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  1. Tuesday: IT 5,37 mln; Annabelle passed 100 m$ domestic

    I'm very happy for Annabelle Creation. I thought it was a very good movie and much better than the first Annabelle film for sure
  2. Tuesday: IT 5,37 mln; Annabelle passed 100 m$ domestic

    Even though IT was predicted to be a hit, it wasn't exactly predicted to be a 100m+ opener
  3. Tuesday: IT 5,37 mln; Annabelle passed 100 m$ domestic

    I'd have to agree. As awesome as get out is, and incredible as it's run was, it can't compare to IT. That said, 2017 has been really special for the horror genre
  4. This is a good club. If the movie is good, I think it'll make Annabelle Creation numbers or so, but if it's not a good movie, then I see it making Annabelle numbers or so. I'm in, I think this movie will be great. Going with 40/110.
  5. Chris Pratt is my choice for Ben. He's a good actor, and he used to be chubby himself so it works imo. I think Bryce Dallas Howard would be a good Bev, but I do believe chastain will get it. I wouldn't mind Joseph Gordon Levitt as Stan. He looks a lot like the kid who plays Stan. Maybe Chadwick boseman for Mike. Not sure who I envision playing the other 3.
  6. That's... Actually pretty damn awesome! The drive in theater here is doing an IT/Annabelle Creation double screening with a live horror themed act in between the movies
  7. I don't think that it's necessarily bad, but just not as good as nostalgia makes a lot of people think it is lol
  8. I haven't watched it, so I can't really judge, but I thought it looked pretty bad from the trailer I saw with IT. I thought the trailer seemed sorta lame/cheesy tbh
  9. Wait, are they really making a crooked man movie too?

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