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    89th - Professor X - Patrick Stewart - X Men It was his cameo in X Men Origins that clearly tipped the balance and got him in the list I assume. If there was ever a role that Patrick Stewart was born to play, it was JEan Luc Picard. But if there were ever two, then it was the poop emoji. A close turd... I mean third however was Professor Charles Xavier. Stewart is so good in this that it feels as if the role was written for him. He just owns the character to a point that it is incredible that McCavoy was able to make people disassociate the role when he took over for Origins. What's even more impressive is how well he grows the role with every performance, with Logan arguably being his best portrayal of the character to date. Fun trivia: This is now the second time that an actors surname on this list became the forename for the direct succeeding actor (after Jennifer Lawrence - Laurence Fishburne.
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    91st - Frodo - Elijah Wood - Lord of the Rings Try not to tear up at the scene below as LOTR's most forbidden love story is finally ripped apart for good So it's our first franchise repeat, and likely not the last. The Baggins family were the centre-points of both trilogies and be it because of Elijah having the better character or him getting the better trilogy to head, Frodo is the only Baggins representative on this list (Bilbo ended at 269th). I know a lot of mega-frachise actors don't see a lot of big roles after their money ticket dries up, but I honestly expected Woods to do a lot more post Rings. He was great in this role and it's a testament that audiences generally were not sick of him once the 10th hour of watching him slowly walk to Mordor came around.
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    90th - The T-1000 - Robert Patrick - Terminator 2 He was good, but I'm gonna be the one to say it, only two memorable robots out of 1000, is not a good batting average by Mr. Cameron really is it? IT's a tough job following up Arnie as a villain. Especially when you're up against said Arnie in said follow up. Patrick does a really good job of being the same but different. He is shown as being a genuine threat to the heroes in this film. More than one character from the Terminator franchise was voted for on this list. I will reveal that at least one more made the list, and at least one missed the list. I'm kind like that.
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    Tom Cruise would fight an actual shark and that just isn't fair to the poor fish.
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    https://deadline.com/2018/08/the-meg-chomps-a-huge-4m-on-thursday-night-box-office-1202443644/ ‘The Meg’ Bigger Than Expected At $40M…But Is It Big Enough? – Midday Box Office 3rd Update expanded writethru, Friday evening: Refresh for updates Warner Bros.’ Chinese co-production The Meg keeps growing, moving from the $15M Friday and $36M we saw during the middle of the day to a first day of $17M and a three-day of $40.8M. The Meg gets a B+ tonight from CinemaScore audiences which is the same grade earned by Warner Bros./Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island, another title which also smashed its tracking (mid $40M) with a final $61M opening. Right now some are expecting the pic to perform like a front-loaded genre title, easing 20% tomorrow. We’ll see.
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    94th - Wall E - Ben Burtt - Wall E A character responsible for some of the great monologues in movies. This list in the past has been no stranger to characters that don't have any lines. Also has been no stranger to animated characters. But Wall E isn't just any vocabulary limited character. This robot carries the entire film for half (the best half) of its run-time. A also would say that the voice acting here is pretty great, even if there is some digital help, the ability to show a multitude of emotions with one word was pretty incredible. There may or may not be some voice characters still to come, there may not be.
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    After 19 3rd weekend for 161 cume 205-210 is assured for MI6 if not more. That's an incredible 3.3-3.4x multiplier. If another movie did 3.5x like MI5 did, very few would belive the sequel could pull off 3.3-3.4x with 10% bigger numbers in the same release period. MI6 bo performance is a big anomaly just like MI5 was. The run is already remarkable. Not to mention it might recover from Meg's ow in coming days and again set eyes on 3.5x.
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    92nd - Shrek - Mike Myers - Shrek This character is like an onion, his appearance on the list will make some folks cry. Over the mid-nineties, I pretty much stopped watching animated films. I was a teenager and thus too old for all the silliness Disney was putting out (turns out that most of that silliness was brilliant when I watched them 20 years late). It took two franchises to bring me back to animated cinema, one franchise may or may not be appearing soon, the other was Shrek. It seems madness to think that Shrek was never supposed to be an angry Scottish guy, Myer's accent for this just feels like it was what Shrek was always supposed to be. This is the only Shrek character that we will see as Fiona finished 825th and Donkey in 774th
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    93rd - Genie - Robin Williams - Aladdin Hands down the best blue character in cinema and you can fight me on that! (You know who you are ) I cannot speak for Desmond and Candy, but of the characters that I know who have appeared so far, this is the one I consider the most important in how it affected cinema. Williams revolutionised voice acting with this role. It was a tour de force of a performance and I can still watch this film every single day. Genie is the highest ranked male WDAS character on this list. Aladdin finished in 152nd, Maui was 614th, Ralph in 795th. There may have been a couple others.
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    Fallout numbers updated The shark isn’t eating up all of the weekend’s business: Mission: Impossible – Fallout is looking at a third weekend of $19.7M, -44% for a running total by Sunday of $161.7M.
