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  1. Hey everyone, I am I'm on vacation in sunny and hot Punta Cana. Been here since last Sunday. So I have not been keeping up with the box office much but is secret life of pets going to make more this weekend than the opening of Men In black?
  2. I also liked how it turns out that both of them were doing the killing instead of just one. And I think you can tell who died at the hands of who. At least, I think her name was violet, the one who was blogging and recording everything, I believe she got killed by the sister LOL just because of the nature of The killing. As for the first season I had it pegged as her husband doing the killing the whole time. Of course I thought about the cop from time to time but they get enough to throw you off the scent of him as well. Now I think figuring out the killer in season 2 is the hardest and yet I figured out who it was about halfway through the season LOL
  3. Oh yea! The killings in season three were very inventive. And the killer was tough to figure out because of how they threw you off at the beginning when one of the characters was chased by the guy with the axe LOL
  4. The teacher dismemberment scene in season three was really good.
  5. Anyone want to take a stab at what FTSWAB means? Nemo was FTSBF..... Fuck that stupid blue fish.
  6. Out on 600 but it's fucking Pixar. People love the shit they feed you. So nothing would surprise me.
  7. I don't see anything requested by you. And we (I) get to these when I have time. Life is busy.
  8. Insanely good movies (so far) this summer: Long Shot John Wick End Game Good movies: Brightburn Disappointing movies that aren't horrible but not quite good: Booksmart Not good not horrible Dark Phoenix Fucking horrible Godzilla The Hustle
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