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  1. LOL this movie was sister's favorite as a kid. She watched it 10 times. My scene goes hollywood right?
  2. Even if you are joking it's very weird you said this considering, Rachel Zegler, the lead is Colombian and polish and David Alvarez who plays Bernardo is Cuban. Unlike them Ariana actually is Puerto Rican.
  3. So is this going to be like lego movie? Or more like that Tyra Banks Lindsay Lohan movie?
  4. interesting enough this movie is the first I've seen since rotten tomatoes new audience score system where there is a reasonably sized difference between the verified audience score and all audience score. Granted there are less than 100 votes so it probably doesn't statically matter in the long run but the verified audience score is 97% and the all audience score is 86% Before this the biggest difference was MIB:I 66% verified audience score 60% all audience score
  5. Critics are human. The type of people who are more likely to become film critics are people obviously more likely to see a scene for scene remake unnecessary lol. Also it’s obvious critics are growing tired of these live action remakes. Whether the general audience will care about that is yet to be seen lol.
  6. aladdin wasn't promoted well in China at all that' not a good barometer to determine the gross of this film
  7. I don't know why people are so offended by me saying critics are sick of these movies. I don't think it's a conspiracy I think they are just increasingly viewing them as soulless cash grabs. Beauty and the beast got better much reviews than Aladdin despite not being a better film lol. Like critics are human. Jesus. And I've always been kind of negative on The Lion King so it's not like I even disagree with a lot of the negative point critics are making about the film.
  8. How does it prove nothing lol? Cinderella came out in 2015 JungleBook in 2016. That actually make it more likely that critics are sick of them since they initially got good reviews..
  9. this is why out of all the broadway adaptions happening this year this will probably get the worst reviews. It will not transfer well to a movie at all.
  10. lol in the end Pocahontas will be the only 90's animated disney film that will never ever be made into a a live action movie or broadway show. The only thing somewhat salvaging that movie's existence are the songs "Colors of the wind" and "Somewhere around the riverbend" I just watched it recently and the song "Savages" is so fucking problematic. Like ignore them completely changing history even without that context the song is.... yikes.
  11. Even Mena Massoud who din't get as much attention in the reviews was very charming in the movie. I know a few girls who saw it multiple times because "he was so cute" Even read his insta comments. So many of them were like "OMG I'm from Indonesia and I saw the film 5 times or I'm from Korea and I saw the film 6 times or I'm from Dubai and I saw the film a million times..I LOVE YOU" The Lion King won't have anything like that lol. Like they are cgi lions.
  12. idk about Prince of Egypt because of the recent Moses movie that came out not too long ago. They are making a Broadway version on West End currently with more music from Schwartz o I'd be interesting to see how that works,
  13. nah Cats is most definitely getting awful reviews. The source material itself (unlike the lion king) is not very good and incredibly dated.
  14. A lot of the GA feels animated movies are for children. Look at spider-verse. That movie was phenomenal but a lot of people didn't watch it because it was a "cartoon" If that movie was live action it wold have made close to a billion imo. My 16 year old brother didn't want to watch it because it was an animated movie (when he did watch it he really enjoyed it though) It's really sad honestly.
  15. A few things worked in Jungle Books favor 1. A HUMAN CHARACTER- from the very beginning people underrated the effect this had. I alway side eyed the Lion King remake for this reason. 2. Jungle Book is not as beloved as a movie as Lion King by any mile 3. It was not a scene for scene remake 4. Jungle Book came out at a time before critics got tired of live action remakes. No matter what anyone says I don't think the bias against the live action remakes can be understated.
  16. I feel Mulan might get good reviews but people are forgetting that Disney made some weird changes like a random witch character. Lin Manuel Miranda seems to be working hard with Alan Menken on new music based on his twitter and the casting of Ariel make me think it's not a scene for scene remake and it might bring something new so that might get good reviews.
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