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    I don't post much here but I hope everyone in this forum is safe and doing fine. I really miss tracking the BO and going to the cinema. Last movie I watched before lockdown in cinemas was 'Little Women' but during quarantine I had time to catch up with movies like 'Sonic', 'Onward', 'Birds of Prey' or 'The Invisible Man' and I quite liked all of them. I live in The Netherlands and cinemas here are re-opening on the 1st of June with limited capacity and they are playing a mix of new movies (Onward, The Invisible Man) and "old" movies (Harry Potter, Interstellar) so I might go if cases here continue to decline and if I feel safe going. Also finally could book a plane ticket to go back home (Spain) for early July, I am a student living abroad so because of this situation I couldn't go back home until things cleared out a bit.
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    Congratulations on the child! Your family is somehow lucky that at least she was born just before shit hit the fan. Mine isn't so luck unfortunately, my baby girl will be born sometime in the next couple of weeks, just as my country hits 1k deaths per day. What a sad world to be born into, isn't it? But nonetheless I can't wait to see her and watch her grow up, that's the real joy and I hope you get a lot of joy from yours as well.
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    It's their fault if some political leaders read about the WHO declaring the highest alert warning back in January, then did nothing for weeks. The WHO should have created an even higher level of alert.
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    Haven't really had chance to post my thoughts here but folks...this is gonna be a fun movie. This trailer sells exactly what I was imagining the 'Nolan does Bond' initial pitch would be. He's really really indulging - and clearly having a ton of fun doing so - the classic spy movie cliches (Russian villain? 'No, Mr Bond I expect you to die'? All the locations?) and putting his timey wimey twist on it. The trailer, especially in comparisons to the initial teasers and prologue, is surprisingly light(er) on its feet. Love the - I'm sure it's not Ludwig but still - Tron: Legacy-esque music here and the way Goransson's main motif comes in at the end is just epic, and the details such as the reverse fight moment having the score also seemingly reversed.... Pattinson bringing his best Tom Hardy/Eames in Inception energy here too. So glad to put the release date/state of the world and industry concerns to one side and just enjoy the hell out of this.
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    I was involved in the planning and construction of a few multiplexes back in the 90s; the usual way modern AC is working is: They blow fresh air in below the seats and suck it away at the ceiling. So you always get a bottom-to-top draft; it's noiseless and smells don't propagate through the whole room. There may be a few where this principle isn't adhered to because of some restrictions but I'd consider most screens comparatively safe for Covid19 times. The only caveat is that the airstream is really soft and you spend nearly two hours in an enclosed room; on the plus side, nobody does loud talking (or talking at all, hopefully) during the movie. Loud talking or even singing seems to be one of the major ways of distribution. Overall I'd consider the risk manageable - you'd maybe keep some seats free and maybe also turn up the ventilation a bit for more airflow.
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    Skipped the trailer as I usually do to avoid spoilers but from the reactions I’m reading on my timeline, this could be Nolan’s best since Dunkirk.
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    One thing to remember for those who are following US numbers. I would expect numbers to be depressed starting tomorrow and lasting through Tuesday since it is a Holiday weekend. Then I would expect numbers to be inflated next Wed-Fri as states play catch-up.
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    You want to know what is going on? I have a theory. This is only the second trailer and it used a ton of the same footage from the first trailer. The absence of a date combined with "Coming to Theaters" is very conspicuous. If not for Nolan, Tenet would already have moved off the July 17th date. WB pretty clearly wants to move the film and is not committed to July. So, this trailer looks like a compromise or hedging of bets. They get it out there and get some buzz going without committing to a date. If July 17th sticks, which I view as a longshot (and it appears WB agrees) at least this trailer has dropped. In this scenario there's more marketing coming closer to release. If the film moves, the more likely scenario IMO, a final trailer with some more original footage will be released a couple months out from the new release date. Previous Nolan films, such as Inception, had three trailers and the final one was quite different from the earlier two. I think this trailer dropping says a lot about how WB views Nolan. There's so much respect. Many others would find the release date moved despite their objections, and there would be no trailer coming out in May for a very unlikely July release date.
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    But just imagine Simmons 3-point game now with all this alone time to practice.
