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    General advice I have learned in my years as a poster on Box Office Theory - if your post starts with the sentence "So what if he's a cannibal?" ...... you probably should not finish the take.
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    2020 has been one hell of a year, and 2021 doesn’t look like it’s going to be too different. A lot of us didn’t get the chance to venture out into the cinema as often as we’d liked (and that’d putting it mildly). That being said, we firmly believe that the show must go on! The 9th Annual BOFFY Ceremony will happen as planned! The Categories: BEST PICTURE BEST DIRECTOR BEST ENSEMBLE BEST ACTRESS BEST ACTOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS BEST SUPPORITNG ACTOR BEST VOICE PERFORMANCE BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY BEST FILM EDITING BEST VISUAL EFFECTS BEST COSTUME DESIGN BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN BEST MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING BEST SOUND BEST ORIGINAL SCORE BEST ORIGINAL SONG BEST SOUNDTRACK BEST COMEDY BEST ANIMATED FEATURE BEST OVERLOOKED FEATURE WORST FEATURE BEST HERO BEST VILLAIN BEST TV SERIES FUNNIEST USER MOST VALUABE USER FUNNIEST USER BEST FORUM MOMENT All categories, except picture, will have the normal six nominees. Try to fill out as many nominees as you can. Eligibility: · Any film released on streaming (subscription based or VOD) or theatrically in 2020 is eligible. This includes… o Films with a limited platform release in 2020 (e.g. Nomadland, One Night in Miami) o Films on premium channels (e.g. Bad Education) · Filmed concerts and theatrical productions (e.g. Hamilton) are eligible in categories EXCEPT FOR acting and writing. · Small Axe will be eligible as five different movies. That is, you could vote for Lover’s Rock, Mangrove, etc. but not the series collectively. Deadlines: Send your ballot to myself and @The Panda no later than Saturday, February 13th at 11:59am EST. Nominees will be announced on February 14th Awards will happen on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH Also, I made this handy guide to keep track of where you can watch this year's eligible films! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ohbOp_1Ga8vUy7194BiuE4-FXrRqbGzJo3yTN4lVkx4/edit?usp=sharing
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    Endless Animation’s The Un-Title-Able Squirrel Girl Sequel Studio: Endless Animation In Association with Marvel Genre: CG-2D Animation/Superhero/Comedy Director: Lauren MacMullan Producers: Amanda Rydna and Lara Breay, Daron Nefcy (executive), Xavier B Irving (executive), Meg LeFauve (executive) and Chris McKay (executive) Writers: Lauren MacMullan, Amanda Rydna, Seth Grahame-Smith and Ryan North Composers: Ludwig Göransson and Theodore Shapiro Loosely Based off of: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics (January-October 2019) The character of Squirrel Girl Marvel Comics Anna Kendrick as Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl Vanessa Morgan as Nancy Whitehead Kelly Hu as Melissa Morbeck Taissa Farmiga as Dana Smith Samantha Ireland as Tippy-Toe Lil’ Rel Howery as Monkey Joe Daniel Henney as Robbie Baldwin/Speedball Golshifteh Farahani as Azadeh Ahura/Alchemist with Brian Tee as the noises of Hit-Monkey and Michael C. Hall as Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom Also starring: David Tennant as Bullseye Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Illouise Keith David as Galactus Justin Roiland as MODOK Sophia Taylor Ali as Ms. Marvel Seth MacFarlane as Howard The Duck Scott Menville as Nova Nathon Fillion as Wonder Man Chris Hemsworth as Beta Ray Bill Yara Shahidi as Riri Williams/Ironheart Ronda Rousey as She-Hulk Daniel Radcliffe as Captain Britain Ryan Potter as Amadeus Cho Katey Sagal as Dr. Blank Troy Baker as Morbeck Industries Chairman Release Date: December 20th, Y8 Theater Count: 4,320 (including 100 IMAX theaters) Format: 2D (2.39:1), 3D (2.39:1), and Dolby Cinema (2.39:1) and IMAX 2D (1.44:1) Budget: $135 million Tagline: “Nut Again” MPAA Rating: PG for frequent sequences of animated action violence, thematic material and crude humor Previous Film: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (12/22/Y5) (3 Day OW/5 Day OW/DOM/WW) - $45,176,251/$79,041,512/$308,356,775/$754,626,574 Running Time: 116 minutes Original Song: “Our End Credits Rap” written by The Lonely Island, performed by the cast and The Lonely Island Animation: Done in house by Endless Animation. Worldmeander is used, like in Toons v Reality and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (which combines computer animation with hand-drawn animation similar to that of Paperman, Feast, Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive and Medusa) but is modeled to look more like Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse aesthetic but matches The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics, using a more cartoony style and more smooth in terms of animation. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B6ZK-KqYkZA69sbK5ve_uJ7PV4PMjjJnqOL6C0Hay30/edit?usp=sharing (14,968 words) Special thanks to @MCKillswitch123 @cookie and @4815162342 for pre-reading. I’d also like to thank @Reddroast for letting me use Doctor Doom and Mole Man. As well as @Spaghetti and @Wondy for bouncing an idea or two off them.
