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  1. People talk about how great the cast is but outside of people who are into movies I really don't think any of them have name recognizability. Like probably only Jason Momoa and maybe Zendaya. I don't think the cast will help the box office.
  2. I feel like Jacob Tremblay was playing a 5 year old in Room like two years ago. It feels really wrong to see him in this
  3. I actually understand why they did Jafar this way at least in appearance, Some have criticized the original Jafar of being too much of an Arab caricature. I think they are trying to make him less so in this one. However I agree that his voice could at least sound more menacing but we've barely heard him speak.
  4. It's always been like this lmao. The original Aladdin combined Persian, Indian and Arabian imagery. I mean the palace looks like the fucking Taj Mahal. That's why I said the live action remake would always be a mess.
  5. lol it's the only Disney song to go #1 on the billboard hot 100. There was a time when it was the most popular audition song on American Idol. It is definitely iconic
  6. lol people actually doubted Disney They know all they have to do is a scene for scene remake and people will come flocking. Also Will Smith look great, like I thought he would.
  7. Captain Marvel was a very standard Marvel film. It was better than the trailers though which is a good thing I disliked the trailers. Wonder Woman was a better film but hey- just because it has a female protagonist doesn't mean it has to be revolutionary. Loved the chemistry between Brie and SLJ
  8. is this movie good? going out with some girlfriends and debating between this and Isn't it Romantic. WE like rom coms but we just saw What Men Want lat week so we aren't sure if we want to see another one. The action isn't too overbearing like in DC movies?
  9. the only issue with this plot is that it is pretty much a fact that in a world with no Beatles, Neither Coldplay or Ed Sheeran would exist. But I guess we can ignore that.
  10. Disney is playing up adventure aspect because they want the film to appeal to be boys as well. I was here when Frozen was released and a lot of people were worried it would be too girly. Obviously that didn't matter too much as it was still a massive success but even since it's release it's become a phenomenon among young girls. Disney is primarily about their money and they want boys in the theatre to see it too. That's why they are downplaying the princessy aspect and playing up the adventure film aspect. I don't think that necessarily reflect exactly the content of the whole movie. I mean, that was initially the whole reason for their one word titles. Instead of "Rapunzel" they called it "Tangled" Instead of "The Snow Queen" They name it "Frozen" All because of the male demographic. The first Tangled trailer barely had Rapunzel's character in it. Even the first Frozen trailers focused on the Olaf and Sven characters. Disney probably realizes that people are tired of their stupid marketing of Olaf and also realize their audience is a little older so instead of focusing on slapstick they went with playing up the adventure components of the film.
  11. lol. This is from the author of Everything, everything right?

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