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  1. what is stopping these studious from lying about their trailer views lmao
  2. honestly after spider-verse it's going to be hard to live up to that
  3. sony is sabotaging marvel lmao
  4. lmao sony is trolling us. Where is the trailer?
  5. ban1o

    Little | April 12th, 2019 | Universal

    Aww this looks fun. Will definitely watch. Marsai Martin is a talent to watch for! Love her on Black-ish.
  6. Lol if bohemian rhapsody wins between green book and that there will be a meltdown
  7. The backlash against green book will grow even more especially after the backlash from dr. Shirley’s family no way it’s wins anything at the oscars
  8. Aquaman May be successful but it’s objectively a bad film imo. Like venom. Wonder Woman was very good.
  9. Aquaman was an awful film lol. I just watched it with my sister
  10. My parents went to see the Mary Queen of Scots movie with my aunt and uncle and after the movie they said the movie was “okay” but they specifically kept going on about the trailer for a horror movie with a black family and Dopplegangers that played before the film lol. They hate horror movies though but the trailer definitely made an impression.
  11. so no estimates besides Deadlines one from like 8 hours ago?

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