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    And it's horrible. The longfeared IMDb future has arrived, and it's ugly, inaccessible, and very bad.
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    AMC - 187398/722656(4275 shows) ok 1st successful run for AMC I got data for 4275 out of 4313 shows. That is a good sample set. Let me check for OD as well. it has good sales into the weekend at this point. I will also refresh to see any new shows added. Also I see Empire 25 has non reserved 2d shows. That is the 1st I have seen for the theater. My data is just for reserved screens. As I said earlier, I hope to get more data by end of weekend around region split and PLF share. Edit: So how big is this number. Its 40% ahead of Joker previews on Thursday night. I will update end of day to see where its gonna end. But I am optimistic about 1M+ sales at just AMC for just previews. Early guess is at least 50m in previews. I would like the show time to double before have greater perspective on the number.
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    I know I said I wasn't going to do a full update after "only" 5+ hours of sales, but.... The Rise of Skywalker Greater Sacramento Area Premiere Night Seat Report: T-59 days and counting Sellouts Showings Seats left Total Seats Seats Sold Perct Sold TOTALS 1 156 11532 19733 8201 41.56% Total Sellouts Added Today 1 Total Seats Sold in Five+ Hours 8201 "Day One" Adjusted Comps #1 % Sold "Day One" Total Sold Sellouts/Shows Seats Left/Total Seats : Sold Comp CM 527.84 1498 1498 0/63 7206/8704 17.21% 109.26m EG 52.80 14975 14975 7/201 6727/21702 69.00% 31.68m TROS (adj) n/a 7907 7907 1/156 10564/18471 42.81% n/a ADJUSTMENT NOTE: TROS (adj) is the ticket data at the same theaters I had tracking info for Captain Marvel and Endgame "DAY ONE" NOTE: The numbers cited here are after 1 day and 6 hours or so for Captain Marvel, around 15 to 16 hours for Endgame, and 5+ hours for TROS. "Day One" Adjusted Comps #2 % Sold "Day One" Total Sold Sellouts/Shows Seats Left/Total Seats Perct Sold Comp IW 153.54 4662 4662 1/103 5511/10173 45.83% 59.88m Solo 272.17 2630 2630 0/87 6718/9348 28.13% 38.38m TROS (adj) n/a 7158 7158 1/156 8676/15834 45.21% n/a ADJUSTMENT NOTE: TROS (adj) is the ticket data at the same theaters I had tracking info for Infinity War and Solo. "DAY ONE" NOTE: The numbers cited here are after 25 hours or so or Solo, around 14 to 15 hours for Infinity War, and 5+ hours for TROS. Yeah. There's a reason I decided to post the 5+ hour total. 👍
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    In Greece, Joker has surpassed Endgame to become the biggest comic-book adaptation of all time. In a 'mature' market like Greece, this is truly rermarkable. Before Endgame, the record had been held for 15 years by Spider-Man 2.
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    First weekend estimates from insidekino.de: #1 Joker 700k (-17% wtf ...) #2 Malef2 300k (ok) #3 IwnniNY >100k
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    Thursday Previews Soooo, let's just start here: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Theater Today 10/22 Total % Shows SOs SM Cinemagic 935 935 2065 45.27% 12 2 Cinemagic 2088 2088 4410 47.34% 26 4 Lincoln Square 13 4491 4491 6516 68.92% 24 11 SM Cinemagic = Three Southern Maine Theaters Cinemagic = Three Southern Maine Theater + Two NH Theaters Great Day. It's so far ahead of everything but AEG that there's almost no point in comping this out until we hit the final stretch. It ended up: Theater TROS AEG % Est SMCM 935 1138 82.16% 49.29M LS13 4491 4667 96.22% 57.73M So put me down for "I'm totally on board for 53.51M in Previews. Mindblowing number for Porthos, doesn't beat Endgame for me." And, visual of me looking at those percentage sold: Everything is basically sold out and until they add in new screens I'm kinda done until December. Lol Onto this week's Coming Attractions: Terminator Theater Today 10/9 10/22 Total % Shows SM Cinemagic 7 0 7 1077 0.65% 6 Cinemagic 12 -- 12 1724 0.69% 11 AMC 25 128 101 229 1994 11.48% 7 Lincoln Square 13 93 152 245 1554 15.76% 4 Black and Blue Theater Today 10/22 Total % Shows AMC 25 59 59 292 20.20% 2
