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    Frozen 2 15.00 Knives Out 6.20 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 3.10 Ford v Ferrari 2.85 Queen & Slim 2.40 21 Bridges 1.10 Midway 0.85 Playing with Fire 0.80 Last Christmas 0.40 Joker 0.40 Harriet 0.34 The Good Liar 0.29 Charlie's Angels 0.26 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 0.25 Jojo Rabbit 0.23
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    The Rise of Skywalker Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-15 days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 2 210 10657 24504 13847 56.51% Total Seats Sold Today 155 T-15 Adjusted Comp #1 (EXTREMELY LOL FOR CM - DON'T USE THERE FOR MUCH OF ANYTHING) % Sold T-15 Total Sold Sellouts/Shows Seats Left/Total Seats Perct Sold Comp CM 360.33 90 3668 2/83 7037/10705 34.26% 74.59m EG 73.36 202 18017 12/239 6208/24225 74.37% 44.02m TROS (adj) n/a 155 13217 2/210 10039/23256 56.83% n/a ADJUSTMENT NOTE: TROS (adj) is the ticket data at the same theaters I had tracking info for Captain Marvel and Endgame. THEATER NOTE: If a theater in the region was not open for the above movies but is for TROS it WILL be counted as part of this adjustment. PRE-SALES NOTE: TROS had 60 days of pre-sales while Endgame had 24 days of pre-sales. T-15 Adjusted Comp #2 (VERY LOL - DON'T USE FOR MUCH OF ANYTHING) % Sold T-15 Total Sold Sellouts/Shows Seats Left/Total Seats Perct Sold Comp IW 156.30 82 7516 3/118 3779/11295 66.54% 60.96m Solo 371.77 73 3160 0/87 6188/9348 33.80% 52.42m TROS (adj) n/a 135 11748 2/210 7391/19139 61.38% n/a ADJUSTMENT NOTE: TROS (adj) is the ticket data at the same theaters I had tracking info for Infinity War and Solo. THEATER NOTE: If a theater in the region was not open for the above movies but is for TROS it WILL be counted as part of this adjustment. PRE-SALES NOTE: TROS had 60 days of pre-sales while Infinity War had 42 days of pre-sales and Solo 21 days of pre-sales. --- Comps so far off of Final Totals (spoilered for space)
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    Captain Marvel making over a billion dollars at the box office probably made some people sooooooo mad judging by the comments in a thread that has nothing to do with her character. I love it. Fume.
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    People will and can talk about whatever they want. You don't like the conversation then don't be a part of it. The only thing people have had enough of, is your continuous bashing of Marvel. We get it, you have a hate boner for it, move on! For a person who claims to dislike something, you sure do spend an inordinate amount of time talking about it.
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    Starting this, will be mostly for biggies. Will try to fill the ones left. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_tFljn4mLbBwtXn2glN2PMA5XCy2ECBzaqo4QVVFYpM
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    Black Widow teaser just passed 1M likes as expected of Marvel. can't wait for Cate Shortland's first billion dollar movie
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    The Rise of Skywalker Thursday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 1736 3153 AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 1778 3926 SEATS SOLD SOLD TODAY TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 9028 109 22870 39.48% 9 182 Final Frozen 2 count comp: 21.91M Final Maleficent count comp: 25.60M Final IT 2 count comp: 24.41M Final Hobbs count comp: 25.52M Adjusted final OUATiH count comp: 26.06M Final Lion King count comp: 27.37M Average: 25.15M
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    If South Korea somehow manages to leg to $100 million, I believe Frozen 2 will be the only film besides Avatar where China, Japan, and South Korea have all contributed more than $100 million to the same film.
