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  1. I was actually mid-revising my statement there when my phone browser crashed and made me hit submit instead. 😆
  2. Well an opening like this was bound to happen eventually after so many "over" performances since T&J. Thankfully it's not F9 or BW doing the under-performing (knock on wood). Chalk this up another city/metro/industry-hyped musical to misfire with the masses.
  3. A couple of off-record sources warning the estimates were looking light as of afternoon. We'll see if that pans out tonight and tomorrow. I've seen markets with tons of tickets sold tonight, but apparently others not doing as well. Oddball movie so far.
  4. To be fair, WB had already announced to media earlier this week they wouldn't be reporting Thursday numbers before anything actually opened.
  5. Looking into it again... not sure what happened. EDIT: Try switching that toggle back on now, should look normal (still waiting on the permanent fix solution).
  6. Weird... I actually haven't changed anything there (still waiting to hear from our designer on how to fix it). Will definitely look into it. EDIT: Try switching that toggle back on now, should look normal (still waiting on the permanent fix solution).
  7. Our pre-COVID models -- which were circulated among industry sources before lockdown began in 2020 -- actually had these two films in a dead heat, with a very slight edge for domestic total gross going to AQP2 due to F9 franchise fatigue. Things are incredibly different now and we'll never know what would have happened, but there is definitely credence to this theory in some capacity.
  8. Not sure, will try to check sometime soon -- a lot of new features to sort through and my time is quite limited these days. Perhaps one of the admins can search the ACP or Marketplace as well and pass along some suggestions I can look into.
  9. In their defense, I suppose, they're a small studio probably not equipped to track this stuff so precisely day-to-day... although being under Sony's wing, one would think that's not nearly as much of an issue. Forgetting to add the unofficial projected May 2-May 6 dailies on this week's chart was my bad though. 😆
  10. Thanks. Interesting, they have not actually reported anything via email since last weekend. Like I said, it's been a headache.
  11. Yeah, I realized I was mixing up which weekdays were being discussed here. It was last week's that were excluded from the Sunday cume, not this week's. Table has been corrected -- nice catch, all! @charlie Jatinder @WandaLegion
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