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    50th: Pather Panchali - India (1955) 1 Top 5 108 pts (More VOtes) Assumed Plot: I may have looked up what this title potentially translates as, and it is Bengali for Song of the Little Road. First, this means I will need to double check if this film is potentially Bangladeshi instead of Indian, Second I am going to take a guess that there is a famous 'Little Road' that traverses one of the 14 borders between Bangladesh and India and that this is the story of people with emotional needs to cross said border and the potential difficulties/hardships that arise from attempting to do so. Oh it's from 1955, that means if it is a Bangali film, there wasn't yet a Bangladesh to have it come from. (I mean there was, but it was a region of Pakistan at the time [although it also would not surprise me if Bengal is a bit like the Basque in Europe and exists both sides of the border]) That trailer gave me zero new info, so please wait what for you will be zero seconds as I solve the mystery once and for all.... Right so... This is a film produced by the government of West Bengal which was (and still is) in India. Thus this is a Bengali language Indian film and so gives India its 11th placement on the list. It is also apparently a masterpiece. From Amazon user, Mrs. J M Burt This film had been reported as one of the best films ever made and I totally agree. It gives a glimpse of India that it would be impossible to imagine without this wonderful film. It follows the life of one small boy from a caring but extremely poor family. It is amusing, sad, very entertaining and absorbing. We learn what happens to the rest of his family and we follow him through his education, successes and failures and long for his luck to change. You need to watch this wonderful film to discover his final outcome. A delightful film in every way. English subtitles throughout. This is one film which is much better for being in its own language. For English language speakers I feel it enhances the film rather than detracting from it in any way. Films by Nation 12 - France 11 - India 6 - Japan 5 - Italy 4 - South Korea 2 - Sweden 2 - Hong Kong 1 - Mexico 1 - China 1 - Denmark 2 - Soviet Union 1 - Germany 1 - Canada 1 - Austria 1 - Lebanon
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    54th: Akira - Japan (1988) 1 Top 10 104 pts (more votes) Assumed Plot: I believe this was once upon a time going to be a Di Caprio live-action film right? Or maybe it was Charleze Theron. I forget. Akira is... right, it isn't the one with the topless booby Japanese robot girl in a future Tokyo dystopia as that is Ghost in the Shell right? So then this is sexy Japanese robot girl that rides a motorcycle in a future Japanese dystopia? Akira has to uncover a deep conspiracy and fight other robotic enhanced people in order to save the future and learn something about humanity. Oh it is not a sexy robot girl, it's an angsty biker boy. So it is post-apocalyptic dragonball with motorbikes? Being serious, I know that this is one of the classic Japanese animes of the 80s and 90s that I am supposed to watch and then in turn admire (alongside Ghost in said Shell, Millenium Actress, and a bunch of others made by the same group of about 3 directors). I will get round to it one day, probably, maybe, possibly. Does this also signal the wave of Japanese anime is about to rip through this list? It takes Japan up to 6 films with a lot of big hitters still to place, so potentially India and France are not out of reach just yet. From Amazon user, Adam Hodge-McNutt Though it's a somewhat awkward compression of the manga, "Akira" works great on its own. The tale of two teenagers in Neo-Tokyo, it begins when biker Tetsuo is captured by government forces and separated from his childhood friend Kaneda. Strange powers awaken in Tetsuo... and absolute power corrupts absolutely.The voice acting works well, the animation is superb, the characters likable, and the soundtrack is something new entirely. "Akira"'s action sequences shine, but even the quiet moments are worth pausing to see the meticulous detailing of Neo-Tokyo. Complete with vistas of space-age skyscrapers and all the futuristic cars and motorcycles you could ask for, "Akira" is an animated gem. But before you go showing it to your kids, know that it's rated "R" for a reason. This is a good movie. But it is not a kids' movie. Films by Nation 12 - France 9 - India 6 - Japan 4 - Italy 3 - South Korea 2 - Sweden 2 - Hong Kong 1 - Mexico 1 - China 1 - Denmark 2 - Soviet Union 1 - Germany 1 - Canada 1 - Austria 1 - Lebanon
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    Waiting for everyone to freakout when New Mutants is 85% plus on Rotten Tomatoes.
