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  1. Yes. This is also very much a parody. But, this gives you more real pathos and poignancy than either of those though. I guess I poorly worded that... I mean it as in the players here are essentially all caricatures here. Loud, screaming loud cartoons... Like Clue and Murder By Death. Doesn't require much investment outside of smiling, playing along and enjoying the ride. Should be clear... I've seen it twice already. I'm a big fan of Knives. My favorite comedy whodunnits are first two in the Thin Man series. Super glad to see Johnston bring this particular flavor of whodunnit back to the big screen.
  2. Some of these theories make me think people are overthinking this one... It's simplicity is why it works. This isn't Gosford Park or Murder on the Orient Express. This is Clue or Murder By Death but with a thin layer more of thematic depth.
  3. It's fine. Fits the movie well. I don't see this getting nominations for anything outside of maybe original screenplay. Everyone is good to great in it though. Nothing that'll snag a mom though. Thought Craig and Armas were especially great.
  4. Lower your expectations a little. Just expect a super fun crowd pleaser. Nothing more, nothing less. You'll have a great time with it that way. There's more to it than that but not much more. Almost impossible not to recommend just for the smiles it delivers.
  5. Which Oscar nominations does this have the best shot at? Foreign Language Picture, Best Picture, Best Director and Best Editing?
  6. I didn't think much of this... Not surprised it's not taking off as no one was really asking for it. Rebecca Ferguson is fucking great though. She has a lot of fun here. All of it actually.
  7. On a technical level, the score is outstanding. But, more often than not, I didn't think it fit the movie. Definitely don't agree that it's the worst thing about it. I'd say the needle drops are actually worse than the score.
  8. This sounds fair. 25+ is the absolute most I can see it doing. Realistically, I'd be happy with anything between 15 - 20 DOM.
  9. Another strong weekend at the box office for Parasite. What can this finish with DOM? Any chance at $25M+ DOM?
  10. Just caught this again. Packed house. Awesome crowd. Seemed to all love it.
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