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    French reviews have started to come up: Positive: http://pluzoumoins.fr/terminator-dark-fate/ https://www.cloneweb.net/terminator/critique-terminator-dark-fate/ https://twitter.com/Geek_Gen_France/status/1185896928954998784 (no official review so far but tweet is very positive) https://cinema.jeuxactu.com/critique-cinema-terminator-dark-fate-on-a-vu-le-vrai-terminator-3-critique-32274.htm http://www.lumieresenarts.fr/terminator-dark-fate/ http://mulderville.net/critiques/5287/terminator-dark-fate http://unificationfrance.com/article59407.html?lang=fr mixed: https://cinedweller.com/movie/terminator-dark-fate-la-critique-du-film/?cn-reloaded=1 https://smallthings.fr/cinema/suites/critique-suites/terminator-dark-fate-spoilers-critique/ http://braindamaged.fr/20/10/2019/terminator-dark-fate-senior-bad-ass-pour-bis-repetita/ negative: http://www.filmdeculte.com/cinema/film/Terminator-Dark-Fate-7022.html http://www.cinemateaser.com/2019/10/74635-terminator-dark-fate-chronique https://www.ecranlarge.com/films/critique/1117285-terminator-dark-fate-critique-du-futur-imparfait http://www.cinephages.com/2019/10/terminator-dark-fate.html Roughly that's what it looks like as of now. I speak French so I've read them. All in all definitely not the disaster some expected. The most negative ones all say it's still better than Genisys and they did like some of performances. The mixed ones are basically saying it's a fun action movie but not much else. The most positive ones say it's the first worthy success to T2 (although none will say it's better than T1 or T2 but who expected that?). Biggest complaint is probably that it's still sticking too close to the formula. Worst reviews are 2/5 stars. There's actually a 5/5 review. All in all pretty much what I expected from Miller and critic response. Excited to see it.
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    Japan - Friday Joker win this day over Maleficent with around 18% more admission. only drop 14.3% from last weekend. Big chance to increase in this weekend for Joker.
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    Well, I haven't updated this on a while. At first it was because I was very busy, but now is because there's literally no Box Office in the country. Since October 18th Chile has been in the middle of massive protests and social unrest, the spark was a subway fare hike but the underlining problem is the economic system and sistematic inequality. Showings started being canceled on Friday 18th and by Saturday evening all Cinema chains had canceled all the functions in all the country and they haven't reopened so far. There's currently a State of Emergency and Curfrew (the first since Pinochet) in the capital Santiago and in cities of 13 regions. I was in Santiago when everything started and honestly the whole experience felt like being an extra in a post-credit scene of the Joker.
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    Thank you for confirming that $900M on a $55M budget isn't so bad, even if it is obviously a huge disappointment for DC.
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    Zombieland: Double Tap Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report Final Count Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 1 45 1,013 6,742 15.03% Total Showings Added Today: 7 Total Seats Added Today: 490 Total Seats Sold Today: 569 Comp 2.361x of Crawl (2.36M) 4.036x of Stuber (3.03M) 0.533x of Once Upon (3.09M) 1.556x of Scary Stories (3.62M) 1.443x of Good Boys (3.03M) 0.292x of It: Chapter Two (3.07M) 0.206x of Joker (2.74M) Adjusted Comp 0.509x of Hobbs & Shaw (2.95M) This was a fantastic way to end the run. It even got one of its showtimes sold out. With the previews all gravitating toward 3M, it also bodes well. It might even beat out Maleficent this weekend with these numbers, which would be pretty funny ngl
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    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-1 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 48 310 11,144 2.78% Total Shows Added Today: 3 Total Seats Added Today: 350 Total Seats Sold Today: 67 Comp 2.480x of Dora 1 day before release (3.10M) 4.026x of Abominable 1 day before release (2.62M) 1.429x of Addams Family 1 day before release (1.79M) Adjusted Comp 0.039x of Lion King 1 day before release(896K) 0.258x of Hobbs & Shaw 1 day before release (1.50M) This was actually a great day, and a needed one. Being steady or increasing from comps is always good, and while I still can't see 40M+ just yet, one great day full of walk-ups tomorrow can really turn things around.