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    FWIW, I live in Cherokee Co which is one of the early counties to go back to school here in GA. It had 77% of parents choose sending their kids to school and 23% go online. As on Monday there were 826 students in quarantine (along with 51 teachers and staff) due to positive tests. Supposedly as of today it is up to at leas 925 students in quarantine across the county (42,000 students in the county). It was announced this afternoon that Etowah HS, which currently has the largest outbreak, will go fully online starting Thursday (after taking tomorrow off) as cases there continue to ramp up. They had 14 more positive tests at Etowah today and have at least 15 more outstanding. As many of us on here have said, if you have significant community spread it is going to end up in your schools. https://www.ajc.com/education/cherokee-closing-etowah-high-until-aug-31-after-rise-in-covid-19-cases/AKVISQE7NBFA3A3KH46SX6FXFE/
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    BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Florence Pugh walks on to the stage. Pugh: A lot of us realize that like my friend, Dan Stevens said scenestealers help make films. And tonight we honor the ladies who have rocked these roles. The nominations for Best Supporting Actress are... Amy Adams as Heidi in Dear Evan Hansen - Shoreh Aghdashloo as Nhadra in Notorious - Kaitlyn Dever as Nico in Countdown City - Rinko Kikuchi as Yukiko in Megalo Box - Zendaya as Zoe in Dear Evan Hansen and the winner is...
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    BEST VOICE ACTOR/ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE McKenna Grace and Anna Kendrick walk on stage. Grace: I know it's past my bedtime, but hey man, the Oscars come first. Kendrick: As we all know that a single voice, though all different can bring much emotion. And that is extremely true for the medium that is animation. Voice acting can help make these animated films to newer and stronger heights, and this award will go towards one of these fine actors and actresses who delivered. Just like I stole Zendaya's win back in Y5 Grace: Without further ado, the nominees for Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Leading Role Olivia Cooke as Ashley in Toons v Reality Pixie Davies as Hilda in Hilda and the Midnight Giant - Yuri Lowenthal as Kidd in The Ends of The Universe - Carey Mulligan as Yelena in Laika - Matthew J Thomas as Ardwin in Birdwing and the winner is....
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    BEST FILM EDITING Taron Egerton and Jake Gyllenhaal come on stage, humorously both dressed as the villainous Venchell from the Spark franchise. Egerton: As we all know, for film sometimes not everything is used. Gyllenhaal: Like my cut of Spark Homeward. Egerton: Hey, you got the director’s cut, and besides didn’t your version almost kill the franchise. Gyllenhaal: I’m sorry but which one of us was most forgettable out of all the Spark villains. Egerton: I’ll deal with that later. The nominees for Best Film Editing are... Countdown City Hypercomptency Megalo Box Ms. Blakk 4 President Notorious The Scavenger Wars Part III and the winner is...
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    And I think you are way to soft on dictorial regimes like Russia and China, Russia in Particular. THis is just a huge gimmick by Putin to try to improve his shaky image. He dsoes not give a damn about the Russian people, only about staying in power.
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    1st season is good, but a little worse than The Boys... 2nd season so far is very good, as good as anything in The Boys season 1...we'll see if it holds the higher standard:)... And number 5 is my favorite of both seasons...he plays the put upon adult in a teen's body dealing with idiot family about as perfectly as possible:)...
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    It's (traditional) Chinese. Many Asian countries use Chinese characters in their languages.
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    The first family of superheroes is coming Y9 More details tonight
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    interesting articles on whether the general obesity of Americans will render any vaccines less effective in the US. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/05/health/obesity-covid-vaccine-effectiveness-wellness/index.html https://www.ajc.com/life/obesity-might-affect-how-well-a-coronavirus-vaccine-works/6NJFCAEXVBBE7IAZ7ECTCIPBOM/ FWIW, my local county went back to school this week with 77% of students returning to classes (my only school age child is a 17 yr old Asperger's kid who has been homeschooled since 3rd grade). So far in the first 3 days there have been 4 positive cases so far. a kindergarten class (the teacher started showing symptoms after the school day), a 1st grade class (student started showing symptoms during the day), 2nd grade class (student started showing symptoms after class), 8th grade class (student started showing symptoms during the day). All 4 classes have now been quarantined with the students and teachers required to be out for 14 days.
