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  1. Yes. I agree. But, I think you'll get essentially the same number of subs regardless. Netflix is an outlier. I don't see HBO getting close to that number ever. They're at 1/5 of it. Disney maybe but they're actually doing theatrically exclusive stuff like Shang Chi, Free Guy and Eternals. I think they'd get same number subs regardless AND could make money via exhibitioners and PVOD in addition to that.
  2. This is my thinking as well. That's why I'd even do 45 additional days with a reasonable PVOD charge. Because after 90, if you pay for the service, it's essentially the only place you're seeing these WB movies... Unless you have HBO through your cable provider. You kinda have to have it to see them even if you wanna wait unless you're stealing the movies via piracy.
  3. But, don't you want both subscribers and box office? That's what confuses me here. Actually, don't you want subscribers, movies that cost a PVOD free for stretch and box office? If these moves are essentially only available on the streaming platform with which the studios are aligned they'll still keep all their subs. They'll probably continue to increase their number of subs even.
  4. Ideally, my hope is that something is adopted that's 45 days or so exclusive to theaters... An additional 45 days or so where the movie still plays in theaters depending on how well it's hold plus a PVOD on the streaming app of something like 4.99 to 9.99 then after 90 days or so it's straight up available on the streaming platform with which the studio is aligned. Probably unrealistic but that would create three streams of revenue. I don't see any of them losing subs over this model either. They'd still gain subs. That seems to make the most sense. So... 0 - 45 theaters
  5. That's a good point. I'll have too look into Conjuring 3. I do think horror films are made for theaters. They generally don't cost much and hold well enough. Horror crowd is very, very reliable to generate a certain amount of cash per film. They're great date night movies too. What did it drop weekend to weekend?
  6. It happens with all of them... Especially Netflix. But, they do not crack down on it. They will have to OR charge a PVOD price for films... Not the ridiculous 30 that D+ charges but something like 10 to 15 and you get it for 48 hours that way the sharing for new releases isn't as a big of a deal because people sharing accounts are cheap as hell and don't wanna Venmo the individual 5 bucks for a movie let alone 15. They want it free. Period. That's why the D+ PA model has the movies like BW and JC doing far better at the box office than uber budgeted WB stuff like MK, SJ2 and TSS. I
  7. I'd actually think close to 7 with a 2.2 Friday unless it sees a huge Saturday increase. Potentially under 7 even.
  8. I could be completely off but doesn't D+ have like 2.5 times as many subs as HBO Max?
  9. Really think that the WB/HBO is just brutal. MK, SJ2 and, now, TSS are just taking nose dives in their second weekend more even than just about anything else outside of a few outliers while stuff like QP2, F9, Old and the Disney releases are dropping big too but not consistently like the WB releases. Hell, Jungle Cruise seems to be holding rather well actually. BW had a ridiculous drop but at least that was from an 80M OW DOM rather than something like 25, 30 and 25 like the three WB releases I mentioned earlier that dropped through the floor. GvK is the only WB release that showed some legs a
  10. Jungle Cruise still holding well after dropping only 55% last weekend? Think the WB/HBO is just brutalizing second weekends. SJ2 had a brutal drop for a family film from a $31M OW and, now, if what we're hearing is true, TSS too. These movies are meeting so much demand between opening weekend rush, streaming through HBO and piracy that no matter how well received that they plummet weekend two even after soft opening weekends. Sucks. I will say anecdotally, that aside from myself and my brother, the other dozen+ people I know that caught TSS in theater or streaming did n
  11. You can definitely go into Gunn's SS cold. Completely cold. Feels like soft or straight outright reboot rather than a continuation if it is, I guess, a very loose continuation from the last one. You don't even have to know the first one existed. It's not the like the Thor series or any other like example.
  12. Zero interest in Don't Breathe Again or whatever it's called. Still think it'll do close to 10M OW DOM. Super hyped for Candyman though. Glad that's right around the corner.
  13. If Shang Chi adds D+ PA option that wouldn't shock me given what's going on with Delta but I would be shocked if the DOM release date budged. Don't see that changing. Someone brought up Snake Eyes, trailers for that looked trash to me outside of maybe the action. Looked serious to fault and lacked any element of fantasy. I think Chi has the better trailer at least for my taste. Plus, Chi has Leung, Yeoh and Awkwafina... So I prefer the cast a lot more. Just my two cents though. Anyone see Annette yet? Trying to see that this week if I can...
  14. Disappointing OW DOM for Gunn's Squad. Quality fun though lacks the heart, focus and charm of his Guardians films. Think he's better edited with a producer lingering over his shoulder than completely left to his own to do whatever the hell he wants. But, again, caught opening night and had a good time. I'd rate it above Super but below Vol 1, Vol 2 and Slither of the studio stuff he's made that I've seen. Nice, fun combo of stuff like Guardians, Predator, Dirty Dozen and, actually, reminded me of the Kingsman movies a lot too. I'd say like all of those better aside from Kingsman 2.
  15. Will likely end up somewhere around 75 RT and somewhere around 65 MC. Not bad. Solid enough reviews as expected.
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