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  1. Out. This will be big. But a lot of people that don't even usually see horror movies saw the first IT. IT was a cultural event film as far as horror is concerned. It does have two benefits, it's a continuation of a larger story and also a finale at the same time. Nonetheless, I don't think it's enough to push it pass the original IT.
  2. Because this is the epilogue of Phases 1-3 and the first film was Iron Man, and he was the main MCU character, so this is one last send off. Also, Stark has a lot of ties to Parker ever since CW and further developed in HC and IW, so it's a continuation of that.
  3. It's done. It's over. They are just saying they will come back so people don't freak out and do charge backs. They aren't coming back. In other news, Regal will likely roll out a subscription service by the end of this month.
  4. Actually Disney might start advertising earlier than expected because of the TLJ backlash and Solo floppage. But, so far they are playing by the TFA/TLJ playbook. However, after TLK, their next big movie isn't until Frozen II so maybe they will want to spend the months in-between trying to hype up IX.
  5. So having seen this, I have some questions for those who also saw it. Don't read ahead unless you've seen it.
  6. Very disturbing but interesting. Not sure what to grade it.
  7. I'm not really impressed by the trailer, but I guess it can work.
  8. Another possibility. The next Avengers movie is Secret Invasion and either bad Skrulls invade or Fury is on the Skrulls side, and ends up being a bad buy in the film. Anyway, JJJ, yes!!!! Also, FFH was great! I loved it, and my audience loved it.
  9. Just got back from a screening. I think this will have amazing WOM and great great legs for an MCU movie. I think this movie is going to be huge. Also, holy fucking shit at the mid-credit scene. Good luck staying spoiler free on that one.
  10. Trailer has been getting great reactions with my audiences. I see regular F&F numbers for this, maybe just a little less. Way out!
  11. Poeple don't need to see it over and over. I expect WOM to be good and a lot of people to just see it to see it. Joker is iconic and to have his first solo film that actually looks good is a big deal.
  12. No matter how you put it, the BO performance for this was beyond abysmal. The first entry came out only three years ago and made almost $380M and $875M WW. The sequel currently sits at $100M, less than a third of the original and $273M WW. So, what happened? Was it the marketing? Was it the RT score? Do kids even care about RT? I feel the first one was pretty well received by families, so why the sudden hate for this movie? Did Aladdin kill this? EG?
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