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    It isn’t 50%, it is 60%, can’t you even read correctly? And it isn’t a pathetic number, if the B.O total is averaging $100k per day (considering its averaging about 250k-300k during the weekend per day, I think it’s a fair projection), then it means that Tenet did $150k on the first day alone, if it manages to keep this pace (which is highly unlikely since it will increase a lot as long more locations open), it would accumulate almost $2m from pre-sales alone, how exactly would it be a pathetic number? Do some math before talking shit. I know you’re a Disney stan and doesn’t give a fuck for cinemas, but at least try to not embarrass yourself.
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    I thought may be China re-release could take Potter around 200mn admits, but it will fall short. by a quite. In best case scenario I expect 10mn admits from China, which will take it to 190mn only. Also, we all wonder how much will be Potter adjusted to today time to time. Well $1.72 Billion just for inflation and exchange rate adjustment. However, due to market growth, I think Potter could have done $1.9-2 Billion. <iframe width="100%" height="500" src="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQObouMLFyMWaVUNPI7aM7SA93VYRiRz1P7lQb9seRmWEVKeubmXww3nko1y2UzV1aEV2YeUa7SHEwJ/pubhtml?gid=1765961898&amp;single=true&amp;widget=true&amp;headers=false"></iframe>
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    Interstellar nice ¥5.6mn (-42%) Monday. Total of rerun ¥87mn. Expecting ¥101mn by Thursday. Next weekend perhaps ¥15-17mn. before 800 release can be ¥125mn. Donno how much it can do after that but ¥135mn ($19.25mn) is perhaps possible. Dolittle ¥3mn 3rd Monday (-25%). Total ¥116.5mn. Perhaps ¥124mn by Thursday. 4th weekend could be ¥10mn or so. Before 800 certainty can reach ¥140-142mn. ($20.5mn). Sheep Without Shepherd ¥3.5mn Monday (-14%). Brilliant re-run. ¥91m so far. Will be around ¥103mn by Thursday. This can run may be in September even. Its week wise run for re-run so far Week 0: ¥7.5mn Week 1: ¥34mn Week 2: ¥33mn (-3%) Week 3: ¥29mn (-13%) May be another ¥75-100mn. That will take the full run to ¥1383-1408mn. No. 40 all time.
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    Movies John Henry - Watched it with my best friend because we love to riff on bad movies with each other. I'm honestly disappointed it wasn't more stupid, because a lot of it is just kind of uninteresting, though it's worth it for elements of the dumbass climax. Middle School: Worst Years of My Life - Another movie I watched with my best friend. It's harmless kids movie schlock with some fun 2D animation and a very, very weird twist ending that had us laughing our asses off. The Reluctant Dragon: An odd duck of a film. Part of it is an interesting look at how Disney animators make movies and make art come to life. Part of it is a bunch of average shorts. And another part is that it was a whitewashed look at the studio at the time of the animator's strike, so...that's not fun. Double Indemnity - Watched with the BOT Bois (and Gurl). Shit was so cool. Barbara Stanwyck is 😍 TV The Handmaid's Tale Episodes 4-7: The last two I watched are honestly some of the best the season has offered so far. Hopefully the tail end delivers Phineas and Ferb Season 2, Episodes 1-26 - Thought I could go through all of Season 2, but apparently there's 39 episodes? I watched this show growing up, but I am honestly shocked they made this much. Anyways, still very clever writing here, and it's cool to see the writers play around with the formula more. Oh and the new Muppets Now episode was alright. I liked the pilot more, but I guess that had the Muppet characters I'm more interested in. Still peeved there's no Statler and Waldorf in sight.
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    Driver and Long Riders, the other 2 movies he did around his most famous hits are also pretty great. You should watch them if you havent already.
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    Key: In just 49 minutes, we should be up and running. Peele: We delivered a hot mess but after dissatisfaction, we made a new and improved version, sure to please or at the very least, say. Meh, that was ok. Key: Like Spark Homeward? Peele: Like Spark f***ing Homeward.
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    Unhinged will win the weekend with around $130k.
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    It is non-recourse, they will just show it in less theaters or smaller theaters or worse showtimes. I mean I cannot speak for all theater chains around the world, but I spoke to one large Singapore chain and this was their intention as they feel there is no need to give huge theater to a movie that potentially have more empty seats. By the way, all IMAX screens are reserved for Tenet in most of Southeast Asia. Was Mulan supposed to have IMAX?
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    Just delay it. Sending your first Pixar film with a black lead straight to streaming seems like a bad look, and this movie itself looks incredible.