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    It seems that 570k (usual location) for to day. 780k for all location https://mimorin2014.blog.fc2.com/ Discount ticket: 1100/ 859M yen total for today Yesterday: 560M yen 2nd weekend total: 1.419B yen (-12.2% from 1st weekend)
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-19 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 1 165 9,596 30,741 31.22% Total Seats Sold Today: 89 Comp 5.045x of Once Upon’s final count (29.26M) 2.770x of It: Chapter Two (29.09M) 1.954x of Joker (25.99M) 13.767x of Maleficent (31.66M) 11.017x of Terminator (25.89M) 2.855x of Frozen II (24.27M) Adjusted Comp 0.827x of Lion King (19.03M) 3.927x of Hobbs & Shaw (22.78M)
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Inland Empire Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-16 Days Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Seats Left Perct Sold TOTALS 3 256 14735 53600 38865 27.49% Total Seats Sold Today: 156
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    Up 2.2M with actuals: INTERNATIONAL (61.1%) $453,215,336
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    Corpse: Weekend Actuals (11/30-12/01)01 (01) ¥1,443,473,900 ($13.2 million), -11%, ¥4,305,823,050 ($39.4 million), Frozen II (Disney) WK2 02 (02) ¥131,408,650 ($1.2 million), -36%, ¥625,559,600 ($5.7 million), The 47 Ronin in Debt! (Shochiku) WK2 03 (04) ¥130,778,700 ($1.2 million), -27%, ¥857,196,900 ($7.8 million), Sumikko Gurashi: The Pop-Up Book and the Mystery Child (Asmik Ace) WK4 04 (03) ¥119,675,450 ($1.1 million), -41%, ¥2,074,773,850 ($19.0 million), Terminator: Dark Fate (Fox) WK405 (---) ¥x80,000,000 ($730,000), 0, ¥125,746,700 ($1.1 million), Doctor Sleep (Warner Bros.) NEW 06 (05) ¥x67,284,350 ($614,000), -42%, ¥1,672,885,600 ($15.3 million), It: Chapter Two (Warner Bros.) WK5 07 (06) ¥x43,295,350 ($395,000), -34%, ¥4,907,794,600 ($45.2 million), Joker (Warner Bros.) WK908 (---) ¥x35,000,000 ($320,000), 0, ¥x47,883,700 ($0.4 million), Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon (Albatros Film) NEW 09 (07) ¥x32,780,400 ($299,000), -14%, ¥604,313,480 ($5.5 million), Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (Aniplex) WK6 10 (09) ¥x23,131,600 ($211,000), -35%, ¥829,512,150 ($7.5 million), At the Matinee (Toho) WK511 (---) ¥x20,000,000 ($180,000), 0, ¥x30,000,000 ($0.3 million), Human Lost (Toho Video Division) NEW 12 (08) ¥x16,043,800 ($146,000), -55%, ¥x97,142,500 ($0.9 million), Zombieland: Double Tap (Sony) WK2 13 (10) ¥x13,802,900 ($126,000), -39%, ¥251,860,200 ($2.3 million), Re: Life in a Different World from Zero (Kadokawa) WK4>Frozen II utterly and crushingly dominated the weekend box-office once again, and did so by selling an extraordinary 1,240,000 admissions (an increase of 2.5% over its opening weekend!) in its sophomore frame. It was able to achieve the 2nd Biggest Second Weekend of All-Time, only behind Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and set a New Record for Biggest Second Weekend for an Animated Film, besting Howl's Moving Castle. There was no doubt that the sequel to the Third Biggest Film of All-Time was bound for huge success at the box-office, and so far it's delivering upon that expectation and then some. It's far too early to project a likely total for a film on this scale, but we should be expecting a finish somewhere around the ¥20 billion ($180 million) milestone, potentially cracking the Top 5 Highest Grossing Films of All-Time. >Doctor Sleep disappointed, possibly bombed. Warner Bros. gave it a decently wide release, but I don't believe it was expected to do very well in the market. Still, missing ¥100 million over the weekend frame is pretty disappointing. It sold 104,591 admissions since Friday. >It: Chapter Two has begun to slow down after a couple stellar weeks, and probably won't reach the ¥2 billion milestone afterall, thus coming in below its predecessor. This isn't exactly a poor result, it can be tough to replicate a breakout success, but the early weeks of its release were suggesting a better finish. >Joker is worth mentioning this week as it enjoys its ninth-weekend in the Top 10, because it's now a lock to reach the ¥5 billion blockbuster milestone in a couple weeks. The film is without a doubt one of the biggest breakout hits of 2019, grossing more than double any modern-day DC film, and became the highest grossing DC release ever (beating 1989's Batman). It will finish as the 5th Biggest Marvel/DC film ever. >And finally, Weathering With You hasn't concluded its run quite yet, and exceeded the ¥14 billion milestone after its twentieth-weekend of release on nearly 10.5 million admissions. Makato Shinkai's follow-up to Your Name. wasn't able to reach its heights, but still proved to be a massive success in its own right, becoming the 12th Biggest Film of All-Time (though it'll be bumped to 13th in the coming weeks/months).
