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  1. Not really. In interview with Collider DV said that he's finding dialogues boring and tends to cut them to bare minimum.
  2. From youtube comments, cause I couldn't catch it as well: "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair."
  3. That's... a surprisingly good single. Is it related to the movie in any shape of form? Liie - will it be used to cross-promote?
  4. Sooo... about that Rila Fukushima question? Was she really 'in the movie' only for a ?
  5. Great trailer. Great editing, great use of great music. Buuuut... movie itself is not looking very interesting and wide appealing. I will definitely see this, but I'm affraind.. no, I'm sure, that almost nobody else will see this in theaters.
  6. Too many shots from this 'backburster' scene, but overall - great trailer. Almost as great as Prometheus' one. And probably as much misleading about upcoming quality.
  7. Member dyz? I member. Honestly, I was excited for this trailer, beause Prometheus trailers were one of the best trailers ever made. But here..? Bland editing, lack of rythm, bland music choice...sigh.
  8. My thoughts exactly. 'Big' aerial shots looks great, like in Prometheus, but 'actiony' stuff looks like cheap, modern slasher.
  9. I never thought I would say that about a Nolan movie, but this looks just...boring. Cienmatography is only ok, what they showed didn't appealed at all to me, and even "music" in this traielr was very underwhelming.
  10. 1:30 Well, it's vague, so everybody see what they want's to see, right?
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