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  1. Christmas baumer

    Creed 2 (2018)

    The other thing that bothered me is that Drago would not have been fighting Creed for the title the first time. He wasn't ranked so it would have been an exhibition.
  2. Christmas baumer

    Avengers 4 - biggest movie WW and DOM of 2019

    main forum
  3. Christmas baumer

    Aquaman - Over $354,000,000 Domestic

    main forum now
  4. Christmas baumer

    The Lion Roars: King over 200 mil OW Club

    Moved to main forum
  5. Thank you. You're the second person to correct me.
  6. Main forum @Walt Disney
  7. I've said this before and it bears repeating...fixing E9 is easy. I could write E9 and then you get some of that in the trailer and voila....you have interest again. With JJ back I think you could revisit all that he started in TFA.....and that would get me excited for E9. If they keep Johnson's story line and don't get into all of the unanswered questions, then I'll see E9 once and be done with it. But give me what I thought we were going to get after TFA and I'll see it 5 6 or 7 times like TFA. By ignoring everything that TFA set up really pissed me off. I hope RJ is never allowed near another SW film.
  8. Christmas baumer

    Creed 2 (2018)

    A couple of things I didn't really care for either. Why was Adonis living so modestly? He was the heavy weight champion of the world. Shouldn't he able to afford a nicer place? Same with Rocky. He was his trainer so I'm sure he could afford to live in a better place than the small apartment.
  9. Christmas baumer

    Creed 2 (2018)

    Because she was a selfish whore.
  10. Not sure you can say anyone is under estimating it when most of us think it will do 600-700 if not more. I just don't think it has enough to get past TFA and Avatar (WW)

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