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  1. Finally watched this. I don’t know what the problem is, I thought it was quite good. I know nothing about these characters but I enjoyed all of them for the most part. Not enough Ajak though. It does slow down a bit in the middle but it was fine and I loved the whole third act. Id say a solid B+ overall
  2. To me, any big blockbuster hyped movie will do just fine going forward. It’s everything else that’s going to struggle at theaters. We saw NWH the first Monday, we just went to an early showing so it wasn’t too crowded. And we saw The King’s Man it’s second weekend but of coarse there wasn’t but a few people in there lol
  3. Don’t really know why I started watching it, because I’ve never watched a single episode of Dexter, but I’m 5 episodes into Dexter: New Blood and damn is it good lol. Hopefully it finishes strong. We’ll see.
  4. Gotta say, I quite enjoyed this movie. Thought it was better than the second one. The only real negative I have is the length. They could have cut about 15-20 minutes off it, especially the first half. It dragged a bit but once they faced off with Rasputin it picked up for me and got really good. The no man’s land scene in this was great(better than WW for me) and damn did I not see his son’s death coming. My wife was like, “oh damn!” lol B+
  5. Ehh Im gonna have to watch this again but my initial impression is just kind of meh The action is really weak compared to the previous three movies. I found the ending to be especially disappointing. The editing and camera work was not very good and some of the CGI was not very good looking and was pretty obviously CG. It felt like a bunch of really cool ideas that just never quite fully come together.
  6. Man, I would pay good money to sit and see the first couple of episodes every SW show that comes out in a theater for my first viewing. That shit would be awesome!
  7. Just got out from seeing it. Overall, I enjoyed it but didn’t think it was amazing or anything. The first part felt like it dragged a bit and took a little too long to get going. Where it finally picked up for me was after Peter got the box from Strange. Everything after that was really good. Tobey and Garfield did a really good job. There interactions with each other and Holland was a definite highlight. Electro, Doc Ock and Goblin were all great but I felt Sandman and The Lizard were a bit underused. Also, I didn’t understand Sandman’s motivation to help Electro
  8. I really enjoyed the first movie and was looking forward to what came next; and then I watched CoG. Man was I disappointed in that movie and it made me not really care about what was coming next. However, after watching this trailer I think I’m back in lol. It just looks a lot better than I thought it would. I’m hopeful that’s the case. What happened to Waterston? Was she not available for the movie or something?
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