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  1. Do as much as you like, I also enjoy reading them Following Aladdin's run has been awesome.
  2. WIY is having better evening result. should pull ahead of TS4's first Saturday. still a bit disappointing.
  3. Yeah, not looking forward to the drops. It will be a disaster.
  4. Yeah, not expecting it to hold as well as Aladdin. I'm sure the Holiday it had, which Aladdin didn't have the benefit of zapped some demand.
  5. LOL. that's all I can say to this. Can we remove all Avatar v Endgame talk from here. Im tired of it all in every single thread.
  6. Holy Shit at TS4s Sunday numbers. Its already at 335,766 at only 6:20PM Context: Aladdin's final firts Sunday was 287K.
  7. pretty decent weekdays for Aladdin. no big drops, hope this means the weekend will also be good. But I'm sure TS4 will eat into showing.
  8. Mal is coming to slay the Box office. This will be another surprise hit for those already planning its funeral. Jolie and Pfeiffer going camp for 2 hours. what's not to love.
  9. Yeah we'll wait for actuals from corpse. but it seems promising.
  10. expecting a slightly larger drop for Aladdin this weekend based on SAT/SUN numbers. Maybe around 23% Sill good tho
  11. Noticed Aladdin's Monday Numbers Increased from Last week. (Nothing major just around 6%) But it's the first week/week increase I'm noticing for it.
  12. So Aladdin ended up with just a 10.2% drop on Sunday compared to last week. Very very Good!
  13. Again, ridiculous Sunday drops for both Aladdin and Endgame. Not going to happen. Decent increase incoming. Aladdin probably closer to 9.8 and Endgame 5.8
  14. keep in mind that late showings seem to perform worse as the weekends go by, so I expect the drop from last week to increase. Worst case scenario I don't see I dropping over 15% already increased to 9.7% from 9.2% with the latest update.
  15. Aladdin Sunday at 6:54PM 212,034 Last Week at same time: 233,678 9.3% drop. excellent.
  16. Sat update at 5:34PM Aladdin- 135341 S:FFH- 113,725 Aladdin same time last week-162,805 Around 17 % drop. hmm
  17. Aladdin 1st Friday ended with 131,315 S:FFH currently at 148,107 @ 11PM. not going to add much more. +12.8% Aladdin is at 68,033 for today. Made 75,671 las week Friday. Just a drop of 10%. Fingers crossed for another single digit drop this weekend.
  18. the key figure to look out for is Wednesday. Big tuesday increases usually means big decreases on wednesday. Mon-Wed Drop/increase is the most important. @Charlie Jatinder any number for Aladdin?
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