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    It looks like Incredibles 2 will recover this weekend with a strong hold. Corpse: Weekend Forecast (08/11-12)01 (01) ¥579,000,000 ($5.2 million), -17%, ¥5,140,000,000 ($46.2 million), Code Blue (Toho) WK3 02 (02) ¥486,000,000 ($4.4 million), -24%, ¥1,975,000,000 ($17.9 million), Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Toho-Towa) WK2 03 (03) ¥459,000,000 ($4.1 million), +09%, ¥2,060,000,000 ($18.6 million), Incredibles 2 (Disney) WK2 04 (04) ¥259,000,000 ($2.3 million), -12%, ¥6,400,000,000 ($57.1 million), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Toho-Towa) WK505 (---) ¥250,000,000 ($2.3 million), 0, ¥335,000,000 ($3.0 million), Ocean's 8 (Warner Bros.) NEW 06 (05) ¥138,000,000 ($1.2 million), -52%, ¥900,000,000 ($8.1 million), My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Toho) WK2 07 (07) ¥136,000,000 ($1.2 million), -08%, ¥1,985,000,000 ($18.1 million), Mirai of the Future (Toho) WK4 08 (09) ¥122,000,000 ($1.1 million), +05%, ¥2,325,000,000 ($21.0 million), Pokemon: Everyone's Story (Toho) WK5 09 (06) ¥120,000,000 ($1.1 million), -54%, ¥525,000,000 ($4.7 million), Kamen Rider Build: Be the One (Toei) WK2 10 (08) ¥95,000,000 ($855,000), -18%, ¥580,000,000 ($5.2 million), Sensei Kunshin (Toho) WK2Obon Festival -- the strongest week of the box-office every year -- approaches, and right before it begins we'll see a strong weekend box-office with many notable holds, and potentially some increases as well.>Code Blue is likely to repeat atop the box-office for a third-consecutive weekend, and will very likely exceed the ¥5 billion blockbuster milestone in the progress. Its cumulative total is running ahead of every other film this year at the same-point-in-time, and it's about to enter the biggest holiday period of the year on Monday -- Obon Festival. Unless it receives a lackluster boost next week, I believe it has the advantage in the three-way battle with Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom for the 2018 yearly crown, and could finish near ¥9 billion ($80 million). >Mission: Impossible - Fallout should post a good second weekend hold, but could fall to third place in its sophomore frame. It opened 11% higher than Rogue Nation, but will probably fall a bit behind it after this weekend. However, Rogue Nation was released a few days closer to Obon Festival and had received its initial boost in its second weekend. Once Fallout experiences the holiday period boon next week, I'm confident it'll pull ahead and not look back. ¥5 billion+ ($45 million) is still likely. >Incredibles 2 didn't impress in its debut weekend, but it has since delivered great weekdays, and is in position to experience a second weekend increase. Japanese audiences have dismissed the Pixar sequels, so perhaps it just took awhile for moviegoers to gain interest in this entry. Its chances of reaching the ¥5 billion ($45 million) blockbuster milestone, and possibly even outgrossing the original film's ¥5.26 billion total have gone up dramatically in just a matter of days >Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had a harsh 50% drop last weekend due to screen/showtime & IMAX cuts, but it has since recovered some over the past weekdays, and based on Saturday pre-sales, looks poised to deliver a strong fifth weekend gross. It's still in the three-way battle with Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer and Code Blue for the 2018 yearly crown, however, it has slipped a bit and may be the likely third-place finisher. A total around ¥8 billion ($70 million) remains likely. >Ocean's 8 debuts this weekend, but based on its Friday numbers and Saturday pre-sales, doesn't appear likely to become a hit in the market. It'll earn a top 5 debut, but an opening around the forecast will probably only result in about a ¥2 billion ($20 million) total.
