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  1. Probably personally rather see Jennifer Kent nominated than any other of these females bring pushed, especially Heller. Her flick was average, Oscar bait to the nines. Not getting the Awkwafina love fest... She's good. But, it feels like a comedian does drama elevates that performance for many. Like a lot of stuff about Farewell a lot more than her... Lulu Wang is what elevates that one with her story and filmmaking.
  2. Also... It's not like serious comic book/graphic novel stuff hasn't been recognized with nominations or critical acclaim before... It's new to people here because it's Joker and everyone knows Joker. Pretty sure Road To Perdition and History Of Violence scored nominations. Not sure Ghost World did but people generally loved it. Not sure American Splendor did but people generally loved it too. If you take a comic book serious in the ways the Academy is more comfortable with... Prestige and nominations come. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting. I mean, if From Hell wasn't such a misfire, it would've scored nominations too.
  3. In a way, just highlights the divide on the left. I think most film buffs that think it's slightly above the line to well below the line as a movie, just don't think it's much of a film regardless of its views, message, whatever. People looking for things that aren't there, on either side, seem the most incensed.
  4. It's curious for sure... 1917 I can understand to an extent given what kind of movie it is... Still too many. Irishman? Joker? No way. Hollywood too but that one makes a little more sense I guess. If it's due to earlier voting, maybe they should revise that. For a viewer like me, it far less interesting when 4 flicks get 10+ nominations. That's generally reversed for enormous, epic cinema like LotR, Titanic, Crouching Tiger, etc.
  5. Awkwafina "snub" isn't all that surprising. Most of the cast in Farewell was better than her. She certainly has a presence though. That said, Lupita in Us was a bigger miss than Awkwafina. Hustlers was fun. Don't see the need to nominate it for much of anything though. Knives Out snubs were bigger than Hustlers snubs. There are some very awkward nominees... Original Screenplay for 1917? Costume Design for Joker while Dolemite and other aren't even nominated? Marriage Story for Score? Rumor being Uncut Gems wasn't pushed too hard for awards... Not sure if there's any truth there. Maybe A24 pushed something else? But no Editing, Original Screenplay or Score nomination for that one is pretty nuts not to mention Sandler being ignored. Midsommar for Cinematography seemed so obvious a nomination but nope. Like always, Academy hands certain films 10+ nominations. Was it four this year with 10+ nominations? That's goofy and should rarely if ever happen. Nominations should be much more spread out. There are too many other films that excel in just Score, or the Sound categories, or Costuming, or Makeup, or VFX, etc. Movies that generally would not be in the running for Best Picture. It's hard to create compelling narratives with nominations properly spread out to potentially honor a large number of films across categories. So... We get this. None of the films nominated for 10+ this year deserved any more than 6 or 7. And, that's generally the case everytime anything's nominated for that many awards.
  6. Seriously though, was the Uncut Gems score disqualified because it's composed and arranged? Otherwise, what the... Shocked it's not nominated. The scores for Uncut Gems, Parasite and Us were my favorites this past year.
  7. Hopefully that number jumps as we get more revised estimates. Not bad though. RoS number seems a little high.
  8. Photo finish between RoS and Jumanji this weekend?
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