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  1. Below is a list of banned/suspended users, their ban/suspend dates, and the reasons for their bans/suspensions. The staff will update this post as often as possible. It is against site policy to suspend or ban a user when the user requests it. It is also against site policy to delete an account or an account's entire post history when requested by the user. If you suspect any of these users are posting on the forum under a new alias at any time during their suspension or ban period, please let us know by sending a private message to Water Bottle, AndyLL, Impact, or Grim22. Thank you! CURR
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  2. I shall not keep you long. I have called you all together for a Purpose. First of all, three and a half years is far too short a time to be an admin among such excellent and admirable people. I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. Finally, I wish to make an ANNOUNCEMENT. I regret to announce that — though I have said, three and a half years is far too short a time to spend with you as an admin — this is the END. I am going. I am retiring now. Good-bye.
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  3. I currently had it 68-73 lets see bit later how its looking If Sunday follows the trend it'll be on the high end Fri early had 102 range 100-105, the upped it to top of the range 105m, current est 105.967 Sat 80 range 77-82 then 78-83 but kept number 80 see where it fell , later agreed with @EmpireCity 82 figure, current est 83m So if the trend continues it'll be 73 LOL...or maybe it'll come undone and be at low end , lot factors in play see how evening goes. Either way the 61 is toast Weekend had 220-260 range stuck with 240...so 260 might happen
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  4. It's early, but like I said this morning, people are going to be shocked at the number. Given that it kept going higher into the night yesterday I think it might hit $82m after everything is settled. Again, it is very early and that could change and I am being a bit more aggressive than others.
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  5. very quick stop by earlier had WW about 38 think still be looking around that Now I'm going
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  6. mid 70's been thrown around safe beat atm , business is off the charts (there's only two films higher :)), however huge amount pre-sales which skew things a lot , see how it goes into eve.
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  7. The New Forum FAQ (Courtesy of @chasmmi -- praise him with great praise!) First a bit about the site. This was founded by Shawn Robbins. He created a different site for all of to head to after releasing a Trojan Virus onto the Boxofficemojo.com site, permanently obiterating their forums which had been a bastion of all things Box Office since 1965. Tele was at those forums from the beginning and so was initially hit the hardest at the loss of almost 50 years of box office complaining. However, he eventually led the forced Exodus over to the site that we all kno
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  8. Hey guys. So yesterday, a forum user contacted the staff because he had suspicions that another forum user was using a duplicate account to vote for his list twice. The admin in question, grim22, looked up the IP addresses of JamesCameronScholar and Hydrogen. It is during this search that it was discovered that there were a couple instances where the two accounts used the same IP. It is our assumption that if we find two users who tend to share the same opinions and two users who submitted nearly identical lists to a recent countdown that it is likely that two users a
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  9. -1st Photo 24 characters + Android Q (Android 10) + 5(.5). 34.5 -ignore 1st, main screen has 24 icons + android 10 + .5 -or top pick is avengers #345 Or any combo you can come up with 😝 Generally involves all images Rth EndGames
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  10. Tues R1 22.4, Sing 17.7, Pass 6, Moan 4.6, Ass 3.6,WH 3.4,Fen 3.1,LLL 2.6
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  11. OMG this thread 25m and ppl about to commit hari Kari..if anyone going to be disappointed with 29.69 or thereabouts I'll sent a lightning bolt 🌩 up their A
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  12. So you guys have probably now seen the annoying announcement which popped up and needed to get dismissed. I'm re-posting the contents of it here, not just to keep it available as a reminder but also to provide a public space to talk about it. We'll pin this for awhile so that everyone has a chance to see it and comment (if they want). --- Within the last year or so, there's been a steady increase of negative posts in movie threads. We've always had some heated discussions for some movies, but recently things have not only gotten more histrionic in those threads (general
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  13. After 4 and a half years on the staff @Mr Pastaffelees is stepping down. He wants to travel the world, attend more midnight screenings and spend more time with his cat Garrus. We wish him all the best and he will be missed on the staff. He has been given a lifetime Gold membership as a thank you. The Mod Team will determine if we need additional staff and we will open a thread for nominations if so. Join us in thanking Spaghetti for his time keeping the forum running through all sorts of franchise wars and troll threads.
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  15. Look ladies and gentlemen, this has gone on long enough. It started with the DCEU and we didn't put the lid on that quick enough, It made the forums unbearable for a time. So we had to make the spoiling the well rule. Same thing goes here. It's not a SW bias as some have suggested. It's that about a dozen posters have all complained about the same things. We can't have a shit storm/blitzkrieg against one film. There are threads for that. We have said in the past, if you want to talk about this stuff, do it in the Fanboy Wars thread. But so many of you just can't help you
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  16. First a bit about the site. The Box Office Theory was founded by Shawn Robbins in 2011, originally as a box office blog. He created a different site for all of us to head to after Mojo decided to 86 their forums, which eventually became this forum community. Many of us were at those forums from the beginning. Along with myself, guys like Lilmac and Mike Q were at the forums at mojo from the start in 2002. So some of us go back almost 15 years. Shawn then got approached by boxoffice.com to take the forums to their site in 2012, although after a change in ownership they decided to no longe
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  17. Monday is basically a rehash of Sun either going to beat Monday record or go very close to it
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  18. After 6 or so years I've decided to step down from my Admin role on the forums. In 2020 I have found it hard to be on the forums enough to do a proper job of moderating and after much deliberation I decided it would be better if I stepped down. I'd like to personally and publicly thank @Shawn for the opportunities he has provided me. As someone who was not an active forum poster and pretty quiet in general it was a honor to be asked to join the staff. @Water Bottle you have always been supportive, especially when it came to my Derby requests and @Plain O
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  19. Title Gross Change The Lion King (2019) $30,312,000 44% Spider-Man: Far from Home $4,364,000 50% Toy Story 4 $3,318,000 63% Crawl $1,266,000 59% Aladdin (2019) $1,142,000 78% Yesterday $895,000 55% Stuber $851,000 69% Annabelle Comes Home $548,000 32% The Secret Life
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