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  1. IN TLK - $730 EG - 675 E9 - 640 FROZEN2 - 550
  2. Filming doesn’t wrap until the end of this month so I wouldn’t expect a title drop until after that. First trailer at Celebration 2nd trailer during half time of a Monday night football game in late October/early November. TV spots will start about 2 weeks out from release, give or take. Some where in there we’ll get a behind the scenes video and the usual Vanity Fair article with photos and interviews.
  3. Looks absolutely, gloriously over the top FANTASTIC!!! Cant wait
  4. YES YES YES!! More of John Wick kicking ass. He shot a guy in the face while riding a horse. I don’t need to see anymore lol
  5. junkshop36

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1.Star Wars Episode9 2.John Wick 3 3.End Game 4.Godzilla:King of Monsters 5.Toy Story 4 6.Captain Marvel 7.Glass 8.Us 9.Spidey: Far from Home 10.Shazam
  6. Personally, I think they should have just brought Campbell back and let him bookend Craig’s run as Bond.
  7. I actually think it looks pretty good but I don’t see it doing too well. I don’t think the GA is going to connect with it. OS will probably save it some though.
  8. Christmas shopping has always affected box office at this time of year; specifically the weekends prior to the holiday because everyone’s still doing last minute planning and shopping. After that the legs kick in.
  9. Main problem I had was not caring one bit about any characters other than the main 4. And even then, I hated what they did with Queenie and Jacob.

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