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  1. The ROTTEN TOMATOES WATCH Official Thread

    Rotten Tomatoes is a godsend and anyone who thinks it's bad is wrong tbh If you don't want a rotten score to ruin your box office, make a better movie. I know it's more complex than that... but it's also not really.
  2. I think it'll be kinda dumb. I also think the trailer spoils something?
  3. Feel bad as my friends went to see It today but I didn't go because I'm 1/4 through the book and don't want to spoil it - even though I took a break three weeks ago and hve no intention of picking it back up soon. It's so slow.
  4. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    I say with the utmost confidence that Dunkirk will win Best Editing. Unless of course it doesn't. But you know.
  5. Best Original Score 2017

    Would this disqualify Dunkirk?
  6. Dunkirk (2017)

    If you want me to keep nitpicking, I'll do it. The whole scene with the beached boat and the bad guy from Star Wars was almost cringey bad. Like, I wish the entire thing could be nixed from the movie. That they spend like five minutes arguing about how one person leaving the boat would somehow keep it from sinking ????????????????? And them trying to plug the holes on both sides of the boat ???????????? I almost started laughing at how desperate the whole thing was. Ugh. Still a 9/10 Tom Hardy / other pilot are probably my two best - the air segments >>>>>> everything else.
  7. I read today that Nolan says that this is absolutely 100% just an "entertainment," a summer popcorn movie, and it is purposely out in July and not awards season because he didn't want people to get the wrong idea. On the one hand I absolutely love that he says that, but on the other hand I can't quite tell if I think that's cheating, or a cop out or something. An excuse for... something. IDK. But it's so gud (I officially gave it a 9 because on second viewing (not really spoilers I promise, but tagging anyway) )
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Guys I just watched Lion (I've been waiting for so long to watch it, didn't know it was on Netflix until today) I am severely emotionally unstable atm omg
  9. Dunkirk (2017)

    Second time around I really noticed how empty the beach looked for supposedly having 400,000 people. And there were like 900 civilian boats that went but the most you'll see in a shot is like 20. Also the last shot is worse this time. The burning plane shot actually fades to black and the music comes to a crescendo so it's absolutely the last shot, and then it comes back to the kid. Bizarre, honestly.
  10. Yeah well here I am in the theater. I had a free ticket for standard movies but paid $6 to "upgrade" to RPX. Eh.

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