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  1. I honestly think they gave up on their HBO MAX movies. If it's not a DC property, they just aren't going to promote it. Anyway, I missed the original in theaters. I saw Reloaded and Revolutions on opening night. I'm a huge fan of the franchise, but I also truly stand by my potential $10M OW. Spider-Man is going to slaughter this and WB doesn't seem to be spending much ad money to spend this. I don't know a single person outside box office forums who even knows this is coming out. Maybe, I'm wrong. I guess I can see it doing double my $10M and getting $20M OW, but this film wasn't s
  2. I love The Matrix movies, but I think this will bomb big time unless WB ups their advertising big time. Honestly, a $10M OW wouldn't' surprise me.
  3. So, any chance Sony will announce what the first 24 hours of presales were like?
  4. My predictions count, right? The copy paste was not working when I tried on mobile. Also, do you get a month of gold for each prediction you get right. Just asking because I believe I have the the highest predictions in all categories, and if NWH meets or exceeds that, then that means I win, right? Actually, someone has a $270M total. I missed that.
  5. 3 hours 20 minutes later, I got a ticket. Not the best seats. I kept reserving and getting kicked out and having to go to the que over and over. Fuck, but I got my ticket.
  6. It's not even a special format. People aren't going to pay a markup for standard non-PLF format.
  7. I think the hour thing means either AMC is crashed good, or they are trying to get people to leave the queues to free up bandwith by telling them the wait is over an hour now.
  8. The theaters set the ticket price, but most do matinee prices even when its when the movie is literally previewing, probably because they can't afford to pay a programmer to change the ticketing pricing for an individual movie.
  9. This. They probably wanted the headline that No Way Home caused all ticketing sites to crash. Advertising in advance when the West Coast is wide awake is the easiest way to guarantee everything crashes.
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