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  1. Just gotta get Law, Farrell and Goldblum in Star Wars and their franchise renaissance is complete
  2. The movie Red made 1.8M its first Tues, there ya go. JL dropping like a rock What do I win
  3. What will be the 200th 200m grosser?

    That's where the Bumblebee movie comes in
  4. It's different when it's a person who's in a position of legitimate power. Someone who feels they're untouchable and can do what they want. Not a coincidence that it's what all these reports have in common
  5. Because people pretended BvS's trailers showing 3rd act stuff contributed to its demise. Whole thinkpieces about it.
  6. Nah first in the trilogy always biggest Especially with no end in sight for Star Wars flicks

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