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  1. At the latest. California is pretty back to full lock down mode. I think they should stick this in the Oct. WW84 spot rather than do the two-week delay nonsense.
  2. So, if someone gets shot and dies, the person who shot them can now claim they died with a bullet shot wound and not because of the bullet shot wound. Sounds like perfect logic in today's American society. With the way the defense system works, the shooter would probably be acquitted assuming they are white. For the record, I'm white. Just pointing out how f'd up things are these days.
  3. I think they are just messing with people's psychology. I honestly expect another delay announcement sometime next week.
  4. Is it wrong of me that I hope he dies, especially after all the rain forest stuff.
  5. Governor Newsom just ordered nonessential businesses closed in my county and 18 others. Parts of California are now back to full lock down mode. At this point, I truly do wonder if any movie will get released this year. Also, I expect another delay from Tenet next week at the earliest.
  6. If Tenet releases this year, I think it has the best shot. I don't know about Soul. An animated film still feels really far fetched, but anything is possible this year. I mean, hey, Kanye said he's running for President. For all we know, we have fallen into some weird alternate universe.
  7. Aside from MLK assassination and subsequent riots/protests, what else happened in '68? ...Just realized Robert Kennedy was also assassinated that year.
  8. I'm for this. Start ticketing people that don't wear masks. Cops give speeding tickets all the time. At least, this way, they are actually giving out tickets for something that is for actual public safety.
  9. The worst part about all of this is that the previous administration left a Pandemic playbook and Trump ended the Pandemic response team a couple of years ago and said if we needed them, we could just start them up again. The US could have been like most of the other countries, but instead, things are spiraling out of control.
  10. The Governor of California ordered a county to shut down. I think it's a matter of time before California goes back to full lock down. I really don't see this coming out in August, and I am starting to doubt any tent pole movie coming out for the rest of 2020.
  11. Governor Newsom ordered a county in California to lock down again. It's just a matter of time before it happens to the rest of California.I just don't see Tenet making its August date. I honestly believe theaters may not open until 2021.
  12. I live in Ontario, California. Ontario Mills and Palace is crazy. You have a 30 screen theater and right across the street you have 22 screen theater. I don't know of anywhere else in the US like that with a whopping 52 screens in one area. Also, the 22 screen theater has an original IMAX screen.
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