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  1. So far as R rated CBMs that push some heavy cynicism and lack of faith in humanity, do Sin City and/or Watchmen count? Honestly, don't love or hate either but they do exist. History Of Violence is easily my favorite that's a hard R. I know people love Road To Perdition too. Not a huge fan. Looks great though. Great score too. And, Jude Law's fun enough to watch as a pure pulp hired gun.
  2. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Didn't think much of the movie. But, all the danger, etc. stuff was completely ridiculous. Honestly, worked in favor of the film most likely... I mean, for sales and generating discussion. One of the issues for me was for what it is the film doesn't feel nearly deviant or dangerous enough. As in, given the tone, I'd have preferred it take it further. Even much further in some instances. Felt like it pulled some big, ugly punches it could've landed to really challenge folks. Again, that's just me. So yeah that whole outrage is silly. Especially after seeing it. It's pretty tame. Obviously a mass consumption flick or certain punches wouldn't have been pulled. Could argue the ideas in Dark Knight's Joker are far more "dangerous" so to speak. Certainly more sadistic and cynical.
  3. What's competition for best pic? Fred Rogers movie, Little Women, Once Upon A Time, Irishman.... Looking at Gold Derby, only see Joker competing for Best Actor. Nothing else.
  4. Cuaron had done A Little Princess too. Which was and is adored by all that see it. So one is a children's fantasy and the other is R rated but coming if age. So... Doesn't apply to him as much as you think. Had he only done Y Tu, doubt he gets that gig. Rowling LOVED his A Little Princess.
  5. It's not like Batman Returns didn't juggle a whole hell of a lot of biting satirical themes already. His Gothamites were so beaten down by the villainy, the rich, etc. they were just completely apathetic. The truest villain in it is a rich, corrupt, cunning megalomaniac that essentially controlled city. Shrek was more powerful with more backing and money than Wayne in that one.
  6. That's true. He'd nail that down. I think WB would sooner give the It director a shot at Potter than give it to Todd Phillips. Worked with young actors and old actors. Awesome world building. Fantasy elements. Supernatural evil. And so on and so on.
  7. Todd Phillips is comedy filmmaker that made a Joker movie as a love letter to a particular Scorsese movie about a delusional, failed comic called King Of Comedy. I don't even think he'd want a damn thing to do with Harry Potter. Let alone have any idea how to make a proper one.
  8. You're all kidding about Phillips doing Potter stuff, right? Joker is one thing. He loves grimy, trashy 70s/80s stuff so it fits. Can't even imagine him having interest in anything Potter let alone remotely pulling off.
  9. Leave it to Shion Sono to out Joker a Joker in a movie wholly dedicated to Joker with Joe Murata in Forest Of Love. Whoa. Bonkers movie.
  10. Sure. Personally, I'd just rather they invent new ones so it's not tied down any bullshit like this last one was in parts. Much more unpredictable that way. Reeves is already doing his Bats flick. Let this be it's own thing entirely. Someone mentioned Cuckoo's Nest? Doesn't work at all. Completely different kind of patients in that one. Give me something more like Exorcist 3 minus bullshit exorcism the studio forced into the movie via reshoots. More of a psycho thriller or straight horror tone. That actually hasn't been done with Joker yet. At least not with any hard commit to it. Set it wherever. Arkham, in and around Arkham, completely removed from it, doesn't matter.
  11. Among other things, yes. Model it after something like Mann's Manhunter. Don't need Bats. Need compelling criminal profilers, cops, psychiatrist, journalists, etc. Probably a better movie that way cause they wouldn't have to work from the usual checklist we've seen four or five times already. Could go in a very compelling directions sans Batsy. Could go anywhere really.
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