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    Now for a ton of different reasons, the comps are all out of whack. EG had 24 days of pre-sales and TROS... has a few more. Even so, not too shabby. A direct comp-for-comp look against Captain Marvel, even spotting it a day, is asanine. At the same time, it's the only one I have with the same amount of days of pre-sales. Infinity War is interesting, not so much for the comp, though at 42 days of pre-sales, it's within spitting distance at least. No, it's more for the 5+ hour comparison with the 14+ hour comparison. IW sold 541 more tickets on its second day of sales (ie everything tomorrow), so TROS still handily beats it. And while I don't know what to expect locally tomorrow, it's still gonna grow some. Then there's poor Solo. I'm throwing that in for one reason and one reason only. SW comped to SW, even if one of them had 21 days of pre-sales and the other had 59+. More to the point... Final Number of tickets sold for Solo locally at stop of tracking: 5789. Total Number of tickets sold for TROS (adj) after five+ hours: 7158. If we do something of a comp, that would be 17.43m in Thursday sales ALREADY. Now, that's something of a blunt instrument. But I think it shows a decent idea of how it's already done. We'll see what the trades say after 24 hours of sales.
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    The Rise of Skywalker Thursday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster 24 Total 1386 3153 AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Total 1634 4170 SEATS SOLD SOLD PAST 17 HOURS TOTAL SEATS PERCENT SOLD THEATERS SHOWINGS 6477 925 20329 31.86% 9 166 After 22 hours, it is at about 85% of The Lion King's final total.
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    A TEASER Cap enters The Cave, still only lit by the blazing fire. Now two faces stare into the deeps of the embers. CAP: @Spaghetti -- Cap's mobile rings. CAP: Um, hold on. Cap takes the call. She 'Uh huh's 'Yeah, that's right, yeah, Uh huh, uh huh, yeah, great, great' for about five minutes. CAP: Sorry. Spaghetti -- Cap's mobile goes off again. Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. Frantically, she taps at her phone. CAP: I just have to handle this -- Ping. Ping. Ping. Spaghetti and @Porthos glares at each other, and then at Cap. This wasn't in the script. PORTHOS: I feel a great disturbance in The Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. CAP: Only twelve. And now we're done! Ping. Ping. Ping. CAP: [to Porthos] You still have your lightsaber? [He nods] Okay, right now, both of you. CUT TO: Porthos with his lightsaber, Spaghetti with Cap's shield, and Cap with Mjolnir in an open field. SPAGHETTI: Should you be using that? CAP: We'll find out! She brings down the lightning on THE COPY MACHINE a la: PORTHOS: Feeling better? Cap just shrugs. SPAGHETTI [aside to Porthos]: Should we tell her that's a printer and not THE copy machine? Porthos shakes his head. CUT TO, FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER, TAKE 2: Cap enters The Cave, still only lit by the blazing fire. Now two faces stare into the deeps of the embers. CAP: Spaghetti, it's time. Spaghetti, in his Jedi Robe, raises from his place to approach his friend and foe. He pulls down his robe to reveal mud war paint. SPAGHETTI: During this week of self-reflection, I have sought wisdom in an old mentor, looked into the deeps of my soul, and walked through the mists of this cave. I know what I need to do. CAP: SLAM! waits for you outside. May the Force be with you. Spaghetti walks out. Cap turns to Porthos. CAP: It's also time for you. PORTHOS: No. Numbers, must I count. CAP: Soon. PORTHOS: Soon. A SHOWDOWN AT THE PALACE The Gene Kellys ( @Thanos Legion, @ZeeSoh, @Keanu, @elcaballero, @JJ-8, @DAJK)enter and sit in the front row stage right. The Fred Astaires ( @chasmmi, @Claire of Themyscira, @PanaMovie, @Rorschach, @Sheikh, @Wrath )enter and sit in the front row stage left. SLAM!, Cap, and Spaghetti walk down the center aisle up to center stage. SLAM!: Spaghetti, your envelope please. Spaghetti hands SLAM! a sealed envelope with the name of his showdown opponent. CAP: Before we open it, do you have any finale words. SPAGHETTI [to the Contestants]: Let me make one thing perfectly clear. SPAGHETTI: I like all of you. I trust most of you. This was not an easy choice. That said, it'll be remarkably easy to tell if any of you had sabotaged me. Let it be known that I do not forgive and forget easily. In this season or another, you're going to regret your betrayal. SPAGHETTI: I recommend thinking twice before making a cruel, vicious move. However, I do believe