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  1. Might be my favourite movie of the year. Stunning and exciting and entertaining as hell. I thought both leads were incredible but for me this is Damon's movie. He just owns every scene he's in. And with it being based on a true story, it is kind of sad. I agree with Schu when he says that the film should have ended earlier. 9/10
  2. You guys are failing to take into consideration that thanksgiving, like Christmas, means that people have about 10 days to see the movie. No need to rush out and see it. The weekend might have been muted simply because there's no rush to go to it. I don't see how 130 million is disappointing, only place it would be is here.
  3. Loved it as well. It's convoluted, confusing and entertaining as hell. I love that they kind of reveal in the middle of it who the killer was and still manage to keep you entertained for the rest of the movie. And Ana de Armas.....my lord....so beautiful. And I have now forgotten that Rian destroyed Star Wars. He made a really good film here. 8.5/10
  4. I loved it. From a pure film making stand point, this is a sprawling epic of mind blowing proportions. Everything from the acting and directing right down to the editing (which is up there with JFK and JAWS as one of the best editing films of all time) to the location scouting (it seems like every scene is in a new locale),this is just the epitome of terrific film making. As far as the acting, Joe Pesci is the best of the bunch imo. If there was only one acting award given out, to me it would be Pesci....he's mesmerizing in every scene. He's so much different that all of his other Scorsese performances. He's quiet and calm and yet deadly. He'll order a hit and make you feel that he feels bad about it. I think my favourite part in the film is when Russel and Frank are in the kitchen and Russel tells him he has to kill one of his best friends. The acting in that scene is just ridiculously incredible. 10/10
  5. But you can't ignore that Frozen II went up by more than 60%. I'm not sure it will go up much more today.
  6. Looking at last year on Wednesday, films didn't increase much, if at all. Tuesdays are so frikkin big now that films can't really go up much. The Grinch went up 3% but Instant Family among others, fell slightly. The Grinch also increased by "just" 46% on Tuesday......Frozen went up much more so perhaps a flat Wednesday or a slight decrease might be in store.
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