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    General advice I have learned in my years as a poster on Box Office Theory - if your post starts with the sentence "So what if he's a cannibal?" ...... you probably should not finish the take.
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    2020 has been one hell of a year, and 2021 doesn’t look like it’s going to be too different. A lot of us didn’t get the chance to venture out into the cinema as often as we’d liked (and that’d putting it mildly). That being said, we firmly believe that the show must go on! The 9th Annual BOFFY Ceremony will happen as planned! The Categories: BEST PICTURE BEST DIRECTOR BEST ENSEMBLE BEST ACTRESS BEST ACTOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS BEST SUPPORITNG ACTOR BEST VOICE PERFORMANCE BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY BEST FILM EDITING BEST VISUAL EFFECTS BEST COSTUME DESIGN BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN BEST MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING BEST SOUND BEST ORIGINAL SCORE BEST ORIGINAL SONG BEST SOUNDTRACK BEST COMEDY BEST ANIMATED FEATURE BEST OVERLOOKED FEATURE WORST FEATURE BEST HERO BEST VILLAIN BEST TV SERIES FUNNIEST USER MOST VALUABE USER FUNNIEST USER BEST FORUM MOMENT All categories, except picture, will have the normal six nominees. Try to fill out as many nominees as you can. Eligibility: · Any film released on streaming (subscription based or VOD) or theatrically in 2020 is eligible. This includes… o Films with a limited platform release in 2020 (e.g. Nomadland, One Night in Miami) o Films on premium channels (e.g. Bad Education) · Filmed concerts and theatrical productions (e.g. Hamilton) are eligible in categories EXCEPT FOR acting and writing. · Small Axe will be eligible as five different movies. That is, you could vote for Lover’s Rock, Mangrove, etc. but not the series collectively. Deadlines: Send your ballot to myself and @The Panda no later than Saturday, February 13th at 11:59am EST. Nominees will be announced on February 14th Awards will happen on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH Also, I made this handy guide to keep track of where you can watch this year's eligible films! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ohbOp_1Ga8vUy7194BiuE4-FXrRqbGzJo3yTN4lVkx4/edit?usp=sharing
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    The drama in this thread, I love it. I wish it got crazier before it got stopped! Drama is the only entertainment I get out this place now...a tragic beauty. I peeped a couple pages, but the back and forth is not that bad? Not as bad as it used to be, LOL. The shit we used to get into back in the day...iconic! You all will never be as iconic as me though. ❤️ @Ms Lady Hawk Thank you for fighting the good fight! I am sad you got a large post while the other one got like a few lines. I wish it were equal, to be honest, so much for equality! Just enjoy some drinks and the fact we got this movie during such a crazy pandemic! Feliz Año Nuevo, love. ❤️ To all my fellow Wondy stans or DC stans, Feliz Año Nuevo. ❤️
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    I can assure you that anyone choosing (i.e. non-medical reason) to not get a vaccine for COVID, or diseases with similar or greater risk of severe illness, also has no clue what medical procedures actually do or mean. The evidence for the safety and efficacy of vaccines is overwhelming. The rate of severe side effects (requiring hospitalization) is less than 1 in 50,000 for the most "reactogenic" vaccines and for others closer to 1 in 2 million. Rates of side effects causing death or permanent injury are orders of magnitude lower, so low they are impossible to accurately measure even in populations with tens of millions of people vaccinated. The diseases that vaccines prevent by comparison often have death rates exceeding 1 in 1,000 and cause severe illness requiring hospitalization at rates exceeding 1 in 100. (COVID is obviously well above this bar.) The vaccine is not 100% effective, no vaccine is. There are also going to be people who can't take the vaccine for medical reasons, either because of known or suspected allergies, and/or because they would derive no benefit (various immune system related illnesses). That's why herd immunity is so important. Every person who chooses not to get vaccinated (because of their profound ignorance) makes it harder to achieve herd immunity, and yes, potentially does present a risk to the safety of others.
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    People keep touting “normalcy” as if that’s a thing in 2020. Let’s be real. Negative numbers get far more attention than the positives on this forum, unsurprising. I’ve seen two posts max about the great Australia numbers. Anyway, now we know it’s the biggest PVOD film of the year and the biggest opening of the pandemic era. The end.