in karma. Perhaps that is sufficient. Claire, Zeesoh, and Sheikh nod. Wrath squirms. PanaMovie and Rorschach do not look at Spaghetti's eyes. SLAM! opens the envelope. SLAM!: Spaghetti chose: They stand. They walk up to face Spaghetti on the stage. CAP: Are you ready? OPPONENT: I am. CAP: I have both of your scores in my hand. I am going to reveal them one by one. Before I do, do either of you want to turn in any tuck shop items? OPPONENT: I do not. I believe my scores will see my through. SPAGHETTI: I do. Spaghetti turns in THREE CANDY APPLES. SLAM!: These ARE candy apples purchased from the tuck shop. Spaghetti will add +6% to his scores. CAP: I will reveal the scores. First we start with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: Next, Zombieland: Double Tap: And, Parasite: And Gemini Man: And JoJo Rabbit: And Jexi: CAP: And, the winner is, with the score from my beloved Judy:
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    ‘Joker’ Set To Bank Near Half-Billion In Profit, On Par With ‘Avengers: Infinity War’: The Breakdown
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    Top 10 engagements AMC DINE-IN Disney Springs 24, FL: Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil AMC Burbank 30, CA: Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil ArcLight Hollywood, CA: Lighthouse, The ArcLight Hollywood, CA: Jojo Rabbit Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal,QC: Joker AMC Empire 25, NY: Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil El Capitan, CA: Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil AMC Century City 15, CA: Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil Angelika Film Center 6, NY: Lighthouse, The Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver, BC: Joker
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    Not sure what happened with conversions, but Joker has actually passed £40m already. £5.5m 3rd weekend (-44%), £40.3m total. Pretty incredible. Can’t see how it misses £50m now.
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    Counted today at ca. 11am EST: Maleficent 2: NY (AMC Fresh Meadows 7): 211 (total tickets sold for Thursday) / 323 (total tickets sold for Friday, 11 showtimes) Boston (AMC Assembly Row 12): 80 / 124 (13 showtimes) Boston (Boston Common 19): 75 / 104 (9 showtimes) Miami (AMC Sunset Place 24): 221 / 224 (10 showtimes) Grand Rapids (AMC Grand Rapids 18): 24 / 32 (11 showtimes) Austin (AMC Lakeline 9): 31 / 33 (8 showtimes) Tempe/Phoenix (AMC Center Point 11): 29 / 43 (11 showtimes) Total tickets sold in 7 theaters till Thursday for Thursday: 671 (yesterday 572) and for Friday: 883 (yesterday 681). OUATIH had 1.603 and 1.375 sold tickets in these 7 theaters. Unfortunately a massive error occured (as often) when I wanted to count in San Francisco so I can only see the jump compared to yesterday in 7 theaters: It went up 17% (Thursday) and 30% (Friday). Overall it's still the same: With nice walk ups it could l have a decent weekend but its presales alone don't convince me, not at all. The only good news is that indeed it doesn't look frontloaded. Zombieland 2: Counted today at ca. 7am (so 4 hours earlier than usually and its numbers would normally be slightly higher): NY (AMC Fresh Meadows 7): 126 (total tickets sold for Thursday) / 179 (total tickets sold for Friday, 7 showtimes) Boston (AMC Assembly Row 12): 79 / 80 (10 showtimes) Boston (Boston Common 19): 57 / 118 (10 showtimes) Miami (AMC Sunset Place 24): 91 / 100 (10 showtimes) Grand Rapids (AMC Grand Rapids 18): 69 / 107 (9 showtimes) Austin (AMC Lakeline 9): 49 / 36 (6 showtimes) Tempe/Phoenix (AMC Center Point 11): 73 / 42 (4 showtimes) San Francisco (AMC Metreon 16): 272 / 302 (9 showtimes) LA (AMC Bay Street): 55 / 106 (13 showtimes) LA (AMC Universal): 247 / 139 (11 showtimes) Total tickets sold in 10 theaters till Thursday for Thursday: 1.118 and for Friday: 1.209. Comps: Angel has Fallen had on Thursday – but later in the day – 654/580, Good Boys had 1.065/965 and Scary Stories 1.096/754 sold tickets. A mediocre jump compared to yesterday but it still looks good. Also less frontloaded than e.g. Scary Stories. I would go with 20M+ at the moment but if this film really has good walk ups (no idea) then it could even reach 25M I think.
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    Everyone right now trying to navigate the site
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    So my computer is having all kinds of issues. But before everything went haywire Thursday preview sales looked to be in the 130k range at Cinemark, which translates to about 13 million nationwide and about 68% of Endgame's first day.
