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  1. I can see that... Depending on how big of an impact the Covid will have on the box office when movies start to play again
  2. Even though Andrew is my least favorite of the 3, it would be a missed opportunity to not include all 3 of them.
  3. As much as iloved this movie, I'd honestly rather see them in a live action Spider-Verse movie
  4. 2022 would be good for Spidey. It would make it the 20th anniversary of the very first Spider-Man film.... Just typing that out makes me feel old lol
  5. I understand why things are getting moved around but it still bums me out that I have to wait that much longer for this one. This and Spider-Man 3 are my 2 most anticipated phase 4 films.
  6. We finally got shut down. I kinda figured they were just milking it until they were forced to do so.
  7. If a bunch of movies get delayed till next year I wonder what they'll do with the Oscars. Just count the movies that did get released? Could make for a fun show if movies that wouldn't have normally been nominated ended up getting some lol
  8. So I'm a machine operator at a cabinet factory in Pennsylvania. Our governor called for shutdown of all non essential businesses. My work isn't closing. Surely a cabinet factory would be considered non essential... Right? I mean, I'm kinda expecting them to be forced to at some point, but idk.
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