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    You know, there's a lot of theorizing about why some/many folks aren't taking this as seriously as they should. Yahoo took a look at this and listed a bunch of reasons that we've all talked about. But, the one at the bottom really struck true with me as a great meta-reason: Everything else mentioned, from Trump to stereotypes regarding age groups to good-old fashioned denial really does seem like details. When it comes right down to it, a lot of the West (but certainly not all) has seen decades of peace, if not always prosperity. Like, take the US. I was talking to @Cap about this off-thread, and I wonder if it's just a simple fact that there hasn't been a true nationwide catastrophe in the US for a very very long time. We've had deep recessions and regional disasters. We've had foreign wars of various intensity practically since the 1950s. And we've had one-off events like 9/11. But I'm not sure we've had a society-wide event like this since, well possibly WWII. The Oil Shocks of the 70s don't even come close. 75 years is a long time for habits and attitudes to seep into the American psyche. Yes, there's been social unrest in that time (and how!). There have been massive economic downturns. There's been tremendous suffering many many times, especially for minority groups. But on the whole, nothing of quite to this level of disruption to routine (or that dreaded word 'sacrifice') across the nation at once. Not that I can think of at least. Might even have to go back to the Spanish Flu epidemic or even the Civil War to find this level of potential nationwide disruption. And it might just take a tremendous leap in body count for this to really start sinking in for some. I dunno. It's a good as theory as any. And one that doesn't rely on tired stereotypes about generation and the like.
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    Lombardy: Contagions: 30703(+1942) Hospitalizations (not intensive care) 9711( +445) Hospitalizations intensive care (+11) 4178(+402) died.
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    You can tell which people have loved ones in their lives that could be severely affected by this thing and which people don't. The one thing I will tell the latter group is that I pray that you never have to endure a situation where you fear your loved one getting sick and dying from "just a virus" everyday while watching a bunch of brats complain about how their spring break is getting ruined.
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    That is not why they were banned. He was banned for derailing the thread by repeatedly arguing with staff after I asked that the official name of the virus be used here. If you don't know what you are talking about it's best to not post.
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    I love how if those of us posters on the more conservative side said anything remotely close to this shite about the liberals (ish) we'd be thread banned or harrassed like crazy. Keep drinking your koolaid and assuming with your wide brush that all are the same in any one sense. If both liberals and conservatives actually took time to listen and not make assumptions the whole picture of health both physically and mentally around the world would be better. That being said, I think I am about done with this site as its it's obviously become a one sided affair before but the virus debacle has made it clear.
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    If Republicans want to fight the coronavirus side by side with Democrats and trascend petty partisanship then that's a beautiful thought. But if they insist on sticking to anti-science small government beliefs during this medical crisis then they deserve to be openly criticized. They care about the economy? Fine, let's find a scientific solution and use government tools to help populations in distress to minimize the damage. It's not petty politics to demand one side to stop pouring gasoline when everyone else is trying to stop the house from burning down.
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    🔴 #Coronavirus, national update at 18 • Current cases: 54,030 (+3,612) • Died: 6,820 (+743) • Healed: 8,326 (+894) • Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 3.396 (+192) Total cases: 69,176 (+5,249, + 8.2%)
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    Yes this is the correct answer. If he had called it that just because it originated in China, he would have done so months ago since China has been updating the CDC on the situation regularly since Jan 3rd. He only started started using the term last week after it became apparent that he had totally screwed up the US response and continues to fuck up. Blaming China/Chinese is the easy way to deflect anger.
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    Stop. You know better. (I hope.) It hurts the Chinese people, and people of Chinese heritage. It's not about the Chinese government. The phrase "Chinese Virus" and its use intentionally incite racism and corresponding attacks and hate crimes. It was a calculated, gaslighting dog whistle by Grand Poo-Bah Trump meant to rile up his base to A.) manufacture a controversy to distract from his massive failures and B.) create more perceived camaraderie between himself and his exclusively racist, sexist, homophobic and religiously intolerant remaining supporters as the election approaches.
