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  1. Theatres open back up to 50% capacity on the 31st, so yes, that's when I'll be seeing it.
  2. You might nail this one down to the last dollar.
  3. Here's a person's list of non canon from someone born in the 70's 1) Elliott and E.T.: ET the Extra Terrestrial 2) Sam and Frodo: Lord of the Rings 3) Rambo and Trautman: First Blood 4) Aragorn and Legolas: Lord of the Rings 5) Steve and Bucky: Captain America 6) Rocky and Micky: Rocky 7) Rocky and Paulie: Rocky 8.) Professor X and Magneto: X-Men 9) Thor and Hulk: Avengers 10.) Loki and Thor: Avengers 11) Riggs and Murtaugh: Lethal Weapon 12) Barney and Christmas: The Expendables 13) Deadpool and the old blind w
  4. Oh damn. I thought we were submitting 69 entries. But only 40 actual physical/sexual relationships and then 20 ships that don't involve romance?
  5. I have an old 80's movie couple at number one. I doubt anyone else here will have this movie on their list so hopefully my number one placing gets it on the countdown. BTW....both old actors here are Hollywood legends and the actor won his first and only Oscar for this movie.
  6. I don't see why not. The international numbers for S4 were fantastic.
  7. But it still made money here. So none of that is coming in this time. Every dollar counts.
  8. I'm still confused (all these years later) with Scream 4's domestic box office. This opening however for the 5th is quite nice. Yep, it's very frontloaded, like Twilight/Potter front loaded but if it were to follow Glass from 2019, it would flirt with 39 mill 4 day. Whatever it ends up grossing for the domestic total will be a very nice improvement from the 4th. And hopefully the WOM is good so maybe there is another installment.
  9. That all depends on how willing businesses here are in taking a stand. The climate here is getting quite hot here in terms of people being angry at the government. Next to Australia, we have the most draconian and unfair restrictions and there's going to be a pretty big paradigm shift come Jan 23rd. So stay tuned. I don't have an answer for you, but after the 23rd, things may or may not be quite different.
  10. Hate to sound like broken record but Canada's contribution to the ox office this weekend would have certainly helped Scream.
  11. Keep in my I am a big Twilight fan, probably a Twilight loonie. This has nothing to do with not liking Ratz. He'll no doubt be a terrific Batman, I just don't think the film looks all that appealing.
  12. Finally saw the Batman trailer and pretty much hated it. There was nothing but hero music and not much else. I clearly don't have a grasp of the box office right now but I'll be shocked if it does well. This just looks confusing to the casual film goer. Where's Affleck? Why is Edward Cullen in this? Why do I want to see another Batman movie again? I personally liked Affleck as the Batman, I have zero interest in seeing this one.
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