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  1. Disney should try and straight up trade some of the properties they gained from the fox deal for full Spider-Man rights. Trade alien, predator, die hard, and planet of the apes.
  2. This should cross a billion even if just barely, right?
  3. My fiancees birthday is Saturday. I have a surprise birthday party/BBQ planned for Saturday and tickets for this booked for Sunday
  4. Watched this last Wednesday. I would have to watch FFH another couple of times to do a definite ranking for MCU and definite ranking for Spider-Man films. I would say anywhere between #6 and #9 for MCU films, and definitely above both ASM films, and SM3 (and probably) SM1 (and possibly) Homecoming. I really enjoyed the film. LOVED the post credits scenes. I also read on Facebook earlier today that if it doesn't cross a billion that Marvel Studios could regain full control. Don't know how true that is, has anybody here heard of such a thing?
  5. My first thought was "yeah-freaking-right". But the more I think about it, the more it's got a shot. But ONLY if word of mouth is the same as TLJ. I mean whose to say that of this opens to 190 that it doesn't top out at 460m if it's another divisive film. That's a 2.4x multiplier. That's honestly not all that far fetched, really. But I think the movie will be good and I'll say it'll do 205m Dom OW/640m Dom Total.
  6. I'm sure legs should be decent, but I don't know why they didn't aim for a late July/early August release. It's just so crowded right now. Same for child's play. I think they should've aimed for an October release
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