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    Most of this is nonsense coming out of your butt. 2009 was 11 years ago, we’ve had a relatively long expansion era, however many workers never truly recovered from the Great Recession. The 2008 Recession had long term structural impacts on the economy. Unemployment hit some recent lows, but the LFP never truly recovered, many workers just never re-entered the labor force: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/CIVPART While recently real wages have been growing for educated white workers, they’ve been falling for uneducated workers, and wage gaps between white and minority workers has expanded: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R45090.pdf Next, Recessions can be spurred on for a number of reasons. While, yes, there is less reason to worry about the long term impact of the current one compared to 2008, it has nothing to do with “learning our lesson”. It’s that the current recession is caused by an external, or extraneous, demand shock from an outside factor. Historically, these recessions are not as long lived, but that doesn’t provide any indication that there are not structural problems in the economy that could later collapse: https://www.everycrsreport.com/reports/R40198.html This does NOT mean, however, that external shock recessions like this one won’t have long reaching impacts for certain sectors of the population. Recessions in general have a “scarring” effect, even if they’re shorter, in which long run human capital development (or educational achievement) can slow. A short term decrease in investment in new capital will have longer term lag effects for the years following. Even a short amount of time without income can bring families near poverty level into poverty, which can lead to bankruptcy for a large portion of the population. So following the recession, it’s harder to grow from poverty than it is from lower income brackets (google research on poverty cycles): https://www.epi.org/publication/bp243/ I’m not sure what you mean by “Theory of mass collection of resources”. This is not concept in Macroeconomics. From inference, the only point I can guess that you’re trying to make is that Trump’s tax cuts somehow allowed for rapid expansion. There’s lots of economic literature on tax changes, and so it usually depends on how tax cuts are implemented and financed. If a tax cut is financed through raising the deficit, this could actually lead to lower long term investment: https://www.epi.org/publication/bp243/ Corporate tax cuts, all else equal, has also been seen to raise income inequality: https://www.hbs.edu/faculty/Publication Files/18-101 Rouen Corporate Tax Cuts_0a4626be-774c-4b9a-8f96-d27e5f317aad.pdf And for a nice, brief overview of income inequality trends, and why that growing inequality (despite the “roaring” economy) matters: https://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2020/01/09/trends-in-income-and-wealth-inequality/ There is no consensus on how long impacting this current recession will be, especially since we do not know how long these lockdowns will be or how much stimulus the federal government will be able to provide. While, it is likely that this recession would be shorter lasting if lockdowns only last til the summer, that would still be dependent on proper government reaction to the slowdown to alleviate the long run scarring effects in their infancy (which $1,000 per American may not be enough to alleviate this).
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    This thread has really gone of the rails. Can we get back to talking about the CURRENT situation? I know politics is a part of this situation but try to limit it to current actions/non-actions that the various governments are taking.
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    900 more cases and 90 more deaths than yesterday. When you think one day is going better the next day spikes back up again.
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    Good move imo. If theatres aren't open by then, they can just move it again, or put a TBD date. Smart of them to have a plan in place at least.
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    Thank you for all the information you’ve provided in this thread. It’s so helpful to have someone who knows what they’re talking about. I really appreciate all your posts.
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    Totally agree, it's a pretty idiotic thing to say. Religion has resulted in some very bad things, but so has capitalism, communism, entertainment, fast food, etc. You can't go around being a "thought police". The comment you quoted is pretty ridiculous.
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    No one's discussing who GETS to rule, and if that's what you think is going on here than you're either sorely mislead or you literally don't give a shit to actually read any of the posts in this thread. And don't give me the "I've read every post in this thread, front to back, six times actually, and I'm going to for a seventh time with the wife" crap you normally do. You're not paying attention to what's going on here. The political discussion, with the exception of a few lunatics that nobody gives the time of day to, has been about how world leaders are responding to this virus. The inept responses we've seen are just as worrying, if not more so, than the virus itself. So ya, that's gonna be a huge topic of discussion on here. If you don't like it, find another forum.
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    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/china-rerelease-avengers-franchise-avatar-inception-boost-reopening-cinemas-1286421 Avatar re-release in China.
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    Ok, thanks. Didnt know there is so many members from India here. I know only Charlie
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    That would mean me wishing for the additional deaths of thousands of people. How can I do that?
