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  1. Beyonce! She sound so good omg.... Glover is meh. They should have cast a Rnb singer in the role.
  2. He was probably just chilling with Tom Holland. He refers to himself has spider-man so he probably jut wanted to do the meme.
  3. I remember my aunt bought me Little Women when I turned 9. Jo was my favourite female character for a long time. Looking forward to this.
  4. Honestly I wonder if this is at a disadvantage coming after In the Heights. I love WSS but if In the Heights is a big hit some people could see WSS a pointless. They aren't really similar but they are both musical that take place in New York with some Hispanic/immigrant themes. However we have no reason to think In the Heights will be a big hit as of now. It's not a very well known musical and the cast are all unknowns so it will all depend on marketing.
  5. this is interesting because in the broadway musical. Sonny had no parental role models and Usnavi (the lead) and his abuela basically raised him .
  6. lol it should be the other way around though. CGI lions have more room for more dynamic expression and creative designs lol.
  7. Saw this posted on twitter honestly imo looks better than the cgi designs in the movie imo
  8. How are people who think the CGI designs are lifeless Social Justice Warriors lmao. It's true. I was hyped after the teaser trailer but the CGI designs are so bland.
  9. I'm liking the world building so far. Strong teaser
  10. went to see this for a second time. Loved it even more lol. The opening is beautiful.
  11. The only other Disney movie I think has lots of potential Is The Little Mermaid
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