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  1. I will do what i can...I'm not much of a gamer.....but I'll give it a go.
  2. This second weekend of 57-60 million for Joker is bat shit crazy. This is even more surprising, imo, than the opening weekend. I personally don't know anyone who has seen it who has really liked it. I know there are people here who did, but I mean my friends and colleagues.....this hold of a around 40-45% is just nuts.
  3. I agree that Wanda Sykes was the best part of the movie. She only had I believe three scenes but every one of them she made me laugh. As 4 the rest of the movie, it was pretty funny. I laughed quite a bit and I found the relationship between the two main characters to be kind of interesting. The one question I have is that in the cast inventions that Rose Byrne is in it somewhere. There's no way she was in this movie and if she was I didn't see her. Probably 7/10
  4. I'm pretty excited to see the new trailer.....really hope it feels like TFA again.
  5. Well, I'm happy this club failed...it's a good failure. Glad to see Good Boys do well.
  6. I liked it as well....I liked Wanda Sykes for the comedy relief. She always makes me laugh.
  7. Good to see some horror in here. I'm a little disappointed that Last House on the Left didn't make the top 100 but Halloween and TCM being in here is terrific.
  8. Wow. I had no idea you were going to do the countdown in less than 12 parsecs......I could have done some writes ups for you. I'll have a look at this later when i get some free time. But JAWS and SW number two and one is perfectly balanced, the way things should be.
  9. not quite like the propaganda that the dairy industry spouts off at tells you that milk does your body good and build strong bones LOL
  10. This is the documentary produced by James Cameron Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen and anyone it was thinking how about switching over to being a vegetarian or a vegan should definitely watch this documentary. Arnold Schwarzenegger is now a vegan. James Cameron has been a vegan for about a decade. It's a movie that shows that by eating a bit differently you can change the world and change your life. The movie brought me to tears, tears of joy of course and I just look at it and say if Arnold Schwarzenegger can stop eating meat after he did so for 65 years of his life than anybody can stop eating meat.
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