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  1. mm this very different then what I thought the movie would be based on the first trailer. Very unusual plot lol
  2. I still don't buy that the Bird of Prey couldn't have at least been introduced in the trailer. Again Marvel made Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-man movies.... Characters like Huntress and Black Canary are way more known then that. the entire focus being on Harley was off putting to me.
  3. I'm kinda bitter that we'll never get a real BOP movie. GOTG was a huge success using characters way more unknown thn Birds of Prey. If it was marketed well they didn't have to make this a Harley Quinn featuring Birds of Prey movie.
  4. He doesn’t understand how RT works. If he liked ad astra he would be in the 82% of critics who liked it
  5. acting as if comic books weren't intended for kids when they were created. Kids love superheroes. I'm not saying only kids can enjoy it but the need to make everything edgy and rated R is funny to me. Especially a property like Birds of Prey. Nothing about Birds of Prey screams "Rated R" to me lol.
  6. Yeah honestly Harley being the centre of a birds of prey movie makes no sense to me. I’m not jumping on the “Margot has a big ego” train but shoving the Harley character in the movie is a turn off to me. They could have made it a Sirens movie if they wanted to capitalize off Harley’s popularity.
  7. lol I guess. A review described him as a MAGA lover though. It's not a big deal it just confused me lol.
  8. I guess. That doesn't strike me as something a group of super- rich people would do lol. But that's the only explanation lol.
  9. why does don johnson's character have the same last name as the father? This has confused me since I saw the character descriptions....
  10. she didn't seem that mad in this interview. She says she hopes JLo wins awards lol.
  11. my post was in response to whether they were the target audience for the film which they aren't.
  12. He was lying... this trailer makes it even more apparent he was her heart doner lol. He’s probably Michelle Yeoh’s son as well who is a bitch because her son died
  13. no the target audience is clearly women and gays. Like this is obvious from the online reaction to the film lol. Conservative heterosexual men generally don't like films with female protagonists, especially women of color, regardless of if thy are strippers.
  14. Joker is one of the most popular villains ever.... And the trailers makes it look very edgy and appealing to the bro audience. Plus the reviews are decent. Like if Venom (which was an awful film) was a hit obviously Joker will be one lol
  15. LOL Scorcese and Soderbergh have made a career of films about criminals and lowlives but god forbid the film is about women lmao
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