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    Can Sorkin win here? Oh wait. BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Danny Bilson, Paul De Meo, Kevin Willmott, and Spike DA 5 BLOODS Pete Docter, Mike Jones, and Kemp Powers SOUL Emerald Fennell PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN Eliza Hittman NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS Darius Marder and Abraham Marder SOUND OF METAL Andy Siara and Max Barbakow PALM SPRINGS And the BOFFY goes to...
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    Here to present...Lupita Nyong'o. BEST ACTOR Sadfleck THE WAY BACK Riz Ahmed SOUND OF METAL Chadwick Boseman MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM John Boyega SMALL AXE: RED, WHITE, AND BLUE Delroy Lindo DA 5 BLOODS Mads Mikkelsen ANOTHER ROUND And the BOFFY goes to...
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    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-conversation="none"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#GodzillaVsKong</a> grossed $43M Approx internationally on Saturday, taking its total to $84M. Should go for $116-120M weekend. Top plays.<br><br>China - $48.5M<br>Russia - $4.2M<br>Australia - $4.2M<br>Taiwan - $4M<br>Thailand - $3.8M<br>India - $3.7M <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; charlie Jatinder (@meJat32) <a href="">March 27, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    at just before 4PM at MTC1 - 199921/1029593 2035160.00 (5991 shows). I hope it can leg close to high 200s. MTC2 is taking for ever but pace is around 170K at this hour. I think 225K is possible. May be we are looking at 500K between 2 MTC. But there are another 2K shows in non reserved theaters. That could add another 5% or so. We are may be looking at 13m saturday. Edit: at MTC2 sellouts are up from 385 in the morning to 914 now. So walkups are good.
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    I dont have any update beyond what I provided yesterday. Final update for MTC1 was 210K but a failed partial run looked like 235-240K finish. MTC2 last run finished at 199K but a restart looked like around 205-210K. Beyond that sellouts and PWP numbers looked really good. Sellouts - MTC1 - 3083(including non reserved shows) !!! and MTC2 - 1335 sellouts PWP - MTC1 1837 and MTC2 -2523 // To reiterate this is not movie specific. I put 10.5-11 as raw reserved data was under 15% increase from OD. I hope I am wrong and its closer to 12m. FYI Day 4 - PWP is even better. MTC1 - 2108 MTC2 - 3210 !!! I dont have MTC data for Day 4 beyond what I posted at 5PM Pacific yesterday but PS is around OD level overall(MTC1 is slightly better and MTC2 is slightly under that). But show counts today also is great. I am expecting 12K + reserved shows between 2 MTC. I am hoping for 550K+ finish.
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    It's very unlikely that any of the non-medical ingredients in the AZ or J&J vaccines could be causing the blood clots. They're basically all fairly generic small molecules that are used in plenty of other vaccines/medicines as stabilizers/emulsifiers etc. It does indeed seem that in a very small proportion of individuals (1 in 250,000 to 1 in 100,000) the AZ vaccine and now presumably the J&J vaccine cause anti-PF4 (platelet factor 4) antibodies to be generated, causing what is being referred to as "vaccine-induced (pro)thrombotic (immune) thrombocytopenia" - VITT or VIPIT for short. In some portion of those individuals, blood clots form in places they otherwise very, very rarely occur. (For example, the brain clots known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis - which was what was first identified as having an unusually high frequency after AZ vaccination.) In the aforementioned link that was posted, three possibilities are proposed for why the anti-PF4 antibodies are being generated in the affected individuals: 1) Some number of the adenovirus particles are breaking up and releasing free DNA. Free DNA is negatively charged, helping it to bind to the positively charged platelet factor. Free DNA is also immunogenic (our own DNA is always bound to proteins inside the nucleus), so the complexing with PF4 ends up (rarely) causing anti-PF4 antibodies to be generated. 2) Anti-PF4 antibodies are pre-existing and the immune response to vaccination is causing them to be boosted. (The article doesn't mention this, but this fails to explain why we see this for the AZ vaccine and not other vaccines. Not impossible, if it were a dosing issue, but with J&J also now having an issue I think this is less likely as a primary cause.) 3) Some antibodies generated against the RBD of the coronavirus are cross-reactive with PF4. This would mean any COVID vaccine would cause the clotting disorder, and so far no cases have been seen with the tens of millions of Pfizer/Moderna vaccinations. (The article doesn't say this explicitly but I think this possibility can essentially be excluded now.) There is another possibility (which I'll number "4") not explicitly mentioned in the article (somewhat implied, I've seen it explicitly stated in other sources): 4) Some antibodies generated against the ad5/ad26 adenoviral vector are cross-reactive with PF4. Like 1) above, this explanation would be consistent with the AZ and J&J vaccines causing VITT but not Pfizer/Moderna. Unlike 1) it would suggest the problem could be specific to the adenoviral vectors rather than any DNA-based viral vector vaccine. No other viral vector vaccine has been administered to hundreds of thousands of people before, so it's difficult to resolve between 1) and 4) at this time. Late edit: As pointed out below, Sputnik uses both the ad5 and ad26 viral vectors being used by AZ and J&J, respectively. Amended post above to include ad26 (originally only mentioned ad5).
