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  1. I’m gonna stick to my guns and say EP 9 sees a slight increase over TLJ.
  2. OUT Alladin - 230-260m TS4 - 360-380 Pets2 - 280-310 TLK - 650-670
  3. While I enjoyed the first movie for the most part, there were parts that I found to be a bit on the dull side. This one looks a whole lot better and so much more interesting and exciting. Also, I think Depp looks great and I look forward to seeing how Law does as Dumbledore.
  4. junkshop36

    Monday Numbers

    Sorry, the way it read it seemed like you were talking about Venom. My bad
  5. junkshop36

    Monday Numbers

    Venom isnt R rated but there is a difference in the audience
  6. I liked pretty much everything about this “trailer” except for that terrible wig lol Other than that, I’m sold.
  7. Just saw these from a couple of the Collider YT guys. I’m just interested to see if it’s bad bad or bad good.
  8. I’m not really big on biopics but both this and Bohemian Rhapsody look really good, plus, I grew up listening to Queen and Elton so that helps lol
  9. They just played 3 different tv spots during the last commercial break during the Monday night game. Looks ok
  10. junkshop36

    Anyone else just get AMC Stubs A-List?

    I upgraded my stubs membership to A-list about a month ago. I’ve used it a couple times and my wife used it once to go see a movie with some friends. I still have to purchase one or two extra tickets depending on if it’s just me and my son or all three of us go, so we still try to go to early showings when it’s just $5 a ticket or $5 Tuesdays. I’d love to see them come out with some type of family plan or multi ticket plan.
  11. The International trailer is even better! I think this looks really good. Certainly better than the last two Bayformers lol
  12. So, basically, a remake of X3 with aliens tacked on? That last part sounds completely random as if it was thrown in from another movie description. I’ll see what the trailer has to offer but I’m not all that excited for it after Apocalypse

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