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  1. I just want a follow up to TLK so it doesn't end on a cliffhanger like that. TLK was my last favorite TF movie, I just don't want it to end on a cliffhanger
  2. I think Pikachu and Aladdin will do at least 80m each
  3. I really liked the 2016 film. Would like this to see this be a crossover between the original films and the 2016 film.
  4. I wouldn't say 0 contribution from Feige. I honestly want a joint effort
  5. I buy that before I buy that Disney persuaded them to do a PG-13 cut to see how it would do.
  6. How is that "if lucky"? IW passed the mark. And I'm pretty sure a lot of people wanna know what happens next
  7. I think this movie can make anywhere between 700-800m Dom or as low as between RO and TLJ Dom. Really all depends on how the majority likes it. I personally liked TLJ but at the same time I can recognize that a lot of people didn't and I would even say that it's my least favorite of the new sw films. Not a diss on TLJ, I just happened to love TFA and RO, and just liked TLJ. Haven't gotten around to watching Solo yet. When it was in theaters I just didn't have the time or money as I watched Deadpool 2 that weekend and I just don't have the time or money to go out to the movies as much as I used to. September and October I usually watch just horror, and November and December holiday movies and out and about shopping. I'll get around to it eventually, just haven't yet. Not boycotting as I think it looks decent lol But this is how I see IX playing out, domestically at least: 215m ow no matter what 750m-ish Dom total if well liked 600m-ish Dom total if it's another divisive film
  8. cheesypoofs

    Pixar live action remakes?

    Only a small amount would translate to live action. Wall-E, Up, Incredibles, Brave, and maybe Coco. The rest would just be...weird. And even though Inside Out had its fair share of human characters, I just couldn't picture the emotions in live action. That's just.... No.
  9. Out. I really can't see it not being bigger than 2018. 2018 was real big for sure, but I honestly feel that 2019 is about to be on a whole other level.
  10. What was wrong with the TS4 teaser? It was fine. Why does it need redemption? Lol

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