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    So far, we've had great news on pre-sales numbers at both UK & SK, curious to see how it's going to perform in China.
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    Love You Forever is more like Long Day's Journey Into Night & Love Apartment in pre-sale performance. The Eight Hundred is doing good at this point, but it's unpredictable because......
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    Can't wait to see those stunning New Mutants and Unhinged pre-sales lmao.
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    I actually think no one's actually willing to buy it for 4 billion. It could actually be that once WB releases their upcoming games, they will try selling again because if those upcoming games become huge hits, the value of WB Interactive increases (and potential buyers will be more willing to pay that 4 billion). Jason Kilar also made it seem like Warner Bros Interactive is a important part of WarnerMedia in his press release two days ago. I feel like AT&T did want to sell WB Interactive but that was before the massive leadership changes within the company. Kilar seems to have a lot of say right now in terms of how WarnerMedia should be run right now than he did a month or two ago (when AT&T seemed to have way more say) so I think it stays if he wants it to.
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    Apple 1. The Tax Collector 2. Made in Italy 3. Capone 4. The Outpost 5. Trolls World Tour 6. Waiting for the Barbarians 7. The Lost Husband 8. Homefront 9. Jumanji: The Next Level 10. The Secret: Dare to Dream Amazon 1. The Secret Garden 2. The Greatest Showman 3. Trolls World Tour 4. Red 2 5. The Tax Collector 6. The Outpost 7. Game Night 8. Jumanji: The Next Level 9. The Gentlemen 10. Sonic the Hedgehog
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    to be clear here, I take the rights to - Avatar: The Last Airbender, and all related comics and other media - The Legend of Korra, and all related comics and other media - the Kyoshi novels
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    3 things with that Tenet PVOD thing 1. Will major chains go for it? Any discussion of it now would require a similar deal to Universal/AMC, which Regal publicly told Uni to fuck off with basically and Cinemark is ambivalent. Now if Tenet underperforms below even the COVID adjusted expectations in open states on Labor Day.... 2. WB's release plan for the US - it may very well end up taking *longer* than 3 weeks for NY/LA to get it. What's the point of putting it on PVOD before the major markets get it (given the positioning of the release as an olive branch to cinemas) 3. Nolan - seems to believe in the 90+ day as a matter of principle. They could also just...do what Universal and others are doing - PVODing it through iTunes, Amazon etc. Only Disney has set the watermark by doing PVOD on their own SVOD service. And perhaps only just in the US while rest of world gets it traditionally.
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    Tried watching Breaking Bad couldn't make it. Same happened with Mad Men. Maybe they are great but don't excite me. Now watching Dexter which actually seems good.
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    I mean, Time Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone Fantastic Beasts 2 Gross Change Gross Change T-14 Days T-13 Days T-12 Days ¥0.55 T-11 Days ¥0.87 ¥0.32 T-10 Days ¥1.26 ¥0.39 T-9 Days ¥1.59 ¥0.33 T-8 Days ¥2.02 ¥0.43 T-7 Days ¥2.62 ¥0.60 ¥0.57 ¥0.57 T-6 Days ¥3.37 ¥0.75 ¥1.65 ¥1.08 T-5 Days ¥4.27 ¥0.90 ¥2.76 ¥1.11 T-4 Days ¥5.40 ¥1.13 ¥4.08 ¥1.32 T-3 Days ¥7.10 ¥1.70 ¥6.37 ¥2.29 T-2 Days ¥9.50 ¥2.40 ¥9.69 ¥3.32 T-1 Days ¥13.10 ¥3.60 ¥15.35 ¥5.66 T-0 Days ¥20.50 ¥7.40 ¥27.79 ¥12.44 OD ¥55.35 ¥80.40 PSm 2.70 2.89
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    For a long time. almost all really expensive films opemed as Road Show attractions, where the price of a ticket was over twice the standard price of a movie ticket. THis was pretty much standard until the demise of the Road Show in the mid 1970'.s And movies are about the only business I know where the price is not directly impacted by how much a product costs to make. The same ticket price for a 10 Million dollar hooro movie and a 250 Million blockbuster seems odd to me.
