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  1. Why are people or some MCU fans saying Sony is being "Greedy"? They had the character originally and it's their biggest IP at the Box Office. Disney and Sony are both major studios. Disney isn't some indie studio struggling for funds. I don't like the narrative trying to paint Sony as the bad guy when they are just doing what's right for their studio business.
  2. Wow, crazy movie news today all around. Look this is business guys. Spiderman is literally Sony's Top franchise. 6 of the their Top 10 Domestic grossing films are Spidey titles. Maybe they just want to keep majority stake in the franchise. Sony obviously feels they can survive this and make a Spidey Universe after the success of "Venom" and "Spidey-Verse" winning an Oscar.. Feel bad for the MCU Fans but again this is business. I expect a "Spiderman Vs Venom" film to also be eventually greenlit because of this news. Wow, I can't believe the deal fell apart. I'm hearing Tom is still signed on for 2 more films so they can still keep the Trilogy together it's just they will be working on it now.
  3. "Lion King" just continues to roar, Though it didn't sell as many tickets as the original domestically, it clearly putting up huge dollars 25 years later. "Hobbs & Shaw" numbers would be just fine if they didn't drop a boatload on that budget. Therefor these domestic numbers are looking a little lukewarm to me. This was a spinoff not a movie in the main franchise so I wasn't expected as Big as F&F films but lowest domestic total since "Tokyo Drift" isn't really where I saw it. Worldwide is still pretty healthy for the franchise with China on the horizon should finish 5th overall WW in the franchise. They should of kept the budget much more manageable than what's been reported.
  4. Congrats to Spidey for finally crossing a Billi, it's been a long time coming but I guess that Post-Endgame bump paid off. Also Congrats to Will, The Cast and even Guy Ritchie for also taking "Aladdin" further than any anticipated. This also shows how Audiences can really drive a project regardless of Haters, Internet Chatter or Critical Reviews. To me "Aladdin" is the surprise of the Summer. TS4 will make more than TS3 so there's the silver lining in that. Endgame has the record so give props were props is due.....with that said I foresee James re-releasing "Avatar" one last time before "Avatar 2" drops. Disney is having a Legendary year again after last year but to their credit they had the titles this summer that audiences really wanted to see. QT did just fine, those numbers are in line with his career (Actually better than average). He tapped into that Adult audience like he always does. Should do over 100 with no problems. As for the King of the Jungle. I think it's doing very well. 600 could be tough with that drop but over 500 should be a lock at this point. Lastly I think "Crawl" and "Annabelle" aren't doing too bad at all considering both budgets were really in check. Well let's see what Rock, Jason and Idris can do this weekend.
  5. "Top Gun" was the #1 movie of 1986. It only had a 15 Million budget. It's Tom's #1 movie Adjusted 1 Top Gun Par. $432,752,800 $179,800,601 5/16/86
  6. Imagine being an 80's kid and thinking, "Is there ever gonna be a sequel?". 34 years later. Wow. Definitely following the sequel rules bringing back Tom and Val. I thought it looked really good. Tony would be proud. Also Did Tom learn to fly a jet? LOL.
  7. It's all over the net. The album drops the same day as the movie. I read she's only on 3 songs on the official soundtrack. I guess it's not shocking she would have an "Whole" Lion King album with her stardom as a singer. But yes it drops Midnight tonight as people will be coming out of Preview showings, the album will be released.
  8. "Aladdin" also got average reviews but the audience propelled to one of the biggest films of the year and summer. "Lion King" as a brand is basically critic proof. Expect gangbusters plus Beyonce is doing a "Side" album outside of the soundtrack that drops tonight. The original still ranks Top 20 All Time Adjusted domestic gross. Not to mention they are dropping this on the 25th Anniversary as well. 20 The Lion King BV $803,209,300 $422,783,777 1994^
  9. 39.2? Ok so about TASM OD Adjusted? (It did 35 Million in 2012). Also let's keep it real guys, it's a Tuesday and they changed the release dates when it was scheduled for the 5th for most of the year. The move was smart too by the way as Transfomers DOM, Spidey 2 and TASM all had solid openings. Wow, TFA's 1st Tuesday was crazy at 37.3. I think that's a pretty solid OD, let's see how it holds over the next 2 days.
  10. The last reports I saw was like you guys 12/13, one week before TROS. Then the trailer said "This Christmas" which normally is reserved for films a little closer in date though Two Weeks is in the area. TROS is 4 days before Christmas eve, so "This Christmas" made sense for that tag. That's why I thought it moved.
  11. That was a pretty good increase that EG got this weekend and I do understand Disney a little with his move, they are so close but people are underestimating just how big "Avatar" was back in 2009. Even the re-release came 8 months later that next year but still added some dollars because of the bonus footage. Again I didn't see this "bonus" Footage being the tiebreaker. So though yes I see a small boost, 26 Million is hard when the movie is about to be on home video and is on the way out. Disney should of waited for a re-release later for that boost. Is Aladdin every gonna stop? Lord. TS4 is still ahead of TS3 for now, let's see what the Holiday does for it.
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