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  1. I'm not sure if Ledger would have won or would have even gotten nominated if he hadn't died. TDK is the film that changed the Academy, especially the backlash from the lack of BP nom. While Ledger's performance was great and worthy of the win, to the best of my knowledge no one in a CB movie ever got an acting nomination before. I do think though, Ledger winning has paved way the way for BP getting the nom last year and Phoenix having a very strong chance of winning actor this year.
  2. The good thing about this is that we now have subscription plans for AMC and Regal that are at a decent price point.
  3. Very early indicators have Phoenix winning. It's going to be a hard path for anyone else. But, there's still a long way to go before the awards, but right now, the way things are looking, Phoenix has this in the bag.
  4. I haven't read the book because it's a beast at almost 450,000 words. Though, with the whole adult and kid story line, I'm kind of surprised Stephen King or his editors just split the book in two like the movie.
  5. Does anyone think Joaquin Phoenix may be able to win, not just get nominated?
  6. I didn't know JJ Abrams is writing a Spider-Man comic series. That seems like a pretty big deal.
  7. Here's my theory, Iger leaked to whoever that Sony wouldn't take their deal. Anyway, this is all a negotiating tactic. Disney likely won't get 50%, but I do think we will see more MCU Spidey movies.
  8. They would probably put it on Hulu to not hurt the Disney+ brand.
  9. I just wonder if the cousin is still married to the girl he was dating for 3 months. I know this was based on a true story and the wedding actually happened irl, so I really want to know. lol
  10. I think another factor is that MCU puts out three movies a year, so even if they make a polarizing film, they can probably rectify the damage two movies later. Other franchises don't have that luxury. Also, another thing about the toxic SW fandom is the fact there was a 16 year gap between ROTJ and TPM. A large gap allows people to grow much more attached to the past. Also, the gap between ROTJ and TFA is well over 30-years. So, I think these large gaps between films also plays a large role in toxicity.
  11. I think people aren't being honest with themselves because Tarantino made this, but this movie is a mess, script-wise and editing wise. The directing and acting is great as always, but Tarantino seemed to have this novel in his head, and it really didn't translate well to the screen. I love Tarantino's films, but this is the first one that really felt off to me. Don't get me wrong. Tarantino is a talented director, and generally speaking an amazing writer, but this time, I think he got a bit too indulgent. I'm reminded of AOTC. People didn't hate on it like they did TPM, but years later it was considered the worst SW movie. I feel down the road people will come to terms with this not being Tarantino's best work. The 92% or whatever it is on RT is undeserved. Maybe with more cutting or a slightly better script, this film would have been a masterpiece. With that said, Tarantino is still one of the greatest director's of all-time and even the greatest director's make bad movies from time to time.
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