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    Upcoming titles on 2021 CNY weekend(Feb.12-14) Detective Chinatown 3 General situation - Never before has a Chinese blockbuster had such a extraordinary expectation even before it was delayed in 2020 due to pandemic. Wanda Pictures, the local industry giant behind these detectives, couldn't even foresee it was going to challenge what Avengers did in advance ticket sale. In the past, any studio who put their most precious title in CNY were convinced they had a great chance to be NO.1. This year, the fantastic illusions are less clear because they all acknowledge where the crown belongs to. Genre - Comedy / Mystery / Crime Studio & Distributor - Wanda Pictures / Wuzhou Film Distribution Opening prediction - $250-300M Hi, Mom General situation - Since consensus on Detective Chinatown 3 was confirmed, NO.2 of CNY have become what other studios believe they are going get. According to currently buzz & daily want-to-see sign-ups on ticket platform, Hi, Mom has the best chance to go near that place. Shen Teng, the leading actor of the comedy title, is the major reason people want to see the movie. With many hits like Goodbye Mr.Loser($227M), Hello Mr. Billionaire($374M), Crazy Alien($328M), Pegasus($256M), industry & general audience think he is the best comedian of our generation and the person that could make people laugh by doing nothing but standing there. Hi, Mom is not close to be a threat to Detective Chinatown 3, but the huge attention Shen's participation have brought let the rest five movies in CNY unable to follow Hi, Mom in brief period. Genre - Comedy Studio & Distributor - New Classics Media Opening prediction - $125-150M The Yinyang Master General situation - Just like Dream of Eternity, it is based on the same fantasy IP from Japan. But it has nothing to do with that work which was mainly controlled by Shanghai Film Group. The marketing have tried to indicate that their version would be more focus on large scale action set pieces. According to local sources, the production cost studios $60M more or less to make(Dream of Eternity and its sequel together spent that much). But the director is almost a new kid with mediocre career record. The leading actor and actress are seen as power faction persons with good reputations, but they might be a little strange to most new generations and have no hit(or any major movie) in the past five years. But overall, it is in the third echelon under the shadow of Chinatown and Shen Teng. Genre - Fantasy Studio & Distributor - CKF Pictures / Huayi Brothers Opening prediction - $65-85M Assassin in Red General situation - Industry believe the 3rd place on CNY weekend would be contended by Assassin in Red and Yinyang Master. Both of them are heavily involved in visual effects. Assassin has a cast composed by idol type stars who mostly appeared in forgettable rom-comedy titles -- they are more fresh but less well received than those in Yinyang Master. But the creative team have used motion capture -- a very rare tech to local industry -- in this production and attract some attention from movie fans. One uncertain factor is audience couldn't really see what kind of movie it is. According to the original short novel and what industry know, it has a story with magic realism color, an unheard of route for Chinese blockbuster. Advantage or disadvantage? Quality would speak. Genre - Fantasy / Adventure / Action Studio & Distributor - Huace Film & TV / Ali Pictures Opening prediction - $65-85M Endgame General situation - Another title based on Japanese materials - Key of Life. The expectation come from two major reasons: a)Hong Kong actor Andy Lau; b)Director Rao Xiaozhi who made surprising comedy A Cool Fish($115M). But these are far from what a great opening need. White Storm 2 and recent Shock Wave 2 have showed HK titles are not good at making massive beginning. What Stephen Chow experienced -- from The Mermaid($516M) in 2017 and Journey to the West 2($241M) to New King of Comedy($93M) in 2019 and finished Mermaid sequel without a clear date -- make industry believe comedy with significant elements about HK would not be a powerful competitor in CNY. A Cool Fish, started with just $10M on 3-day opening, had a amazing theatrical run despite Venom and Fantastic Beast sequel fought with it. It's fair to say they have a great chance to copy that success if they go with a new date. Genre - Comedy Studio & Distributor - Emperor Group / Enlighten Media Opening prediction - $35-45M New Gods: Nezha Reborn (unofficial ENG title) General situation - Ne Zha is now a popular worker hired by every studio, forcing Monkey King to get retired. Although Light Chaser created the story with a more modern and punk style before Enlighten Media's Ne Zha came out in 2019, most audience still think Light Chaser's version is built for milking them. Could the studio eliminate these doubts? Again, great content can override everything. Genre - Animation / Fantasy / Action Studio & Distributor - Light Chaser Animation Studios / Ali Pictures Opening prediction - $35-45M
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    Thinking in a normal year this would have made about 650-700m ww
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    Wonder Woman 1984 12/25 MTC1 - 44203/339370 380622.00 1646 shows MTC2 - 47281/331716 490690.87 2142 shows 12/26 MTC1 - 15771/329112 136559.00 1595 shows MTC2 - 16791/341532 170091.53 2209 shows So day 2 is only 35% of OD PS. But OD PS is doing very well. This does not include private watch shows.
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    Hi all, It's that time of the year again. Due to 2020 being, shall we say, unique in terms of movie releases, there will be no Top 25 for the year. I will do a top 10 movies countdown instead. What is this list? This list just attempts to collate and consolidate the top 10 movies that box office forum members felt were the Best movies of 2020. Best is a relative term and this list attempts to get the consensus from the people who choose to participate. What am i asking for from the forum members? Not much, just send me your ranked list of best movies for the year by either PM or by posting in this thread. Any number of movies can be included in your list, but PLEASE RANK THE MOVIES. How will this work? I will take all responses received, and assign points to each position a movie is ranked at. The points will be distributed so that the top 3 movies in each list benefit more than lower ranked movies, and #1 benefits the most. Cool, till when do I have time to submit my list? I am aiming to have all responses in by February 5th. This gives people over a month to catch up on movies they may have missed. If enough responses are received by February 5th, then I will collate, assign points, calculate everything in 3 days and have the reveal on Superbowl Sunday as is tradition. Which movies are eligible? Any movie which premiered in 2020 in a form available to most general audiences - so festival premieres don't count. Any movie with a release date between Jan 1 and Feb 28 which are Oscar eligible are not eligible for this list. Are recorded versions of Broadway musicals eligible? No. That is it. Nothing else is asked or demanded of you. Just send me your list of top movies of the year. Include reasons why you have ranked a movie as #1 or #2 or whatever if you feel like it and I will do the rest. Let me know if you would be willing to send in a list. Hoping for a good response. Grim.
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    It's also not bad news. At least not necessarily. I looked for a source of this and near as I can tell it was a statement from an Israeli health official with no sort of further information. How long had they had the first doses before being diagnosed? Was it in expected parameters for efficiency of the first dose? Doing a quick check to refresh my memory, the Pfizer vaccine was supposed to be around 50% effective after the first dose with protection being meaningfully observed only after 12 days from the first dosage. And even then, as the article notes, that's a little fuzzy. So how many of these infections occurred after that 12 day window? Which brings me to a roundabout point. There is a serious messaging problem going on with the vaccine with far too many folks, inside and outside government, trying to downplay the effectiveness of vaccines: Whether it's because of the "if it bleeds, it leads" nature of reporting, an increased cynicism about the world among many of the folks in the news industry (as well as in government), or because of the inherent cautiousness of the medical world in general, there really is something of an amplification of the "bad news" out there and not nearly enough of the good.
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    It is to be somewhat expected, patient vaccinated could developed a false sense of protection and start taking risk (before the 2-3 weeks it take for the antibodies to ramp up and develop some) and for a while there is little reason why they should get less infected if they do not take extra precaution versus the rest of society.
