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  1. Shocking that critics hate a sequel to a well received by an audience first film. This looks like escapist fun and that's pretty much what we need right now.
  2. So AQP2 is going to be the first film during the pandemic to cross 100 mill. Pretty amazing that a smallish film in comparison to GvK is going to hit that milestone first. I haven't been paying attention to the box office at all since theatres are still closed here in Toronto and most of Canada. But it is cool to see horror doing so well.
  3. Unequivocally one of my faves of the year. Not quite as good as Northwood Pie, but top five for 2020 for sure. Baron-Cohen steals every scene he's in. And Sorkin might not re-invent the courtroom scenes but he doesn't need to . He does what works and in this case, he does it to perfection. My fave performance next to Borat's is from Frank Langella. He's always been really good at playing a supreme asshole but he takes it to another level here. 9/10
  4. I almost turned this off after 45 minutes. The opening 15 minutes really took me out of the film. It was unnecessary and not needed. We've already been told all we know about Diana as a youngster. And from there, it got worse. I didn't like many of the VFX, I hated the story line for the villain and it just seemed like one big mess. There was very little chemistry between Gadot and Pine his time around and I think if everyone in the world was granted one wish the entire world would implode. Gadot is still terrific as WW and Pine had some humourous moments and Wiig did a decent job with
  5. Yea, but doesn't the pandemic still have an effect on everythihg, even in a market like China where it seems to be mostly back to normal.?
  6. I've been away for a long time.....i might start getting back from time to time.
  7. So is 70 mill for GvK a good opening in China? Seems good to me but not monstrous.
  8. @Eric Karga how can you argue that JAWS did more harm than good? It's the best film of the 70's imo and it scared the hell out of a nation in 1975. It changed the landscape of film and the business of film. I fail to see the negtive in this. BTW....it's far too low at number four, but this is BOT.
  9. Probably because Temple of Doom is quite awesome. AI is good as well but Temple is more fun and innovative and the mine chase scene.
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