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  1. SUNDAY 8:49PM UPDATE: 3rd SUNDAY: 249.874 FINAL SUNDAY 2nd SUNDAY: 273,661 1st SUNDAY: 287,736 Will probably get up to 255,000 max for the day. Looking at 7-8% drop at most from last week, another excellent hold.
  2. Underestimate Mal at your own Peril. Post Lion King we only have Angry Birds and Dora in August as the only Family Movies. There is also Abominable in Sept, but not sure wha kind of profile that movie has. I think demand alone will carry It along nicely. Mal 1 performed excellently during the World Cup in the summer, so I'm more worried about its OS numbers.
  3. Inline with Homecoming's first 6 days. maybe an extra 10M bump, right about what I'm expecting. Please, people, keep your predictions measured. we don't need another disappointment.
  4. Final Sat Number: 228,862 slightly over 10% drop. Excellent.
  5. 7PM SAT Update for Aladdin 3rd SAT: 184,308 2nd SAT: 203,190 1st SAT: 207,078 Just a 9% drop Week/Week so far for today. FINAL SAT NUMBERS: 2nd SAT: 256,171 1st SAT: 271,313
  6. After Deadline's ridiculous 200M tracking, people started getting crazy with their predictions, so anything Lower was bound to be disappointing. Similar thing likely to happen to FFH, with people again overestimating
  7. Another Excellent -20% Week/Week drop for Aladdin.
  8. Let's Asses This. Post The Avengers: Iron Man 3 - Almost 100M increase I would say being the 1st Marvel movie since Avengers after a year long wait probably contributed to that. Plus first one with 3D helped. Thor: The Dark World - Barely increased around 26M, but that was also not a very good Movie in my opinion. Winter Soldier - Increased by 83M, Felt like the true sequel, so will give you this one. Had great legs. (Still my fav Marvel Movie) Post Ultron Captain America: Civil War - Glorified Avengers move so doesn't count. The rest came out years after Ultron, that I won't even bother. Marvel Brand became consistent, quality wise and grew in popularity. Post Infinity War Again, as mention above, Ant-Man barely increased. I guess FFH might be the tie breaker. Homecoming came out near Peak Marvel, so I don't expect the growth to be too much. Ive seen people predicting close to 500M for this, which I feel is unrealistic and will only lead to disappointment. Im not hating on FFH and I hope people don't treat it like a palate cleanser, like they did Ant Man & The Wasp, Which also came out not too long after an Avengers movie.
  9. Im also secretly in this Camp. But we can't be too vocal. I don't know where this mythical bump is supposed to come from. (Don't see an End Game Bump, Sorry)
  10. Yup, Just a 21% drop for A:EG. If im not mistaken, that's the best Week/Week Monday drop it has had (Outside holidays) since release.
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