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    I can assure you that anyone choosing (i.e. non-medical reason) to not get a vaccine for COVID, or diseases with similar or greater risk of severe illness, also has no clue what medical procedures actually do or mean. The evidence for the safety and efficacy of vaccines is overwhelming. The rate of severe side effects (requiring hospitalization) is less than 1 in 50,000 for the most "reactogenic" vaccines and for others closer to 1 in 2 million. Rates of side effects causing death or permanent injury are orders of magnitude lower, so low they are impossible to accurately measure even in populations with tens of millions of people vaccinated. The diseases that vaccines prevent by comparison often have death rates exceeding 1 in 1,000 and cause severe illness requiring hospitalization at rates exceeding 1 in 100. (COVID is obviously well above this bar.) The vaccine is not 100% effective, no vaccine is. There are also going to be people who can't take the vaccine for medical reasons, either because of known or suspected allergies, and/or because they would derive no benefit (various immune system related illnesses). That's why herd immunity is so important. Every person who chooses not to get vaccinated (because of their profound ignorance) makes it harder to achieve herd immunity, and yes, potentially does present a risk to the safety of others.
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    This is so sad “As hospitals across California braced this week for a surge in COVID-19 patients who got infected over Christmas, officials relayed painful stories of dying victims’ last moments with their families,” the Los Angeles Times reports. “‘One of the more heartbreaking conversations that our healthcare workers share is about these last words when children apologize to their parents and grandparents for bringing COVID into their homes for getting them sick. And these apologies are just some of the last words that loved ones will ever hear as they die alone,’ Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis said."
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    Wifey got her first jab today ... vaccination discipline somewhat lacking at her ward, while doctors and graduate nurses all got vaccinated, other personnel are "sceptical" ... at least most of the patients are vaccinated by now (also, 1st jab).
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    This is why the ones who clamor for herd immunity are so off their rocker. 22% would mean you are only at about 1/4 to 1/3 of where you need to be. So 2-3X more the hospitalizations and deaths still to come. No health system in the world can handle those types of numbers, they would all crash. It's awful again here were I live. Don't remember if I mentioned this but my best friends dad is in ICU. He needs dialysis as part of the treatment (it has been attacking his kidneys) but so many techs have been out sick with COVID that he has only been able to get that twice since he went into the hospital. Nobody is really talking about it much yet, but there is already significant rationing of care going on because there simply are not enough personnel to do everything.
