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  1. Not going to go into detail but I thoroughly enjoyed TLJ I’m IN 1.4-1.5b WW
  2. Just out of curiosity. Who is this guy? I feel like I’ve seen him before but can’t recall at this moment.
  3. Fantastic footage. That shot with all the Star Destroyers is beautiful. Love that part with Kylo walking towards camera and igniting his saber. And dark Rey! Oh BABY! I think it’s part of a force vision that Rey has at some point in the movie but we’ll see.
  4. Connery will always be #1 for me. Followed by Brosnan, Craig, Moore, Dalton then Lazenby. I just want this one to be a good send off for Craig
  5. Generally, the only foreign films I enjoy watching are of the action variety; like The Raid and Raid 2. I prefer if they’re dubbed though.
  6. I don’t think we’re going to hear anything about any other movies(whether from B&W or RJ) until after TRoS has had the bulk of its run. Probably won’t get any “official” news until next years Celebration.
  7. Let me know when Tyrese co-headlines a movie that does even remotely close to 180m WW opening lol
  8. Murell is great! I never miss an episode of Charting with Dan that he does every Monday. The guy really does his research when it comes to box office. Going to see H&S in a couple of hours.
  9. HOT TAKE! The first movie was NEVER about dudes racing cars. Also, I think they should have brought back Giselle rather than Leti lol
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