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    The best superhero movie ever made. An easy 10/10. Perfection. It literally has no flaws. I laughed, I cried, I was at the edge of my seat. It had it all. Snyder is the best director alive and one of the greatest of all time by pulling this off.
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    Godzilla vs Kong T-2 Days Friday - ¥16.25M (+¥10.65M) on 117K shows Saturday - ¥5.2M (+¥3.8M) on 73K shows Sunday - ¥1.8M (+¥1.3M) on 59K shows Total - ¥23.25M ($3.6M) As explained above. Heading for ¥55M final pre-sales. May be more. Opening day of ¥180-200M. <iframe width="502" height="326" seamless frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=";format=interactive"></iframe>
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    Mortal Kombat Friday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 186 2768 6.72% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 101 2100 4.81% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 734 89 13655 5.38% 9 68 $150 PWPs: 20 $200 PWPs: 1 $250 PWPs: 7 $300 PWPs: 13 Total 41 GvK comp: 4.89M
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    Mortal Kombat Friday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 139 2768 5.02% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 79 2100 3.76% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 531 111 13655 3.89% 9 68 $150 PWPs: 17 $200 PWPs: 1 $250 PWPs: 6 $300 PWPs: 11 Total 35 GvK comp: 4.66M
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    Godzilla KoTM got 386M worldwide, getting up to the same level during a freaking pandemic while offering it on streaming is just amazing. Not a particular fan of the franchise, but I'll root for anything to do well at this point.
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    With this back-to-back success of Hi Mom, and My Sister, I guess a bunch of family-centric heart warming movies perhaps like, Bye Dad, See you again brother, Hello Grandma, Our Grandfather, My aunt and I are all on their way to Chinese theaters.
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    Just before 6PM PST MTC1 at 121502/541604 1497440.00 (3260 shows) and MTC2 at 118029/605959 1237180.82 4564 shows. East coast is almost done and so most business will have to happen in the west coast. Probably will finish at high end of my projections earlier today(~275K). But walk ups have been quite good. Much better than yesterday as there were more shows with seats available.
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    Godzilla vs Kong(T-6) MTC1 - 49220/444881 695093.00 2359 shows(322 theatres) +5480 //377 shows have not sold any tickets MTC2 - 48247/406592 547960.22 2685 shows (260 theatres) +4416 //433 shows have not sold any tickets. Another solid day. I think somewhere around double this number is possible with current shows. But it will add more shows as well. If I have to guess I am thinking 150K MTC1 and 130K MTC2 finish. Without Regal, I would say that would be at least 50-60% the overall BO(so around 6-7m OD). But I could be wrong as its hard to predict during COVID. There are also PWP and so overall BO will be higher.
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    Wednesday is up to 1121 sold out of 1887 total. I checked Tuesday as a control and it was 199 sold out of 1421 total. So we can say that OD PWPs are probably 80-85% for GvK.
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    The AZ debate appears to be a good illustration of just how bad we humans are at weighing and understanding risks.
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    Demon Slayer (T-3) MTC1 - 58883/338825 869260.00 1997 shows (322 theatres) +12445 // 201 sellouts MTC2 - 61991/304361 861013.10 2327 shows(275 theatres) +10829 // 240 sellouts I did not update yesterday but its definitely slowing down relative to GVK. Especially at MTC1. Good thing is its still slightly ahead in $ value due to higher ticket prices but GVK will overtake there as well as final push wont be that strong. GVK did 395K between the 2 MTC. I think somewhere between 250-300K would be a good range. I think that will translate to 6.5-7m OD. But this movie would be hard to project as it has a niche. I could still be overestimating it big time.
