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  1. Can you fix it now Chas? Jokes gone on long enough.
  2. Yes they showed too much in the trailer but oh my God what a trailer! My heart was seriously beating really fast after watching that one LOL. this thing is going to do Monster numbers worldwide.
  3. Some real big Heavy hitters on this page so far. Good job Chas.
  4. baumer

    Us (2019)

    People may be turned off by the bloody violence? Really? What part?
  5. I don't need to give you an answer. There's your answer.
  6. Maybe a new thread is not exactly what the forums deserves right now but it's the one that we need.
  7. okay everyone we are going to open a new weekend thread because the last one had way too many reports and complaints in it. Can we please drop the childish and immature and completely unnecessary comparisons between captain Marvel and Wonder woman and so on and so on? You can go ahead and say that Shazam is underperforming, you can go ahead and say the captain Marvel is doing really really well. But just enough with the comparisons and the snide remarks and so on. Unfortunately the members of this site have all proven that none of us can see me to compare DC and Marvel without losing our freaking minds from time to time. So let's start fresh and talk about the weekend numbers. moderators will be watching and handing out sweatbands and possible suspensions if you guys cannot behave. Thank you.

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