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  1. what about that vin diesel joint
  2. wtf is going on in this thread. One Joker won an Oscah so all will?? A Walking Phoenix drama is gonna hurt the sequel to a beloved blockbuster that opens a month later????
  3. Wow turning your back on Obi
  4. No check next to Paddington 2 wtf
  5. Saw that dude's face and thought Kraven so Kraven's brother makes sense
  6. One thing that Mamma Mia Here We Go Again and The Greatest Showman have in common is singing
  7. It wasn't the tail sex or the world building that ppl liked about Avatar, it was the fetishized anime eyes. I've often said that.
  8. Is this the only place on the whole internet where ppl are talking about Alita?
  9. lmao this is finally releasing, was shot like 5 years ago. they announced the release like a month before the date they set

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