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  1. It's really a non issue. Just Premium George showing his insecurity.
  2. I thought everything that we posted here, unless they were backed up by numbers, we're just opinions. I mean, do you need me to state in every single post of mine, in my opinion?
  3. Wow, it's called an opinion. Last time I checked we're allowed to have those here and to express them. Let me know if that has changed. And if it has, please be sure you go ahead and get me another copy of that memo. Thanks a bunch.
  4. I think at this point Marvel could release a trailer with any one of their characters just sitting on the toilet taking a shit for 90 seconds and everyone would love it and say it's going to make a billion dollars. There is nothing intriguing or interesting or stimulating about this trailer and yet you people are going Gaga over it LOL
  5. I agree. It was perhaps the most bland Marvel trailer ever. It told us nothing and just showed Brie getting up a few times. Horrible trailer.
  6. Dr Loomis baumer

    Mandy l September 14th 2018 I Nicolas Cage

    It's going to be on h/V this weekend I think.
  7. Dr Loomis baumer

    Mandy (2018)

    Watching Mandy is like being privy to someone else's dream. People show up out of the blue, you go places that you shouldn't be able to go to and things happen randomly. And this makes it unlike any other film I've ever seen. It's definitely not for everyone but it's a hypnotic experience. I don't think anyone could have played the lead role but Nic Cage. He's allowed to cut loose here...it's like crazy Nic Cage but even more crazy, like he dropped acid, took LSD and snorted COKE all at the same time. He's awesome. This takes place in 1983, at Crystal Lake. Dreams, fantasy, love, torture, psychedelics revenge, and so much more. We're introduced to the colourful, precious, vivid and surreal world of Mandy. Her unique bond to her stories, art and husband drive the beginning of the film and serves as a wonderful example of how special her and her husband are to one another. Mandy, on an unfortunate day, is spotted, by the leader of a twisted LSD cult. Her precious energy was so intoxicating that the cult leader stops at nothing to pursue her, going as far as sacrificing his own followers to summon demons to capture Mandy. Mandy's love for her husband and fantasy world is so strong that even under the effects of the cults practice/medicine, she showed strength and perseverance. Ultimately belittling the cult leader, leaving him so fragile and insecure he had to introduce Mandy to her smouldering demise. Enter stage left, the inner fire that sparked Cage's blood crazed revenge trip, which we all gladly follow and cheer on. At the end of the day, the movie plot is incredibly simple: "kill everybody who wronged a loved one"... And like any movie with a plot that is slightly similar, you know, for the most part, exactly what's going to come. You're going to see someone face incredibly monumental troubles and with the odds against them, they will succeed. Simple, we've all seen those films before AND definitely some worse. But, that's where the magic of this movie surfaces. We know these things need to happen, but, we're on our toes from start to finish. Everything that is predictable, STILL, delivers in a surprising, awesome, soul satisfying way. And we're given beautiful imagery every step of the way to be immersed in the couples world. I've argued before with members on this site that every movie is made to make money. I'm not sure if this one was. It's so surreal, so over the top and so much different than anything out there that I just don't see it catching on with a mainstream audience. I found it hypnotic, like it left me in a trance in some ways. I can't wait to see it again. If you are at the point where you are tired of Hollywood formula, then this is the film for you. 9.5/10
  8. Dr Loomis baumer

    Mandy l September 14th 2018 I Nicolas Cage

    It's unlike any film I've ever seen and I don't think any other actor could have pulled this off. Cage is let loose. He shines here and it's his quirkiness that sells the character. The whole film is like watching a someone's dream. Not a lot makes sense and people just show up out of the blue. I also must say that Bill Duke's small cameo was terrific. He has such presence. And I agree with you...cage went balls for sure.
  9. Dr Loomis baumer

    BOT Revisiting: Top 25 movies of 2008 | THE COUNTDOWN

    @Ethan Hunt buddy let me take this over and I can have this finished up by tomorrow sometime.
  10. Dr Loomis baumer

    Mandy l September 14th 2018 I Nicolas Cage

    I honestly don't care what anybody says this movie has been on my radar for months and I cannot wait to see it.
  11. Dr Loomis baumer

    Mandy l September 14th 2018 I Nicolas Cage

    this movie has one showtime at one theater in the greater Toronto area and I'm going to find a way to see it tomorrow night at 9:45 p.m.
  12. I just got out of the predator and it is as bad as most people are saying it is. It is discombobulated and it's all over the map and I have no idea really what it is I just watched. It doesn't have any of the feel or the spirit of the original and even though they try to pay homage to the original and many ways I just kind of hated this movie. It's the first Predator film that I've truly disliked.

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