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  1. I haven't been to the theater as much as I would like to this summer, but I've seen a ton of ads for it -- both trailers and brief 30-second ads. With Universal backing it, I wouldn't worry at all about marketing. This will probably have some of the widest ad penetration of any non-Marvel movie in 2018 by the time we get to the holidays.
  2. True, but I think there's a legit argument that they apply to both in that case.
  3. Very interesting/good observation. If that rules out films like Get Out and A Quiet Place, that would be a shame.
  4. Ah, dammit -- you are right, of course. I keep forgetting that since Spidey became part of the MCU. #Shame
  5. I'm holding out hope! I really think Panther or I2 have legit chances at a BP nod. Leaning toward Panther.
  6. Next year, they could have most of the nominees in that case. Captain Marvel Avengers 4 Lion King Spider-Man: FFH Episode 9 And those are just the safe to safe-ish bets...
  7. Shawn

    Halloween over 80 million OW club

    I could definitely see this happening.
  8. I'm still forming a full opinion on this, and probably will be until we see what kinds of noms and winners come out of it, but I'd prefer to see it named Best Blockbuster or some sort and just exclude films that earned less than X amount at the domestic or global box office. But then, it gets tricky because it's a largely American voter base, so titles that are popular overseas but not domestically might be under-represented. Or it'll end up being a box office-based award, which I'm not a fan of. Tough situation, but I like the proactive effort to at least recognize more mainstream-friendly films -- so long as as it doesn't affect the Best Picture race.
  9. I actually agree here, partially. Venom was a major hook during the marketing of SM3. But I also don't think that movie would have performed the way it did (in terms of opening, anyway) without the incredible goodwill of the first two movies. I'd even go so far as to say that Eddie/Venom's portrayal is part of the reason word of mouth crippled the movie's legs.
  10. I think you're probably right. We aim to low-ball anything that's more difficult to get a read on than other films, and that's a good example of one (as is Venom).

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