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    Endless Animation’s The Un-Title-Able Squirrel Girl Sequel Studio: Endless Animation In Association with Marvel Genre: CG-2D Animation/Superhero/Comedy Director: Lauren MacMullan Producers: Amanda Rydna and Lara Breay, Daron Nefcy (executive), Xavier B Irving (executive), Meg LeFauve (executive) and Chris McKay (executive) Writers: Lauren MacMullan, Amanda Rydna, Seth Grahame-Smith and Ryan North Composers: Ludwig Göransson and Theodore Shapiro Loosely Based off of: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics (January-October 2019) The character of Squirrel Girl Marvel Comics Anna Kendrick as Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl Vanessa Morgan as Nancy Whitehead Kelly Hu as Melissa Morbeck Taissa Farmiga as Dana Smith Samantha Ireland as Tippy-Toe Lil’ Rel Howery as Monkey Joe Daniel Henney as Robbie Baldwin/Speedball Golshifteh Farahani as Azadeh Ahura/Alchemist with Brian Tee as the noises of Hit-Monkey and Michael C. Hall as Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom Also starring: David Tennant as Bullseye Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Illouise Keith David as Galactus Justin Roiland as MODOK Sophia Taylor Ali as Ms. Marvel Seth MacFarlane as Howard The Duck Scott Menville as Nova Nathon Fillion as Wonder Man Chris Hemsworth as Beta Ray Bill Yara Shahidi as Riri Williams/Ironheart Ronda Rousey as She-Hulk Daniel Radcliffe as Captain Britain Ryan Potter as Amadeus Cho Katey Sagal as Dr. Blank Troy Baker as Morbeck Industries Chairman Release Date: December 20th, Y8 Theater Count: 4,320 (including 100 IMAX theaters) Format: 2D (2.39:1), 3D (2.39:1), and Dolby Cinema (2.39:1) and IMAX 2D (1.44:1) Budget: $135 million Tagline: “Nut Again” MPAA Rating: PG for frequent sequences of animated action violence, thematic material and crude humor Previous Film: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (12/22/Y5) (3 Day OW/5 Day OW/DOM/WW) - $45,176,251/$79,041,512/$308,356,775/$754,626,574 Running Time: 116 minutes Original Song: “Our End Credits Rap” written by The Lonely Island, performed by the cast and The Lonely Island Animation: Done in house by Endless Animation. Worldmeander is used, like in Toons v Reality and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (which combines computer animation with hand-drawn animation similar to that of Paperman, Feast, Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive and Medusa) but is modeled to look more like Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse aesthetic but matches The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics, using a more cartoony style and more smooth in terms of animation. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B6ZK-KqYkZA69sbK5ve_uJ7PV4PMjjJnqOL6C0Hay30/edit?usp=sharing (14,968 words) Special thanks to @MCKillswitch123 @cookie and @4815162342 for pre-reading. I’d also like to thank @Reddroast for letting me use Doctor Doom and Mole Man. As well as @Spaghetti and @Wondy for bouncing an idea or two off them.
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    There’s no point in even replying to this nonsense.
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    Thanks for a perfect message for this Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas to all BOT members who celebrate! And Happy Holidays to those who celebrate all the other varied holidays this season (even if all you want to celebrate in 2020 is Festivus:)...
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    DEADLINE'S MOST VALUABLE BLOCKBUSTER - CAYOM 3.0 EDITION Ladies and gentlemen, before any further ado, we would like to wish you a happy 2021, where all of your wishes or goals come true, hopefully. And wishes/goals is something that every film studio aspires to fulfill. Surely that one of the main goals that CAYOM's talented filmmakers reach for is to create cinema of the highest quality, but, among other things, they also want to make money - film, besides being an artform, is also a business. With that, we here at Deadline are extending our Most Valuable Blockbuster Tournament, that we do to recap every year in Hollywood, to CAYOM, beginning from Y8 (but not without taking a deep dive into Y1-Y7). The story of a film grossing a net profit or loss isn't just told by how it makes at a box office, given that it usually includes the revenue from ancilliary markets. However, we here at Deadline do not have access to the amount of money that a CAYOM film made in ancilliaries. On the other hand, we also do not have access to CAYOM films' marketing budgets, balancing out the loss of ancilliary revenue with the gain of not having marketing costs added to the total budget. The formula we use, given these circumstances, is [(50% DOM + 40% OS) - production budget] (extra note to the fact that China is included in the 40% OS gross, since we also do not have separate information regarding the amount of money that a film grossed at the Chinese box office). Starting on January 1st 2021, we will be looking at past game years, and then, after Y8 totals are released, we will dive deep into the most and least profitable films of the year. We hope that you have a happy 2021 and a competitive Y8.
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    Pretty obvious this was done to have another BIG budget film on Max relatively close to WW84, so they don't bleed too many subscribers. AT&T are banking on this + Snyder Cut in March. We'll see.
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    Wifey got her first jab today ... vaccination discipline somewhat lacking at her ward, while doctors and graduate nurses all got vaccinated, other personnel are "sceptical" ... at least most of the patients are vaccinated by now (also, 1st jab).
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    This is why the ones who clamor for herd immunity are so off their rocker. 22% would mean you are only at about 1/4 to 1/3 of where you need to be. So 2-3X more the hospitalizations and deaths still to come. No health system in the world can handle those types of numbers, they would all crash. It's awful again here were I live. Don't remember if I mentioned this but my best friends dad is in ICU. He needs dialysis as part of the treatment (it has been attacking his kidneys) but so many techs have been out sick with COVID that he has only been able to get that twice since he went into the hospital. Nobody is really talking about it much yet, but there is already significant rationing of care going on because there simply are not enough personnel to do everything.
