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  1. OK, I feel you and no I wouldn't pay that either, lol. My limit is about 30 bucks.
  2. If "Endgame" or "Rise of Skywalker" was in this situation, people would pay 49.99 to see it. People pay more to watch Boxing or Wrestling matches.
  3. Yeah I think 19.99 that "Trolls" and "Scoob" charged is too low for "Tenet" (Plus the budget was huge). 24.99-29.99 is the range they should look at. 24.99 (2 Day Rental) 29.99 (3 Day Rental)
  4. Again it's probably going to lose either way the question is finding the right revenue route to keep everyone happy. I'm not on the "Straight to VOD" route, but I'm not ruling out that a quicker VOD release window after a theatrical release should be considered. There will be some moviegoers that want to see it on the Big Screen but because of pre-existing conditions they won't go. That's different because that wasn't a factor before, it's a factor now. Also people with family members with those conditions or elderly. So I think all options should be on the table.
  5. I was just talking about this in the Nolan thread. 29.99 VOD x 5 Million purchases = 150 Million. 50 Bucks may be a little high but I could see people spending 30 for a new release. During the Blockbuster Video days, a New Release rental was way more than the regular rental. Again we are in uncharted waters. I'm unsure how movies are going to do with Limited capacity and social distancing guidelines when theaters open. Also there will be a segment of the population that will not rush back. Not to mention families got to see both "Trolls" and "Scoob" from home so families may also take a wait and see approach.
  6. The New Trailer is very good guys. I've thought about this over and over again. I love going to the movies, always will. But WB and Nolan may need to think this through. I say Limited "Theatrical Release" like a few weeks and then charge a huge VOD price. Like 25 or 30 bucks. Guys if theaters reopen they will have to follow Social Distancing guidelines that means "Limited Capacity". I'm sorry but this will lose money no matter what. Pushing it back to next year will lose the hype the movie has right now. I know this is hard for Nolan...this Pandemic is not his fault but pushing it back to the Winter isn't good either. It's so crowded now. I know "VOD" is a dirty word to theater owners and film heads like myself. But the reality is we just don't know if people will "Rush" back. Sure some will take the risk but not everyone will. This is a very abnormal Summer Blockbuster season. Would I pay 29.99 VOD for it? Yes I would. WB and Nolan need to keep every option on the table.
  7. 1 Batman Forever $184,031,112 2,893 $184,031,112 Jun 16 Warner Bros. 2 Apollo 13 $172,071,312 2,347 $172,071,312 Jun 30 Universal Pictures 3 Toy Story $146,198,683 2,574 $191,796,233 Nov 22 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 4 Pocahontas $139,213,552 2,757 $141,579,773 Jun 16 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 5 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls $103,970,943 2,705 $108,385,533 Nov 10 Warner Bros. 6 Casper $100,328,194 2,757 $100,328,194 May 26 Universal Pictures 7 Die Hard with a Vengeance $92,731,700 2,579 $100,012,499 May 19 Twentieth Century Fox 8 Crimson Tide $91,387,195 2,514 $91,387,195 May 12 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 9 GoldenEye $91,349,839 2,667 $106,429,941 Nov 17 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 10 Waterworld $88,246,220 2,420 $88,246,220 Jul 28 Universal Pictures 23 Bad Boys $65,807,024 2,132 $65,807,024 Apr 7 Sony Pictures Releasing Ironically the original "Bad Boys" came out this year and was #23 Domestic. "Bad Boys II" was #11 Domestic in 2003. Again it's been a long time since 200 Domestic was the bar but it's cool to look at this list. I was only 15 years old in 1995 and guess what, I saw every single one of these movies on the Big Screen but "Ace Ventura 2". Yes I saw "Casper" and till this day I think "Waterworld" is underrated. I loved it watching it. I understand why it bombed but it was a decent Sci-Fi film and I loved the world building. "Die Hard" and "Apollo 13" was so good watching on the Big Screen. I was disappointed in "Batman Forever" at the time because of no Michael Keaton but I loved the soundtrack so much. Watching "Toy Story" was awesome, I had no idea that was the beginning of the 3D Animation Revolution but it's crazy to look the last 2D Animated film to win the year was "Hercules" in 97. I loved the Blockbuster Diversity of the 80's and 90's. Check out this special features preview for the Home Entertainment Release of "Bad Boys for Life". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svavi08cAWY
  8. Right now it seems April-July is going to be effected most. Also we can't lose sight that the after effects could still cause major problems for the box office. Without a vaccine or treatment, people will still be cautious and paranoid of going to public places. So even if the Theater opens back up it doesn't mean people will flock back and everything will come back to normal. So yes 200 Million Domestic will be very hard to beat in this situation. Even 400 + Worldwide will be hard as well. Fast 9, Black Widow and Minions are all delayed. Those are huge blockbusters. "Wonder Woman 84" is on a thin thread waiting to see if things get better. It's been a long time since 200 Million Domestic was the bar but here we are.
