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  1. I hope they make it a tradition to get Eminem for every sony marvel movie lol him or NF. They're my 2 favorite
  2. https://fandomwire.com/2020/01/11/exclusive-morbius-confirmed-to-be-in-the-mcu/ You guys think there's any truth to this?
  3. I've always liked TLJ but also have always realized how divisive it was among the fanbase. To me it's pretty evident that it's had a huge impact on star Wars box office moving forward. I'm not saying TROS should've been Endgame big, but it certainly should've been Infinity War big. And to clarify, I'm not trying to start a franchise war, I'm talking strictly box office numbers. I don't think Star Wars is dead. I believe Mandalorian got people excited again, I think the Feige Star Wars movie will get people excited, the Obi Wan series will get people excited.... I think there's a lot of positivity moving forward. But at the current time, as much money as it's making, it just feels like it should have been more and a bigger event. I still haven't had a chance to see TROS yet, but I'm confident in liking the film itself, which is ultimately what's most important to me.
  4. I haven't had a chance to see TROS yet but since everybody seems to be doing their rankings, here's mine Empire strikes back Return of the Jedi The Force Awakens Revenge of the Sith A new hope Rogue one The last Jedi Solo The phantom menace Attack of the clones The only one I never cared much for is AOTC.
  5. The opening weekend May be deflated too because of how close it is to people's Christmas breaks. I know TFA and TLJ also released close to Christmas break but I don't think it was as close as TROS. I know that I personally can't wait to see it but don't know exactly when I will because I have nearly 2 weeks off from work now? So I'm sure it will have good legs through the next couple of weeks least
  6. I understand the filmmakers wanted to differentiate themselves from past iterations, but Shaggy's voice is so distracting to me. Scooby talking so much is also distracting. Looks like it'll be a good movie though!
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