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  1. what exactly did EmpireCity say? I missed that commotion lol. I didn't know he was banned.
  2. Totally anecdotal but don't discount Jurassic World. I was getting my hair done at someone's house yesterday who has 3 kids from around 9-12 and a commercial for Incredibles 2 came on. I was telling them about how I loved the first one and how I was excited to see the sequel and they hadn't even seen the first Incredibles and were looking more forward to Jurassic World lmao
  3. I wonder when they will release a trailer for this I honestly think this could be successful. The book has been on top of the NY times best seller list for YA books for over a year
  4. yeah I remember this lol. They spoke like black caricatures right? wikipedia says colin farrell's character....I find that hard to believe though. Burton's films don't have black protagonists in them lol
  5. Forgive me if I'm wrong but didn't Dumbo focus more on the animals though? What's with all these human characters? I think I remember a mouse character and these crow characters...
  6. isn't that Awkwafina' whole schtick. I haven't seen Ocean'8 yet but in the promos it looked like she was doing that as well. I think the film looks good though.
  7. That girl looks so much like her mom lol. They're like twins. As for the trailer Dumbo was one of the only Disney films i didn't grow up watching. I don't think I've ever seen it. It looks really good though. Looks like something the family will enjoy.
  8. This trailer is about to pass the Bumblebee trailer in views on youtube making it the most viewed trailer out of all the new trailers that came out. This could definitely over preform.
  9. Honestly it looks okay. Chazelle is a good director so it will probably be good but I don’t get they the way the trailer was structured as if dramatically building up the question of whether we make it to the moon or not. Foy looked good but her accent was off. Gosling will probably get nominated but i don’t know if his character will be given enough since Neil was such a stoic guy.

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