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    Mass Effect: Ascension I do have my quibbles. There's a bit of overly-convenient plotting, and elements of the resolution are a touch saccharine for my tastes. There's also the issue of Garrus - considering the pivotal role he plays in the climax, it's a bit awkward having him not even be mentioned until the third act. A small scene or reference to him earlier on might have been helpful structurally. But it's an engaging story, well-written, with distinct characters and solid pacing (a marked improvement over the first film's). It's also almost totally free of distracting editing errors or slip-ups (which yes, I do detract points for if they interfere with readability or immersion - if I say your movie has bad editing I mean you should proofread your stuff). It was a thoroughly entertaining adventure and tells a compelling tale on its own while both tying up loose ends from the first and setting up some future events. Well done. 4.5 Officially-Licensed Garrus Dakimakura Out of 5
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    For those wondering abuot star wars in toronto...nothing on cineplex site yet for ticket sales. For those wondering about terminator really no difference from last post. Apparently reviews out tomorrow(?) so ill post terminator update tomorrow.
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    Joker wins the Saturday battle and probably the entire weekend. Abominable goes up to #3 and Zombieland drops to #5
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    Japan - Saturday Joker win this day too over Maleficent with 48.7% more admission Weirdly Joker increase much more than Maleficent from Fri to Sat. Maleficent (68%), Joker (110%) Now surely it will increase this weekend. Good chance for 40m+ finish.
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    Gotta admit, it's still not as bad as that one guy (no not That One Guy) legit asking people "what's Gone with the Wind?" a while back
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    Is there a thread for the boxofficemojo update? https://www.boxofficemojo.com/release/rl252151297/?ref_=bo_rl_tab#tabs No more calendar view, at least not that I can see. All time records split into multiple tabs, not sure if anything is missing yet.
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    Kinepolis Madrid The Lion King had sold 5,816 tickets by the day of the release Star Wars IX has sold 6,120 tickets 57 days before of the release
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    Titanic non-Hollywood Ju-On (2000) Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (staircase scene is very pivotal and epic - central to the plot)
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    Weekend 10/17-10/20 (Actual) 1. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil R$ 18.56m NEW $ 4.45m 2. Joker R$ 17.98m -34.4% $ 4.31m 3. Gemini Man R$ 2.60m -45.9% $ 624k 4. The Angry Birds Movie 2 R$ 1.30m -60.1% $ 313k 5. Abominable R$ 648k -69.2% $ 155k 6. Bacurau R$ 218k -34.9% $ 52k 7. Ela disse, ele disse R$ 157k -81.4% $ 37k 8. Ad Astra R$ 103k -77.5% $ 24k 9. Light of my Life R$ 98k NEW $ 23k 10. Morto não fala R$ 86k NEW $ 20k Source: FilmeB TOP 10 Brasil 2019 (10/20)(Actual) 1. Avengers: Endgame R$ 338.59m ➖ $ 85.60m 2. The Lion King R$ 265.61m ➖ $ 69.39m 3. Captain Marvel  R$ 146.74m ➖ $ 38.15m 4. Toy Story 4 R$ 124.41m ➖ $ 32.63m 5. Joker R$ 106.48m 🔺2 $ 25.50m 6. Spider-Man: Far From Home R$ 106.30m 🔻1 $ 28.31m 7. Aladdin   R$ 80.05m 🔻1 $ 20.40m 8. Minha vida em Marte R$ 67.66m ➖ $ 17.35m 9. Ralph Breaks the Internet R$ 64.81m  ➖ $ 17.33m 10. Nada a perder - Parte 2 R$ 58.84m 🔺1 $ 14.35m OUT: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World R$ 58.42m 🔻1 $ 15.67m Source: FilmeB, BoxOfficeMojo, TheNumbers, BoxOfficeReport. *I used the exchange rate on Thursday (10/17) to make the conversion to $ for the Weekend. (For comparisons only; ER: 1 BRL = 4.1702); **The totals in $ are from BoxOfficeMojo, TheNumbers and BoxOfficeReport.
