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  1. I feel more and more, it's got to be a feel good movie that wins. This has been such a bleak year. I see the Academy wanting to award a fuzzy feeling film. What does that leave us with? Will Soul potentially have a chance at winning?
  2. Part of my OS gross factors in a second wave and other countries shutting down. $450 is the ceiling of what I actually think is possible. Anyway, if Disney felt as you do about the BO, they would have kept the date, but clearly they weren't too optimistic. To clarify, this is if BW kept its November date. No. Tenet proved that the domestic market is in the gutter. It couldn't even open to $10M. I'm sorry, but that's god awful.
  3. I doubt BW can make $600M OS. I think maybe $450. And, no, if Disney felt breaking even was the right way to go, they would release BW now. Again, studios aren't in the business of breaking even or losing money. Also, with a second wave likely coming (case numbers are ticking up globally), studios aren't going to take any further chances.
  4. Maybe they could break even. But, do you think studios just want to break even? No, they don't. They aren't in the business of breaking even or losing money on films that were going to be surefire hits prior the pandemic. Also, OS, BO does not = DOM BO. Studios take a much higher domestic cut. $41M DOM for a film that would have made $140-$170M DOM is money going down the drains. People need to stop acting like Tenet's numbers are okay. They aren't. Yes, OS is somewhat okay, but still not great. DOM is a clusterfuck. Maybe if BW released in NOV, it would have made $100M DOM. That would have been awful. Anyway, the point is, studios aren't taking any chances after they saw what Tenet did.
  5. So BO is dead again. No way theaters will stay open with these sort of numbers coming in. I expect the major chains to close down again in about two weeks tops.
  6. I see what you are saying. Well, chances are many theaters will be closed again come it's October release date both because of the virus and lack of other original content. Movie theaters won't open up just for Death of the Nile. The December release date means movies will come out that theaters that can open for will open for.
  7. They are putting it there as counterprogramming just in case WB is crazy to still release WW84 and Dune on those dates. Also, it's a FOX title, so they have less investment in its success.
  8. Agreed. Also, as time goes on, the general audience will lose interest in this. WB should just say f this and put it on streaming.
  9. I think this film was actually more detrimental to cinemas than not. Ironically, had this delayed, theaters would not have reopened, this would not have pulled catastrophic Domestic numbers, and theaters would stay closed which probably would give them some negotiating power with their landlords. Now, studios are going to be extra cautious moving forward. They saw what Tenet did, and we are getting the first major moves from Disney, but if (which is more likely than not) Covid is still going strong, studios will keep delaying films. Studios won't gamble again on $200M movies.
  10. I say there's a 99% chance this is going to Premiere Access or D+ even to maybe try and boost subscribers around Christmastime.
  11. The price an actor is paid for MCU is usually locked in for 5 films or so. Let's say they were to pay him $1M per Strange appearance. That's $5m. Now, let's say they offer $10-$20M to play Joker again. That's a different story.
  12. I just wanted to thank Tele again for this contest. I'm not sure exactly I deserve to win, but seeing how WB is doing numbers, I guess that is the way it is.
  13. I think this should be delayed to May, Eternals to July, Shang-chi to November. Spider-Man can stay in December if it is able to make that date.
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