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    Makes more sense for Warners to go this route with G vs K then with WW84. Let's face it, KOTM underperomed badly, and Warners was probably nervous about G V K. Now at least they have got back a lot of their investment with this deal. But WW84, a follow up to a smash hit, is really questionable at best for this approach.
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    Guessing those private showings were how some people decided to spend their Thanksgiving this year, even though there's hardly any movies out right now due to the circumstances. The Croods 2 making $10M+ for the 5-day would be considered a very, very, very minor win. Guessing it would've made a total in the $120-130M range in a normal scenario.
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    Surprisingly strong Thanksgiving all things considered. Don't know if those popular private showings are being included in the total but it would make a ton of sense if it's making most of its money from those (since regular family gatherings aren't wise this year and having a theater to yourself and your family lowers the risk a bit).
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    Situation really improved in France, I barely watched the numbers at all but we're already on the way to turn the lockdown into a curfew and some shops will reopen and all. Actually it's been more efficient than I thought, and that lockdown was much less harsh than the 1st one so the economy won't take a significant hit. Between that and the fact the most fragile people will start getting vaccinated late December / early January I can say 2021 will probably be bright and under the light of hope I know America is in a horrible situation right now but happier days will come for you in several months
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    To the US posters, have a Happy Thanksgiving today! (And to all others, have a happy Thursday!) While the year might be tough, there's always a lot to be thankful for, even through a period of relative darkness:). I'm very thankful for all of you on this board and all the communication, wide-ranging info, intelligent thoughts, humor, support, and sometimes just mindless distraction you all provide:)...while we haven't had a lot of box office numbers, we've still had a lot of discussion that's enriched my life this year:).
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    I mean, nobody thought in a million years they would do this for Wonder Woman and yet here we are. All bets are clearly off in the pandemic era.
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    Yeah, I haven't posted much on my health since my diagnosis this summer...the reason - it's been good for what it could be...so, it's a "no news is good news" scenario:). Plus, I've been using the boards as an escape for movies, so fixating on health here wasn't what I wanted - but I'll always post if someone asks (or if it goes downhill - the spouse knows he can hop on my account to do that:)... And thanks for the positivity - I'll take all thoughts, positive vibes, and prayers as long as folks want to send them my way...they never hurt (and who knows - maybe they are helping b/c I'm already slightly bucking my trend:)...
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    Yeah, I am - thanks for checking:). I made a few life changes this summer (thanks to some CLL experts) on top of those I'd made in 2019 for food allergies and for now, while my genetic markers at diagnosis in July should have indicated a really, really rapid disease progression, it seems I've slowed it down (although not stopped it). And slow is what one wants a lot with CLL:). My goal is to stay untreated through 2021, so I'm thinking ahead and longer term:). PS - For those who do leukemia, on top of my crappy deletions and rearrangements, my CD38 positivity at diagnosis was 65% - that's normally the sign it's all going rapid and badly quickly...it's how I earned 6 week blood tests, when most folks at diagnosis get 3 month ones:)...and how I earned getting approved for every old person vaccine now, but one at a time (to not overload my immune system). I just got done the pneumonia series, and next up will probably be Shingles before Covid, b/c my sis has had shingles (so it's in the family), b/c you can't take the shingles one once you need treatment, and b/c I don't know which Covid vaccine is gonna work for my protein deletions (so, that's gonna wait on the doc getting up to speed - we're gonna chat in Dec at my next appt, but I think he'll want Shingles series 1st, then Covid one)...
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    So, in honor of Thanksgiving, the kids and I watched Free Birds for the 1st time before I proceeded into Thanksgiving prep. Ummm...so I'm torn. It's a terrible movie...but it's so terrible, it's frequently funny. The product placement had to be the most over-the-top product placement I've ever seen in the movie. The ending is so bad, it's almost good...and it's almost so 2020 Thanksgiving dinner recommendation, it hurts. It bogs down, even though it's only 90 minutes-ish. It makes no sense. But, you can watch it free on Hulu. And it gives "a" take on the holiday, one which my kids were, like, "Mom this seems almost offensive, how did Hollywood greenlight this?" and the girl teens, "Mom, 4 stoners had to have written this movie"... The youngest WAS frequently laughing, even though he also accepted its badness. I think we all put grades around C+ to D+...it helps that it's like the only Thanksgiving movie that really goes for the holiday in "its" way...
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    Keep in mind that Tuesday might be the last unaffected number for a week or so. If not today definitely will be. As the blog points out, it will be early December before the numbers start to normalize out again so don't pay much attention to high or low numbers for the next 10 days. It also points out that affects from Thanksgiving will not be seen in the data until the 2nd week of December due to the various time lags. Anything before that does not have to do with Thanksgiving. To put yesterday's death total in real terms. That's one American dying every 42 seconds. The 7 day avg is one American dying every 55 seconds. The total death toll is also something that is almost unimaginable at this point. If you took every person in the US who died by accident last year (car, home, work, drug over dose, etc - every one of them), add every person who committed suicide, then add every person who died from the flu, then add every person who was murdered (by any means, gun, knife, hands,etc) - add all that together and you get about how many people have been officially classified of dying from COVID in the US in less than 9 months.
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    Another note - also, Victorian cinemas were limited to 20 seats per cinema still and we got those numbers... As of today that limit is increased to 150 max now pending other factors such as actual capacity etc. but we could well see Tenet either flat in or even increase in Victoria and i'm hearing that IMAX in victoria is sold out for weeks at the moment.
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    I didn't know that. Tenet is showing on 1 of only 13 cinemas that can show the film on IMAX 1570mm. Nolan recording a special intro for all those who see the film on 1570mm film in Victoria which apparently was what the film was recorded on and how Nolan intended it. see the link to Inside Film below. https://www.if.com.au/christopher-nolans-message-to-victorian-cinemagoers/
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    If Tenet sees the kind of legs its seen elsewhere in australia i think 15m is very much on the cards. For reference 2 weeks ago, the remainder of the country did around 125k over a weekend without victoria. I would argue, last weekends result acted like an opening weekend in victoria and i'd say looking at numbers did just under 500k (say 490k ?) in victoria on it's own, probably meaning victoria did around 430k - 440k over the weekend just gone. and we ar enow effectively up to 13.5m Lets be nice and give the remainder of the country about 300k (outside of Victoria). Looking at the numbers so far since victoria opened i have a total of just over 1m within victoria whith a weekend just gone of 430k. Tough to predict but from here assuming a 20% drops here on out for the next 3 weeks (pre-Christmas) which gives an additional total of around 1.2m - 1.3m. so i have 13.5 + 0.3m + 1.2m = 15m. Yeah looking at this 15m looks on the cards here... i think we land around 15.2m - 15.4m from here.
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    Admit it -- if Disney hired Adam Driver to do promos for "Disney 18+" and had him say: "Join me on the dark side..." You know millions of fangirls would instantly sign up and crash the server! 😂 Thank me later, Disney.
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    Official cases are always a vast understimate of the real amount of cases, which we will never really know. And asymptomatic cases can have serious long-term affects as well, thats been pretty well documented.
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    Probably not before Mando Season 2 tho 😕

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