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  1. I think you're right. Also, don't feel too bad about missing it on Mojo -- I think they snuck it in after the initial estimates post... What irks me is that Addams Family had nary a Friday estimate to be found earlier today. That should still be doing well enough to warrant an update from the studio, IMO, given its pursuit of $100M.
  2. Well, the studio doesn't report those numbers on Saturdays, unfortunately. I went with the Mojo reported # because one other contact I know of (not Mojo) said it made $7K Friday as well. It's possible they were just quoting Mojo, but hard to be sure. Perhaps Mojo's # should have been $70K (which makes more sense, honestly).
  3. I guess that "time" will end up being a little over six years and nine months. Early congratulations to Joker!
  4. Psst... https://www.boxofficepro.com/weekend-estimates-doctor-sleep-midway-last-christmas-playing-with-fire/ 😉 (Just wish we had seen it coming sooner...) 😆 😕
  5. Still haven't got any confirmation about that from the studio. I've asked twice. The prevailing rumor is that it does include them, though...
  6. BoPro has a pretty steady stream of location counts reported to us directly by studios each week. Given the circumstances, we'll be reporting those on Twitter/FB more frequently from now on.
  7. That's a big question with no clear answer, unfortunately. I'll say this: we do have a ton of data on BoPro, stored over the past decade-plus. It's one thing to collect data -- it's another thing to present it in a functional, intuitive way that makes sense financially.
  8. Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but there's not even a way to view YTD grosses for a specific date anymore... unless I'm overlooking it?
  9. Not only was the writing on the wall, but they've now trained us to expect something bad in October. October 2011: death of Derby and forums October 2017: "mysterious" 24-hour disappearance October 2019: redesign and data gutting
  10. Imagine that same familiarity expanded over nearly 20 years.
  11. I'm embarrassingly late here, but thank you so much for all your time dedicated here, @Spaghetti. So many memories all the way back to BOM days. You're an icon around here. Best of wishes, my friend.
  12. Yeah, that's a fair point too. I could see a 2.5x multi being doable if WOM really leans positive, I'd just rather under shoot than overshoot. My gut says this could be this year's It in terms of blowing away expectations on OW in fall, largely because it feels like the closest we'll ever get to the kind of interest a second Ledger Joker movie would have had a decade ago. The downside there is it will be hard to live up to that kind of fermented expectation (regarding Ledger-level performance) if this really does breakout into the 100-120+ range from the outset. But maybe this changes the game on what constitutes a "comic book audience" like Deadpool and Logan did.
  13. Being cautious since it sounds like it will be very divisive (second hand info, I didn't see the movie myself) + the usual DC fan front loading. Hoping it goes much higher, but also kinda feels like Watchmen on steroids. Comic book source + no family audience is tricky.
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