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  1. Ugh. Thought I'd like it more. Still... Good stuff. Moss is everything.
  2. I recall he mentioned this forever ago. Very early in the films run. Nothing came of it. Maybe it was on reddit?
  3. Batman appeals to people for a number of reasons... Not unlike Bond. But, I agree. Look no further than the overwhelming success Batman '89, Dark Knight, Suicide Squad and Joker. He's the villain in cinema outside of maybe Darth Vader. Maybe...
  4. If Parasite hits 1.8, what kind of 3 and 4 day totals are likely?
  5. Ugh. It's almost comical for people that actually follow box office. This is silly. At first I thought it was sarcasm even. Then, I made the mistake of going there and reading replies. Was this dude doing deep search of every recent film that opened around 30M DOM just to find something like this so he could jump on his soapbox?
  6. Yes! I love him in Memories most, then Thirst, the Good Bad Weird then, even though it's not great, that Taxi movie. He's great in it. He's actually especially great in Snowpiercer too. Puts the rest of the all star cast to shame.
  7. It's certainly not his best work but I like it. Closest thing to Parasite he's made for me is Barking Dogs Never Bite.
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