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  1. Maybe I’m naive but the title is weird there’s literally I reason this needs to move. It’s not being released for almost 2 months lmao. The virus is already declining in Wuhan...
  2. with so much of the audience being under 25 it's obvious that making it rated R was a mistake lolol
  3. lol how is BOP "woke" but Knives Out isn't? The only good character in Knives Out is the latina nurse whose mom is an illegal immigrant. I don't think either is Woke btw but you are ridiculous.
  4. I said from the very beginning the R-rating was a Big mistake but was shut down. NOW people are agreeing lol. It made no sense to give it an R rating.
  5. I knew this was going to underperform when I saw that the singles they were releasing weren’t making a dent on the charts. They shouldn’t have made an r rated birds of prey movie imo. Still looking forward to it though!
  6. I'm surprised they couldn't get more bigger artists for the soundtrack but maybe they wanted to showcase more rising female artists. Halsey is really the only very popular one here.
  7. lol cats will have a good cinemascore. Y'all din't know musical theatre geeks. They will proabably love it
  8. mm I'm interested about some apparent plot changes but OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!
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