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  1. So, Homecoming's about $4K behind Suicide Squad on day 40 for each and will pull ahead of it and stay ahead of it once Wednesday's number are reported. This should now lock it up for $325M+ DOM unless it sheds an obscene number of screens soon.
  2. it's not like the first was a box office giant with sub-$20M OW and sub-$65M DOM total. Did people even like that one much?
  3. How much is Wolf Warriors 2 likely to finish with in China? $850M+?
  4. Well, that Wolf Warrior movie seems to be doing pretty well. That's honestly the story of the year for box office OS or DOM. That's just nuts. Where's that one headed? $850M+ in China?
  5. I liked Rachel Weiss and Aronofsky coupling. Dude definitely seems to put a spell his leading ladies.
  6. Wondy's pretty much locked in for $405M+ DOM. Spidey's zeroing in locking up $325M+ DOM. And, Guardians will finish just short of $390M DOM. No other summer blockbusters are really even coming all that close to the CBM movies this summer.
  7. Will Spider-man hit $300M before Friday? Needs just over $5M Monday through Thursday to do so.
  8. Yup. Nothing too great. CBMs did good, very good and extremely well. Baby Driver, Dunkirk, Girls Trip and Despicable Me 3 all did pretty well too. And, uh, that's kind of it.
  9. Yup. Recall it being one of the many, many, many things blamed for it actually.
  10. If has a big jump, $9M+ this weekend is very doable. Late legs for Spidey carrying RDJ to yet another MCU flick with Iron Man $310M+. How many is this now? Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Avengers, Ultron, Civil War and, now, Homecoming. 7? Holy fuck.

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