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    Spaghetti: Let's shake things up a bit. It worked for Buffy, so it'll work for us. We're doing a MUSICAL episode! Empire: Now TOG is gone....that was quite a shocker. ZeeSoh: Relax you guys, I'll get us there; even as a sleepwalker. DAJK: Let's not be too bold, if we lose again then one of us will be on hold... YourMother: Relax my friend, we'll take those pesky puppets by surprise! / When we become immune! Rorscach: Maybe we can talk a bit....once we become immune. Slambros: Please don't vote for me....we may lose again; I'll prove myself, just see! ZeeSoh: Hopefully it won't come to that; we will be immune. CONFESSIONAL - DAJK: What will he say? Seems that Rorschach wants to move on him soon. What will he say? Does he have a lethal plan, that will lead us all to our doom? WrathOfHan: Let's do five for five! When we win the challenge! Chasmmi: Hopefully I still survive. When we win the challenge. Sheikh: Here's all that we need. Baum and Cap not at each other with some, new bloodthirsty screed! Claire: These bitches better not! Keanu: So fast that we will win the challenge! Baumer: Watch what you say! Imagine if for a moment, that you've got me fooled. CaptainWondyful: Watch what you say! For it may or may not, be you who gets totally schooled. Keanu: So this is what we'll do. Sheikh: To win our latest struggle. ZeeSoh: Come on guys, it's up to you! Rorscach: To win our latest struggle. Slambros: All eyes are on me. At least I got way farther than I expected to be... Chasmmi: I want one beast to be safe when I win the challenge... Sheikh: You know I have to say....thanks for helping us win last week. Keanu: Well, I mean, hey. The future's anything but bleak. Sheikh: I don't mean to harp long, you seem pretty alright. Maybe more than alright. Slambros: What the fuck? Keanu: I mean let's move pretty slow, I've got the world to save. Let's use my winnings to make positive change. Sheikh: I mean, me too! That's what I'm gonna do. A coincidence, isn't that strange. Slambros: Oh god, I think Keanu's in love, in love. WrathOfHan: It's so cute that they're, in love, in love. ZeeSoh: I can't waste time falling, in love, in love. Sheikh: I mean we don't have to be, in love, in love. Keanu and Sheikh: Now we've got a happy joyous song about love! Slambros: That witch had broke my heart! YourMother: Now don't get jealous just don't lose your head. Slambros: I have to win this race. YourMother: Do you want to end up in 13th place? Slambros: I can't even focus! DAJK: At least me and him are in love, in love. You'll find another to be in love, in love. You can't force it to be in love, in love. Slambros: I don't care about your happy joyous song about love! *DAJK breaks out the saxophone.* YourMother: First, you know how to play saxophone? Second, sorry if I got standoffish recently. I just...maybe we could make it to the final five together. We gotta stay together, right? DAJK: Yes and yes. *YourMother and DAJK kiss.* Claire: Listen up. Happytime crew. Cause something's up, and you deserve to know. Baum and Cap. They're in love too. Saw them kissing outside my room last night. Chas has the hots for ZeeSoh and he just needs to say it. And I know all the truth in the game in the eye of the beholder. It's just the way it is, and maybe's we'll never win this game. But I got a mind to show my strength. And I've got to share what I find. And I'm gonna speak the truth, if I get voted out now. But I've got fire in my veins, and I'm gonna hold the line. Yes, I'm gonna hold the line, yes. YourMother: I'm here, like you wanted. I think that you know me. Rorschach: The pieces are falling. We need to get through this. The institute I knew, I saw your faces. There's something far deeper. We need to get through this. YourMother: And Ethan's...I need to find out what he knew. He was always....quite abrasive, see? Rorschach: He may not be....he might not be the only one. Also.....Spaghetti. * @Chewy walks up* Chewy: You're doing an Imagine Dragons bit without me? Fuck off, Spaghetti. Rorschach: I now see it clearly. YourMother: We're not alone here. Rorschach: There was someone I need to see. I now see it clearly. *YourMother makes a call. It seems that someone is picking up.* YourMother: This is the Hawkins from the Secret Society of Storytellers. Copy, Shepard. Spoiler: After a musical delight episode....it's time to see how all of you did. See....this week, tribal council will be interesting. In that there isn't one. There will be, for the first time ever, a MANDATORY weekday challenge. Predict the Wednesday Grosses of the Following by Wendesday, August 15th, 11:59PM EST Crazy Rich Asians The Meg Dog Days Slenderman Black Klansman Mission: Impossible - Fallout The Equalizer 2 McQueen Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Skyscraper The rules are simple. You don't predict? You're eliminated. You get the lowest score of those who did predict? You're eliminated. There will be multiple winners of this challenge, and thus, multiple prizes. I will post results on Friday, and you can enjoy the weekend off.
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    Ant Man 2 (10 days out) Midnight - 615k OD - 2.82m (29330 screens) Sat - 1.37m Sun - 0.89 OD Comparisons (10 days out) Black Panther - 3.3m Spiderman - 1.857m GotG2 - 1.45m (approx) Thor Ragnarok - 0.1m Mission Impossible 6 (17 days out) Midnight - 433k OD - 2.15m (23290 screens) Sat - 723k Sun - 610k OD Comparisons (17 days out) Infinity War - 3.25m Jurassic World 2 - 1.57m Great start for both of these. If Ant Man continues this way it can have one of the biggest OW for a non team up MCU movie MI6 being ahead of JW2 is a great sign. At this rate its gonna blow past the gross of the 5th movie
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    can't wait for an opening weekend thread that's gonna be 50/50 venom memes and people arguing about lady gaga's record sales.
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    Following the very beloved Spider Man 2 in a growing industry with exchange rates getting better ? One Euro at the box office was making 0.95 USD in 2002, 1.24 in USD in 2004 and 1.37 in 2007, using box office to access popularity is a bit of a dangerous metric for many factor. First spider man made 821.7m in 2002 and was the most popular movie of the bunch, it did $947,04 in 2007 dollars that significantly more than Spider Man 3 and with a much more difficult exchange rate. Not sure a Spider Man movie will ever re-reach the popularity of that 2002 one, it was something else.
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