  9. "BAD BOYS FOR LIFE" COMING TO VOD (VIDEO ON DEMAND) MARCH 31st. Due to the unprecedented Health Outbreak happening Worldwide. "Bad Boys For Life" will be heading to Home Entertainment much sooner than normal. Sony announces it will release Hit Blockbuster on March 31st. "Bad Boys For Life" remains the Highest Grossing Film of 2020 Domestically and Worldwide. Be the 1st to watch it from the comfort of your homes on March 31st.
  10. In the weekend thread I called for theaters to temporarily shut down for about 2 weeks. Now there are reports they are shutting down for 3 months. I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime people. I think Blockbusters to VOD might be a new model for the future if fears keep people out of the theater even after this is eventually over. I knew this day was coming eventually. Studios will have to adjust and VOD may be a way to recoup some of these dollars. I do not blame Universal or now WB. Now I'm not in the "Black Widow Disney Plus" camp. They spent too much money, they can wait this out but if we get to August and things aren't looking better than I wouldn't fully rule it out. As for the price, look back in the day, you would spend 20 dollars on a Friday Night at blockbuster or Hollywood video very easy. Yes you could get several titles but the point is 20 dollars isn't that bad considering the average movie goer pays that easy after concessions going to the movies. Yes nothing will replace the Theater experience but plenty of people would be fine with watching new Blockbusters in the comfort of their homes. Also there could be a situation where people have "VOD New Release Parties". Very similar to Pay Per View Boxing or Wrestling where people chip in and everyone watches it.
  11. Look I agree about what happen, the alarm should of been sounded stronger a few months ago in January, I can't control that this Administration made the decisions they did. My point is about the reality now and it's clear now more and more people will stay away from Theaters, why lose more money? Just take a small pause and wait and see approach the new few weeks. "Onward" 2nd weekend definitely was effected by this as well as the rest of the box office. It will only get worst in the next few weeks. All new release could be effected. I believe in our freedom of choice but if it' a national emergency, we have to adapt and take precautions. I mean just look at the numbers overall this week now imagine a bigger drop next week. Major cities are already announcing Theater closings.
  12. They are saying these number are the worst in 20 years. That's it, theater chains need to shut it down. Take the losses now and rebound hopefully when this outbreak calms down. I know people are concerned about their "Freedoms", I get it, I'm an American. But look at how the public sector is responding. Kids are all out of school. People are telling their jobs they have to take off. People being in large crowds will only fuel this outbreak. When a outbreak is happening you have to make adjustments quickly or it can get worst. We have plenty of Home Entertainment for people to stay at home. In the 80's we would of only had VHS tapes, TV and Nintendo games. Look at what people have now? Entertainment won't be an issue during this possible Country wide shutdown. Movies are only gonna lose more money, shut it down. So far major cities today will be announcing a shutdown of theaters.
  13. Guys I've never seen anything like this in my entire lifetime. I tracked box office for decades and never seen anything like this. The entire Country is slowly shutting down. Other Countries globally are as well. Honestly, I'm shocked these films got the numbers they got. Considering what's going on, "I still believe" and "Bloodshot" making what they made isn't too bad. I expect more and more bad drops as people stay away from public places. This whole situation feels like the beginning of those sci fi Apocalypse films come life. I do not blame Universal and MGM for moving Fast 9 and Bond. I also won't blame Disney is they eventually shut down "Black Widow" like they did "Mulan" and "New Mutants". I understand they want to keep a wait and see approach because of the slot but this is wild. "Bad Boys For Life" could be the highest grossing film of the year for a very long time if this keep up.
  14. Yeah seeing Bond move was huge, this outbreak is probably gonna hurt the box office this year sadly. I don't see a 200 Million Domestic Grosser for a while either. "Black Widow" on paper should do it but we don't know how far this outbreak will go. As of right now "Bad Boys For Life" is the Highest Grossing Film of 2020 Domestically and Worldwide. Sonic might of gotten the last bit of boost before the outbreak because more people will be avoid public places if this increases.
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