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    @The Panda w/r/t your first question, we have to allow that, otherwise we basically exclude almost every film possible. In terms the second, OZ seems VERY different to me than LABYRINTH — in the latter, the fantasy is specifically in opposition to and commenting on the historical specifics of the rest of the story, but in the former, it isn’t. (And there’s barely any non-fantasy in OZ to begin with.) So I guess that’s a long-winded way to say LABYRINTH qualifies but OZ doesn’t, IMO.
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    Always keep in mind that this "diagnosed cases" is exactly that - if a country does not test for this virus, it won't have cases. There are some countries which seem to test only people with symptoms or already hospitalised. In that respect, https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries is pretty misleading becaus it ranks countries by confirmed cases; to show how serious the situation is it would be better to rank by critical cases / deaths and that per capita. (Look at Netherlands, Sweden, France or Indonesia for examples of stark misleading numbers ...)
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    basically every decision modi takes. 1. announce bullshit program in a revolutionary tone. 2. start backing down from it when flaws keep coming up. 3. declare it a success with all your machinery. 4. don't ever mention it again. In the end this ones only for Indians
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    Swine Flu killed 3k in 2009, this ain't crossing 1k IMO. Barely 10 deaths so far and country with curfew now and younger population, we will be fine.
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    It's going to be like what happened with the NCAA Basketball Tournament.."March Madness" in the US: the major conferences cancelled their seasons said they would not send their atheletes,,and the NCAA had no choice but to cancel. If a few major countries just say they are not going to send their atheletes, the games will sort of postpone themselves, no matter what the Olympic Commitee and the Japanese Governement say. I, like many Americans, were dissaponted..March Madness is one of the most fun major sports events (making out your brackets becomes a national obssession) but it was the right decision.
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    It is conservatives who think like this. Liberals and progressives are more likely to believe scientific experts and realize the danger a virus can pose. Obama created a group specifically dedicated to pandemic response. Trump shut it down.
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    There was a decrease in tests though. 3,800 tests in just Lombardy (10,000 down from yesterday).
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    Umm, really??? Being able to use the term was the entire point of the conservative moaning in this thread. 16 minutes ago, JB33 said: I think the issue is lazy racism towards Asians in general, which is unacceptable and indeed harmful, but calling it the Chinese virus or pointing fingers at the Chinese government and wet markets should be completely fair game!
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    Mind actually providing a legitimate source of where it’s coming from then? Because, despite having a degree in economics and currently studying in a doctoral program for economics, none of the nonsense you just said rang any bells. I did decide to try and google variants of the term “Mass Collection of Resources” through google scholar just to see if maybe some economist had a publication out there about something related to what you said, and still nothing. (And this is ignoring the fact that “Grow revenue at any cost” is in itself a terrible business strategy. Revenue maximizing =\= optimal, this should have been one of the first things they’d teach you in a principles of microeconomics course when introducing marginal costs and marginal benefits)
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    https://wdwnt.com/2020/03/walt-disney-world-annual-passholder-not-allowed-to-cancel-payments-despite-losing-work-due-to-coronavirus-pandemic/ Not good at all. I am not going to invest in any company that does not behave ethically at these times. This shows true character of companies.
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    That's what will happen here if Trump moves to "re-open" America next week. Every mitigation measure we have taken will be for naught if the Federal Government decides to walk back the steps they have taken.