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    This is what people are having a hard time understanding and I don’t understand why. People who go into stores or travel by transit (or can’t be properly social distancing) should be wearing masks. It’s not needed in every situation. I go out and walk for an hour to an hour and a half everyday and don’t wear a mask, I just avoid going near anyone. When I go do my blood work (that I have to do weekly) I do wear a mask cause I can’t be away from people.
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    Today I saw some people doing bicycle alone in not a not crowded at all section of a bike path with masks, some inside there cars (both a bit over the top that I personally do not do). But in a sense if the goal of the activity is just to take sun in a park, maybe wearing a mask destroy the point in the first place, while maybe we would see a lot more mask where taking air isn't the point of the activity (say in an crowded outside market).
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    In one case in China, air conditioning infected the table next to an infected person in a restaurant - following the air flow. The wind / air movement outside is probably "random" enough in direction and strength to disperse the virus quickly and protect anyone not standing too close.
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    i feel like even if there weren't a pandemic on this would be the lowest grossing Nolan in a while. there's some x factor missing from the trailers here.
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    So I showed SW to my friend. His ranking is 4 3 5 1 6 8 2 7 9 He was frustrated with the thing that all three trilogies are just same. people from same family and lineages. wanted something new.
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    Nobody is criticizing what needed to be done to get to the point we are at. They're just noting a HUGE majority of people are ready to now GTFO
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    How does anything start in our meme-ified world? --- As I understand it, it's a co-mingling of pre-existing conspiracy theories. The conspiracy theory/charge that 5G is EEEEEEVIL unsafe for health reasons has been around for a while. At least a couple of years according to time-curated Google searches. Have a worldwide pandemic and its only natural that folks will glom on to it. Consider it an information virus mutating/evolving under evolutionary pressure.
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    Difficult to rank but there’s a few that immediately come to mind. The Phantom Menace and Force Awakens teasers were incredible. The first two Matrix movies had amazing trailers. Reloaded....I always particularly loved the “here we go” from Morpheus, cut to Neo getting plugged in and the shades going on as the WB logo hit the screen to, I forget what dance song. All the Lord of the Rings trailers have to be right up there. No trailers have captured the chills of ‘This Christmas’ quite like those did. The big trailer for the original Mission: Impossible - love that. Cliffhanger!!! All the Independence Day trailers. The first teaser for Twister, with the family in hiding. “From the producer of Jurassic Park, and the director of Speed’ with awesome sound effects. Man...what about The Dark Knight first teaser with the logo appearing with sparks of light, and Bale/Caine’s voiceover. That’s a classic Chris Nolan trailer. Top Gun Maverick’s first trailer gave me real goosebumps last year. The opening to The Lion King as a trailer was breathtaking. As someone said above - MoS - amazing. Superman Returns has an equally brilliant one with Brando’s speech voiceover. A rambling post, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.
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    This doesn't mean anything. The movie will likely release on D+ on that date with a July theatrical release.
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    I think Connected looks like it has a cool animation style. think it looks good for a nomination if it gets released. There's also Netflix's Over The Moon which will be the feature directing debut of animation legend Glen Keane (he won the short oscar a couple years ago for the Kobe thing)
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    It's a double-edged sword though, and I think this film's reception proves that aspect clearly. Let's hope loud internet voices keep it at this level, though, and don't start directly influencing casting choices (Elba, Hardy and Hiddleston are totally unsuited to James Bond no matter what the fans say).
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    Dennis Rodman’s life wasn’t highlighted enough in Last Dance. He’s an action movie star, WWE wrestler, the US ambassador to North Korea.
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    I just want some explanation of how 5G got involved in the conspiracy theory
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    Rewatched the Ip Man trilogy on Netflix. So many cool fights. Don't have good gifs for all of them. Part 1 - Duel in Ip Man's house where he uses the feather duster - Ip Man vs 10 guys Part 2 - Ip Man vs the other kung fu teachers on the table - Ip Man vs British Boxer Part 3 - Shipyard fight - Ip man vs muai thai assassin - Final fight - Wing Chun vs Wing Chun - I liked the cheesy fight with Mike Tyson too Looking forward to part 4

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