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  1. Streaming movies and tv shows without paying a monthly fee for a streaming service or cable is pretty easy. Buy a Firestick. Plug it into your tv, change a couple settings, download a couple apps and BOOM, your good to go.
  2. Watched Knives Out for a second time. My wife watched it with me for the first time. She thought it was really good. I decided to start watching Star Trek: Discovery season 2. I’m enjoying it a lot more than season 1 and Picard.
  3. Watched through season 1 of Upload. Really enjoyed it. Hope they don’t drag it out too long though. I tend to get bored with with whatever the central mystery is once it starts going past the second season lol
  4. Hmmm..... 1. ESB 2. ANH 3. TFA 4. ROTJ 5. ROTS 5. TLJ 7. TROS 8. RO 9. Mandalorian 10. AOTC 11. TPM 12. CLONE WARS 13. REBELS whoops, I forgot about Mandalorian season 1.
  5. I think the NFL will get started on time just without as much of the preseason. Maybe they play one preseason game instead of 4. Sure, maybe the first couple games will be a little sloppy but it’ll be fine. They can do it with no fans or maybe a very limited number of them in attendance. Pretty sure they’ll set tv viewership records lol
  6. Got through the first season of Killing Eve, the 7th season of Brooklyn 9–9 and started watching the first season of Future Man. Currently watching TRoS for like the 4th or 5th time(yes, I like it). Looking forward to watching that Extraction movie on Netflix
  7. Just today the number of positive cases of covid19 in Louisiana went from 347 this AM to 392 as of an hour ago.
  8. Louisiana closed all schools for the next month but they’re actually going to be out for longer because of Easter break as well. Also. There’s a person in the hospital I work at that tested positive and isn’t doing to good. Only 45 years old. That’s my age!
  9. I’m looking forward to seeing this. My wife actually said she’d go see it with me and she doesn’t like scary/horror movies at all. There’s a shot in the trailer that I think gives away how he’s making himself invisible so I’m interested to see if I’m right or not. We’ll see.
  10. Ford just did an interview where he says that he’s going to start filming Indy5 in a couple of months; so we’ll see.
  11. I responded to a post on Twitter about BoPs weekend and how the combination of VD and Presidents’ Day helped to keep it from dropping harder than it would have. The guys response to me was..... Good bye Then another guy told me that I just don’t “get it” when it comes to box office, and that it’s -48% drop is really good because its a holiday and people are really busy traveling and stuff. LOL!!! Denial. Not just a river in Egypt
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