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  1. A star is born was about 25 minutes too long. Still liked it but I dragged a little.
  2. a simple favor is a fun film honestly the audience I saw it with went crazy over it lmao
  3. This isn't really surprising or even that much of a shakeup. They had no Justice League or Superman films on schedule
  4. Apparently the American Flag on the moon is in the movie it’s just they don’t go through the detailed process of him taking it out and putting it on since it was something that was very meticulously organized by NASA and they didn’t see a point imagine if Trump tweets though lol 😂
  5. Lol 😂 at the right wing outrage towards this movie lmao. Marco Rubio even tweeted about it.
  6. One is the highest Highest grossing marvel film in North America with a multiplier of 3.5 The other is is heading towards one of the smallest non holiday second weekend drops in a long time. audiences disagree with you. Stay mad though
  7. I just saw Crazy rich Asians. The theatre was packed and people loved it. The gasp at the end lmao.
  8. My mom has seen Mamma Mia 3 times. Although she keeps complaining about what a "ho" Donna was she loves it lol.
  9. this is so dumb. The term has been used for a long time. Significant Other is a gender neutral term that can encompass someone intimate relationship partner regardless of marital or relationship status. It had nothing to do with same sex couples initially. Allegedly? It's not like the first gay marriage to ever happen in the world was in 2001 in the Netherlands.... Or the first state to legalize gay marriage in the US was in 2004. Dumbasses are just saying shit just to say shit lmao
  10. In 11th grade American History I wrote an 8 page paper on how the film was racist trash responsible for restarting the KKK and perpetuation negative stereotypes of the black male and that despite it's supposed technical achievement deserved no place in the modern discussion of great cinema. This was like 9 years ago too. I got a 97 lmao.
  11. blindpostting would probably do better overseas than Sorry to bother you but based on it's domestic grosses Idt it will be released overseas

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