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    You can “call it out” on this forum, but when we say why that doesn’t make much sense it’s not being being “overly defensive” and the way you keep describing it as such is kind of condescending. I get that it’s frustrating to have it be July instead of May for countries that are recovered. Personally, I wish they had stuck to May (or June). I get that it’s frustrating to have it be hybrid for countries that are mostly recovered and/or where piracy is a big thing. Personally, I wish it was nonhybrid. But it just doesn’t make sense to read any information about quality into a move that is clearly being driven by cautionness over global pandemic conditions and continued DTC experimentation. Maybe the movie will be received poorly. That’s totally possible, frankly 2 of the last 3 MCU films were pretty eh, and the prequel nature is not the most exciting. But it’s no more likely to be bad than it was when it was planned for May 2020, all of the delays are adequately explained by external factors.
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    Very happy to see the really good numbers... If you take Deadline's number, which is too low, it looks like DOM Top 10 3-day weekend should be at least $40M (if you assume movies #6-10 make about $4M combined)...I think that can go higher and maybe we can see a true doubling of the best Top 10 DOM 3 day weekend (Xmas 2020 - doubling $23.77M, we'd need $47.4M) we've had since April 2020... Yes, I skipped Tenet's weekend b/c 11 days of movie revenue just seems unfair to have to double...but if we include it, we'd need around $54M Top 10 DOM for the 3 day:)... Definitely a huge step in the right direction...we've got a market now up to about 15-20% of normal possible, I think (if Endgame represented 110%+ of normal possible:), and the movies this year don't need 100% to do awesome - if we can get to 50% of normal possible, it should be a good summer...
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    I got my second dose of Moderna this morning! Only two more weeks until I reactivate A List
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    Godzilla Vs. Kong Greater Sacramento Area Opening Day Seat Report: T-1 day and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 90 214 2194 7643 5449 71.29% Total Sellouts Added Today 41 Total Showings Added Today 9* Total Seats Added Today 108 Total Seats Sold Today 1414 * Includes five non-reserved seating showings at the local drive-in ==== T-1 Comps (100% guaranteed lol - use at own risk) % Sold T-1 Total Sold Sellouts/Shows Seats Left/Total Seats Perct Sold Comp KotM (Thr Prev) 274.09 351 1988 0/125 13495/15483 12.84% 17.26m KotM adj (Thr Prev) 250.05 351 1988 0/125 13495/15483 12.84% 15.75m KotM adj accounts for the two theaters that have moved to fully reserved seating since KotM debuted. ==== Private Watch Party Showings - Cinemark ($149) 74 Private Watch Party Showings - Cinema West ($130) 8 Adjusted Seats Approximation 1296 EDIT:::: Wild-Assed Guesstimate Comp based on reasoning/formula in this post: 11.02m
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    Godzilla vs Kong Wednesday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 609 3026 20.13% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 379 2451 15.46% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST DAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 2132 251 17143 12.44% 9 100 Showings added: 2 Seats added: 77 $150 PWPs: 18 $200 PWPs: 4(+1) $250 PWPs: 3 $300 PWPs: 12(+1)
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    I tried to look at all MTC theaters and found data for lot more shows. MTC1 - 39617/412322 569033.00 2149 shows(306 theaters) // 530 shows have not sold any tickets.