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    Weekend: 27th February – 1st March 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions (by Sunday) Monday admissions Week 1 Sonic the Hedgehog 8,388 -47.7% 100 11 27,631 1,302 2 2 Brahms: The Boy II 8,199 – 68 – 8,199 1,518 1 3 The Call of the Wild 6,468 -46.1% 75 +12 23,763 1,327 2 4 Parasite [South Korean] 4,342 -61.1% 54 -11 132,166 834 20 5 Just Mercy 4,267 – 47 – 4,267 974 1 6 Χαλβάη 5-0 (Halwaii 5-0) [GR] 3,087 -61.8% 31 -19 220,040 784 5 7 Little Women 3,032 -65.9% 45 -19 73,099 499 4 8 Emma. 2,894 – 43 – 2,894 666 1 9 1917 2,632 -49.4% 27 -5 258,627 374 8 10 Die Heinzels - Rückkehr der Heinzelmännchen [German] 2,345 -65.9% 60 -10 22,032 499 3 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/5111/box-office-sarakosth-sok-kai-deos-sta-tameia http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-now-that-is-scary/ Weekend 5th–8th March 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions Week 1 Invisible Man 12,029 – 85 – 12,029 1 2 Onward 9,042 – 119 – 9,042 1 3 Sonic the Hedgehog 5,381 -35.8% 77 -23 35,418 3 4 Brahms: The Boy II 3,533 -56.9% 28 -40 18,136 2 5 The Way Back 3,463 – 54 – 3,463 1 6 The Call of the Wild 3,027 -53.2% 43 -32 30,115 3 7 Η Μπαλάντα της Τρύπιας Καρδιάς ( [GR] 2,208 – 1 – 2,208 1 8 Just Mercy 1,867 -56.2% 47 0 9,459 2 9 After the Wedding 1,859 – 27 – 1,859 1 10 Dark Waters 1,474 – 22 – 1,474 1 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/5118/box-office-aoratos-o-an8ropos-stin-korufh-aoratoi-oi-8eates-stis-ai8ouses http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-the-invisible-man-tops-but-the-audience-goes-invisible-too/ Coronavirus knocked on Greece's door (officially) on 26th February. This had an immediate impact on cinema attendance, since cumulative admissions for the weekend of 27th February – 1st March dropped to 57,466. The previous low for early late February-early March had been 74,192 admissions, back in March 2014. However, another factor was the Monday public holiday – in Greece the Monday at the beginning of Lent (7th week before Easter) is a public holiday called Clean Monday. Thanks to the good weather and the spectre of coronavirus, Greeks had many reasons to avoid cinemas. Admissions plummeted and all films aiming for some sort of milestone immediately lost sight of it. Notably, the weekend witnessed the 7th smallest photo finish since 2008: Photo-finishes (Top 2 within 1,000 admissions of each other, since 2008) #1 Admissions #2 Admissions Difference Weekend The White Crow 9,622 Le Grand Bain 9,606 16 13-16/06/2019 The Baby Driver 10,742 The Hitman's Bodyguard 10,677 65 17-20/08/2017 Doctor Strange 24,154 Trolls 24,056 98 03-06/11/2016 Captain America: The Winter Soldier 7,246 The Pirate Fairy 7,113 133 17-20/04/2014 Learning to Drive 4,864 Fantastic Four 4,729 135 13-16/08/2015 Olympus Has Fallen 19,266 Ακάλυπτος 19,084 182 21-24/03/2013 Sonic the Hedgehog 8,388 Brahms: The Boy II 8,199 189 27/2-1/3/2020 Scream 4 19,879 Rio 19,654 225 14-17/04/2011 Source Code 7,469 Rio 7,121 348 21-25/04/2011* Broken City 11,653 Olympus Has Fallen 11,283 370 28-31/03/2013 For a week or so, the official count of total cases remained less than 10. However, the following week they started rising by about 10 per day. Of course, I need to stress that these are official figures and, in reality, there must have been many more undetected cases. The box office took another hit, since not even two high-profile Hollywood releases could keep it afloat. Attendance dropped further to 55,559 admissions, With total cases having reached 100, the government closed schools and universities on 11th April and cinemas were closed on Saturday, 14th April, along with theaters and other businesses. No information has been published for the first two days of that weekend (12th and 13th Arpil). Cinemas of course remained closed this weekend as well and a curfew has been imposed (with certain exceptions) for 2 weeks, until Monday, 6th April. Therefore there will be another 2 weeks at least with no results. Hopefully this will all end soon.
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    In facepalm worthy news, my dad posted a link on Facebook indicating which restaurants are open in Yaletown (an area of downtown Vancouver). He thinks this is all a joke. He and I are going to be having a discussion this evening.
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    Pre Corona Classifications Bollywood 2020 Blockbuster Tanhaji Average Thappad Flop Baaghi 3 Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Malang Bhoot Jawaani Jaaneman Shikaara Disaster Street Dancer 3 Panga Angreji Medium Love Aaj Kal 2020 Thappad I am inclined to give Flop but it did okayish.

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