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  1. Excited for The Shape of Water this weekend, though I'm skeptical of it really being that good. Nothing else of note coming out this weekend tbh
  2. BFF said it was fine, not amazing. I remain skeptical of this being other worldly. Doesn't come out here until like the 15th I think.
  3. Saw it yesterdayyy I really liked it. Pretty funny. Not sure about the ending.
  4. Visuals are not poor but I gotta say I was still disappointed with the cinematography. It's just.. pretty. Nothing more. Dunkirk still has the win.
  5. The guy following up the BATMAN TRILOGY and INCEPTION and the guy following up... another slow, philosophical sci-fi drama. I personally know people skipping this because they know they hated Arrival.
  6. Really liked it; wasn't bothered by the length, honestly. I'm a bit dumb so lots of confusing parts I'm going to have to read about tomorrow. Score good in parts, very pretty though I'm surprised myself to say I still think Dunkirk might have it.
  7. 1. Since K wasn't a real boy after all, why exactly did he care in the end? Felt the feelings, is all? 2. Why was Wallace replicant girl crying all the time? She jealous? 3. What's the track that plays when K is leaving LA to go to the orphanage?
  8. Friend got us tickets for NYFF, so uh, I'll let you know how it is next month.
  9. Feel bad as my friends went to see It today but I didn't go because I'm 1/4 through the book and don't want to spoil it - even though I took a break three weeks ago and hve no intention of picking it back up soon. It's so slow.
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