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  1. This shows you that life is unpredictable and that nothing is really certain. Nobody would of predicted this. Nobody also knew the box office would take a huge hit like this out of nowhere after a great year in 2019. What's crazy is last year had so many hit movies. It was like week after week blockbuster after blockbuster. It was crazy. Well we will have to regroup and find a new way. "Tenet" finishing Top 10 worldwide for the year opening within the Pandemic isn't bad at all. Yes the domestic numbers aren't hot but I feel it was in an uphill battle to begin with. RDJ and "Dolittle" getting the last laugh with a Top 5 finish, lol. Also "The Eight Hundred" is doing gangbusters it in China.
  2. No reporting WB? Or do they want to do it in weekly numbers for a bigger total? Not surprised, last weeks numbers and headlines weren't that pretty. They had to know this was a slippery slope. Again someone had to take the risk but now with Wonder Woman moving, I realize they understand the US clearly needs more time. I guess they are hoping to leg this out with "Tenet". Good luck with that based on what we've seen. Sorry WB and Nolan I tried to be optimistic but it's not looking good. HBO Max probably needs to happen by about Thanksgiving to US Audiences.
  3. 2020 will definitely be a year to remember. Month #8 and Still On Top Worldwide and Domestic but China's "The Eight Hundred" is closing in. "Bad Boys For Life" would have to maintain for the next 3 1/2 months to win the Year overall but Domestic is looking pretty locked up. "Tenet" doesn't look to match the 204 Domestic so "Bond", "Dune" "Black Widow" and "Wonder Woman" would be the only shots domestically to win. Sadly I just don't see any blockbuster doing well in 2020. I expect all of those films to eventually move to 2021. Sony recently came out and said "Bad Boys for Life" has been a smash on streaming and home video as well. Will also announced a "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" Reunion is on the way on HBO Max for Thanksgiving time.
  4. Wow, we got some numbers? After Legacy Titles and Drive In's ruled the box office the last 6 months, we are back to numbers. 20 OW? Even with NY and LA would it have been that much better? I wonder. Oversees numbers are decent but I don't know about legs and repeat viewings in this climate. Look, the reality is box office in the US probably won't be healthy this coming year. We've had a 6 month gap of people basically not going to the movies. This is why I felt Hollywood needed to let 2020 pretty much go and look to 2021 to regroup. Now as for the whole "Streaming V Theatrical" drama. There are plenty of people who love going to the Theater and wanted to see "Tenet" but declined due to circumstances. Looking at the numbers for "Unhinged and New Mutants" makes me feel they need to hit streaming before the year is over (Though I'm happy New Mutants finally saw the light of day). I commend Nolan and WB for trying to keep Theaters going with new content but this health Crisis is bigger than Theaters. Until we get a hold of this thing, a lot of businesses are going to continue suffer. We may not see a Billion Dollar grosser for a long time. For the record though those US numbers aren't hot, "Tenet" didn't "Under-perform" we are in uncharted waters right now.
  5. Well I didn't think any more Money would be coming in 2020 but China opened up with Limited Capacity and low and behold. "Bad Boys For Life" has about a 3.2 Million OW. It's Global Total is 426. So 430 is looking good for overall. I wonder what the China Number would of been under normal circumstance. I mean the movie has been on streaming now for 5 Months. Also Congrats to "Bad Boys for Life" for holding the Domestic and Worldwide Crown for the 7th Straight Month in a row. (1/17/2020-8/17/2020)
  6. At the end of the day, "Mulan" will lose money by not having the full theatrical run because of this crisis. For the Big Blockbusters that were already made, yes 30 bucks seems high but isn't that bad to me if they are going this route and not pushing it back. If I go to a movie and get a ticket, popcorn and drink. By myself that's well over 20 bucks. A family is a whole different ballgame. Now Disney obviously is trying to recoup as much as possible because it's coming out on their streaming service. This wasn't an easy decision obviously but they didn't want to push it back any further and marketing dollars have also been spent. High budgets will eventually come down to adjust to the market if it continues to change.
  7. The "29.99" price point is something I suggested in the past. Because higher budgeted films should cost more. I also think they need to include a "Rent to Own" option eventually as well. I don't blame Disney or even Universal. for trying to get ahead of the ball Look how much money Disney made last year. Look how much money they are losing this year. Guys I personally don't think this means it's the end of Theaters. With that said, times are changing. Most of the time when these Technological changes happen, it's never overnight and takes a Decade to see full change. In the late 90's, DVD only had 1 small section in the video rental. By the late 2000's, DVD had taken over the video rental and sent VHS to extinction basically. My point is yes Theaters will have to re-imagine their model in a "Streaming" world. This isn't the 80's and 90's anymore. The average consumer is bombarded with entertainment options that they wouldn't even have to leave their homes.
