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  1. RED SPARROW | 03.02.18 | Fox | Jennifer Lawrence

    Yea, the teaser is just that....a teaser. But it at least sparks some interest. JLAW is a bikini is good.
  2. It lost Imax so Saturday should be over 50% bump.
  3. Well he should have went a long time ago so I hope you're right.
  4. Yes it is true. His performance is getting rave reviews. But if it's ignored over here then how is it going to get nominated?
  5. For Churchill? I think you might be right but is that even getting a release on NA?
  6. Because Christmas week is two weeks of massive grosses. Why put the biggest film of the year in a month that doesn't lend itself to maximum viewing opportunity?
  7. I loved the first two. Liked the 3rd and 4th and last.
  8. For no reason at all whatsoever, I just feel the need to let you all know I'm watching the original Halloween.
  9. DL always lowballs it. I'm sure it will go up once the late shows are counted.
  10. I certainly acknowledge that I am in the extreme minority when it comes to The Exorcist. I often get a lot of really surprised looks when I say to people that The Exorcist just doesn't do it for me. Most people know that the horror genre is my absolute favorite and yet in most people's opinion most iconic horror film of all time, I just can't get into. I just didn't really see anything to really scare me in that movie. Maybe it's because I find a lot of the God and Devil stuff to be a bunch of hooey but then again there are exorcism films that really do get to me. But for some reason that one is just laughable in my opinion
  11. Nothing happens. Then something does. Then it ends.
  12. The Exorcist in my opinion is probably the most overhyped movie of all time. There's nothing remotely scary about it in my opinion. It's just a devil having a bad day. Didn't scare me in the least. So yes horror movies and what scares people in general is always subjective No Doubt.
  13. Person to Person (2017)


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