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  1. I'm kind of speechless and flabbergasted. I don't even know what to say right now. First I will start with your write-up on Saw. with some of the gaps that they filled in it kind of reminds me a bit of Jaws. when Spielberg did not show the shark for the first half of the movie it was done out of necessity because the mechanical shark was not working. This made Jaws into what we know and love today and as James Wan said they're tight shooting schedule made them improvise with a lot of things. I didn't know any of that so thanks for bringing that up. I remember when Shrek 2 came out and this is not a word of a lie I'm not trying to cause any controversy here but anyone who was around mojo in 2004 will remember that all the pics are loonies and Disney luniz lost their fucking minds when Shrek 2 came out. The amount of money it made pissed so many people off and Shrek became the poster child for no talent, money-grabbing, greedy, evil DreamWorks. The fact that it surpassed every Pixar film just made people lose their minds. I remember in 2004 not even really enjoying the movie Shrek 2 but loving the fact that it created so many meltdowns with Pixar loonies. It's funny now that I peruse your read up on Spider-Man 2, yeah it did well in North America but it didn't make nearly as much worldwide as I thought it did for some reason. It still did incredibly well but the price tag was massive at the same time. I thought oceans 12 was it pretty good step down from Ocean's 11 so the box office for that one doesn't surprise me either. Once again Eric just a fantastic job on this and I salute you.
  2. @Eric Baggins another monumental write-up this time for 2003. So much information in here that I had no idea about. You're right up on curse of the Black Pearl was just a wealth of information and so much of it I had no clue about until I read your write up. I loved your outpouring of support and love and research on The room as well. It really is one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen. I mean it's horrible but in a really really good and entertaining way. Thanks for all the time and effort and research that you're putting into this. I can't wait for 2004 now.
  3. I'll get this in today or tomorrow. Not much has changed on my list since last time.
  4. I don't personally remember anyone thinking it would do Titanic numbers because 600 million was such an absurd amount of money at that time. I do remember everyone being completely blown away by the opening weekend. A hundred million dollar opening weekend at that time was just a pipe dream. And it certainly made that summer so much fun to track the box office. It was truly one of the most amazing Summers that I can recall.
  5. And ironically I believe 2002 was the first year of the box office mojo forums. That's when this whole obsession started and these forms definitely owe a debt of gratitude or at least an acknowledgement to boxofficemojo from back in the day.
  6. I also loved the write up on the ring. Nothing will ever match the legs of My big fat Greek wedding but for a Japanese horror movie remake with no stars in the cast and a director that was still one year away from superstardom, the ring was certainly an amazing success story.
  7. Well just like when @chasmmi and his crew took over baumers summer game and completely out did what I did in the game by making it so much better, @Eric AtreidesA you have truly outdone anything I did previously in this exercise. That write-up on Spider-Man was one of the most interesting things I've ever read in my life. No hyperbole here either. I had no idea that the cannon boys once had the rights to Spider-Man and even though they made a couple of films that I enjoyed like over-the-top and cobra, if they would have had free rein to make Spider-Man it absolutely would have sucked. I also had no idea that Joseph Zito was once attached to direct and he did my favourite Friday the 13th movie, the Final Chapter and another really good horror movie called The Prowler so his vision would have been welcomed by me. Everything else you did was fascinating as well but I just want to mention you're piece on The Bourne identity. I remember Terry Crews once being asked if it bothered him because he was the second choice to play Caesar in The Expendables after Wesley Snipes couldn't do it. Terry Crews actually corrected the interviewer and said he was the fifth choice to play Caesar and that he wouldn't have it any other way. He said Caesar was one of the most fun characters he's ever played an the fact that there was four other black actors who were thought of before him just made him appreciate the role that much more. And that's a similar story I guess with Matt Damon. Some of the guys that were mentioned in your article who were approached to play Jason Bourne like Russell Crowe, Sly and Arnold, would have been horrible choices in my opinion. And now we can't picture anyone but Matt Damon in that role so good for him 4 accepting the role and making it as iconic as it is. You've done an absolutely incredible job on this and take a breath and I look forward to reading 2003.
  8. I'm really excited to see that this thread is going to carry on. It's been one of my biggest regrets not being able to finish it. I did get a good 20 years into it and now I guess the final 20 years or so will be done by Eric. Should be a really good time.
  9. Hey everyone, This is a thread that I have really regretted not having the time to finish. It was so much fun and so many people really enjoyed it. @Eric Atreides has so graciously offered to take over and to complete it and I'm thrilled to say that he will be running with this so I'm officially handing it over to him. I know he's going to do an excellent job and I can't wait to see what he does with the thread.
  10. What a blast reading this again. Anyone who hasn't seen Hard to Be a God needs to do so and post in this thread. So many funny posts in here and yet one thing is constant.....everyone comments on the mud and chickens and even the donkey schlong.
  11. Going through this thread again, this might be the funniest statement about the movie so far. @Plain Old Tele @ThatOneGuy
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