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  1. It looks like a sleeker, more advanced T-800 with the liquid metal terminator surrounding it. Hence the reason it can separate into two distinct terminators. It’s fine. Hamilton and Arnie look good though.
  2. I liked it. Looks good. I’ll give it a shot since it’s based off a story idea that came directly from Cameron
  3. Until proven otherwise, I’m sticking with my 210/700/1.4b+ predict.
  4. Yea, this movie was awesome. It’s now my favorite of the three. I’ll go 3>1>2 That middle action sequence with Berry was great; mostly because she got to kick ass and the dogs were awesome lol Loved seeing Mark Dacascus(so?) in this playing a fairly significant role and kicking ass as well. That guy should have been a much bigger star than he is. Definitely looking forward Wars to the next one.
  5. Right now I’ve got TROS doing something like 210/680, which I think is fairly reasonable.
  6. She still had both halves of the saber, as well as the crystal, at the end of TLJ. So in between the movies she repairs it. Luke’s green saber doesn’t hold the same symbolic importance that Anakin’s does. That cover for the Art of TROS is great. Can’t wait to read it. Loved the one for TLJ.
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