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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Various theater chains (Michigan) Premiere Night Seat Report: T-17 days and counting Last Day 2 Days Ago 3 Days Ago 4 Days Ago 5 Days Ago Showings Added 0 0 0 0 0 Seats Added 5 17 3 2 1 Seats Sold 120 218 168 158 163 12/2/2019 Showings Seats Left Total Seats Seats Sold Pct. Sold Total 237 27,763 41,888 14,125 33.72% Weird day.
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    Sunday 846.5m yen. 790K adm
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    Frozen 2 34.10 Knives Out 10.66 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 4.99 Ford v Ferrari 5.28 Queen & Slim 4.29 21 Bridges 2.16 Midway 1.72 Playing with Fire 1.68 Joker 0.76 Last Christmas 0.78 Harriet 0.78 Charlie's Angels 0.46 The Good Liar 0.59 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 0.47 Jojo Rabbit 0.46 Let's see what Disney give.
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    That didn't really fit my warning. Marvel/Scorsese stuff was not allowed. But just talking about Avengers movies or Civil War? I mean, that seems fine to me. There weren't any numbers happening, and when they did, people died their discussion down. If you're not interested in it, then fine. You're free to ignore it or even find it annoying. But I don't see why people talking about whether they liked Civil War or not is worth getting mad and talking about how this website's lost its way, especially when there was not much else to talk about. And even then, this is a website about blockbusters and box office. Why shouldn't people talk about blockbusters?
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    I know people were initially upset about them cutting the songs but after seeing the trailer it totally makes sense. I would really love it though if the score incorporates the melody for Reflection in the movie. I also feel like they would be so stupid to not do a cover of Be A Man for the end titles or at least just to release it as promotional material during the press tour, even if it isn’t in the movie. Eternals is a female lead. So we can just lock in that All Female Top 3 now
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    Thought I'd put this here since it's SW-related: reviews are coming in for Rise of the Resistance at Disney World (opens tomorrow there and in middle of January at Disneyland) and it sounds like they have a winner on their hands. Saw a bit of the attraction during the live Candlelight broadcast with Neil Patrick Harris last night (he was one of the first to ride it and said it will soon be called Rise of the Attendance lmao) and it does look like quite awesome. Can't wait to ride it (and experience Galaxy's Edge in general) whenever my next Disney vacation occurs. https://ew.com/movies/2019/12/04/disney-rise-of-the-resistance-reviews/
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    Jumanji: The Next Level Thursday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 25 1686 AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 40 1610 SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST ~8 HOURS TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 125 125 11405 1.10% 9 58 I'll start comps tomorrow or Wednesday
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    Prepping things up for Jumanji tonight. But I did a little dig into Playmobil. There's no Thursday previews (LOL), but I noticed that at almost all the theaters I looked at, tickets are only $5. Not a kids ticket, not an Atom deal. Just $5 period for any ticket. I get that this is the epitome of no1curr, but that is EMBARASSING
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    Holy shit at Phillipines & Indonesia number.
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    This "style" nonsense needs to end. Style doesn't make a director good. Snyder has plenty of style and can't tell a coherent story to save his life nor can he direct actors well. You keep your shallow "style," I want to watch good movies. I don't care to respond to the JJ Abrams butt hurt. Not worth the energy because the insults are all the same.
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    Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role
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    Still thinking around* TLJ in previews right now, though getting more confident that it will hit that range rather than not. Can't comment on national trends, only Sacto of course. * NOTE: When I say 'around' I don't mean exactly 45m but more a range of, oh let's say 42 to 47m. My one worry locally is the lack of sellouts, but I didn't track TLJ's sellouts till very late so I don't know when the sellouts started to happen. Then again, there are far more showings locally for TROS right now than there were for TLJ five days out (TROS T-15: 210 showings | TLJ T-4: 133 showings). I really have no idea how much those extra showings are stopping sellouts from happening. As I've said before, the Sacramento region is one of the faster growing in the state, but it isn't growing that quickly. Along those lines, if increased showtimes over TLJ is in fact a national trend, that could depress the internal multi from what might be expected, with all of the showtimes burning off initial demand. Still, I think the OW itself is gonna depend a fair amount on WOM as that can show up pretty darn quickly, especially in this age of social media. So, all of that is to say, as always: Only Sith Deals in Absolute (OW projections )
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    Yeah, letting yourself be tortured and giving up the location of the Resistance and thereby letting a lot of people die is the better option.
