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  1. Is this really a surprise, though? Normally when we're looking at a $10m+ Thursday you'll see lots of screenings sold out, etc. There was only one screening in my entire city sold out. The film should have a strong Saturday, though.
  2. The Search is getting a bad reception, it looks like. I expect Godard to be divisive today as well. Not sure that there's really much most everyone likes this year beyond Two Days, One Night and Winter Sleep so far.
  3. The full schedule is out now. The closing film still isn't listed. That's odd this late in the game, isn't it? http://www.festival-cannes.com/assets/File/WEB%202014/horaires/HORAIRE%20Internet%2067_%202.pdf
  4. Not great, but certainly not awful. The first Twilight isn't a good comparison, because I'm pretty sure they didn't have 8pm or even 10pm screenings for that one. In comparison, this really much lower.
  5. Les Miserables 12noon - 95% full (second screening of the day, the theater also had one that began at 11:50 am. I stuck my head in there and it looked 90+% full). Trailers: Oz the Great and Powerful - no reaction Star Trek - some chatter when people recognized what it was The Great Gatsby - no reaction Oblivion - no reaction Identity Theft - lots of laughter at the end (this was the newer trailer) Zero Dark Thirty - some chatter Well, I don't think I can review the movie properly because I've seen the stage musical about five or six times and it's my favorite of all time. Overall, I think it was really well done, with fantastic performances from everyone. Anne Hathaway should definitely win the Oscar from her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" alone. Hugh was also fantastic, and Russell--who I wasn't sure about--did fine. I have some quibbles about some of the shot choices (does every song really need to be done in super close up?), but it was a rousing story, there was some beautiful cinematography and didn't seem stagey at all. A very emotional story. Total hankies used: 3 (I'm a weeper) The audience burst into applause and cheers at the end. I rarely see that in our theaters here, so I think it's safe to say that word of mouth should be decent.
  6. Maybe they're using regular multipliers to get their OW total rather than the omg-Twi-is-frontloaded multipliers they should be using.
  7. Five or six more people would help. I didn't get it he first few times.
  8. No, New Moon has the best domestic total, but BD1 has the best opening weekend.
  9. I get the point to a degree, but I also want to say ... wake up to the new (future) normal.When theaters first started adding midnight screenings there was the same outcry. It's "not fair" to the previous record holders, a midnight screening isn't *really* a Friday, etc. blah, blah, blah. But then everyone started doing it, it increased the hype for big movies and now it's normal. This will be the same thing. In the end, 10pm screenings are better for the theater owners (they are ALL for it), better for audiences, and the studio doesn't give a crap when their money starts rolling in.
  10. I think Rust & Bone looks like the movie to beat.
  11. Yep, of the candidates, I figured he was most likely. Cuaron would have been excellent, but I think they were reaching there. Lawrence will work fine, I think.
  12. The problem is the second book has much more action. We're not going to get allllll the prep and getting ready for the games like we did in the first. If they hire someone with zero action experience, they might be in trouble.
  13. Well, Sunday's numbers should be strong if my market is any indication.Saw the movie at 12 noon, first show of the day...97% sold out. Seats were full all the way down to the first row. Unreal for this market.
  14. Hmmmm...I started following the box office whenever I started playing HSX. That's probably been ten, twelve years ago, maybe?
  15. I've never heard of this project until today, but Bong Joo-Ho's Mother was one of my favorite films last year. He has an incredible eye. It's on Netflix Instant View, if you want to check it out. Chilling film. So this will be a hybrid English-speaking/Korean cast? I'm still not clear on that. It's an interesting concept.
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