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  1. Going into this weekend my comparison model for "Dune" was "Blade Runner 2049". I know "Dune" isn't a sequel but a remake but there was a 1980s film just like "Blade Runner" came in the 80's. "BR2049" came early Oct 2017 to 32 Million OW. If "Dune" does 40, then that would be in line with my comparison. Factor in the Pandemic and HBO Max along with it being a more cerebral type of Sci-Fi, that's not bad at all.
  2. I actually felt that maybe "Freddy V Jason" should of gotten a sequel or Trilogy. That did very well and it's adjusted numbers are decent. I actually think "Friday the 13th" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" are both due for a comeback. 2009 "Friday the 13th" actually did pretty good for it's budget. "Nightmare on Elm Street Prequel" was OK but not the greatest. I think Freddy and Jason with a reasonable budget could both come back. But they need to learn from Halloween and release in Oct......to get those Halloween "I want to be scared" audience. I actually heard "Friday the 13th" J
  3. Hold up. Halloween Hybrid doing between 47-53? Wow. That's huge for October. This is the 12th Installment of the franchise. Does this mean we should expect some decent numbers with future Hybrids "Dune and "Matrix 4"? I mean "Dune" is very well known in sci-fi circles even though the last live action film was in the 80's. Of course Matrix was a phenomenon. Because Michael is one of the Top 3 Horror Icons Ever so people that want to see it are doing both Big Screen and small screen. I wonder will peacock release the streaming numbers.
  4. 56 actually isn't "That" Bad guys. Come on, everyone should be getting a pass in the Pandemic. Bond does skew a little older but it's also an "Action" type film so that does collide with "Venom 2" demos. I think after "Fast 9", "Black Widow", "Shang Chi" and "Venom 2" along with "Free Guy" and "Quiet Place II", I felt we did have way more successes this year than last year. "Shang Chi" is the first film in almost 2 years to finally pass "Bad Boys For Life" at the Domestic Box Office. Look we have to keep our expectations at bay during this time. Last year nothing was m
  5. Sony really has something Big with this "Venom" Anti-Hero Series. I also think they should keep the October release. It kind of works as a comic horror in a way. Once Spidey can be brought in it's even bigger gangbusters after that. I've told people that technically speaking Spidey is his OWN UNIVERSE. He doesn't need anyone else really in his films. He has plenty of cool villains and side characters. Disney only has him a few more films. I don't ever see Sony giving up the rights. Man, this is crazy that Venom, one of Spidey's wildest villains is getting his own Trilogy and it's
  6. I agree Reloaded should of been May 03 and Revolutions should of been May 04 to get them room to breathe. With that said they grossed a combined 1.1 Billion in 2003 so that's still a success. 6 Months wasn't enough time for people to fully process "Reloaded". It needed that year gap. I still think "Revolutions" drops no matter what. It's a slower film than the last two which were much more action packed. "Reloaded" was one of the most anticipated sequels in Movie History. I went to those Wednesday previews. It was sold out and even kids were sneaking in. Those Thursday Numbers we
  7. Guys cases are exploding here in the US and it's the beginning of Sept. I get it NBC doesn't want to fall behind in the streaming wars. Peacock is actually an affordable service too at about 5 bucks. They may have pressured Universal but I understand the move. I don't think they can push this back again. Plus it comes out so close to Halloween. Listen hybrid is an option for Studios right now and they rather do this than push it back. I don't think this was going to make "Halloween 2018" numbers. It's been 3 years. It was going to drop as most horror film series do. I'm sure th
  8. First the "Red Pill" and "Blue Pill" teaser was done brilliantly and they even used the old 90's website from back in the day. It was like an interactive trailer. To the point it freaked me out when the actors said the same time that was on my computer, lol. The Trailer was good and this feels like a true continuation of the Franchise. Remember this is another Version of the Matrix not the same one from before. As for Neo looking like John Wick, lol. Well I always felt John Wick was a training simulation from the Matrix so, lol. We know he was working on both around the same time.
  9. Interesting numbers. In Fairness M. Night is giving a small scale Psychological Thriller with "Old" in the summer. Normally something like that would be better suited for the fall or winter to me. Also M. Night has always been a (Love or Hate) type of filmmaker. Reviews for "Old" are mixed. But this would be his third straight #1 if he wins. "Snake Eyes" is a Legendary Character and many G.I. Joe fans love him. With that said it's still an 1980's property as far as the cartoon (Crazy He-Man and Snake Eyes came out on the same weekend, 80's overload, lol). Nostalgia can only take you
  10. Congrats to WB and Space Jam and Lebron. Look say what you want but original "Space Jam" is a Classic Movie and Soundtrack for a lot of people who grew up during that time. So we are adults now and we took our kids for this new generation. Also families needed something and this came through. Also Lebron is a very well know Sports Star. There was a NBA Finals Game this weekend too. Obviously streaming prevented a bigger OW but 31 against BW 2nd Weekend is pretty good. Everyone needs to understand. You can't "FORCE" people back to the Theater. Taking away options will
  11. Considering it's a split/hybrid release with streaming I think 80 Million for a prequel solo film during the pandemic is good. I honestly feel "Fast 9" ,"BW" and "QP II" did very well OW considering the circumstance. These films have given us a Summer Box Office. With that said my worst fears was that after OW.....legs wouldn't be the best because people are still making choices to watch their entertainment at home. Also Pre-Pandemic.....Some Fans of these Big Franchises would see the film more than once. Maybe now repeat viewings won't be a priority. What "BW" did show
  12. Well Vin was the smartest during the Pandemic by delaying Fast 9 for a year while everyone else was playing Release Date Games. Easily the biggest movie released to really try and draw people back. Yes "QPII" and "Conjuring" did good for their budgets and genre. More theaters are open now than before. People are getting out and about. But it seems "Bad Boys For Life" still holds the OW record since the Pandemic shut everything down. It did 62.5 3 Day weekend (23.6, 21.7. 17.1) in January. So that's kind of the bar I'm looking at right now. Interesting to see what is going to break
  13. Matrix Matrix: Reloaded Matrix: Revolutions Matrix: Resurrections I like it, I was hoping they'd keep the "R" subtitle. The only thing is if it's true, "Alien 4" had a similar title but I like that it's plural which signals a lot of people coming back alive again.
  14. Well that's it. "Bad Boys For Life" maintains the Domestic Crown for 2020. Sony dethrones Disney's reign for the last several years. It slipped to #3 Worldwide after Two Chinese releases came through. It's been a wild and unique year. When I started this thread 8 years ago I knew this film could be a successful sequel. Who would of thought it would come out on #1. The Pandemic changed a lot of our lives this year. Movies are no different. I'm happy Bad Boys was able to find success in this wild year. Bad Boys for life also is the lowest Domestic Winner since 1995's "Batman Forev
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