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    First, my mom and dad were able to get their first vaccine shots yesterday in GA and have their second shots set for Feb 2nd. That was very happy news for me as everywhere else has been miserable as my best friend's dad has been in the hospital since Christmas Day with COVID (it has been attacking his kidneys but so many techs at the hospital are out sick with COVID that he has only been able to get dialysis twice since he entered the hospital) and yesterday by son's best friend's dad was admitted to ICU with COVID. i also have a cousin who has been significantly ill with it for over a week. 2nd, numbers starting to rebound. Hospitalizations in the South and West are now worse than the peak of the Midwest's number this fall and the NE is close to passing that peak as well. Here in metro Atlanta almost all the hospitals are full. At the one closest to me they had 19 ambulances parked outside on Saturday because they had no beds available and no other hopsital had beds available to send the ambulances to. The state has re-opened its field hospital, it has 120 beds available, but lack of staffing means they are likely to only to be able to use 60 at most.
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    @Brainbug @excel1 @YourMother the Edgelord @Webslinger @Noctis @DAJK @Sir Tiki @Giesi @Rorschach @TalismanRing This was a long one to research, but I loved every minute of it. It honestly took me back to where I was at in 2015. I finished my junior year and was all set for my senior year of high school, and it was such an exciting and surreal experience for that whole year. And I had a lot of fun encapsualting all the cool box office stories that happened in just one calendar year. Talking about Universal's 2015 was particularly great. It was so cool and exciting to see this studio rise up and outgross the competition the way it did, even after Disney put out all their big guns. We'll frankly never get to see this kind of performance again in a world where people are allergic to non-Disney titles/pandemic ruining theatrical exhibition, so it was kind of bittersweet to talk about Straight Outta Compton in the same breath as Jurassic World
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    Summer Y10 brings us a new original from Josie Trinidad. Trinidad notes that this film is basically Endless Animation’s attempt at a Pixar like film, as she shows the title of the film: Dreamcatcher. Using a lavish, water colored themed traditional animation, Dreamcatcher invites us to a world where our dreams and nightmares exist in a separate plain of reality as Dreamcatchers act as vanguards of the dream dimensions, protecting us from dreams both good or bad that could seep into our reality. The twist is a sudden surge of people left without dreams or nightmare, as a Dreamcatcher must investigate the cause of this.
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    Matthew A. Cherry steps onto the stage as he talks about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, and was glad that Endless Animation decided to take a chance on Meeka. Meeka is the first CAYOM animation with an all black cast and all black crew. Cherry notes that Meeka has an impressive crew of black filmmakers, including Everett Downing (Hotel Transylvania 2) as the co-director, and writing the script alongside Cherry is animated television guru Ian Jones-Quartey (Steven Universe, O.K. KO: Let’s Be Heroes) and Black Women Animate head, Taylor K. Shaw. Cherry notes all three have directing projects with either Endless Animation or Endless Animation Alternative which will be revealed later today. Ryan Coogler (Black Panther, Creed, Space Jam: A New Legacy) and Cherry’s partner on Hair Love, Monica A. Young (Hair Love) will produce, as Disney veteran Bruce W Smith (The Proud Family, The Princess and The Frog), who Cherry argues is the best animated Disney Channel show designing the characters. Cherry notes that Meeka developed from The Neighborhood as his own terms, as Cherry notes it was sweet but generic, and didn’t really show as much black culture as they wanted so Cherry was inspired by works of unused Endless Animation scripts and made Meeka. Cherry notes the plot is still largely the same: In an alternate Earth, the Kisilan Peninsula was a lush set of four islands filled with lush jungles, breathtaking seas and like any good fantasy, brimming with magical energy and creatures. The people struggled to survive but the African Goddess Isis (Lupita Nyong’o) herself gifted the people with the gift to harness magic for societal good. Unfortunately, overtime, man got greedy for more power of magic, which attracted the worst in people, creating the four tribes (the warrior tribe Zuloji, the diplomatic and inventive Ufanolo, the spiritual Rohad, and the farming tribe Mu’ku) which lead to a tribal war that spawned decades. After the war, the tribes divided as the nefarious and powerful Hofu (Khary Payton), whose origins are said to be unknown, using the division and turmoil to his advantage, creating a powerful spell that stole the magic of others and to control the beasts. During Hofu’s reign, he slaughtered the Rohad tribe and ruled through fear. Isis returned, sacrificed herself to seal Hofu and herself away in the ethereal plane, causing a magical shockwave, causing the people’s ability to use magic to go dormant. 2,000 years later, the tribes are mostly coexisting but tension still is alive. Our story focuses on the headstrong and kind-hearted Meeka (Skai Jackson) is a 16 year old member of the Mu’ku, daughter to Prince Jomo (Mahershala Ali), the Mu’ku’s lead farmer. Meeka is the only person on the island who can harness magic, making her beloved by the people on her island. Meeka enjoys living the simple life with her pet of unknown origins: Kivu (who is the size of black housecat with eagle like wings) and her best friend, the boisterous heir prince and her cousin, the witty Jabari (Caleb McLaughlin), having fun and helping her island. However, during an accident, Meeka accidentally releases Hofu from his prison, as well as learn Isis is her ancestor. Meeka must assemble a team of different tribespeople to reach the burial grounds of Isis, said to have Isis in ancient slumber before Hofu can kill Isis. But Meeka must travel through a land of beasts and dangerous creatures, learn more about the past of the island, as well as struggling to keep tensions between her crew at a standstill and her newly changing ideals about her world and people. Meeka is said to portray themes such as religion, faith and class throughout the story, says Cherry, as well as pushing the boundaries of a PG rating, noting the Amulet series as an example. Cherry also notes the most interesting thing is that Meeka is different from other Endless Animation heroes and heroines as she is a very headstrong and beloved figure, as well as her impulsiveness is the key to her problems. Cherry shows a clip. Meeka arrives 5/31/Y8 in 3D and Dolby Cinema.
