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  1. They could've stuck some actors in cat costumes and made a mundane CATS movie and instead they chose to make an iconic disaster. This is now a Tom Hooper stan account.
  2. Hannah Montana the Movie was probably better than Dark Phoenix tbh. Sad to see this sort of ELITISM from ERC
  3. It's like no one involved understood the point of this number in the original movie lol
  4. Pleasant, forgettable cash grab already puts it in the top tier of video game movies
  5. My hope is that this is him pretending to be a hero, and by the end...
  6. Just so you all know this is getting an A+ from me, regardless of how good or trash it is, because of the fishbowl
  7. By far the saddest part of that trailer is "from the producer of The Fast and the Furious"
  8. Endgame will make 200M this weekend and if it doesn't it's a disappointment.
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