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    There's nothing wrong with releasing it in a lot of overseas territories, it's only the US that won't be ready to play it in September
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    ... not Charlie, but: pattern only happen with average situations. re-releases in 'better' rooms than before and a 'full-worth' re-release in general (in opposition to an expansion into Dollar-theatres), hype for other reasons, exams over / school out, public holidays ... other general weather conditions, in this case also a staggered re-release thing spread over a few months, directors actively travelling as late into the release to promote late push... + only a few examples why in this case neither comparisons nor prediction pattern based on averages will work
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    Thread: https://twitter.com/zattmurdock/status/1152769144586231809?s=19 I got mocked, ridiculed, bullied and attacked online like literally never happened to me just for sharing @Charlie Jatinder numbers and believing that Endgame would end up becoming the highest grossing film of all time. It's Saturday and EVERY FUCKING THING is going my way, and the night has just started. Marvel Studios SDCC panel was golden and Iam happy not only that a film that I love so much is getting the accolades it deserves, but most of all that I am part of a box office online community since 2012 that taught me literally everything I know about box office. @baumer, you are a fucking inspiration. I know that we've our differences in the past and that I acted like a legit fucking asshole, but I do owe you a lot of what I know of box office, and while I still don't know SHIT, outside this place most of us that follow this community are fucking kings when it comes to projecting box office numbers and seeing a box office trend before hand. @DeadArachnid!™ you might never see this, but I miss you and I hope that you are happy, healthy and livingi well wherever you are. @Plain Old Tele, I love you man. You are someone that I learned to love throughout the years and I am continuously amazed at your POV in life and I try always to integrate that to my day to day life. @CJohn Portugal you fucking lunatic, you are fucking nuts and I love you for that. @AndyLL you are the fucking best, I barely see you around, but I can't wait for how insane it will be once Rise of the Skywalker arrives. @grim22, I see a LOT of myself in you. As a fellow DC fan, I get that all we want is good DC films, and I'm happy and excited for everything coming our way in the years to come. @Shawn, my dude, my favorite box office analyst, the very FIRST Asgardian, even before the box office gods that walk among us today: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PLACE. THANK YOU FOR THIS COMMUNITY. THANK YOU for all single admin and moderator that made this a healthy and cool place to discuss film and box office. Thank you for being the fucking SINGLE box office analyst in all the fucking internet to call on that THR report that this was bound to happen. You are the best among all the box office analysts, and acknowledgement of that will only grow stronger. Thank you to our Asgardian, @Rthhome, @Charlie Jatinder and @EmpireCity for all your hard work and knowledge throughout the years. Thank you too to both @Gavin Feng, @Olive, @Fullbuster and all the people at the international threads to keep us always updated and giving us their insight. Thank you ALL for this community that we have. Thank you to the friends I made here and other places because of box office and film discussion. Thank you @redfirebird2008, @druv10, @TalismanRing, @Menor, @Durden, @terrestrial, @narniadis, @Sam, @a2k, @Mekanos, @keysersoze123, @Captain Craig, @ecstasy, @Cochofles (Miss ya), @XO21, @ZeeSoh, @cax16 , @nguyenkhoi282 and all the people that I am forgetting on this wall of text post. Thanks also to my new buddies that jumped from Era to here to talk about box office: @Alexandros, @Heroicpiglet, @Hemo memo, @kswiston and probably others that I'm missing. Thanks also to @JamesCameronScholar and Big Jimbo, for being actually cooler heads than people have always given them credit for here on BOT. There is a lot of people that behave nastily worse than them and as a Cameron fan myself, they do represent me. Box office history is being made today, ladies and lads. Now where is my gold account, @Water Bottle? Buying it right now.
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    No, no, no. No. No. @4815162342 and I deserve actual re-reviews of By the Balls and Mass Effect. You can't just expect us to be like "Oh, okay" when we want to actively improve our writing and understand what appeals to certain viewers. Especially since, for me personally, literally every one else I've talked to who has liked BtB has said it's grown on them since reading it. I'd like to know what made it grow off on you since that is against the grain and I'm curious so I can avoid films that do so in the future.
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    Actually that was Ron Howard getting Jealous of Lucas and Spielberg who in turn was jealous of Kubrick.
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    Nolan isn't much of a character director anyways so it shouldn't really matter that much about the caliber of actors in this. Nolan is more of a story based director and that makes this movie even more exciting to see how he handles a totally Sci-Fi based film.
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    An even larger reason is that the part basically existed merely for her to ask the questions the audience had, so exposition could be dumped on her (and them). (Who doesn't like Michael Caine? Dude's been awesome for generations.)

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