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    I'm surprised at the backlash at this point. It is a good movie, not good as the first one, but a lot better that Shazam and BoP and at the same level of Aquaman
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    At ninth place (sixth worldwide), we had one of the most iconic X-Men films of the bunch with Days of Future Past. Based on the famous comic book storyline, the future is a bleak one, as the Sentinels, a robot army sent to destroy mutants, has put the Earth in peril. And the only way to stop this from happening is to go back to the very event itself. So Wolverine travels back in time to 1973, meets up with younger versions of Professor X, Mystique, and Magneto, and try to stop the event that spells doom for both mutants and humans alike. The biggest drawback with the way I designed this series was limiting the scope to only a few notable stories. This meant for X-Men that I had to ignore a lot of their own history. So to give a quick recap between The Last Stand and Days of Future Past...despite the massive success of The Last Stand, the contracts for the original cast were all up, and producer Lauren Shuler Donner had to do renegotiations. The new cast members were signed on, the old ones were not. And thus, Donner had to be creative and rework some ideas to continue X-Men. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a spin-off prequel based on the character of Logan was released. And despite box office success, its critical failures led to future Origins projects being nipped in the bud. However, the prequel idea did stick, as 2011 saw X-Men: First Class, which showed Professor X and Magneto meeting in college, creating a team of mutants, and later their rivalry. While it was not a major hit at the box office, it did well enough and was received well enough to encourage Donner to make a trilogy that course-corrected some of the more mediocre titles in the lineup. And thus, the First Class sequel would finally give us an adaptation of Days of Future Past, which was something Donner wanted to make for years. Matthew Vaughn was set to direct while Bryan Singer was set to produce in what was supposed to be The Dark Knight to First Class’ Batman Begins. I’m so tired of this comparison guys. Ultimately, Vaughn would not take charge of the film. Because he was set to direct Kingsman: The Secret Service, he dropped out of the film entirely. Sure enough, Bryan Singer would then be in charge of directing, returning more than a decade after doing X2. Singer brought back the majority of the crew that worked on X-Men and X2 for this, but the real stinger was who else was returning. While the majority of the First Class cast returned to reprise their roles, this also had much of the original cast from the first couple X-Men movies back too. Hugh Jackman, Elliott Page, Anna Paquin, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan. This was a brilliant push to excite audiences, as the film not only continued what made First Class work, but also bring back the elements that made X-Men a powerhouse franchise to begin with. Everybody was happy and everybody was excited to see how this massive film in a big franchise would turn out in the end. Beginning with a set tour and a midcredits scene after The Wolverine in July 2013, there was a period in time where you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Days of Future Past in your face. Footage dropped at Comic-Con, Wondercon, the MTV Movie Awards, and even during screenings of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yeah, so the story on that is Marc Webb had a contract with Fox Searchlight. And while Fox allowed Webb to direct Amazing Spider-Man, the catch was that Sony promoted Days of Future Past as a midcredits scene in Amazing Spider-Man 2 free of charge. So even the competition was trying to push this movie. The only real hurdle...was Bryan Singer. In April 2014, Singer was accused in a civil lawsuit over sexual assault of a minor. But even though it probably should have damaged the picture, people were still flocking to see what Days of Future Past was all about. On May 23, Memorial Day weekend, the X-Men title earned itself an impressive $90.8 million for the 3-day and $110.6 million for the four-day. This wasn’t as big as The Last Stand, but it was still a fantastic debut that put X-Men back on top after a few decent-to-middling performers. This would result in a boffo total of $233.9 million, making it just barely behind Last Stand. Of course the real kicker was the overseas box office. Opening day-and-date in almost every territory, Days of Future Past saw $172 million internationally on its opening weekend, making it the biggest OS debut ever for a Fox title. This would of course also lead to $512.1 million in other countries for a global finish of $746 million, making it the highest-grossing X-Men film of all time. This was the real kick in the pants Fox needed to put X-Men up there as one of the biggest superhero franchises at a time when the MCU was beginning their global domination. And sure enough, the success of DOFP also ensured another planned idea from Fox. One of the reasons why Days of Future Past was greenlit was to help fix the mistakes of the past. Logan’s time travel effectively erased several of the bad X-Men films, like Last Stand, out of the current continuity. And sure enough, this would soon lead to Fox attempting to create their own shared universe, with a direct sequel to Future Past, and spin-offs focusing on certain characters. There’s a lot to talk about with a few of these titles, but for now, we’ll briefly talk about the direct follow-ups. In 2016, X-Men: Apocalypse opened, with much of the same First Class cast members, and Bryan Singer returning to the director’s chair. But despite the success of Future Past, Apocalypse suffered from poor reviews and mediocre box office, grossing only $543.9 million, below expectations. Another sequel, titled Dark Phoenix, also released in 2019, which umm...less said about that the better. Tenth domestic for the year was Walt Disney Animation Studios adapting Marvel for a change with Big Hero 6. In the futuristic city of San Fransokyo lives a young boy named Hiro Hamada. A young robotic prodigy hit with tragedy upon the death of his brother, he soon finds friendship with his brother’s last creation, a healthcare robot named Baymax. But when a masked villain sets to destroy the world, Hiro finds himself training Baymax to become a fighting robot, the antithesis of his creation. And with the help of a group of college-aged tech wizards, Hiro finds himself in charge of an incredible superhero team. The acquisition of Marvel Comics from Disney meant that an animated Marvel movie was somewhat an inevitability. However, it’s fair to say nobody expected this to be the comic series Disney Animation would adapt first. The thought process from the studio at the time was that picking an obscure title meant the studio could take more creative liberties and alienate fewer fans. And while directing Winnie the Pooh, Don Hall scrolled through Marvel’s database and found a title he never heard of, the Japanese-centric Big Hero 6. The title alone was enough to sell him on the idea, and the film was announced in June 2012. During story development, Don Hall and his team wanted to have Big Hero 6 serve as their own unique piece that allowed them to create their own story and mythology. So head of story Paul Briggs only read a few issues of the comic, while screenwriter Robert Baird didn’t read any. However, several Marvel creatives were involved in the film’s production, including Joe Quesada, the Marvel CCO, and Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel Television. Reportedly both Disney Animation and Marvel got along very well, with Quesada praising the crew for bringing this obscure comic to life. For the design of Baymax, Don Hall wanted to create a robot that looked like something nobody has ever seen before. The only thing they knew they had to have was make him a huggable robot, as suggested by artist