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    Demon Slayer: Mugen Train - Daily Performance Tracker10/16 - Fri.: ¥1,268,724,700 ($12.0 million) / 910,507 10/17 - Sat.: ¥1,701,723,350 ($16.2 million) / 1,270,234 10/18 - Sun.: ¥1,652,669,400 ($15.7 million) / 1,239,752 10/19 - Mon.: ¥735,000,000 ($7.0 million) / 545,000 10/20 - Tues.: ¥545,000,000 ($5.1 million) / 395,000 10/21 - Wed.: ¥635,000,000 ($6.0 million) / 505,000 10/22 - Thur.: ¥465,000,000 ($4.5 million) / 340,000 10/23 - Fri.: ¥700,000,000 ($6.7 million) / 510,000 10/24 - Sat.: ¥1,500,944,600 ($14.3 million) / 1,115,182 10/25 - Sun.: ¥1,540,504,150 ($14.7 million) / 1,157,654 10/26 - Mon.: ¥620,000,000 ($5.9 million) / 460,000 10/27 - Tues.: ¥410,000,000 ($3.9 million) / 300,000 10/28 - Wed.: ¥575,000,000 ($5.5 million) / 430,000 10/29 - Thur.: ¥390,000,000 ($3.7 million) / 285,000 10/30 - Fri.: ¥555,000,000 ($5.3 million) / 405,000 10/31 - Sat.: ¥1,212,312,550 ($11.6 million) / 887,893 11/01 - Sun.: ¥1,286,354,600 ($12.3 million) / 1,140,390 *Discount Day* 11/02 - Mon: ¥820,000,000 ($7.8 million) / 605,000 *Holiday Boosted* 11/03 - Tues.: ¥1,185,000,000 ($11.3 million) / 900,000 *Holiday* 11/04 - Wed.: ¥350,000,000 ($3.3 million) / 260,000 11/05 - Thur.: ¥230,000,000 ($2.2 million) / 170,000 11/06 - Fri.: ¥325,000,000 ($3.1 million) / 240,000 11/07 - Sat.: ¥863,827,750 ($8.3 million) / 628,614 11/08 - Sun.: ¥909,098,150 ($8.8 million) / 667,179 11/09 - Mon.: ¥315,000,000 ($3.0 million) / 230,000 11/10 - Tues.: ¥220,000,000 ($2.1 million) / 160,000 11/11 - Wed.: ¥295,000,000 ($2.8 million) / 230,000 11/12 - Thur.: ¥200,000,000 ($1.9 million) / 145,000 11/13 - Fri.: ¥310,000,000 ($3.0 million) / 225,000 11/14 - Sat.: ¥795,343,500 ($7.6 million) / 611,418 11/15 - Sun.: ¥726,313,550 ($6.9 million) / 535,986 11/16 - Mon.: ¥265,000,000 ($2.5 million) / 195,000 11/17 - Tues.: ¥165,000,000 ($1.6 million) / 120,000 11/18 - Wed.: ¥240,000,000 ($2.3 million) / 185,000 11/19 - Thur.: ¥165,000,000 ($1.6 million) / 120,000 11/20 - Fri.: ¥240,000,000 ($2.3 million) / 170,000 11/21 - Sat.: ¥439,606,550 ($4.2 million) / 314,726 11/22 - Sun.: ¥592,738,550 ($5.7 million) / 433,315 11/23 - Mon.: ¥460,110,250 ($4.4 million) / 357,741 *Holiday* 11/24 - Tues.: ¥125,000,000 ($1.2 million) / 90,000 11/25 - Wed.: ¥160,000,000 ($1.5 million) / 120,000 11/26 - Thur.: ¥120,000,000 ($1.1 million) / 85,000 11/27 - Fri.: ¥195,000,000 ($1.9 million) / 130,000 11/28 - Sat.: ¥556,443,300 ($5.3 million) / 392,017 11/29 - Sun: ¥448,060,450 ($4.3 million) / 320,031 11/30 - Mon.: ¥140,000,000 ($1.3 million) / 105,000 12/01 - Tues.: ¥170,000,000 ($1.6 million) / 145,000 *Discount Day* 12/02 - Wed.: ¥125,000,000 ($1.2 million) /100,000 12/03 - Thur.: ¥x95,000,000 ($0.9 million) / x70,000 12/04 - Fri.: ¥145,000,000 ($1.4 million) / 105,000 12/05 - Sat.: ¥319,013,550 ($3.1 million) / 225,976 12/06 - Sun.: ¥336,505,700 ($3.2 million) / 239,874 12/07 - Mon.: ¥100,000,000 ($1.0 million) / x75,000 12/08 - Tues.: ¥x85,000,000 ($0.8 million) / x55,000 12/09 - Wed.: ¥115,000,000 ($1.1 million) / x90,000 12/10 - Thur.: ¥x85,000,000 ($0.8 million) / x60,000 12/11 - Fri.: ¥115,000,000 ($1.1 million) / x80,000 12/12 - Sat.: ¥588,408,200 ($5.7 million) / 407,286 12/13 - Sun.: ¥351,003,000 ($3.4 million) / 248,024 12/14 - Mon.: ¥120,000,000 ($1.2 million) / x85,000 12/15 - Tues.: ¥x85,000,000 ($0.8 million) / x60,000 12/16 - Wed.: ¥110,000,000 ($1.1 million) / x85,000 12/17 - Thur.: ¥x75,000,000 ($0.7 million) / x55,000 12/18 - Fri.: ¥x90,000,000 ($0.9 million) / x65,000 12/19 - Sat.: ¥187,788,050 ($1.8 million) / 133,068 12/20 - Sun.: ¥202,627,400 ($2.0 million) / 148,780 12/21 - Mon.: ¥x75,000,000 ($0.7 million) / x55,000 12/22 - Tues.: ¥x65,000,000 ($0.6 million) / x45,000 12/23 - Wed.: ¥x90,000,000 ($0.9 million) / x65,000 12/24 - Thur.: ¥x70,000,000 ($0.7 million) / x50,000 12/25 - Fri.: ¥105,000,000 ($1.0 million) / x75,000 12/26 - Sat.: ¥554,583,650 ($5.3 million) / 355,697 12/27 - Sun.: ¥353,034,550 ($3.4 million) / 219,946 12/28 - Mon.: ¥290,000,000 ($2.8 million) / 190,000 12/29 - Tues.: ¥325,000,000 ($3.2 million) / 205,000 12/30 - Wed.: ¥335,000,000 ($3.3 million) / 240,000 12/31 - Thur.: ¥210,000,000 ($2.0 million) / 135,000 01/01 - Fri.: ¥320,000,000 ($3.1 million) / 230,000 *Holiday, Discount Day* 01/02 - Sat.: ¥351,200,000 ($3.4 million) / 220,150 *Bank Holiday* 01/03 - Sun.: ¥326,800,000 ($3.2 million) / 204,850 *Bank Holiday* 01/04 - Mon.: ¥275,000,000 ($2.6 million) / 180,000 *Holiday Boosted* 01/05 - Tues.: ¥160,000,000 ($1.5 million) / 100,000 01/06 - Wed.: ¥135,000,000 ($1.3 million) / x95,000 01/07 - Thur.: ¥x80,000,000 ($0.8 million) / x50,000 01/08 - Fri.: ¥x65,000,000 ($0.6 million) / x40,000 01/09 - Sat.: ¥125,790,000 ($1.2 million) / x75,600 01/10 - Sun.: ¥173,710,000 ($1.7 million) / 104,400 01/11 - Mon.: ¥132,804,950 ($1.3 million) / x84,300 *Holiday* 01/12 - Tues.: ¥x35,000,000 ($0.3 million) / x22,000 *est.*01/13 - Wed.: ¥x45,000,000 ($0.4 million) / x30,000 *est.*90-Day Cumulative Total: ¥35,870,039,800 ($343.0 million) / 26,262,549
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    Yeah it's getting to the point where my facebook feed is getting more and more people claiming to be in hospital. I have 2 friends at the age of 30 in ICU right now. England is having a rough time. 1400 deaths in 1 day is like 7000 deaths in the US with population taken into account
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    In Denmark were i live the goverment just annouced that all citizens that want the vaccines can be done with the 2nd shot by June 27th if everthing goes right.. 1,5-2% of the population are expected to be vaccinated every day in early summer where vaccine deliverys are at its highest
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    Studio: New Journey Pictures Director: Peter Sollett Genre: Drama Release Date: December 25th, Y8 Theater Count: 2,450 MPAA Rating: PG-13 for Some Language Runtime: 1 hr 32 min Budget: $10 Million Cast Rooney Mara as Elisa Brenda Song as Connie Kate McKinnon as Kathy Aidy Bryant as Suzanna-Anne-Helen Sebastian Stan as Bill with Brad Pitt as The Pizza Guy and Tilda Swinton as The Trainer Plot Summary Elisa (Rooney Mara) breaks up with her boyfriend Bill (Sebastian Stan), and she's depressed, so Connie (Brenda Song) convinces her to attend yoga classes with her. Elisa attends the first class and remarks why there's only a few people there--Kathy (Kate McKinnon) and Suzanna-Anne-Helen (Aidy Bryant) are the only other people there for the yoga class--and Connie admits that the trainer's teaching methods are controversial. The Trainer (Tilda Swinton) comes in and they start doing yoga, but Kathy messes up a lot so The Trainer pelts her with a soccer ball. After the first class, Elisa say hello to The Trainer, and The Trainer tells Elisa that she'll be a fine yoga student indeed. Alone in her bedroom, Elisa resolves to pursue yoga as a hobby. So she goes to another yoga class, and after the preliminary sun salutations, The Trainer tells them to hold the "tree pose" for as long as possible, and Kathy and Suzanna-Anne-Helen fail rather quickly, but Elisa manages to hold it for an impressively long time, which is cool. Then they do hula hooping together, and The Trainer throws hula hoops at them while they're hula-hooping. They also go for a bike ride through a neighborhood, and the bike ride is shot in the style of Terence Malick, and Elisa likes the bike ride a lot. Elisa gets the bright idea to invite everyone to her apartment for a pizza party, and The Trainer admits that she's never tried pizza before because of how dedicated to yoga she is, but Elisa convinces The Trainer that it's worth it to try pizza, at least to check off a bucket list item. So The Trainer and the other pupils gather at her apartment and wait around for a bit, and The Pizza Guy (Brad Pitt) comes and gives them two pizzas--one pepperoni, one ham and pineapple--and Elisa gives him the money and tells him to keep the change. The Pizza Guy grins and tips his hat to Elisa before he leaves. They all enjoy the pizza, and it's interesting because even The Trainer enjoys the pizza. Kathy and Suzanna-Anne-Helen get in a jokey debate about whether parmesan