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  1. You better stop with the Maleficent negativity. Dont need to be putting such negative energy into the universe.
  2. These JW presales are very worrying now.
  3. Surprised the legendary Closer got a D cinemascorel
  4. I will also always give Scott a pass for his timely daily updates for Wonder Woman, especially when it went under 1M
  5. Beyonce dropped out when WB wouldn't meet her salary demand.
  6. TGS has had a great week.
  7. Now they can flop together in Marital bliss.
  8. jj99

    All I See Is You (Blake Lively, winter 2016)

    so is this really opening wide or nah?
  9. the film would have to be an outright bomb for him to miss out.
  10. Best Actor is weak AF this year so Franco might stand a chance.

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