Lisa Keene. During the development process, Hall and the design team visited Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute for inspiration. Learning about how the team was trying to pioneer soft robotics via inflatable vinyl. Sure enough, Baymax would soon evolve into the inflatable, huggable design we know today. The production design was also a unique one, combining the Eastern world culture of Tokyo with the Western world culture of California to help create San Fransokyo. This helped create a distinct locale that felt both futuristic and retro all at once. This was also done because there had yet to be a Marvel comic book series that took place in San Francisco, as well as the iconic aspects of the city would translate well to animation. Blade Runner was an influence for the city, while the design of the movie itself was influenced by Japanese anime like Ghibli and Pokemon, as well as Shogun Warriors Toys. Opening on November 7, Big Hero 6 was billed as the grand follow-up to Frozen. And while obviously not as big as that film, it was a rousing success, opening to $56.2 million. And thanks to very positive reviews from all audiences, Big Hero 6 continued to pack in audiences through the November and December holidays, ultimately finishing with $222.5 million, almost four times its opening. And alongside impressive numbers overseas, including a record gross in China and becoming the second-biggest Disney animated film in Japan, Big Hero 6 earned $657.9 million worldwide. Its net profit was $187.34 million. This meant Big Hero 6 was the third-highest-grossing film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, only behind Frozen and The Lion King, showing that Frozen was not just a fluke. A sequel was reportedly in consideration, but no word has been made on the project since 2015. However, in March 2016, it was announced Big Hero 6 would see a television series on Disney XD created by Kim Possible’s Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley. It released in 2017 and just recently began its third season. And in 2022, another series, this time focused on Baymax, is set to debut on Disney+ in 2022. Eleventh domestic and eighth worldwide is when audiences saw the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. 10 years after the events of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, humanity has been severely reduced due to the Simian Flu, with San Francisco in complete ruins. As such, we follow a group of people in San Francisco struggling to stay alive, while Caesar tries to maintain his dominance over the ape community. A sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes was already in heavy consideration during that film’s development. Both director Rupert Wyatt and writer/producer Rick Jaffa had plenty of ideas on how to continue the story, the big one being a notable time jump from the last movie, with Rise planting some of the seeds for future follow-ups. And wouldn’t you know it, in November 2011, Andy Serkis signed on for a sequel. Reprising his role as Caesar, Serkis reportedly earned a seven-figure deal for the role. May 2012 saw Bourne Ultimatum writer Scott Z. Burns hired to do rewrites for Jaffa and Amanda Silver’s script. It seemed everything was going smoothly for a while. But then, tragedy struck. Okay, not really. However, Rupert Wyatt felt that the planned May 2014 release date was too little time for him to make a proper quality film. So Wyatt dropped out, with Cloverfield director Matt Reeves taking helm and Die Hard 4 writer Mark Bomback doing a rewrite for Reeves. With a big time jump and new director, a new cast was made. James Franco left because he felt the movie wouldn’t be the same without Rupert Wyatt, while Frieda Pinto also left the sequel. In their place were actors Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Keri Russell. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opened on July 11, backed by a year-long marketing campaign and rave reviews from critics, citing it as the best popcorn movie of the summer. This did not go unnoticed by audiences. Sure enough, Dawn opened to $72.6 million, a major 33% increase from the last movie. And with little competition and strong reception, Dawn earned $208.5 million domestically and $710.6 million worldwide. This was helped by China, where the film earned one of the best openings ever for a Hollywood title, as well as becoming the fourth Hollywood release to cross $100 million. Including a net profit of $182.18 million, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes became the highest-grossing film in the franchise. In 2017, a sequel titled War for the Planet of the Apes was released with Matt Reeves returning as director. And despite earning even better reviews, the film saw a bit of a substantial drop, only earning $490.7 million and served as the end to the trilogy. However, in December 2019, it was announced Maze Runner director Wes Ball would be in charge of a new Planet of the Apes film that would still be set in the reboot universe. It is still currently in development, though it is expected to start production soon. Twelfth place, ninth worldwide was the infamous The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for a few years now, and just recently he graduated high school. And alongside his superhero duties, Peter finds himself juggling between his relationship with Gwen Stacy, investigating the murder of his parents, dealing with a new electric threat, and meeting an old friend named Harry Osborn, who is struggling with a genetic disease. After the success of The Amazing Spider-Man, a sequel was immediately thrown into development. And after a brief period of hesitance, Marc Webb was brought back as a director, alongside Andrew Garfield returning as Peter and Emma Stone as Gwen. The villain was revealed to be Electro with Jamie Foxx in the role. Foxx mentioned in interviews the design for Electro would be more grounded and based more on the Ultimate Marvel design. As time went on, other actors like Dane DeHaan as Harry, Paul Giamatti as the Rhino and Felicity Jones as Felicia Hardy were all signed on. Perhaps the most interesting casting choice of all was something that wasn’t even in the final product. Fault in Our Stars and Divergent star Shailene Woodley was cast as Mary Jane Watson and had only a few small scenes filmed for the movie. But as the film was starting to go through post-production, Mary Jane’s scenes seemed superfluous and all of Woodley’s scenes were cut. That's gotta hurt. Sony also had major plans for this sequel. With so many characters being introduced here, the plan was for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to set up a shared universe similar to the MCU. In 2013, Sony already announced The Amazing Spider-Man 3 for 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 for 2018. Marc Webb, as well as the writers for Amazing Spider-Man 2, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Jeff Pinkner were set to write the screenplay for the third one. But the introduction of so many characters in this sequel also laid the groundwork for several planned spin-offs. A Venom movie was set to be written by Kurtzman, while a Sinister Six movie was written by Daredevil creator Drew Goddard. A film starring Felicity Jones’ Felicia Hardy/Black Cat and a movie based on the character Spider-Man 2099 were also in consideration. So this meant Amazing Spider-Man 2 had to be an Iron Man style slam dunk, both in terms of box office and critical reviews, if they wanted this cinematic universe to stand strong. Opening on May 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s $91.6 million debut seems fine at first glance. Nowhere near the numbers movies like The Avengers or Iron Man 3 generated, but a good enough start, serving as the 7th-best debut for this weekend. However, the problem comes when you look at prior Spider-Man openings. This was the lowest Spider-Man opening by far, excluding Amazing Spider-Man which opened on a Tuesday, and was even below The Winter Soldier a month prior. Not a great immediate start, especially since the movie had a budget somewhere between $200-293 million, as well as a marketing budget worth $180-190 million. And things only got worse from there. While Amazing Spider-Man didn’t have glowing reception, Amazing Spider-Man 2 got dealt with far worse hate. The film earned heavy criticism for its villains, its length, and its script, with many citing the movie as the worst Spider-Man title since 2007’s Spider-Man 3. This poor reception soon led to a drop of 61% on its second weekend, generating $35.5 million for a $146.2 million 10-day haul. It continued to erode business from there, finishing with 2.21 times its opening, $202.8 million. Worldwide amounted to $709 million. Despite being an objective success, with a net profit of $70.38 million, things didn’t seem that great when you looked past the numbers. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was by far the lowest-grossing Spider-Man film up to that point. Not a good sign for a cinematic universe starter. And alongside mixed reviews, it was clear that Garfield’s interpretation was not catching on with audiences the same way Maguire did last decade. And at this point, even if they turned a profit on Amazing Spider-Man 3, it was going to be a rough case of diminishing returns if they kept on with the Webb universe. But Sony didn’t want to get rid of Spider-Man. Remember, even in a day and age where Sony has Jumanji and Bad Boys, Spider-Man is still their most lucrative property. Sure enough, a compromise was made in 2015. And Sony decided to crawl its way to the very thing it tried to compete with. There’s a lot to talk about with the Tom Holland iteration of Spider-Man, but this section has gone on long enough. Needless to say, Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t a complete failure. In fact, both Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx are reportedly set to return as Peter Parker and Electro in the upcoming third MCU Spider-Man outing thanks to some confusing and jumbled multiverse mumbo jumbo planned for Phase 4. So I guess this reboot series wasn’t a total loss after all. Thirteenth place was the return of the big bad lizard Godzilla. US soldier Aaron Taylor-Johnson finds himself, like the rest of the world, dealing with being in the crossfire against two monsters: the lizard king Godzilla and two parasitic monsters known as MUTOs. Whether or not Johnson can return to his family or the Earth can survive this monster destruction is still up in the air. This American version of the famed Japanese character was a bit of a major one for the Godzilla franchise as a whole. In 2004, after the release of Godzilla: Final Wars, production company Toho announced they would no longer produce any new Godzilla projects for the next 10 years. At the same time, the rights for Godzilla in the West, owned by TriStar, the studio behind the infamous 1998 Godzilla film, expired in 2003. So there was a pretty solid dearth of Godzilla content that was just ready for some company to pounce on. In 2004, Godzilla vs. Hedorah director Yoshimitsu Banno secured the rights from Toho to make an IMAX 3D short film titled Godzilla 3D to the Max. Serving as a remake to his vs. Hedorah film, Banno had several creatives join his odd little project, including cinematographer Peter Anderson, producer Brian Rogers, and practical visual effects company Kerner Optical. But as time went on, the funds were getting harder to find, with Kerner’s financial woes in particular threatening to hurt the project entirely. This soon led to Legendary Pictures being asked to back the project. However, Legendary soon took the idea of a short IMAX film and expanded it into a big-budget feature film. In August 2010, Legendary officially announced they acquired the Godzilla license from Toho and were planning to create their own reboot of the series, with Warner Bros. distributing and co-financing. Legendary paid for 75% of the budget, WB 25%. Gareth Edwards signed on to the project in January 2011, with plans for a 2012 release date. However, the film remained in active development through 2012, with the script going through several writers and the crew going through several designs and concept art. One of the big reasons why Legendary stepped in to create a new Godzilla movie was to pay more respect towards the original Toho character that the 1998 film failed to do. So this meant Edwards’ vision was as authentic and accurate to the original 1954 classic as possible. And that was especially applied to the design of Godzilla himself. Edwards reviewed every previous iteration of the character to help create the definitive version of the character that stayed true to all aspects of its design. Elements of the faces of bears, dogs and eagles were also incorporated into the design process, while motion capture was used for the movements of the film’s monsters. Andy Serkis even provided consultation for these moments. Backed by a marketing campaign of $100 million, this Godzilla reboot was everywhere, with trailers giving viewers small little teases of the monster mayhem to come. It worked like a dream, showcasing this as a dark, gritty, action-packed kaiju piece. And sure enough, on its May 16 opening, Godzilla overperformed in a big, big way. Earning $93.2 million, Godzilla managed to earn the second-biggest debut of the year up to that point and actually outgrossed The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s opening, a thought that nobody had going into the summer. By this point, Legendary was on top of the world, with Godzilla set to be one of the biggest hits of the year. However, like with Amazing Spider-Man 2, things were not very rosy in later weeks. While it did earn positive reviews from some, including Toho themselves, Gareth Edwards’ film saw significant backlash. Godzilla was barely in the film, and the monster action people were hyped over barely even happened. And one of the actors, Bryan Cranston, who was fresh off the success of Breaking Bad, was all over the trailers and marketing. But then he gets killed off early on in the movie. Needless to say, a lot of customers were not happy, and this led to pretty awful legs in the weeks to come. Godzilla dropped 67% on its second weekend, despite it being Memorial Day weekend, while weekend three saw a 61% fall. This soon led to a $200.7 million domestic gross, only barely double its opening weekend. It was the lowest gross ever for a movie that opened to more than $90 million. Worldwide the movie earned $525 million and a net profit of $52.48 million. A trilogy of films from Gareth Edwards was planned, but Edwards left the franchise to pursue smaller projects in 2016. So instead, Legendary decided to follow what the cool kids were doing and create an entire shared universe. In 2015, the Legendary title Kong: Skull Island moved from Universal to Warner Bros., as a setup for the MonsterVerse, which would allow the chance for King Kong and Godzilla to meet up and fight. Kong: Skull Island would soon release in 2017, earning decent reviews and grossing $566.6 million worldwide. And in 2019, a proper sequel to Godzilla, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, was released without any of Edwards’ involvement. However, this failed to achieve the same success as the previous two films. It saw mixed-to-negative reviews from critics and performed far below box office expectations, grossing $386.6 million. In 2021, Godzilla vs. Kong is set for release...somewhere and will likely serve as the end of the Legendary MonsterVerse. However, this is still just the US side of things. The success of Edwards’ film prompted Toho to produce a new Godzilla film for Japanese viewers. Shin Godzilla then released in 2016 to critical acclaim and box office success, earning $75.4 million in Japan and becoming the biggest live-action title in the region. Toho would also go on to produce a trilogy of anime Godzilla titles in association with Polygon Pictures and Netflix. In a way, while Legendary wasn’t totally successful, they did manage to bring Godzilla back and make him bigger and better than ever.