or red pepper is the better pizza condiment, and Connie throws another wrench in the debate because she claims that oregano is the best pizza condiment. They laugh and have a good time, and hopefully audiences decide it's the best pizza party in cinematic history. Then at the next yoga class, Elisa realizes that she's in love with The Trainer, so when everyone else leaves, she admits her love to The Trainer, and they kiss, so they're in a relationship now. Then Elisa tells Connie about the relationship, and Connie's flabbergasted. And then Elisa meets up with Bill, and she tells Bill about the relationship, and he's flabbergasted, too. We see Elisa and The Trainer do stuff like go ice skating and eat more pizza, but the relationship doesn't work out because The Trainer is obsessed with yoga to the point where she prioritizes yoga over the relationship. So Elisa quits going to the yoga classes, and she goes into another slump of depression. But Connie helps her realize that yoga was helping her feel better, so Elisa decides to go back to The Trainer's yoga classes, and during that class, she match The Trainer's yoga moves note for note, and Connie, Kathy, and Suzanna-Anne-Helen all see Elisa and The Trainer still have a bond through yoga. Then Elisa and The Trainer go for a walk, and they don't rekindle their relationship but at least rekindle their friendship. The movie ends with Elisa hiking up a mountain, looking out at the view from the summit, and smiling.
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    Sorry, I was crazy busy in November and I tabled this for future reply, and then I forgot. Probably still relevant to reply - I think it's much more probable that immunity to COVID-19 will be more like SARS than the common cold. Aside from the data cited above, the COVID-19 coronavirus is much more closely related to the SARS coronavirus than to those coronaviruses causing colds. Also, part of the weak immunity to those viruses is probably related to the fact that they don't trigger much of an immune response, since they cause milder illness. (The other possibility is that they cause mild illness precisely because adults to retain cell-mediated immunity even with antibodies dropping off, which would also be good news.) The main pitfall related to the data above is that ultimately we're still relying on extrapolation to guess at what immunity might look several years from now. But the shorter-term data is consistent with enduring immunity for most people in the case of natural infection. Worth mentioning that it's possible that some of the vaccines, especially those designed with a two-dose regimen, will actually result in better immunity than natural infection.
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    There is not going to be anywhere near 65M doses used by end of Feb. Right now US is struggling to vaccinate more than 1M per week and remember every one of those 10M still need a second shot. You are suggesting that US will use 55M more doses in 7 weeks. There is no chance of that happening. That is 8 times the rate we are seeing right now. (and that doesn't even include the need for second doses) Your timelines are way too aggressive. Keep in mind the plan was to have 20M doses used by the end of December and we are only at 10M almost 2 weeks into Jan. We are unlikely to be anywhere near herd immnity level by June. Late fall/early winter would be a much more likely timeframe. Keep in mind with every vaccine we have to go through an approval process and then we have to go through a scaling up process of going from 10K+ doses being made and distributed a week to millions being made and distributed each week. I don't think many grasp the logistical supply chain task that is. No one has scaled up smoothly yet and I don't expect that to change. Every manufacturer will have scaling issues. This is a herculean task and there are bottlenecks at every level right now. Until the current wave of the virus starts to subside it will be almost impossible to ramp up very quickly as that is eating up resources needed to deliver vaccines to people.
