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    Didn’t want to post it on the thread but really taking people like that one guy or some other kids seriously. I get it it is your forum (or I don’t know the status/ownership of the forum, you are a mod) but really most of the people posting are completely ignorant in everything but the most commercial/mainstream movies on the market. I think you can see it, no need to further explain myself and if I sound elitist I am sorry but most people in the forum are completely ignorant. Peace🤘🏼🤘🏼
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    Hey everyone i am using the Box Office theory
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    Finally got around to watching my NZ copy of Hunt for the Wilderpeople and it was great fun! Hit with emotional impact without being sappy.
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    Fyi the car park where they filmed #mockingjay and #civilwar was closed https://t.co/JN0kfNWO7d
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    WARCRAFT earned est. ¥55.4M ($8.4M) from Tuesday midnight screenings, tops Furious 7's all-time midnight record. https://t.co/WHNLigfaF5
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    Hi there. I've read a few posts from you in this forum and it seems like you're pretty much a veteran in this box office tracking stuff. I have a question to ask you if you don't mind. Is there still any box office forum that was active between 1995 and 2005 that still exists today? I'm really curious to know how it must have felt like for people to track movies like Titanic, LOTRs, HP, Spiderman and the like but Google gave me no answer.
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    Always refreshing to see Nathan Drake around these forums.
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