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    Frozen2 today 1.17m admission is the biggest second Saturday in south korea
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    accept* And looks like you need to settle for 900k. Cause 2nd Trend looks like this (all but Frozen II are down from the 1st trend): Frozen II: 900k Geheimnis: 260k Last Christmas: 85k Hustlers: 77.5k Joker: 52.5k Le Mans 66: 40k Zombieland: 32.5k And I also have a theory why the predictions stayed at 900k, last Saturday and Sunday were insanely strong, especially Sunday was and it is most likely almost impossible to replicate that this weekend.
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    Here are my most anticipated from all of you @Spaghetti Epsilon syndicate 2 @YourMother the Edgelord toons v reality @cookie Skyriders @4815162342 countdown city @SLAM! megalo box/mystery film/banjo/bloodsuckers @Blankments Beyblade/ muppets @Rorschach attack on titan @Ethan Hunt tower of Babylon @cannastop lena @vault2008 overwatch Idk what you have @Xillix
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    I just found out THE DISSIDENT got in — it’s a documentary about Kashoggi and his murder by the Saudis. It’s by the guys who did ICARUS — I know some of them!
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    It's up; insidekino's 3rd Trend: All but frozen are down (geheimnis by 20k, LC by 10k, Hustlers by 5k, the others three by 2.5k) Frozen II: 900k Geheimnis: 240k Last Christmas: 75k Hustlers: 72.5k Joker: 50k Le Mans 66: 37.5k Zombieland: 30k
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    Corpse https://worldofkj.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2249185#p2249185 https://worldofkj.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2249186#p2249186
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    Yes. Fandoms don’t matter when it comes to box office. Someone like Taylor Swift got as big as she did because she is a musician not because she’s an actress. Just because people buy your music and buy tickets to your tours doesn’t mean they want to watch you on the big screen. Especially if the product that’s on the big screen is subpar.
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    Nope, on the contrary. Here’s today: 1 Frozen 2 U.S. Nov 21, 2019 $7,081,307 ($60,715,076) 979,419 (8,583,630) 2,351 78.79% 2 Bring Me Home South Korea Nov 27, 2019 $776,717 ($3,114,347) 104,287 (461,107) 769 8.64% 3 BLACK MONEY South Korea Nov 13, 2019 $593,106 ($16,175,846) 80,425 (2,259,051) 715 6.59% 4 CRAWL U.S. Nov 27, 2019 $168,194 ($752,861) 22,425 (109,574) 557 1.87% 5 Love at Second Sight Belgium,France Nov 27, 2019 $91,902 ($369,122) 12,510 (54,212) 141 1.02% So a roughly 2.59M 2nd weekend, -32.4%. As for Monday, the CGV PS are 31k. Conservatively, PSm may be flat from last Mon or even drop a little, giving as low as 200k (-42% weekly). Optimistically it could have the same PSm bump from a Sunday as last Mon did, giving 245k (-31% weekly). I will actually forecast a modest PSm growth, 113k final CGV, 225k admits for -36% weekly.
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    Looking in the thread, the oldest number we have on EG is 13 days out That would be $95mn Approx. Yeah it's like a week later than now for TROS but TROS is selling like for a month and week while EG was 11 days. TROS is currently half of this number. Per @Deep Wang data, estimating to 13 Days Out: $95mn 7 Days Out: $115-120mn 4 Days Out: $140mn 1 Day Out: $170mn Final: $185mn Approx
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    Sun 24 Sun 01 Blue (50%-) 88 shows 54 shows (all the 30 night shows) Orange (50%+) 33 shows 17 shows Red (80%+) 63 shows 90 shows Soldout 23 shows Average saturation (assuming 25%/65%/90%/100%) = 70%
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    A little better than a normal run IMO * Screens increases over the weekend * Great attendence pr screen * Big Sat jump for a adult movie only 9,0 rating * Sunday Presales looking good All the chinese new openers are not even close to this

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