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  1. Damn....Two 90+ R-rated OW's in Sept (It: Chapter Two) and now Oct (Joker). Again Warner Bros has the Fall Season on lock. "Venom" and "Halloween" both are going down a year later. Wow. Joker is just a hugely popular character with or without Batman.
  2. Congrats to Warner Bros. I mean yes it's a 30 Million drop from Chapter One but these are horror films. 91 Million for anything R-Rated is still ridiculous and this is horror at that. With this and "Joker" incoming, Warner may rule the fall for sure.
  3. In a perfect world, of course Bay would of came back and finish the Trilogy but the movie was literally delayed for over a decade. He couldn't wait around. With that said, the new guys look like they did just fine and did catch the tone so they definitely studied Bay for sure. The Cinematography is also very consistent with the franchise. Of course there was Bayham explosions all through the trailer. This felt much more like a Teaser to bring us back to the world. I expect another trailer once we get closer to January. Also as I've said in this thread, Bad Boys Films aren't critical darlings but Fan Favorites. People have been watching these films on home video/television over and over for 20 years. I notice on social media, the Trailer is being translated all over the world. In Spanish, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and even in the Middle East. I'm liking the box office prospects. R-Rated action is making a comeback with the success of "John Wick 3". I think this trailer did it job, people are definitely excited to see Martin return to a Big Screen Blockbuster. And of course Will Smith is loved all over the world. Martin was in "Beach Bum" earlier this year but that was a small comedy. The Trailer has already crossed over 10 Million views on Will Smith page and is still trending worldwide. Martin even joined in with the fans and did his own reaction video:
  4. Will Smith posted the trailer on his youtube page and it's the #2 trending.
  5. Looks very fun just like the 1st two. Can't Wait. Welcome Back Guys. I started this thread over 7 years ago. I knew this day would come. Trending Worldwide #BADBOYSFORLIFE Here's the promo Poster:
  6. If they decide to do a part 4, I'd say: Bad Boys Forever/Bad Boys 4 Ever LOL A site that tracks trailers said it's done and has been rated so it's on the way. I'm thinking Will/Jerry Bruckhimer doesn't want to overlap to much promotion since he has 2 movies coming out before Bad Boys 3. So if this is the Trailer I expect it to also be in front of "Gemini Man".
  7. Trailer rumored to drop by Tomorrow, can't wait. Long time coming.
  8. After 3 average sequels, this actually does look like the true sequel to T2. James definitely was much more involved in this then he was last time trying to pump up "Genesys", lol. Good trailer, can't wait. It's amazing the Decade ends like a movie playlist for 70's and 80's babies. Rambo, Terminator and Star Wars.
  9. That new trailer felt like a mixture of "King of Comedy" and "Taxi Driver". It was wild. Love the way it's shot.
  10. Well Jack was nominated for the Globe for "Batman 89" playing Joker. Heath won the Globe and Oscar for "The Dark Knight" playing the Joker. "Suicide Squad" won the Oscar for hair/makeup and Jared Leto's Joker played a role in that. Joaquin is long overdue for his countless amazing performances. If he knocks it out the park, I definitely wouldn't be shocked if he gets Globe and Oscar nods. Based on that trailer, it felt like if Martin Scorsese made a comic book movie. Todd said it was influenced by several of his films and has Robert Deniro as well. They also kept he budget in check, I'm interested to see what this can do in October especially after what happen with "Venom" and "Halloween" last year.
  11. I thought "Return of the Jedi" was a great ending to the OT and "Revenge of the Sith" just hit all the right notes for me to close out the Prequels. JJ has a much harder job doing this last chapter as the opening chapter. With "Awakens" was bringing the series back after a Decade hiatus. With "TROS" he's closing out a Saga that spans mutiple generations and has been going on for over 40 years. Star Wars isn't like other franchises that were based on a book, comic or other previous source material. This franchise started on the Big Screen. I loved looking that the timeline at D23, shows how far the series has come and how great a storyteller Lucas was to come up with this story and start it middle instead of the beginning.
  12. Episode IX only has to beat "TLJ" 624 to uphold the 40 plus year Box Office Pattern of up, down, up Domestic. This isn't about beating "Endgame". With that said, "Endgame" did not beat "Awakens" Domestically despite having a 100 Million head start. Right now I think Episode IX should target "Infinity War" or "Black Panther" Domestically. 670-700. Even with "Jumanji" as competition last time, "TLJ" still managed over 620.
  13. JJ's mystery box is in full effect. He wants us all to speculate that Darth Rey is some degobah Cave Luke as Vader vision. Not gonnna be fooled. JJ specifically showed us that scene because he wants us to questioned Rey's loyalty to the Light. He's also mirroring the 3rd films of the previous Trilogies: Return of the Jedi: Luke actually taps into the Darkside to beat Vader but rejects it in front of the Emperor Revenge of the Sith: Anakin is seduced by the Darkside and becomes Vader, Obi is unable to bring him back Now again I'm not ruling out the Clone theory as Clones have been a huge part of the main series and the EU. The Clone Theory states that Palpatine basically used Anakin's or Luke's DNA to try and make the perfect Jedi/Sith Solider ala Starkiller in "The Force Unleashed". Rey could actually be a twin of Clones (One good/One Dark). Which would explain her ties to the Skywalkers without her being Luke or Leia's daughter. Again this is JJ using a mystery box but that is one of my theories. Another theory is the Emperor possess Rey on some Exorcist type stuff and uses her body which makes her Darkside. I also believe there is still hope for a Kylo redemption arc as he is technically a Skywalker with his mother being Leia.
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