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  1. Maybe I’m naive but the title is weird there’s literally I reason this needs to move. It’s not being released for almost 2 months lmao. The virus is already declining in Wuhan...
  2. with so much of the audience being under 25 it's obvious that making it rated R was a mistake lolol
  3. I said from the very beginning the R-rating was a Big mistake but was shut down. NOW people are agreeing lol. It made no sense to give it an R rating.
  4. lol cats will have a good cinemascore. Y'all din't know musical theatre geeks. They will proabably love it
  5. mm I'm interested about some apparent plot changes but OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!
  6. Yep. I can’t remember the last time a big budget musical with huge stars missed a nomination.
  7. The fact that this missed a best picture nomination at globes is not a good sign of the movies quality.
  8. The makers of this movie wanted to do a movie that high lights a prominent Me-Too case while featuring a prominent news network and a film that could reach wide audiences. But in order to make the protagonists likeable they ignore a lot of the racism (and misogyny) they constantly propagated. Is the fact that these women were racists ( or spouted racist lines) relevant to the movie? Maybe not, but it makes the movie more problematic among the liberal critics where politics and intersectionality maters a lot, especially nowadays.
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