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  1. What's the schedule? 2019 Capt Marvel, 4vengers, Spider-Man Goes 2 Wakanda 2020 Guardians 3, Something New, Doctor Stranger I got that right? Also I feel like Feb is fine for it, dunno if they'd mess with something that worked THIS well
  2. Literally everyone on this page: "This in no way makes Infinity War a disappointment, but I think Panther will gross more"
  3. Yep, this thing is gonna be leggy and while Thumbfinity War will probably open higher I think it's gonna finish minimum 50M below Panther Still HUGE for War but Panther is something extra, yknow
  4. Every thread is gonna be a TLJ thread for years. Dread it, run from it. Destiny still arrives
  5. Would rather Coogler leverage this into original blockbusters ala Nolan. He's got that level of heat "You want me to make 2 more Panthers? Aight aight lets see"
  6. We get to laugh ONE MORE TIME when Ant-Man 2 outgrosses it and then the joke is over, folks
  7. Oh god @That One Guy liking posts I made in 2012. Who do I talk to about a restraining order, never looked into this before
  8. aa just casually reading through every post Sam's ever made no big deal
  9. Well, the bigger they are, the smaller the Sunday drop, b/c of spillover from sold out Sat shows

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