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    Not surprising that there’s no criticism over a film directed by a pedophile being nominated, while the film with a black director and majority-black cast is the only film that receives any backlash.
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    I don't know what people were expecting the teaser to show. It showed the Avengers desperate and depressed and determined to find a way out, but rightfully is keeping a lid on the actual details for now. This is one of the few teasers that does not need a money shot. We'll get a second trailer after Captain Marvel comes out that'll show more.
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    Sure, they're all defeated and depressed but what's important is that they all look pretty OK, not all
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    Black Panther's been living in your head rent free for the past *checks calendar* 10 months now. I absolutely fucking love it how much this movie bothers you.
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    interesting how fanboys have been begging awards to recognize comic book movies for so long but now that one has they are mad... Very interesting
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    excited for the next two months of "black panther isn't WORTHY of x award". it's such an interesting opinion.
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    I can’t be the only one who thought that was a damn good teaser? Not in the sense of it having money shots or anything but just getting people emotionally invested in this last Avengers film. The fact that the majority of it was more focused on the older Avengers and how they’re going to fair tells me that they really wanted to grab folks in emotionally more than anything else. More than any money shot. And to me at least, that’s far more effective than any money shot could bring. We all know this film is gonna have the action and the money shots. But how is it gonna get people to care about what happens to these characters? I think the trailer does a great job of drawing folks in regarding that.
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    AQM is 9.5 on Maoyan after 80,000 ratings.
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    Pretty confident BP will be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. And that's totally okay Pretty confident Bohemian Rhapsody will not be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars And that's very okay
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    @Lordmandeep has been thread banned for 3 days for discussion TLJ after being requested not too in this thread.
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    Infinity War had 1,840,988 likes in first 24 hours, End Game is already $1.3mn. 24 hours will most probably end with 3.5-4mn likes, that's about Infinity War till now
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    Why does it feel like the same people who say these awards are a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously when movies like BP get nominated are the ones taking it the most seriously.... anyways I think BP got nominated because it was legitimately a borderline contender anyway and then the success and its impact put it over the top. I’m from a...relatively conservative area with not much racial diversity and yet it was probably the biggest movie of the year in my area and people raved about it. I think overall it and A star is born were the two movies that connected with audiences close to me the most.
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    Oh yeah, people might want to see these presales. Movie/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Mortal Engines 81 71 116 124 The Mule 7 18 18 54 Spider-Verse 722 757 1365 2056 Mary Poppins 913 867 919 1067 Aquaman 1263 1101 1153 1271 Bumblebee 420 450 474 644 Second Act 0 2 1 3 Marwen 0 0 1 0
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    Friday Estimates Aquaman OD should be 153-155M, actuals tomorrow, Biggest OD for a foreign movie in DEC 3rd biggest OD in DEC behind too local movies A Cool Fish 10M/701M Adrift 3.8M OD Einstein & Einstein 3.8m OD Venom 2M/1850M Ralph 2 1.26M/251M
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    8.2M midnights. Best MN for import film in Dec ever


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