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  1. Maybe I’m naive but the title is weird there’s literally I reason this needs to move. It’s not being released for almost 2 months lmao. The virus is already declining in Wuhan...
  2. with so much of the audience being under 25 it's obvious that making it rated R was a mistake lolol
  3. I said from the very beginning the R-rating was a Big mistake but was shut down. NOW people are agreeing lol. It made no sense to give it an R rating.
  4. lol cats will have a good cinemascore. Y'all din't know musical theatre geeks. They will proabably love it
  5. Yep. I can’t remember the last time a big budget musical with huge stars missed a nomination.
  6. The fact that this missed a best picture nomination at globes is not a good sign of the movies quality.
  7. The makers of this movie wanted to do a movie that high lights a prominent Me-Too case while featuring a prominent news network and a film that could reach wide audiences. But in order to make the protagonists likeable they ignore a lot of the racism (and misogyny) they constantly propagated. Is the fact that these women were racists ( or spouted racist lines) relevant to the movie? Maybe not, but it makes the movie more problematic among the liberal critics where politics and intersectionality maters a lot, especially nowadays.
  8. This film was always going to get backlash from left leaning critics for allegedly painting the Fox News hosts as the heroes. I saw quite a bit of complaining about it on twitter when the trailer was first released. Its debatable how relevant that that is to quality of the film but it was inevitable.
  9. Mmmm I disagree. I think theatrical YA movies are essentially dead which is why teens won't go see it in theatres but A walk to Remember , which is practically the same plot, with the same faith base was very popular among teens for awhile. I could see teens watching if it gets on Netflix. Imo “I can only imagine” wasn’t actively trying to convert people it was just telling the guys life story.
  10. Yeah I know this is a Christian movie but this is obviously made to appeal to the YA crowd who loves young love and YA stories like A fault in our Stars, a walk to remember, etc. That’s why they cast KJ Apa.
  11. I’ve seen the musician and also did the show in college. Unfortunately Carla’s role is not big lol. Probably the second smallest of main roles. But it’s still a good role!
  12. it's a genuine question. Did they explain? Was he frozen in ice or something?
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