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  1. Heading in now to see the film. I hope it's as good as people are saying it is. What a time to be a horror fan!
  2. I'm sure most people realize this but keep in mind..... Jordan peele's name now will generate a massive Rush. Especially this being his follow-up to get out. So don't be surprised if the internal multiplier is not huge for this weekend and I wouldn't be surprised if it drops somewhat significantly on Saturday.
  3. It's a huge preview number!
  4. You know the drill by now! This is the discussion thread. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't come in here. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED....SPOILERS ARE FAIR GAME!
  5. Way way way out. I think we are getting carried away here.
  6. baumer

    Wednesday numbers 3/20 | CM $4.57M

    I'm the foot fuckin master.
  7. Big mistake....BIG! is the best line in the movie.🙂
  8. baumer

    Wednesday numbers 3/20 | CM $4.57M

    I don't think anyone knows exactly how much it will make, but if you go by some of the other Marvel films, with similar opening weekends, my guess is it will have good late legs and manage a multiplier of about 2.6. GOTG 2 had a 2.66. Homecoming had 2.85 and that was all due to late legs. Ragnarok had a 2.58. So I'm giving it 2.6 for a finish of just a tad under 400 million. Disney will push it to 400 if it gets close. IMO.
  9. baumer

    Wednesday numbers 3/20 | CM $4.57M

    How can you possibly compare a summer weekday film to a school's in session film? Not even the same ballpark, hell not even the same fuckin sport.
  10. baumer

    Wednesday numbers 3/20 | CM $4.57M

    Or maybe this member is new at following the box office and doesn't understand the nuances and differences between summer weekdays and internal multipliers and so on.
  11. I took the winter off so I could practise my skills for the summer game. So yea....everyone keeps asking if I'm back....YEA...I'D SAY I AM!
  12. Well we grew up in very different parts of the world. John Hughes movies ruled my youth and that was one of the best uses of song in film history, imo of course.
  13. I was kind of saying that a little bit sarcastically. I know everyone has different tastes in film and music and so on. Just like I'm sure you would have the same reaction when you found out that I voted for if you leave from pretty in Pink as number one.

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