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  1. @Cmasterclay lmaoooooooooooooooo
  2. Hardy 100% went rogue on this one and he is an icon for doing so This thing is like Thor 2 or something if a normal actor was playing the lead
  3. FWIW I'm still around and try to post here and there just generally busy
  4. remember a couple days ago when you were going on about ppl being condescending about other people's passions lol
  5. Sorry to report that Venom is a very boring flick but Tom Hardy is sublime in it. Hard to explain how they managed this
  6. All I can think when I see footage from this is how expensive it looks. Hope it doesn't bomb as hard as I suspect it will
  7. I rewatched that JL scene on yt and Heard was doing the weirdest regal accent thing. I can't begin to understand the choice and I'm very grateful it's not here This looks like Underwater Fast and Furious and I mean that as the highest form of compliment
  8. Stressed by the lack of fishbowl in these first pics. Someone comfort me
  9. From your lips to Feige's ears
  10. @MrPink is going to get banned for spoiling this one, I can feel it in my bones

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