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  1. This episode did not feel like MCU quality. Too many cliched tropes. I just hope this a hiccup and this won't happen again for this show or any MCU show.
  2. Feige literally said this and WandaVision ties into DS2. Now way this isn't a SpiderVerse movie.
  3. I have a feeling this film will be a huge hit. Perfect release date, and based off what we know this feels like an event film, and it has the nostalgia factor of bringing back Maguire. This film will be the real test of a post-Covid box office world.
  4. The crazy thing is that she was given a chance. She just didn't need to Tweet anything stupid and yet here we are.
  5. I can't believe the Academy Awards won't be almost until May.
  6. I know the two aren't comparable but any chance they get rid of Kennedy at some point. She might be a good producer, but she doesn't get SW at all.
  7. Wow! Clone Wars is doing crazy good. Is Cobra Kai really that good? Anyway, as far as the IMDB goes, I think WandaVision is overrated. It's a B/B+ show for me so far which isn't bad, but I don't feel this is on par with Marvel Studio's best nor is it as good as The Mandalorian. However, seeing how this seems to be a mini-series, we will have to see how the remaining episodes play out. I'm grateful actually that this will probably be a one and done. I think it's obnoxious how many shows go on past their expirations just because. Titans viewership is also very impressive
  8. Soul will get a nom, no doubt. I even think there is a small like 5% chance it can even win BP.
  9. Great episode! Excellent season finale! It far exceeded my expectations. This episode was fucking awesome!
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