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    This can easily be explained by a mix of socioeconomic and cultural factors. Asian-Americans are much more likely to work in white collar jobs than other minorities. It's hard to gather statistics on this, but I feel very sure that on average Asian-Americans have been more mask-compliant and social-distancing compliant than other North Americans. While I know there are exceptions, my Asian family and friends have all behaved very differently than the norms for North America. Many of them already wore masks when sick prior to this pandemic, and when we first started hearing about it they ordered masks in bulk from overseas, while our governments here were still advising us not to wear masks, and the general thrust of conversation in North America was questioning whether masks even worked or expressing that they were too uncomfortable etc. (The general conversation on BOT was much more open to masks fairly early on, to the great credit of the BOT community.) We all know a great many Canadians and Americans still had dinners with extended family at Thanksgiving and Christmas, my Asian family and friends either didn't see extended family at all or if they did, they did it outside, wearing masks, for a brief period of time. (This was despite sub-freezing temperatures.) Similarly, none of us have seen any of our friends or done any risky activities such as indoor dining since the pandemic started. Again, this isn't typical North American behaviour. I know my family and friends is an inherently biased sample, but it's not a small one and I feel confident it's not completely unrepresentative. (Edit: another excellent point by @Taruseth above that could also explain a mortality rate gap, namely the age gap of white Americans vs Asian-Americans)
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    The age profile of India is much younger than Western countries and when you look at age-adjusted IFR it's about what you would expect. Also, people in India are much genetically closer to Europeans than they are to East and Southeast Asians. Himalayas were a very strong barrier to migration prior to the modern era. Not "perfection" but easily all vastly better than Western countries aside from Australia and New Zealand, especially when you consider both goverment and societal responses. For example, mask compliance in Japan was observed to be around 99% with the exception invariably being "Americans or Europeans". This was back while our governments here in North America and Europe were still telling us not to wear masks. Japanese businesses were also very near-universally compliant with strict distancing and ventilation regulations, and a major reason for this is that unlike in the West it's normal for small businesses to keep several months or even years of cash on hand for operating expenses. Also, remember that if you're in a country surrounded by other countries that are using widespread community testing and enforced quarantine to crush COVID into oblivion, it becomes a lot easier to control COVID because there's no continual source of new introductions.
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    Godzilla vs Kong Wednesday Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 328 1434 22.87% AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 205 1835 11.17% SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST 4 DAYS TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 1063 377 10618 10.01% 8 53 Showings added: 1 Seats added: 159 $150 PWPs: 16(+5) $200 PWPs: 3(+1) $250 PWPs: 2 $300 PWPs: 4(+2)
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    Cool. Give it a shot. I will take a break from DS tracking tomorrow and take a look at MK at least in MTC1. Is there an expectation of big numbers for MK as well. 2 big openers seem crazy in these times. DS seem to have good sales even for Friday despite MK opening. I am expecting 25-30m over 4 day weekend looking at the trend.
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    A more organised. Demon Slayer Sellout count T-7 days (morning) NYC - 48/152 LA - 4/158 Chicago - 4/27 Houston - 4/152 Phoenix - 4/80 Philadelphia - 7/22 San Antonio - 2/46 San Diego - 3/66 Dallas - 2/44 Boston - 1/33 Sacramento - 29/64 (this is strongest I suppose. TIL Sacramento is CA capital, always thought it must be LA) New Jersey - 24/87 Total of these - 132/931
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    The Arclight and Pacific theaters are a substantial percentage of the “better” theaters in LA. This is really rough.
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    Twitter/YT are full of those comments, in addition to crying about how it's a prequel and "doesn't matter".
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    4195 tickets sold in Denver so far today. Comp says 14.63M.
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    GVK Friday PS Update MTC1 - 84925/890436 1054220.00 4912 shows(428 Theatres) +25133 // 472 sellouts MTC2 - 71208/688106 810466.64 4636 shows(293 Theatres) +18889 // 213 sellouts PWP - MTC1 has 1716 sellouts and MTC has 2440 sellouts This is just over a day of PS. Compared to OD at the same point the PS is down about 15% in MTC1 and 25% in MTC2. PWP sellouts are higher but not sure how many one can attribute to GVK.
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    I think less people would be bashing it if Disney actually released more movies during the drought instead of pushing them all back when things will be closer to normal and a hybrid release will be unnecessary. There wasn't much animosity towards the Raya hybrid release on here iirc. I think WB also doing this July onwards is pretty dumb too though. And most people don't have HBO Max so it's going to be basically like paying $15 dollars for the movie for most people.
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    Lol yeah, I looked through the most recent Imdb ratings and there are a ton of these "restore the Snyder verse" people. Pretty pathetic. Campaign for what you want but don't go around bashing other films and being toxic about it.
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    Regardless of what effect COVID may have on budgets going forward, nobody knew about COVID while the film was being made. So that is not relevant.
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    could understand moving Black Widow to July 9 for theatrical release. I could understand leaving Black Widow on May 7 for Disney+ release. I cannot understand moving Black Widow to July 9 and giving it a day-and-date Disney+ release.
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    Godzilla vs. Kong Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-10 Days and Counting (Wednesday) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 16 24 1149 1519 75.64% Total Sellouts Added Today: 1 Total Seats Sold Today: 37

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