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  1. Finished Raised by Wolves. Good, really interesting show. Looking forward to see where it goes next. Started The Boys season 2. I’ve watched the first 5 episodes. Not quite as good as S1, but considering I thought S1 was AWESOME, it’s still pretty damn good lol. Don’t care much for the Deep’s side story but everything else is great.
  2. Go Braves!! I’ll be a Braves fan for the next few days lol I hope they beat the crap out of the Dodgers. Looking good so far.
  3. Just finished watching Daybreak in Netflix. Thought it was really good. I liked how it starts out being all goofy and fun for a few episodes then gets more serious for a couple episodes before bringing it home with a big, goofy fun ending. And I didn’t see the very end coming which was a cool little twist that clearly sets up a second season. Next I think I’ll start watching Raised by Wolves. Haven’t started The Boys S2 yet.
  4. It’s an actual megalomaniacal villain who wants to kill millions of people! With a lair! Sweet
  5. My buddy, who’s in the bubble, has been texting me stuff about the players and some of the shit that some of them are doing in there. Let’s just say, they wouldn’t want it getting out lol!
  6. Finally watched The Boys season one. Loved it. A friend of mine had been bugging me for months to watch it lol. Can’t wait for season 2 now. Started watching Umbrella Academy. I’m enjoying it; not as much as The Boys but still good. It’s more character and story driven than I thought which is fine. I just thought there would be a little more action and powers being used than there has been but the characters are generally so interesting and well written and acted that I’ve been ok with it. I’ve got three episodes left and I’m looking forward to see what happens.
  7. We’ll see how Basketball goes. So far it seems to be working. Also, they have started playing some games, they just don’t count yet. My buddy, who’s in the bubble, already worked a game and has another one tonight. I have no idea how footballs going to work. Waaaaay more contact and close proximity going on there. They’ve already had a handful of players opt out; so we’ll see.
  8. Welp, gonna be a loooong 60 games for my Giants lol. Thankfully it’s not 162. The offense just isn’t there and the back end of the bullpen is a huge question mark. Also, with no minor league season and Posey opting out, Bart should be playing. Even if he’s not your starter, he should be getting at bats and catching some games.
  9. Not sure. I’ll have to ask him. I don’t think they’re letting them leave the hotel except to work for the most part. He did say that they might let them go one night to Star Wars Galaxies. He’s in a temporary hotel right now. He goes Monday to the hotel where all the players will be.
  10. My buddy left yesterday to go to Orlando and his hotel where he’ll be staying, along with the players, for the next couple months. He works on the production side of things and he said was told that they’ll get to see Black Widow early as well; not just the players. He’s not some die hard MCU fan but he does enjoy the movies so I’m interested to see what he thinks about.
  11. So I finally watched Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. WOW! Such a good movie. Highly entertaining, fun, funny and emotional. Probably the best Spider-Man movie to date. Can’t wait for the sequel.
  12. Loved Star Wars pod racer. Played it a lot when it came out.
  13. Streaming movies and tv shows without paying a monthly fee for a streaming service or cable is pretty easy. Buy a Firestick. Plug it into your tv, change a couple settings, download a couple apps and BOOM, your good to go.
  14. Watched Knives Out for a second time. My wife watched it with me for the first time. She thought it was really good. I decided to start watching Star Trek: Discovery season 2. I’m enjoying it a lot more than season 1 and Picard.
  15. Watched through season 1 of Upload. Really enjoyed it. Hope they don’t drag it out too long though. I tend to get bored with with whatever the central mystery is once it starts going past the second season lol
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