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  1. By any mean I don't think countries in the West are perfect and I do think a big part of the criticism of China coms from anti communist sentiments and also fear of China overthrowing the US as the world wide super power but it's 100% true that the CCP basically brainwashes it's citizens. Everything in China is highly censored and citizens are trained from a young aeg to be very pro CCP and to advocate for CCP rights even when they are abroad. For example, recently a Tibetan-Canadian student won student mayor at University of Toronto. She was reasonably active in campaigns to free Tibet and posted about it occasionally on facebook and instagram. After she won, the Chinese international student community at the school discovered this and soon her social media pages were flooded with thousands of death threats in Chinese and the the Chinese international students at the school waged a campaign against her to have her removed from the mayor position for being "Anti-Chinese" and made a petition that got over 10,000 signatures. These are students that don't even live in China but they are advocating for the CCP's interests at a university on the other side of a world because that's what they've been taught from a young age as part of their "patriotic duty" I don't doubt that the majority of Chinese people are fans of the government and are pro CCP but it can't be discounted that the CCP is very effective in it's propaganda and training of it's citizen from a young age.
  2. mm in the trailers there was a scene promoting asking for consent before you kiss someone. I do agree the swearing is a bit excessive. I don't think 11 year old boys actually talk like that lol.
  3. I just think Americans (and the West) sometimes have problem with exceptionalism.
  4. I guess lol. I'm just praying China doesn't go crazy on them but China knows the eyes of the word are on them so I don't think they will. I hope everything can be resolves in a relatively peaceful matter. I still think it's a bit hypocritical for Americans to criticize the police. Look at how police respond and escalate any BLM protest here and you'll see America isn't much different.
  5. of course. people are acting like I'm stupid or uneducated lol. I know China is essentially a dictatorship and Hong Kong is partly protesting against growing Chinese influence on Hong Kongs autonomous government and Chinese oppression of the people in Hong Kong. But they are still technically part of China and it almost seems like they want Hong Kong to leave China which just isn't possible. idk
  6. I know this of course. I don't understand what they hope to accomplish because I thought the government already said they were putting the extradition law on hold. It seems more like a generalized protest again China's influence but like I said it's not they can just leave China.
  7. I don't completely understand the Hong Kong thing.The place has been protesting for months right? What do they hope to accomplish? I know China is basically a dictatorship but it's not like they can just leave China. My cousin went travelling around Asia for a month and when he was in Hong Kong he said the cops sprayed him with tear gas and he almost hit by rubber bullets and that was just for simply bing there. It's pretty chaotic there and the police do seem excessive. But police in America do way worse at protests. So it's hypocritical for American to criticize them. But surely any Chinese actor that doesn't suck up to the CCP will be blacklisted. That's what China is like.
  8. Honestly the look that's currently popular in China Marvel would never cast as a lead in a superhero movie. No offence to China.
  9. yes it's very sad. but Lin was very involved in the movie and Quiara Alegría Hudes who wrote the book for the broadway show wrote the script. don't see why it has to be niche. If it's marketed well it could be moderate hit I'm predicting 70 million domestic right now
  10. lmao Jon Chu named his son after this movie. It better be good now. Imagine being named after a shit movie lol
  11. The cartoon was probably one of the biggest kids shows on tv for a while. But maybe it's not as popular in Europe.
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