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  1. Uh, it's is a big summer blockbuster. WoM will be a problem only if GA didn't have as much fun with it as they did the other big summer blockbusters that leg it out. Which, from what early speculation here from some, seems to be the case.
  2. This is amazing. Old Crowe > Young Crowe. I knew there was a reason he seemed so much more at home in The Insider.
  3. I'm here in the states. I saw it in a theater. Unhinged too in a theater. No Bill and Ted just yet though.
  4. Agree or disagree, happy to be discussing a new release that I caught on the biggest screen with the BOT gang again.
  5. I don't think it's that killer of twist so I was hoping that there was more going on beneath it. Like he'd become an even more controlling, worse version of Branagh. Or, some emotional payoff like Leo's choice at the of Inception. Or, the ugliness of why Pearce chooses to forget and repeat because he'll never be satisfied. Or, the muddled emptiness and confusion of Primer's ending. Or, the huge of emotional payoff you get from Potter 3's time play and countless Doctor Who episodes. It's Nolan. It's a movie of about time inversion. The lead character is named The Protagonist. There
  6. 5/10 Middle hour is pretty great. Lacks emotional hook, core to satisfy audiences like say Inception did. So, don't expect the repeat viewings as high. Looking forward to what Nolan does next.
  7. So this was essentially Memento with A LOT more window dressing and a far less satisfying reveal that lacked the pretty depraved, cynic hook of Memento. Ending lacked any emotional payoff whatsoever too. Middle bookended by the plane crashing and then crashing again is great though. 5/10
  8. I recall he mentioned this forever ago. Very early in the films run. Nothing came of it. Maybe it was on reddit?
  9. Batman appeals to people for a number of reasons... Not unlike Bond. But, I agree. Look no further than the overwhelming success Batman '89, Dark Knight, Suicide Squad and Joker. He's the villain in cinema outside of maybe Darth Vader. Maybe...
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