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  1. All the bad WOM of IM3 that I heard around me are something like: "there are not enough explosions.", "there should be more actions" etc. What a taste!
  2. I also notice the buzz for So Young. However, I never understand the hype for it. At least, as a 80s, I have no interest in it, while my wife, a die-hard fan of Princess Pearl, also shows no interest. Anyway, hopefully IM3 can have a date soon.
  3. Can't agree more :PThat's what I've wanted to point out since the second weekend.TA 2nd vs IM 1st: 103.1M vs 102.1M (plus preview)TA 3rd vs IM 2nd: 55.6M vs 51.2M
  4. I have to say, BS is the worst movie I've seen this year. And I've expected its bomb in Domestic for exactly one month after my viewing.
  5. Just came back from my third viewing of TA, with another 4 friends. Still enjoyed a lot
  6. Don't worry. It's nothing related to porn stuff. This is Chinese, not Japanese. I think it's just for fun. For your translation: "It's painful with outdated culture." "It's painful without a girlfriend." "It's painful without a brother." "It's painful without a boyfriend." "It's so delighted to be handsome rich man." "It's painful to be a cyclop." "It's painful to be unbeatable." "You guys are all bullies to me. So painful." Characters in the middle are: "The painful and cute ally" Sorry, my English is so poor that I cannot translate the exact humor inside.
  7. The only midnight show for me so far belongs to Avatar, which I watched 5 times...
  8. I think so. I was not even in high school at that time...In fact, only after 2006 when Kingkong was released in China, I became a frequent cinema moviegoer. At that time, the preliminary reason was only due to dating. :PI became a box office follower after 2007, the famous big three you know.
  9. Sorry, my mistake...I just have a glance at the post above, and JP3 came to my mind when I saw Jurassic Park.
  10. And that's my first Hollywood movie ever watched on big screen...
  11. For me, only Avengers, DH2 and SM3 in theateredit: no SP3 of course...
  12. Holy sh*t, I have so many pages to read. This thread is exploding again. And I'm so happy to read through so many posts.
  13. I can relax now, until Sat # kicks in.These two days I opened the Avenger thread on my browser, and refreshed it every hour. That's not a good way for *this* daily bo thread. It's exploding exponentially
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