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  1. @EmpireCity or anyone else who has any info on this stuff, looking at peacock for Canada it says that Halloween might not be available here. Does anybody have any information about this stuff? I would love to be able to watch it at home but I need to know first obviously if it's going to show here in Canada or not.
  2. My box office skills are definitely rusty but I think Dune is going to tank, and tank huge. A 200 million dollar budget for a film that didn't exactly have a huge take from the original film. I just don't see much interest in Dune.
  3. Halloween has never been a massive box office darling. The original of course did well, but none of the sequels did gangbusters. Outside of Zombie's version, the highest grossing film in the series was H2O with 55 million. Halloween has never been all that popular if you go by theatrical box office. We got spoiled with the last one. Bringing Curtis back was good, but so was bringing back Nick Castle and it was good to have Carpenter on board. In other words, they did a lot of things right behind the scenes. In front of the camera, the film wasn't exactly great. In fact I think it disap
  4. The problem is you don't know if the world is going on lockdown again anytime soon. Maybe they felt this was as good a time as any to open it.
  5. Those of us who usually defend SW just don't have the energy to get into the same arguments all over again. 😛
  6. Maybe it's because I'm not a Bond fan per say but I don't see this as being any kind of set back. We are still in a world wide pandemic and that is going to affect the box office. Not every country is back to normal for movie going. Here is Canada, the theatres are only allowing 50% capacity, well in Ontario anyway. Canada might not be a huge market but let's say right now you add 7% more to the weekend take That puts it over 60 mill. Do that to other markets and you can see there is money left o the table. Also, if this finishes at 750 mill, isn't that pretty good for Bond?
  7. That was a crazy summer for setting opening weekend records. Temple of Doom, then Ghostbusters and then Batman all set opening weekend records.
  8. But one thing you are forgetting is that the sequel set the opening weekend record at the time (until Batman came out a few weeks later). There was a huge audience for GB2, it's just the movie itself couldn't catch lightning in a bottle twice.
  9. Yes, you might be right. But just to be fair, here's a cool little story about First Blood. Kassar and Vajna sent a 15 minute clip to different countries well before the film was finished or even had a final budget. Several oversees markets loved the movie so much that they bought (pre-sold) into it even before it was a final product. So First Blood made something like half it's money back before it was even close to being finished. Overseas markets are definitely important.
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