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    As I said in another thread: Frozen 2 will also be the last movie I will comment here, it's been a pleasure to be with many of you here on these forums but I think it's the perfect moment to go, once the box office run of this movie is done. 7 years and a half of nice moments but sometimes it's just time to turn a new leaf and you mustn't overstay your welcome. Let's hope Frozen 2 will have an amazing box office and will be a quality movie Frozen 2 being in January is annoying, I won't be there to comment its box office but I'll give you some data for allowing comparisons if you intend to keep the thread alive. I'm particularly happy about it having gone beyond 1,000 pages and all these funny moments we lived together but I don't feel the need to go on forever, I've done my share and I still cna comment all this on Twitter if I want to. Thank you for all these great moments, in 2 months I'll be gone (= when Frozen 2's final tally will be possibly known given some trends will allow a guesstimate).
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    112th Max - Sam and Max (51 points) The only psychotic Rabbit to make the vote i believe (although possibly not the only psychotic rabbid). Max was one half a crime solving duo so inseparable that I believe the only reason Max is 104th is because he has second billing in the game. A star of the old Lucas arts point and click extravaganza period, when you would tell a dog, rabbit, scientist or tenticle to pick up a tube of glue and he'd refuse and talk to the wall or something; Sam and Max was a game with a lot of personality and great dialogue. Also the games hold up pretty well in the sense that they were impossible nonsense puzzles that beat you into submission, with the only saving grace being the fun main characters then, and they are impossible nonsense puzzles that beat you into submission, with the only saving grace being the fun main characters now.
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    Saturday Maleficent €1.438.906 Joker € 1.299.627 Maleficent past Joker today with 136% increase compared with Joker 98% increase over yesterday. Maleficent surely will win the weekend if it can win again tomorrow. Joker currently projecting into 3.6m weekend, drop 40% from last weekend. Current Joker Total € 19.982.252, will past 20m and 21 million today.
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    So, I got back from Joker... Wow, it's my favorite non-super this year:). So atmospheric, so perfect for a murky, dark fall movie. And everything is so gritty and real...it's like living our reality, not a supers one (I'd say more, especially about how I loved Gotham City's progression, but staying spoiler-free:)... Plus, there's no more wondering - wrap up the best actor Oscar. The movie, like Venom, hung COMPLETELY on the lead character...and he totally delivered:). I'd give the movie an overall B+ (I think my spouse is an A-)...I found it seemed longer than it was (my spouse had no such issue), and I felt even in the cut, some parts could have been "sped up" a little...but there's nothing I would change on the script or the acting...so perfect. Maybe tomorrow, I'll move up to an A-...it's really, really throw back movie making...in a weekend we are talking about all the best 70s-90s movies, this was a tone perfect delivery of that this afternoon...
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    yeah i dislike that kind of argument. when the departed won and people were like "but it's nowhere near scorsese's best!" so? it wasn't competing against taxi driver, goodfellas etc. it was the best film of the line-up it was in imo. if parasite is nominated it shouldn't win because no other foreign language film has won, even if it ends up being the best film in the line-up? and frankly publicity, money, marketing, campaigning, the right distribution etc is stuff that matters when it comes to winning oscars and 99% of foreign language films don't have that but parasite does. the fact that bong joon ho has built up more of a name for himself with american cinephiles through his english language films is part of it to. like cuaron and roma the hype probably wouldn't be there if he was some newbie coming in hot with his first film.
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    Blankments Productions YEAR 7 Conventionally Wiser (Action) (dir. Lexi Alexander) - January 13 The Muppets... Again! (Family Comedy) (dir. Casper Kelly) - February 10 Hypercompetency (Sci-Fi Noir) (dir. Lana Wachowski) - March 24 Beyblade (Sci-Fi Adventure) (dir. Robert Rodriguez) - April 14 Sir Thymes Time 2 (Animated Comedy) (dir. Trish Gum) - May 12 Temple Run (Adventure) (dir. James Gunn) - July 14 Return of the Last Six (Fantasy Action) (dir. Andrew Stanton) - September 22 Who Recycled Roger Rabbit! (Live-Action/Animated Mystery) (dir. Michael Schowalter & Thurop Van Orman) - November 22 Kim Possible (Spy) (dir. Kay Cannon) - December 22 Portal 2 (Sci-Fi) (dir. Jennifer Phang) Ms. Blakk for President (Political Dramedy) (dir. Marielle Heller) Untitled Gillian Flynn Project (Dark Comedy) (dir. Steven Soderbergh) Kitchen Nightmares: The Movie (Comedy) (dir. Peter Atencio) Dear Evan Hansen (Musical) (dir. Darnell Martin)

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