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    The new deadline for submitting Year 8 films is March 1st, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.
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    MODERATION: Since we have like 3500 MCU threads, I’m just gonna post this here in hopes that everyone sees it, so that I don’t have to post it like 3500 times individually and spam all the threads: When you’re talking about the MCU, please make sure that you’re talking specifically about that title in that thread. I.e; Dr Strange Thread is for Dr Strange. And if you want to reference any other property, especially if it isn’t out yet, please use the spoiler tags. I know that this is specifically a little difficult with Doctor Strange, where the Internet is convinced everyone under the sun is going to show up at some point. But just try and be mindful that people do tend to avoid spoilers, and we don’t want to accidentally Spoil anyone. Not everyone stays up-to-date on all the casting announcements. Thanks!
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    In Denmark were i live the goverment just annouced that all citizens that want the vaccines can be done with the 2nd shot by June 27th if everthing goes right.. 1,5-2% of the population are expected to be vaccinated every day in early summer where vaccine deliverys are at its highest
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    6 weeks before the first day of the lunar year(Feb.12), local blockbusters of CNY 2021 are already at tense marketing war. Detective Chinatown 3 gained another 70K daily want-to-see sign-ups on Jan.1, shocking industry and competitions. Many thought the mystery-comedy title entered into saturation after recorded 3m total want-to-see users on Maoyan ticket platform. But it was proved yesterday that there is no upper limit for DC3.
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    The next EAA film is also for Y9, but is said to be much smaller scaled and more psychological engaging as Henry Selick steps on the stage. Selick notes it’s the third film of Endless Animation’s partnership with Laika and be the first film he has directed since 2009’s Coraline but he’s not doing the project alone. Jordan Peele steps on the stage as it’s revealed he’s producing the project through Monkeypaw Productions. Peele reveals that the film is an adaptation and reimagining of the classic story Sleepy Hollow. Selick reveals that the film is aiming for an R rating and takes place oddly enough during the modern day. Selick says that the lead is played by Michael B Jordan, as his character, an acclaimed book-writer, finds himself after a car accident, in the town of Sleepy Hollow, which is seemingly a slice of old school Americana but peaceful and almost utopia. seemingly out of place. Jordan’s character finds himself stuck there through some sort of curse as he finds himself both intrigued and terrified with the town as he struggles with his sanity. Sleepy Hollow aims for October Y9.
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    Now the spotlight take places for Endless Animation’s more mature sister division, Endless Animation Alternative who has two projects for Y9, as COO Genndy Tartakovsky, who is also a member of the Endless Animation Brain Trust stands on the stage. Tartakovsky notes the EAA will do a mix of high budgeted films to more lower budgeted indies as Tartakovsky expresses excitement over the company as adult animation is plentiful in CAYOM noting hits like The End of The Universe or To The Moon or Laika. EAA hopes to rest the boundaries of animation with multiple genres and different stories to tell. The first film for Y9 is My Hero Academia: One For All, with Peter Ramsey directing. Ramsey notes the film has a $200M budget, and uses the Award winning Worldmeander animation to replicate the art style of the anime. Ramsey noted this was the first film to be chosen under the branch due to the scope and action, as Ramsey notes while yes it’s a superhero film, he likens it more to a coming of age story or a sports story due to the subject. The plot and cast remain the same as Ramsey drops a clip: My Hero Academia comes to theaters August Y9.
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    Wed PS 1.92, up another 20% from Tues. Not expecting as big a PSm drop, but we’ll see. Thurs D-1 at 1.04, +200%. Obviously NYE boosted, don’t read too much into it. However, I find it encouraging that it’s a bit above Ponyo and Dream of Eternity PS with half the screens so far.
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    BoP and WW84 scores are verified-era, and thus are inflated. We also have Aquaman's actual BO performance to judge reception. Even for a holiday release, it had very strong holds. That's true, but I think the point was more about whether there is even value in a shared universe if about half the films have mixed to bad reception.
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    The movie is a critical disappointment only because of the first movie’s performance. It is still fresh on RT. Maybe that changes, who knows? But calling it a bomb critically is far different from what it is from a critical standpoint- which at the moment would best be categorized as a disappointment. It bombed in China and so have many movies before it that had successful BO runs. We simply don’t have enough information to call it a bomb at the box office. Let’s wait and see how it performed with the lowered expectations of the pandemic release. Moreover, let’s see if it helped HBOMAX subscriptions, which was the main strategy underlying this streaming move. It was a money crab for sure. But let’s see if they get what they wanted.
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