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  1. Yup. It looks like 1917 is locked and a sweep or near sweep is likely considering it is going to win practically every technical award. I see it winning 8-10 Awards. First really big winner since Slumdog.
  2. I'm pretty sure they saw the trailers. I'm guessing they didn't like Adam Sandler's character, the fact he plays someone that is arguably immoral, although, not the worst person, just someone with some serious issues.
  3. A metric to look at that is hardly ever discussed on this site is merchandising. Star Wars is a merchandising monster and certain Disney properties are merchandising monsters. So, effectively, those films are $200M+ commercials and the money they make at the BO is the cherry on top
  4. This looks pretty good. It's kind of weird to think this film will be the final film in the Fox X-Men franchise. Thoughts: Great trailer, though not amazing. I think it will do okay, but with Disney dumping this and likely not spending a dime more than they have to, I fail to see it making that much even if it is well-received. I also think Feige might want the movie to not do well as to not compete with MCU movies/be seen as part of the MCU. There are a lot of people who don't realize the Fox X-Men movies are their own thing and not the MCU. Final thought, we may have seen the best scenes in the trailer, and the rest of the film could very well suck a big one. Though, from a marketing perspective, that shouldn't matter too much. I'm guessing those who want to see this movie will see it, and no one else will see it unless WOM is good. Again, let's not forget Disney is dumping this.
  5. Something to keep in mind about the Globes, in the last 10 years, only 5 times has it predicted BP. So, that means there is only a 50% chance that OUATIH or 1917 end up as this years winner. Also, if you go back to just the past 5 years, the Globes has only been right 2 times, last year with Green Book and 2016 with Moonlight.
  6. Agreed. I still think Parasite is going to take it, but let's see how the Guilds play out.
  7. Well, this film will likely have on big achievement. It will very likely sweep at the Razzies.
  8. I think this will be big. Especially if we get cameos like Deadpool and Fox's X-men plus just seeing the Multiverse as a whole. I think this is way underestimate right now. Remember Doctor Strange has appeared in a lot more films since his solo debut film in 2016.
  9. Well, my parents saw this and both hated it. They had no idea why I liked this film. Then again, they don't like most movies I like and watch animal videos and America's Funniest Videos all the time. So, that should tell you everything right there.
  10. Even if BW is bad, I don't see that having much impact on the MCU as whole. She's already dead. I can see why people may lack interest. I mean, you are making a movie of a dead character, so yah. Regardless of BO or audience reception, I see this having zero impact on the MCU as a whole.
  11. I feel like Disney goes through this forum and intentionally put William Hurt in this movie and trailer just so the title of this thread would have his name on it.
  12. I think this makes $20M tops. Awareness for this film simply won't be there. Disney aint spending a dime more than they have to on marketing.
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