably making this an easier decision to make than it was for the other would-be blockbusters that have gone this route, but still disappointing that another major tentpole made for theatrical distribution is now looking to join the growing pile of titles that won't have the chance to be seen the way they were intended.
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    Nah, WW1984 is gonna do so badly that WB and AT&T will realise this is a really stupid decision.
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    This deal between the producers and the Atlanta Public School system is starting to come under criticism in Atlanta from parents.
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    More and more I think WB is making a huge mistake with it's handling of WW84. Throwing away theatrical grosses for not just the US, but a good part of the Western World is NOT a good idea. I suspect heads will roll when WN stockholders see how badly WW84 is going to underperform not because people don't want to see it but because they can't see it.
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    Very good start to TENET advance. Sold around ₹0.6cr ($80k) yesterday in first 24 hours.
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    Same! I ended up with: Jurassic Park Jaws Close Encounters of The Third Kind Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade 1941 ET Schindler’s List Hook Catch Me If You Can Empire of The Sun Because much to @Plain Old Tele’s Chagrin, I ranked mind based off of my favorite John Williams’ scores And sorry not sorry, Hook and 1941 are fantastic. I went back-and-forth between Jaws and Jurassic Park. I don’t particularly like Jaws, but I firmly believe that movie is so iconic because of the score. It does about 94% of the work. The other 5% is that brilliant scene of the three of them on the boat talking about the Annapolis. With the last 1%, obviously, being that line: “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.” But I have to give it to Jurassic Park. The “Welcome to Jurassic Park” Scene is such a mic drop. It’s what movies are made for. 🥰🥰
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    Dec 20 is just the end of the current measures. If new infections don't drop significantly (which they won't with only a partial lockdown), the measures are going to be extended into the new year. I have no idea, why Warner Bros. Germany didn't cancel or delay the theatrical release yet. Cinemas probably won't re-open anyway, if there's only WW84 and the delayed films from November.
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    Guessing those private showings were how some people decided to spend their Thanksgiving this year, even though there's hardly any movies out right now due to the circumstances. The Croods 2 making $10M+ for the 5-day would be considered a very, very, very minor win. Guessing it would've made a total in the $120-130M range in a normal scenario.
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    Remember that amazing time when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were considered bold, young filmmakers instead of the old hacks that created the modern blockbuster and thus destroyed adult cinema? Me too! We got two of their films up this week. Lucas's THX 1138 is tonight. Come watch our young Anakin before he turns into Darth Vader. Cap is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Cap's Personal Meeting Room Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5423825182?pwd=T1VuUmJ5OVB1ZjRNQmNHRVpDQ3lkUT09 Meeting ID: 542 382 5182 Passcode: BOT
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    Like someone said I do not want to watch Steve McQueen play some shy medieval priest, the high star power being is star presence is not much of an issue, it is exactly what you want, Tom Hanks played Tom Hanks in a lot of successful movies, Bullock played the character that star stiff and learn to get loose many many time. From time to time inserting something different is good and maybe more importantly the chance to play that character in different type of movies/setting. Johnson playing it in something like Rampage and this in that sense is a really good idea. I imagine it would make no sense for a pro wrestler / movie star to be natural (or what that would mean in 2018 anyway...), but it is not a Arnold/Hogan 80s steroid era either, more advance technology and technic and unlike an Arnold does not need to do those drastic water/fat lost for competition every year, he should age more gracefully, they can take massive intake of steam cell to help recuperation and aging now and other advance stuff.
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    Too many people were burying the movie after the first Deadline estimates. Let's see where it ends up, especially OS.
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    Another rotten video game movie. Colour me surprised.
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    God DeKnight has done very well and should get another blockbuster, but let's wait a bit to see if that is true. God Uthaug has set the bar very high (for a video game or robot movie): Tomb Raider 50% Average Rating: 5.4/10 Reviews Counted: 212 Fresh: 107 Rotten: 105
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    I've said this before. But I think this push towards having more films by women and POC is absolutely beneficial to the future of movies. But at the end the day, like any other filmmaker, you still have to deliver a quality movie. Which might be the case I usually have an affinity for the "ambitious failure"
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    Campea thinks AWIT is unwatchable and yet thinks MOS is a masterpiece - it's sitting at 55% on RT Quite a few critics said The Greatest Show was unwatchable - it's also sitting at 55% - has a 20x multiplier and $400m WW I thought Valerian was near unwatchable (even more so unlistenable) and yet it has it's champions. The Transformers movies get regularly trashed by critics and yet it has it's die hards as well as billions from people who evidently liked to watch them. Ergo one person's unwatchable is Tele's Ghostbusters 2016 is a A movie.
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    Another low CinemaScore grade for a JLaw movie incoming it sounds like. But hey, kudos to her for taking her career in an interesting direction and not settling for a bunch of disposable romcoms.

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