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  1. If they market this as a send-off film and not just another MCU entry, I think would be the best way to go to make the most money from this. Like, try and get people all teary eyed and everything with the trailer(s).
  2. I'm pretty shocked by this. I have literally seen the trailer many times in the theater already. And, it didn't look that bad. It didn't look good either, but I'm guessing it's bad with this last minute release date change.
  3. Dark Phoenix because the X-Men franchise had some hits Logan didn't come out that long ago. Every Terminator film has been a downward spiral since T3.
  4. The film looks good, but I will say this, it doesn't look like a horror film at all. I know it's a sequel to a horror film, but the trailer makes it look like more like a gothic fantasy film.
  5. Glad to see Korean cinema get some recognition. Though, there are a lot of good Korean films. Oldboy is still my fav. Too bad people only saw the remake. Parasite is still a great movie.
  6. What is the estimated budge of Dark Fate? I think it's crazy that pretty much every Terminator film from T3 onwards has bombed. I guess T3 broke even, but it's budget was way too big back then. Anyway, I think this is truly game over for the franchise.
  7. This movie is better than the previous three installments. That's not really saying much. This movie is entertaining. It's a good popcorn flick, but it isn't on the level of Terminator and T2. Nothing ever will be. I know not everyone is happy with this movie, but I don't hate it. Like I said, it's a good action flick, and that's pretty much it. Though, if this were the bring the franchise back, this would have been the movie to do it, but seeing as how this is bombing, I'm guessing this is the last we will ever see of the Terminator franchise.
  8. Except some people were asking for a Top Gun sequel. Anyway, I think Dark Fate is actually okay. It's better than the last three garbage Terminator movies. It doesn't compare to the original 2, but it was serviceable entertainment.
  9. IMAX really exploded after TDK and Avatar, but it seems in the last few years, IMAX ha really slowed down. They had the big screen market cornered. So, what happened?
  10. Interesting. So, it's selling better than IW but below EG. Hmm, so that should mean this hits close to TLJ at least, I would think.
  11. I still stand with if this opens on a Friday, $200M OW is possible.
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