  8. Oh I know it's about jumping starting Theaters. I was more looking at the gap if the US isn't ready by Labor day because we've had surges in places. There's already been plenty of articles about piracy if it's staggered released internationally. Straight to PVOD isn't going to happen, budget was too high. But after Universal's deal, I wonder about a shorter window. The deal said 17 days theatrical so about 3 week gap. Sure that probably won't be for the bigger blockbusters but it opens an avenue. As for the Vaccine, yes the good news is the whole World is working on this thing. But my point was we are dealing with the unknown. So yes I do think of the possibility we could be living with it longer. Shoot it's already been almost 7 months since the US first case, a year is around the corner.
  9. I don't see how a staggered international release for "Tenet" stops piracy. Therefor, shorten the PVOD window (2-4weeks) if they going with this decision. Again I understand Nolan was a no-go for straight to PVOD so he went with the next best option, a staggered release. I just saw the Universal report. Again this isn't about feelings, this is about reality. The Business model is changing right before our eyes. HIV/AIDS exploded when I was kid in the 80's. Here we are over 35 years later, we've learned to treat HIV but there is no cure or vaccine. We have to prepare for the idea that it's a possibility that we would be living with this longer than people think.
  10. Well it's already at 425 now which is a bar very high to reach for this climate. It's been on streaming now for about 3 months but that doesn't mean it can make some China dollars maybe. Right now I have to see because with limited capacity I don't see any film doing that great in China. With that said, Congrats to Bad Boys for being the #1 Movie domestic and Worldwide for 7 Straight Months. I wonder what the record is? "Black Panther" came in February and won the Year domestic but lost Worldwide to "Infinity War".
  11. So...."The Rise of Skywalker" is the last Billion Dollar Global grosser (Isn't that ironic) and "Bad Boys For Life" remains the highest grossing film of 2020 Domestic and Worldwide for the 7th straight month. Even if theaters reopen, I don't see them being able to go full capacity. So a Billion Dollar grosser might be a memory until a vaccine. Right now "Bad Boys III" is at 420 Million Worldwide and over 200 Million Domestic. That's the bar until further notice. This is why "Tenet" continues to be on hold, they are looking at it logically about the potential gross with limited screens and theaters open globally.
  12. This game of chicken isn't working. The Virus is winning. Move it to July 2021 and if a slot opens up earlier and things change, OK but that gives you the breathing room to make a decision instead of this 2 week, 2 week, 2 week. It was getting pointless. I'm happy they are looking at this logically as cases rise in the US. Indefinitely is the best way to go or as I said July 2021.
  13. California shutdown again. Cases rising all across the Country. Hollywood...it's probably time to get out of denial. It's not looking good and Vin Diesel and Universal handled this the smartest by just getting out of the way a whole year. Look, I know PVOD hurts overall revenue potential by not having it on the Big Screen but we are in different times. I know when I was pushing it a few months ago many felt it was too soon and too controversial but then Trolls and Scoob did it and a few others as well. Studios either need to push it all back to 2021 or just take the losses and do PVOD for 2020 for the remaining blockbusters. "Halloween" tired to ride it out and even they pushed it back. I still say you can do limited theatrical release to give people the option if they want to see it at a Drive In or limited screens. But sadly our administration here in the US hasn't handled this thing very well at all so we can probably kiss public gatherings goodbye for 2020. I mean how in the world has wearing Mask become a political statement? This whole thing is messed up but again constantly pushing blockbusters back is getting pointless. It's time to start to consider the PVOD model for the rest of this year.
  14. Yeah I'm an 80's baby so I have two decades in the last century and two decades in this one. So it's been an interesting ride. But what my parents and grandparents went through was crazy. Yeah "The Greatest Generation" had to make a lot of sacrifices during all those Wars and Great Depression. Also a decade before the 30's they had the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918-1920 so it's like we are living the 100th Anniversary of the last one. (Plus there were other biological threats during the last century.) My whole life growing up it's always been about "Nuclear War" or the threat of Nukes going off (Still a threat and issue) but the reality is "Viruses" and "Biological Organisms/Bacteria" are more of a threat to humanity than anything on this Planet. This one Virus has literally reshaped how we live our lives overnight. As for Arizona shutting down, not shocked. America wants to open so bad but we haven't done the work to have the curve drop. It's more than just bending it, it has to drop. It's like the curve bend a little and we immediately opened up instead of letting it drop all the way down before opening. But sadly this is an election year and a health crisis that effects everyone has been turn into politics.
  15. Just got the AMC and the "Tenet" news. A film about time constantly moving dates, interesting. Oh well. I guess what was left of the Summer Movie Season is officially over right there. Mid-August opening is basically summer is over. Historic moment. My 1st Summer Movie Season not seeing a movie in DECADES since I really young. Then I see "Jurassic Park, Jaws, E.T., Back to the Future and Goonies" all back on the box office charts. Then I felt like I was in some weird time warp of living in the future and past at the same time, lol. There will be a books, movies, mini series etc made about the times we are living in the future.
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