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  1. This His approval rating before he died was very low too lol. Most people weren't huge fans of him back then as they pretend to be now.
  2. So it wasn't worth a thread like this was? people talked about it for maybe 2 or 3 pagers in the official BATB thread. And I like white people fine thank you very much but some of the people in this thread are absolutely ridiculous.
  3. lol this was ONE screening. Stop with the bullshit. As far as I know the theater made the decision based on comments on Facebook. Facebook comments require much much energy of course. Black people are able to focus on more than one thing you know. Many people have been campaigning against America's prison system. However changing America's prison industrial complex is much much much more harder to accomplish than the cancellation of ONE GWTW screening.
  4. #Notallwhites lmao. Y'all are funny and you think I'm a moron apparently. Yes I fucking know not all white people are racist. I will say that most of them hate being called racist just as much or even more so than racism itself though lol Maybe you should also defend a theaters right to play any fucking film that they want to. Where was the 15 page thread about that theatre banning Beauty and the Beast because of the "gay character" (There was none) but here here is a 15 page thread about a random theatre in Memphis (a 65% black city) choosing non to screen an 80 year old racist film. Nothing gets people more agitated then anything involving racism lol. Sorry i just find this thing hilarious lol.
  5. this is all fine and Dandy except black people literally protested and demonstrated against the film WHEN IT WAS RELEASED since it was racist as fuck. The NAACP criticized the film WHEN IT WAS RELEASED. So people thought it was racist as fuck back then too. (obviously not white people but when do they ever thing shit is) There's not politically correctness going on calling the film racist. This is like when people say slavery was considered right way back then ignoring the many black people/slaves that suffered through slavery and certainly didn't think it was "right" Anyway I'm done with this thread. People here are funny though. 14 page thread about a random theatre in Memphis making the decision to cancel a screening of an 80 year old racist film.
  6. there's literally a 14 page thread about people pissed a private theatre made their own decision to canceled a special screening of Gone with The Wind since people complained it was racist (which it is) Apparently now theatres don't have the right to play whatever film they want.
  7. it seems that many people on this site are all rallying around this film for some strange reason. The film is racist period. It always has been and always will be. Y'all can watch it if you want but a theatre should be forced to show it because it's culturally important or whatever shit people claim about the film. people commented disdain for the film and the theatre made the independent decision to cancel the screening That's America!! LOL theatres already refuse to show Do the Right Thing. LOL imagine thinking people will complain about that. When it was released theatres refused to show it and still do this. Hell Theatres already refuse to show black dominated films in many parts of the country regardless of subject matter. Imagine being this out of touch lol.
  8. The theatre can show whatever film they want. They said he didn't want to show a film that was racist to the majority of the city. It's a racist film. I don't care how many people love it. He obviously didn't want to show it or he wouldn't have canceled it. It's not like people came to protest. They read comments and decided, hey maybe we shouldn't give some racist film a special screening in a majority black city. And that is their right to. Get the hell over yourself. There was no infringement of freedom of speech. The theatre decided they didn't want to show the film. and how do you know how well that film was selling? lol right? I imagine A LOT of theatres will refuse to show that movie. lol people mad because over some 80 year old film. White people love to rally around racist films. Theatres can show whatever film they want for whatever reason.
  9. Memphis is 65% black. If the private theatre decides they don't want to show it anymore because it's racist to most of the community that lives in the city and enough people complained then I don't see the problem. Y'all are really pressed for a private theatre to show this racist ass film in their theatre. This is so funny. Again black people have ALWAYS complained about Gone with the Wind. Literally when it was released there were protests and demonstrations against that whack film. Many compared it to a Birth of a Nation. its like y'all literally want to go to the person who own this theatre and physically force they to continue playing a film that they decided they didn't want to play anymore. Probably after being more educated about the racism in the film. Why do some white people people rally so hard behing racist films and monuments? If the government banned it that was one thing but imagine being pissed at some random theatre in Memphis not showing this film.
  10. Like literally when the film was released black people protested against it and complained about it being racist and a weapon against the black community. This was in 1939. Black people have always hated that damn film lol. The only black people who somewhat liked it back then only liked if for Hattie McDaniel. It's a white classic AND is racist. FACTS. Good riddance. The theatre can cancel it if it wants to. Cry more.
  11. mmm right okay. I've never met a black person who cared about the film. The film is liked and considered a classic among white people. This is a fact. Please don't argue with me about Black Americans when your are neither. lol I don't know why you are so pressed about a film you've never seen your not even American lol. Just goes to show you nothing unites non black people more than the right to defend a nearly 100 year old racist film being shown in every single theatre possible.
  12. And most black people don't give a fuck about it lol. I don't understand why that's so hard to understand. The only time I've ever seen black people mention it is in regards to Hattie McDaniel being the first black person to win an Oscar. The movie was made for white people and is considered "the best most important Hollywood film" by white people and it IS a racist film. If a private theatre cancelled a showing of it because black people complained then good riddance. Boo hoo to all the film bros on this site lol.
  13. Also I saw someone in this thread complaining about people campaigning for the Columbus statue to be removed .Did Columbus even step a foot into what is modern day America? LOL people have been campaigning against Columbus for FOREVAH. And people have a right to campaign for anything they want. AND I'm dieing at the random user from the south insisting the confederacy and civil war wasn't all about slavery. Great education statues are providing Americans!
  14. The people acting like Gone with the wind is some huge cultural milestone and how dare a private theatre decide not to show it due to people not being interested in it. LOL if the theatre doesn't want to show it they don't want to show it. Acting like its's being banned world wide lol. Again Memphis is a predominantly black city and I've never heard of a black person that gave a fuck about Gone with The wind or considered it some huge cultural classic that must be watch to truly understand cinema. If people don't want to watch it they don't want to watch it lol. I guess people get angry when people do stuff like this because it's hard for them to admit that America was partly built on racism, slavery and genocide lol.

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