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  1. Trump and his supporters are definitely what's wrong. But there's too many people who go out of their way to be offended by things that aren't offensive.
  2. You obviously have no idea what racist means. Anyway, you and your smoke filled coffee house dwelling hippies can all bond together and discuss amongst yourselves how bad I am. I don't care. I'm out of this thread. But you and all the other SJW are part of what is wrong with the world today. Always looking for things to be mad about.
  3. I take offense to that. You don't know me in real life and my statement is not racist. To be racist means you think one race is superior to another. I don't think that nor did I say that. I said that it shouldn't matter what the nationality is of the actress who plays the lead. That is exactly the opposite of racist.
  4. Dr Loomis baumer

    Suspiria (1977)

  5. Dr Loomis baumer

    Suspiria (2018)

  6. You disappoint me. I respect your opinion immensely...you have given me some terrific horror films to check out. Jane Doe scared the crap out of me. I find it confusing that you like Hereditary so much.
  7. I don't really want to fight about this either. I just don't see what the big deal is. But there are other fights worth fighting. I'll bow out of this one.
  8. Great start so far! As a horror enthusiast, I am surprised I've never heard of Night of the Hunter. Hereditary doesn't deserve to be anywhere near this list imo. Even if you think it's a good movie, to have it on a list of the 50 best horror films is really pushing it, imo.
  9. You guys are all so full of shit. I seriously doubt all of you concerned social justice warriors really care one bit about making sure latina actors and actresses get cast in roles like this. But if it makes you feel better by standing up for mysterious cause, then hey, have at it. Acting is when you play a part. It's make believe. Not real. That why it's called acting. You act. You don't need a Spanish or Latina actress in the main role. You hire an actor to play the role. They act. Pretty radical concept, isn't it?
  10. Dr Loomis baumer

    The State of Survivor

    Hey brother...no need to apologize. I understand how hard it is to run a game when life starts steam-rolling you. I am in awe of Chas, who runs games, does lists and still finds time to have a life. This is a great game but life obviously comes first. Thanks for letting me play this year and everything is all good bud. No worries!
  11. Not that my opinion on horror is worth more than anyone else's but I just felt compelled to share this. I do consider JAWS a horror movie and it would obviously be number one on my list. I didn't include Jaws or Jaws 2 on my list because I would have JAWS as number one on almost all lists when it comes to movies. I kept it off not realizing so many others were going to include it...if I had known it would be getting so much horror movie cred, I'd have it at number one. JAWS 2 would have been top 50 as well. Both are terrifying films that scarred me as a kid.

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