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    His projections were made a couple of weeks ago and to date the actual caseloads are dramatically higher than he predicted for this time. For example, using your quoted bit, his peak morbidity is Feb 9 with 652 deaths but we’ve already hit 670+ three weeks earlier.
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    Yeah, I saw that, but it didn't really answer my question on whether or not the model would try to figure out how many people might be expected to "double-dip" as it were. True enough, and agreed. Though I do note that he's already upped his target number for effective herd immunity (from 60% to 70%) due to the more infectious variant getting introduced. As more of that variant gains an foothold, could mess up the longer range projections. As for making projections "too far out" Youyang himself implies, is kinda... ambitious to try to project six or more months out. This, however, I think is something that isn't given enough attention. AstraZenca should be cleared sooner or later. We should be getting trial results from Johnson & Johnson soon as well. When, or should I say "if" in the case of J&J, those get added, that should be a strong... .... Wait for it... Shot in the arm for both vaccine distribution as well as the economy. Only real question in my mind is how long it is gonna take to get the logistics problems ironed out as well as, for us at least, what the state of the theater industry is gonna be like once it does.
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    Tagging @Jason @DAR @IronJimbo @Brainbug @matrixdmath5 @Daxtreme @4815162342 @Jake Gittes @Pandamia! @filmlover @Morieris @JamesCameronScholar @Slambros @Rorschach @Blankments @CoolioD1 @aabattery @MrPink @grim22 @Ethan Hunt @Porthos @Spagheditary @DeeCee @Wrath @Jandrew @Cmasterclay @Kalo @AndyLL @Jayhawk @Jay Hollywood @franfar @Water Bottle @Chewy @#ED @Empire @Fancyarcher @TalismanRing @captainwondyful @kayumanggi @Sam @The Futurist @Noctis @redfirebird2008 @RichWS @ddddeeee @K1stpierre @Ozymandias @a2k @The Stingray @Lordmandeep @MovieMan89 @Claire of Themyscira @tribefan695 @DAJK @Gopher @ElastiRoc @chasmmi @JJ-8 @Spidey Freak @YourMother the Edgelord @Arlborn @Nova @RobrtmanAStarWarsReference @cookie @grey ghost @lilmac @Jack Nevada @James @RandomCat @ChipMunky @elcaballero @MCKillswitch123 @angeldelmito @CaptainJackSparrow @Captain Craig @baumer @cannastop @75Live @Goffe @Tower @Napoleon @rukaio101 @Michael Gary Scott @POTUS @Walt Disney @darkelf @ChD @ShouldIBeHere @SchumacherFTW @Eevin @Alpha @Fullbuster @Mattrek @AJG @Webslinger @Kalderic @boomboom234 @vc2002 @Valonqar @Mulder @Blaze Heatnix @Shawn @sfran43 @Biggestgeekever @Thanos Legion @MrGlass2 @cax16 @Darth Lehnsherr @TLK @ACSlater @trifle @Exxdee @misafeco @Barnack @Ithil @StevenG @Finnick @Rebeccas @FantasticBeasts @CoolEric258 @Sheikh @Boxofficerules @KeepItU25071906 @LonePirate @titanic2187 @Olive @ZeeSoh @Jim Shorts @Mekanos @raulbalarezo @The Fast and the Furiosa @m3racer123 @That One Guy@SchumacherFTW @Telemachos@reddevil19 @chasmmi
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    A big employer where I live does random drink and drug tests on all employees, anyone fails, they are out the door.
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    I just wanted to welcome you into the CAYOM community. And I look forward to more of your films in the future. As far as I’m concerned, if you feel your film is fine. It’s fine, you have until March if you want to make certain changes. However, note this largely an activity done out of fun, so don’t stress yourself out. Your film is uploaded in the correct place, though I must ask what is the name of your studio. If you have any questions to ask, any of us would be glad to help.
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    It‘s nearly 3 in the morning here, I was just reading myself to go to bed, have to be up in a few (three) hours. The documentary sounds very interesting. Argghhh, what a dilemma (?)
