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  1. Just create a spoiler thread. This beating around web talk is a little much for this thread.
  2. Bunch of spoiler mongering fiends in here. They'll surface soon enough. Cool your jets.
  3. Lol. As if blockbusters don't pull this kind of re-release nonsense pretty often. This is a non story.
  4. My favorite animation in anything recent is probably Kubo and WALL-E. Coco is pretty great too.
  5. Does that Spidey loon still post here? Or, should I not have said anything and he's lurking just waiting to unleash a barrage of comments?
  6. Yeah. Think I'm gonna do it too. Brings back fond memories. What was the last movie to have exclusively midnights opening night? Dark Knight Rises? Was there something after?
  7. Yes. But is it enough to boost it 100M from the 150M six day opening of Homecoming to get Far From Home to 250M? Should be interesting...
  8. Lotta compelling angles here... Foremost, will Far From Home itself be well received and generate some strong buzz from the GA? Second, did GA remember Homecoming fondly enough to sprint back out to see more Spidey? Thirdly, maybe even most importantly, how much did Endgame and, especially, Infinity War boost the appeal, awareness of Holland's Spidey? I say especially to Infinity War because he has a much larger role there and it's been available to stream via Netflix for a long, long while.
  9. That Spidey 2 6 day opening is still pretty mind boggling even now. It's 261M adjusted. I can't imagine this one coming anywhere near that. Sticking with my 225M prediction.
  10. If it somehow managed 250, something approaching 500 could happen of WOM is great.
  11. Hype building. Two things... I'm seeing midnight screenings scheduled Monday night rather than the expected 7PM and 8PM screenings. Somewhat surprised. Reasoning behind this move? And, what kind of 6 day opening at the DOM box office do people expect? 225M?
  12. I don't remember this. At least from members. 3 day openings are viewed differently from 5 or 6 day openings. Are you referencing trades magazines?
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