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  1. 34 Million 2nd Weekend coming off a Holiday Weekend with direct competition from newcomers in both weeks. Nice hold for the Bad Boys. Next week is Super Bowl Weekend so let's keep this going for 3 weeks in row. It's still ahead of both "John Wick 3" and "Hobbs & Shaw" domestically. Shoot it's even hanging with "Fallout" which ended up 220 Domestically.
  2. As I said, Guy Ritchie back down the earth after "Aladdin". "Gentlemen" did exactly what a Guy Ritchie crime film would do so 10-11 OW falls in line with his other films. The Bad Boys rule again for the 2nd Weekend. 1st Blockbusters of the new Decade. I like how that sounds. Also Congrats to Will Smith for having a Blockbusters in 4 Straight Decades. Also RT score is up to 78% which ironically is the Audience Score for both "Bad Boys" and "Bad Boys II". The Audience Score for "BBIII" has reminded at 97% with over 23,000 reviews which explains the nice 2nd weekend drop, WOM is clearly spreading. Though it's R-rated, it seems to be having some wide appeal. Both Bad Boys films had great mutipliers so this one is looking to do the same.
  3. "The Gentlemen" looks 100% like Guy Ritchie, that's what it looks like. And no I don't see it beating Bad Boys. Outside of "Aladdin" his other films the last few years haven't opened too hot. "The Man from U." did about 13 Million and "King Arthur" did a little better at 15 Million. With that said, Guy is coming off his biggest success ever so I think it could still do OK. He keeps the budget in check for these types of films. It's a good cast too.
  4. Congrats to Lucasfilm as Star Wars now has have four 500 Million Dollar Domestic Grossing Films. The Force Awakens Rogue One The Last Jedi The Rise of Skywalker Marvel also achieved this last year as well The Avengers Black Panther Infinity War Endgame
  5. Bad Boys had an over 4x Multiplier released in April Bad Boys II had a 3x Multiplier released in July So I agree, "Bad Boys For life" having a chance at a decent multiplier. The Target right now is obviously "John Wick 3" and "Hobbs and Shaw" Domestically even though both of those are from last summer. It seems Harley and Sonic will be the biggest comp and even those won't be a lock to outgross Bad Boys. They used "Bad Boys For Life" because that was the slogan from Part II also it's a P. Diddy Song who made the label "Bad Boy" was involved in the 1st two movies soundtracks. They used the P. Diddy song heavily in marketing. It could just be Bad Boys 4 but they might go with a "Subtitle". They could easily go "Bad Boys Forever". I always liked the "Batman Forever" title. It could work.
  6. Official MLK Numbers: BAD BOYS FOR LIFE Grosses DOMESTIC (65.2%) $73,033,944 INTERNATIONAL (34.8%) $38,964,401 WORLDWIDE $111,998,345 ' These numbers just keep going up and up. 2nd Weekend should be locked up for #1 again.
  7. Biggest January Midnight Previews Ever Biggest January Opening for New Release Ever Biggest MLK Weekend Opening For New Release Ever (2nd All Time Overall Behind American Sniper Wide Release)
  8. Rumored 90 Million Budget. Great Start for Bad Boys very happy with this result to rival both "John Wick 3" and "Hobbs and Shaw" Domestically in a January Frame. This opening is also bigger than "Bad Boys II" Unadjusted. Even though it was a sequel, the whole Franchise was been revitalized.
  9. Love RDJ but pre-Iron Man/MCU I wouldn't really call him a "Huge" Draw per say, it not like he was setting the box office on fire like that. People sometimes assume Franchise success translates over to the next movie (IE: People loved him as Iron Man they'll love him as Dr. Dolittle) and history shows that's not the case. The movie still has to be good. "Dolittle" probably wasn't the best choice post "Endgame" but it's not the end of the world. It's that 175 M budget that gonna hold it back. I think RDJ can bounce back with a "Sherlock" Sequel, he needs to get on the phone with Guy Ritchie.
  10. 97% RT Audience Score, A Cinema Score, Huge MLK Weekend Opening. I started this thread 8 years ago and a majority of my points of this Franchise came to fruition. The fact that "Bad Boys" and "Bad Boys II" have been on home video for the last 20 plus years was huge boost to the anticipation for BB3. I even said this franchise was critic proof and it is but the Critics actually ended up liking the 3rd film most. This movie was highly anticipated and audiences are responding. It has a chance to open as high or better than both "Wick 3" and "Hobbs and Shaw" but they both opened Summer and this is opening during January. Anyways the movie was everything I hoped it could be and more. Bring on "Bad Boys 4" but let's not wait 17 years again this time guys, lol. Great Job Will, Martin, Jerry and both new Young Directors Adil & Bilall. Congrats to Sony on an amazing Franchise that spans 25 years. Thank You Michael Bay for starting this ride.
  11. "American Sniper" holds the record (92 3-day/110 4-day). But it was technically released the previous year limited and went Wide on MLK Weekend. Bad Boys III will have the highest opening for a film released on MLK Weekend if some of these early numbers hold up. I think "Ride Along" did 48 4-day.
  12. 23 Million OD? These Bad Boys numbers are just amazing, everything is just lining up for it after all these years and the long wait. Audiences are responding very well to the movie. Can't wait to see the final numbers but we could be looking at one of the Biggest MLK Weekends Openings of All Time.
  13. OMG 6 mill previews. Remember Bad Boys is R rated. WOM from last night is spreading. Dolittle is DOA domestically with that budget, I guess they are hoping OS saves it.
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