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  1. Fair points. It's quite late here and I'm typing on my phone, so I can't give a properly in-depth answer here other than to agree there always has to be a somewhat subjective cutoff on both sides of the banding -- but while informed by as much data as we can get. Most of these ranges under discussion don't cover a wide range beyond reasonable probability, IMO, in part because this is still a pandemic market with variables no one has ever had to factor into forecasting. If we were talking about something like a range of $100-300M on opening weekend, then yeah, I would ag
  2. First off, no, Boxoffice PRO doesn't own the forums anymore. They haven't since 2014. Second, I'm just going to laugh at Scott's post and move on. Third, the ranges exist for a reason. If someone is interested in more precise forecasts, they are welcome to pay for them like clients do. We give out a lot more for free consumption than most other publications. It would be a disservice to subscribers and the business as a whole to give everything for free 100% of the time. I see what you mean in respects, but being "bold" isn't our goal when aiming to be objec
  3. Cume Cume Territory LC USD Russia RBL 564.1m $7.8m France €6.3m $7.5m Germany €4.4m $5.2m Italy €2.2m $2.5m Spain €2.1m $2.4m Holland €1.2m $1.4m Ukraine UAH 34.0m $1.3m Taiwan NT$ 34.8m $1.3m Denmark DKK 7.2m $1.1m Norway
  4. Yep, here's what they sent on Monday (local currency / USD): Russia RBL 564.1m $7.8m France €6.3m $7.5m Germany €4.4m $5.2m Italy €2.2m $2.5m Spain €2.1m $2.4m
  5. Yep. The timing is still slightly up in the air, but I'd definitely expect slightly more regular LRFs on the site for at the least next month or so.
  6. They didn't send any market breakdowns until this morning's update.
  7. Yup. Everything now depends on that Saturday hold, but this is a high enough start that no one should be complaining under the circumstances.
  8. Honestly, most of the comedy went over my head as a kid. I didn't see it as much more than a supernatural adventure movie until I was in my late teens/early 20s... at least. But that's just me.
  9. The Last Duel is in such a strange spot. I like your suggestion, though.
  10. Just my two cents, but I think No Time to Die is as well positioned in early October as it could be in mid-November. October is crowded, I completely agree, but NTTD is first out of the gate and the next major release one month after Shang-Chi. It'll have pent-up demand (whatever that means these days) on its side in addition to all of the other anticipation that comes with along with the first Bond movie in 6 years / Craig's final film / etc. Venom, on the other hand... point taken. Sony was bold to move into it October knowing what awaited it at the time. Between it, Halloween Ki
  11. It's honestly contingent on the source of the numbers. Certain studios sometimes deliver midday updates on Friday if a film is doing well enough or over-performing, but in other cases it's usually a matter of someone getting access to comScore numbers and/or getting a tip from someone who has seen rough estimates either from comScore or an off-record studio source. There have been many situations we get studio estimates from Disney or Uni, for example, on Friday but don't report them because they either specify they're unofficial and/or we think it's too early to commit to reportin
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