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  1. I Care A lot - really enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. I think everything about it was really well done. Pike knocked it out of the park. Resident Alien - think this is really good as well. It’s not as goofy as I thought it would be; instead it has a nice mix of smart humor with solid dramatic story lines. Superman and Lois - 3 for 3 lol. I quite enjoyed the first episode. Loved that part in the beginning with the car and his homemade outfit. My wife, who has never watched a single episode of any previous CW show, watched with me and liked it as well. So much so that she watched episode 2 last night without me! Lol
  2. You can tell this was filmed not long after KotM. Looks just like that movie in its colors, cinematography and overall feel. I enjoyed KotM so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this all the same. Definitely gonna see this in theaters though.
  3. Finally watched the first part of season 5 of Lucifer Love this show. Everyone involved does a great job with their characters. Looking forward to the second half of the season.
  4. I really enjoy tennis as well, although I kind of dropped off a bit the last couple of years. Think I got a little burned out on it always being the Sarina, Nadal, Federa and Djokavic show lol It was nice to see some other women break through and win the majors
  5. WW84 - It was OK at best. The whole Trevor thing was just weird. Don’t know why he couldn’t have just reappeared instead of taking over another mans mind and body. The story was pretty weak and the villains get away without any repercussions. Pascal was by far the best thing in the movie though. B-
  6. I’m really curious to see how this does OW. What are we thinking? Over Tenet? Or not enough theaters at this point?
  7. 100% on Cruise’s side for this. He’s talking about people’s lively hoods here. The production of this movie employs hundreds of people; and not just in NA but in other countries as well. I also got the sense that this isn’t the first time something had to be said about following Covid protocol on set. Cruise just finally had enough and couldn’t take it anymore lol
  8. Not to mention the Broncos having to play with a practice squad receiver at QB today against the Saints today. Who Dat!
  9. 1. WTF Kevin Cash?! You’re in a win or go home situation against the best team in baseball. You gotta throw that analytical BS out the window and use your damn eyes. Snell was dealing. Leave him in there until he at least gives up one run. If you want to take him out then, fine. 2. How the hell was Turner even remotely allowed to go back out on the field? Not a good look at all.
  10. Finished Raised by Wolves. Good, really interesting show. Looking forward to see where it goes next. Started The Boys season 2. I’ve watched the first 5 episodes. Not quite as good as S1, but considering I thought S1 was AWESOME, it’s still pretty damn good lol. Don’t care much for the Deep’s side story but everything else is great.
  11. Go Braves!! I’ll be a Braves fan for the next few days lol I hope they beat the crap out of the Dodgers. Looking good so far.
  12. Just finished watching Daybreak in Netflix. Thought it was really good. I liked how it starts out being all goofy and fun for a few episodes then gets more serious for a couple episodes before bringing it home with a big, goofy fun ending. And I didn’t see the very end coming which was a cool little twist that clearly sets up a second season. Next I think I’ll start watching Raised by Wolves. Haven’t started The Boys S2 yet.
  13. It’s an actual megalomaniacal villain who wants to kill millions of people! With a lair! Sweet
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