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  1. junkshop36

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1.Star Wars Episode9 2.John Wick 3 3.End Game 4.Godzilla:King of Monsters 5.Toy Story 4 6.Captain Marvel 7.Glass 8.Us 9.Spidey: Far from Home 10.Shazam
  2. Personally, I think they should have just brought Campbell back and let him bookend Craig’s run as Bond.
  3. I actually think it looks pretty good but I don’t see it doing too well. I don’t think the GA is going to connect with it. OS will probably save it some though.
  4. Christmas shopping has always affected box office at this time of year; specifically the weekends prior to the holiday because everyone’s still doing last minute planning and shopping. After that the legs kick in.
  5. Main problem I had was not caring one bit about any characters other than the main 4. And even then, I hated what they did with Queenie and Jacob.
  6. Just saw a tv spot for this on FX. Movie looks good. There was a line from Cena in there that was funny but there was also a line from Optimus that I thought was kind of a spoiler. Would have rather heard that in the theater. Oh well
  7. Good teaser. Like that it focused squarely on the characters and the emotional side of things. Still, didn’t increase my hype or desire to see the movie. I was there whether they showed footage or not lol.
  8. Great trailer. Loved that they expanded on the Grandma punching scene. Lol The blue and red suit looks cool and de-aged Jackson looks great! Im hyped to see this and know nothing about this character
  9. junkshop36

    Lowest grossing 2018 release you’ve seen

    In theaters - Upgrade Overall - Gringo
  10. Well, looks like the Lion King lol Sarcasm aside, this is gonna crush next year.

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