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    Taika Waititi has joined the mystery film from the creators of avatar the last airbender as a writer and role
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    Everything that's set to be a simultaneous release (Raya, the WB titles) for the first four months are sure to come out but everything beyond that is up in the air. Highly, highly doubt No Time to Die and A Quiet Place are being released in April. The majority of possible release date changes likely won't happen until early March when we will have had several weeks of an actual president in charge of the country again and a better idea of how the vaccine distribution will go. The return to normalcy is gonna be a marathon, not a sprint (this goes for everything beyond just movies).
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    Thanks @Eric Gardner that means a lot, I also appreciate the hard work you, @Wondy and the rest of the admin/mod team put in. As far as movies there is no sign that First Cow or Minari will be released here in NZ before the deadline which sucks as they were/are 2 films I was very much looking forward to seeing. I'm curious if you would count The Gentlemen as a 2020 or 2019 release? As it was previewed in 2019 but got a proper release in both the UK and US in January 2020. User FYC (I've got multiple of each, going to have to narrow them down) MOST VALUBLE USER: @Eric Gardner @Wondy @Gavin Feng FUNNIEST USER: @lorddemaxus @Porthos @WandaLegion BEST FORUM MOMENT: The coronavirus thread, where most people were well behaved (and if not dealt with quickly by the mods) and we were able to come together as a community and support one another.
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    I would never have thought one of the kids in The Matrix would go on to become what appears to be an interesting director. I forgot his name but he did 'The Invisible man' and 'Upgrade'
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    https://insidethemagic.net/2021/01/hamilton-93rd-academy-awards-tm1/ Hamilton is out of the race.
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    Donald Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter............... It is so beautfiul seeing it all fal lapart for Donnie.
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    Still on my Lost rewatch and Lindelof seriously has a thing for shitty dads and pregnancies.
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    Even if you take the low end estimates it’s like 22% by inauguration, and if things don’t slow down about 30% my mid Feb. That takes an R of 1.4 to slightly below 1. I’m not saying that it’s all going to magically go away in a few weeks or something, I think optimistically it will be a humanitarian disaster for like another month, realistically, another two, and perhaps pessimistically another three. But the current rates of infection are so bad that it mathematically must either: 1) continue at around current levels or even higher, resulting in immunity levels that are really taking a bite out of R by early spring 2) end up with lower levels of immunity than in 1 by having the case curve come down faster/earlier (from a combination of NPIs, vaccination, seasonality, etc) And to be clear, I don’t think this ND/SD type situation is a good spot for any locale to be, thus the air quotes.
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    Are they going to stick the "Hulu Original" branding on this so they can fuck over Netflix and be the first streamer with a Best Picture win?
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    Wait, no Foreign Film category or Documentary category??? I've actually watched more of both this year than ever before; would be a bummer if they didn't have categories.
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    Hi all, It's that time of the year again. Due to 2020 being, shall we say, unique in terms of movie releases, there will be no Top 25 for the year. I will do a top 10 movies countdown instead. What is this list? This list just attempts to collate and consolidate the top 10 movies that box office forum members felt were the Best movies of 2020. Best is a relative term and this list attempts to get the consensus from the people who choose to participate. What am i asking for from the forum members? Not much, just send me your ranked list of best movies for the year by either PM or by posting in this thread. Any number of movies can be included in your list, but PLEASE RANK THE MOVIES. How will this work? I will take all responses received, and assign points to each position a movie is ranked at. The points will be distributed so that the top 3 movies in each list benefit more than lower ranked movies, and #1 benefits the most. Cool, till when do I have time to submit my list? I am aiming to have all responses in by February 5th. This gives people over a month to catch up on movies they may have missed. If enough responses are received by February 5th, then I will collate, assign points, calculate everything in 3 days and have the reveal on Superbowl Sunday as is tradition. Which movies are eligible? Any movie which premiered in 2020 in a form available to most general audiences - so festival premieres don't count. Any movie with a release date between Jan 1 and Feb 28 which are Oscar eligible are not eligible for this list. Are recorded versions of Broadway musicals eligible? No. That is it. Nothing else is asked or demanded of you. Just send me your list of top movies of the year. Include reasons why you have ranked a movie as #1 or #2 or whatever if you feel like it and I will do the rest. Let me know if you would be willing to send in a list. Hoping for a good response. Grim.
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    Not surprised at all that this is likely moving. Not sure if it will be all the way until November, but I guess we'll see.
  41. 1 point
    Yeah but Disney Animation has had a good track record since Wreck it Ralph and especially Frozen. Raya will be fine.

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