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  1. Cuz no one wants to see hospital stuff in a Doctor Strange movie Also wow @ Raimi, where you at @ddddeeee
  2. The Youtube boys really willed a dumbass "Rey is the Senate's granddaughter" plot into existence, I can't
  3. I can't believe I just saw someone say this'll be as funny as BvS, talk about setting unrealistic expectations
  4. I want to name it after Eddie Redmayne's character in Jupiter Ascending but I don't think that's gonna fly
  5. Time to one-up you and log in for the first time in a while to let y'all know that I'm going to be a dad
  6. They could've stuck some actors in cat costumes and made a mundane CATS movie and instead they chose to make an iconic disaster. This is now a Tom Hooper stan account.
  7. Hannah Montana the Movie was probably better than Dark Phoenix tbh. Sad to see this sort of ELITISM from ERC
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