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  1. Even a Monsters University multiplier would get it to $595.1m. Word of mouth seems better for I2, but I'll at least agree that it's early in the run to say $600m is a complete lock. Then again... I2 won't run into a Despicable Me sequel like MU did. I'll take the over.
  2. I don't want to overhype anything (especially because it wasn't even an actual film clip -- just test footage). But, yeah. I teared up. Favreau is the type of guy that could really do something special with the remake and such an incredible cast. The nostalgia factor could be massive for TLK next year. Possibly even greater than it was for Beauty and the Beast last year.
  3. Great observation. As big as Avengers is probably going to be, TLK is definitely a worthy contender to upset and win next summer though. The proof of concept footage at CinemaCon was beautiful. If they can capture the magic start to finish, watch out...
  4. 15 years ago, the outcry was for anyone but Lucas to make another Star Wars film because of how "terrible" the prequels were. Now, the outcry is for him to come back because of how... "not Star Wars" the new movies are. Time's funny that way. As a huge fan of both eras, all I can say is... people need to stop taking this franchise so seriously. Enjoy it and let each generation define it in their own way. If one can't enjoy it, just let it go.
  5. Jurassic movies are one of my guilty pleasures, but you can probably lock this club as a victory at this point. I'm not sure $300m is even guaranteed -- not that it matters since overseas will make up the needed financial gap.
  6. Disney has become a master at pre-sales with all of their brands, so I'm not jumping to any conclusions yet... but I can't rule that out either.
  7. I'm not even sure our $165M "high end" of that range is the cap at this point. The numbers coming in are pretty insane for an animated movie, but I like to err on the side of caution when possible just to have some kind of base line.
  8. I've probably said this before, but I adore that this game still goes on every year. Can't believe it's been a decade, @baumer. I miss those late nights staying up making calculations and/or watching the early numbers solely because it might affect our Summer Game scores.
  9. This post needs more likes, y'all.
  10. I used to feel like a move to August or December was inevitable as well, but I think now the decision to stay put in May -- in addition to the early summer family business -- is also about Disney realizing they need some kind of break between Solo and Episode 9 to let enthusiasm marinate again.
  11. I don't know about regretting it, but I definitely was a proponent of the August date for Solo as well. I think their reasoning in May is that it gives them a full summer (and a major holiday) to bring out families, which I theorize are less pessimistic about Solo than others that have followed the production drama. *shrug*

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