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  1. Yup. Seems highly likely to pass CM WW regardless of this re-expansion. It's only 28M behind it now.
  2. Awesome for Scary Stories. Thought it might break out a bit. Gotta catch it abd Hobbs this weekend.
  3. Yes. I'd say Hereditary is an easier sell in just about every way. The subgenre of possession, occult, demon worship is far more tried and true. It's not nearly as long and as is paced at a better clip too.
  4. Just watch his shorts. Even non horror doubt he'll shake his penchant to revel in discomfort and grief.
  5. Hollywood would make about the same no matter when released. 250 DOM for a long, hangout heavy, sprawling flick? Come on, now.
  6. Do you mean just at the blockbuster level? Otherwise a whole lotta filmmakers past and present do this... Devisive as it was Jordan Peele's Us is one of big one's earlier this year.
  7. Pretty good weekend all around. Solid holds. Hope Scary Stories surprises next weekend and pulls 20M+.
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