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  2. Hello BOT community. Today I have some news to share with y'all. I am stepping aside as "Chief Admin" and instead taking a different role in the staff. I remember as a small-time poster from Box Office Mojo being extremely discouraged when we found out that BOM decided it wasn't worth bringing back it's forums. I remember helping Shawn set up the forum and in exchange he hired me as a moderator. My original idea was simply to moderate the TV forum but I think Shawn and I meshed together very well so I became an Admin then when he stepped back because he got too busy, the Chief Admin role. I wo
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  3. I want thank @Water Bottle for everything he has done over the years, and for trusting me with this endeavor!! I am literally walking into the Ford dealership to buy my Mach E right now, so I will write up a nice post in a couple hours. But, tl;dr: 😂😂😘😘
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  4. Earlier Fri I had been thinking NTTD 22.5,V2 8.8,see in few hours what Fri est is
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  5. It actually is more like $20.5m, but Sony has really been lowballing so let's go with $20.25m
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  6. Yeah, I saw internal numbers from a major studio that have it going $68m+ for the weekend based on numbers from today and the preview, but let's wait for ACTUAL numbers and not just a Deadline half assed "update". Did we forget already that Deadline was the one predicting like a $40m range opening like 24 hours ago?
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  7. Just popping in to say hey to everyone, and... what a freakin' great weekend. Go, Spidey, go!
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  8. Venom 2 should be the story of the re-opening so far. It was long delayed, then had a set date, then moved, then moved again on short notice. It had a really short run time and early word was that it was a complete mess. Then it opens to $90m+ in the midst of Delta and blows the hair back on the box office while getting over $500m with no release in China. On that note, a big fuck you to China and love that studios are figuring out they don't need their oppressive communist censorship bullshit to make lots of money.
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  9. I was hoping for more response but guess my earlier post is limiting imagination, for Sunday will start with puzzles. Anyhow. SAT SC - $23M Candy - $3.85M FG - $3.25M JC - $1.55M PP - $1.5M
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  10. I can't express enough what an incredible victory this weekend is for movie theaters. After 18+ months where everything from the pandemic to negativity to streaming tried to kill it, the industry comes roaring back. Not only is this huge for the headlines of smashing the Labor Day records, but the fact that it might beat out Black Widow is just a shot across the bow of Chapek and his minions at Disney that actively tried to kill theatrical exclusivity. What a victory for Kevin Feige and all the actors, directors and producers that stuck to their guns.
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  12. Bearing in mind the details haven’t been announced for each of these things (and that, since they approved it, the IATSE bargaining committee will recommend ratification), here is what was achieved: • Living wage achieved • Improved wages and working conditions for streaming • Retroactive scale wage Increases of 3% annually • Employer Funded Benefits for the term • Increased meal period penalties including prevailing rate • Daily Rest Periods of 10 hours without exclusions • Weekend Rest Periods of 54 and 32 hours • Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Holiday • Div
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  13. https://deadline.com/2021/09/venom-let-there-be-carnage-release-date-change-october-1234827831/ ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Heads To First Weekend Of October After Super ‘Shang-Chi’ Labor Day Stretch LOL
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  14. Holy shit quite a few of you need to get a grip. I don't check this forum for 2 hours and we have moved from celebration to "holy shit everything is moving and Eternals is going to PA!!" nonsense again.
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  15. IDK, should you? MORE LIKE: 😇 Hello! Thank you all for this opportunity. I won't front, I'm a little daunted by the whole endeavor. I don't think that's a bad thing. My moderating philosophy is I think we have a phenomenal user base, and I want a lighter touch so people feel free to engage in robust and lively discussions. This place ultimately is about movies and cinema, television and streaming, and it Should. Be. Fun. I am all for Art Gratis Artis, but it's called entertainment. As we have seen through
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  16. Spider-Man: No Way Home also gets a huge hug from moviegoers with an A+ CinemaScore; the best grade ever for a live-action Spider-Man, and the second for the franchise counting the Oscar-winning animation movie, 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. https://deadline.com/2021/12/spider-man-no-way-home-50m-preview-easily-pandemic-record-all-time-for-sony-100m-friday-likely-1234898486/
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  17. yeah I've this going at 65M+ ish True friday since morning. Noon numbers looked that way as well. Let's see if evening too. bye.
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  18. SC Saturday MTC1 - 398521/1156639 5307132.39 6613 shows MTC2 - 305303/992089 3443140.57 6834 shows Excellent day. Thinking around 24m saturday.
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