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  1. I loved the first grudge with Sarah Michelle gellar, but the sequels didn't do anything for me. I hope this is good
  2. I still think that Norman Osborn would still be a good MCU villain m I wonder if they'll have him pop up in there or just be strictly in the Sony marvel universe
  3. I'd say that Venom is underrated but it's got a good audience score though. I thought it was great and MCU worthy, and I'm a huge MCU fan. I'm happy that a Spidey crossover is basically confirmed. The way I see it is that the Sony marvel universe will be an adjunct universe to the MCU just like Pascal said in that interview where Feige had a concerned look in his face. Maybe this was planned all along and he made that face because she spilled the beans. I think we all originally thought he made that face because what she was saying was giving incorrect information lol
  4. I loved Due Date. It's a much better film than either Hangover sequel
  5. Agreed. I honestly thought that there was more humor in the first one than in this one.
  6. I really enjoyed it. Bill Hader was awesome. The CGI was also better than the CGI in chapter 1. If I had to choose between chapter 1 and chapter 2, I'd probably for chapter 1, but this is still close for me
  7. I've personally seen marketing a lot the last few weeks. TV spots, Facebook, Instagram... I've seen ads everywhere lol
  8. Idk why the runtime is scaring people away from this club. I personally think the runtime makes it sound even more appealing. Plus, Endgame was 3 hours and became the number 2 movie domestic and the biggest movie ever worldwide.
  9. I think it'll drop from the last one but not that much. I think Halloween Kills should still do 110-120m and then Halloween Ends bump up to about what Halloween 2018 made.
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