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  1. Idk if it was just me but the marketing for SLOP2 seemed non existent
  2. Still don't know about this. Didn't like the sequels, but I liked the first.
  3. This is a good club. Should be real close. I can see JW just narrowly doing more than Pika
  4. This club may actually happen. I don't think Godzilla will clear the mark, John Wick will probably open to 50-55m, so I think it all comes down to Aladdin. I think it has a good shot to clear 80m but it's not guaranteed
  5. Wish both films were bigger this weekend. Maybe we've just been spoiled the last couple of weeks with gangbusters for numbers lol I think Pikachu probably could've performed better with less competition. Like maybe back in February? As long as it's enough of a success for more movies though, I'll be happy. I really enjoyed the movie
  6. I really enjoyed this! By far my favorite live action video game film. Not that that was a very high bar to begin with, but still. I thought it was fun, charming, really enjoyed the world building. Felt like a complete story that lays groundwork for a franchise/universe. Definitely looking forward to more movies! I have nothing bad to say about this movie.
  7. The only thing that kinda bothered me was it looked as if Thanos looked at the gauntlet after smacking Tony away and before snapping his fingers. How would he not know that the stones were gone if he looks at it right before trying to snap?
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