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  1. looking at the numbers here http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/fandango_report.txt the chances of an upset for ASIB look slim.
  2. jj99

    Wednesday Numbers | 26/09/2018

    excellent hold for A simple Favour
  3. jj99

    Thursday Numbers

    Yay. A simple favour won. LOL
  4. Does anyone have Movietickets.com rankings.
  5. TombRaider, Sis, what are you saying. What you're probably getting at is the media coverage Blake and Anna received while doing promotion. This is all free and completely out of their control. its not their fault if the media wants to cover every outfit change they make while promoting.
  6. This is having excellent presales on Fandango. hope it translates. Another hit for Blake
  7. I can feel the sub 100 surprise coming. unless the walkup business is similar to the first one. Or maybe its doing a much larger portion of its presales in theaters and not online, so it's harder to track.
  8. You better stop with the Maleficent negativity. Dont need to be putting such negative energy into the universe.
  9. These JW presales are very worrying now.
  10. Surprised the legendary Closer got a D cinemascorel
  11. I will also always give Scott a pass for his timely daily updates for Wonder Woman, especially when it went under 1M

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