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  1. I'm watching Halloween Kills and Venom 2 as a double feature at a drive in theater. I've always wondered how they count that at the box office when you see 2 movies at the same price like that. What's funny isn't daughter, who will only be 4 here in a few weeks, loves watching scary movies, and Michael Myers is her favorite 😆 so this will be her first trip to the drive in. Her first movie theater trip was earlier this year for the Paw Patrol movie.
  2. That is true. I only have premium for Halloween kills and live TV for football. I would say though that they have a good selection of horror films compared to some other streaming services. I'm not sure if peacock will have longevity for me whereas my personal 3 most used are Disney+, Paramount+, and HBO max
  3. I have premium for only 2 reasons. Sunday night football and Halloween kills. I COULD watch Sunday night football on my phone for free on Yahoo sports but I won't be able to go to the theater next weekend as I'm on quarantine. Peacock does have a really good selection of horror films though. I'd say top 3 along with hbo max and Paramount+. I definitely do not currently plan to keep my premium account for peacock though. Other than football and horror movies, I literally never use it
  4. Really depends on the area you live in I guess. Where I live, everybody is over all of this Covid crap.
  5. RT score is higher than I thought it would be which is a nice surprise because I really liked the first movie
  6. Wouldn't it be something since Spider-Man (2002) was the first movie to ever cross 100m OW, if No Way Home was the first movie since Covid to cross 100m OW
  7. Not to sound rude, but that is absolutely despicable. Voluntarily taking the vaccine is one thing, trying to force others to take it is absolutely disgusting though.
  8. Recently feige has not sounded hesitant at all recently, plus the multiverse is a thing now. Disney and Sony do have an agreement for streaming that I think of beyond just marvel movies I believe.
  9. The spinoffs are PG-13 (at least so far) so I would imagine they would go to Disney+ as well.
  10. I honestly didn't even notice that the release date wasn't in the trailer for Venom 2 until I read it here. I'm really hoping that nothing gets delayed
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