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  1. Really liking what I'm seeing from this so far. Looks like it will have a nice mix of humor and seriousness like the first one did.
  2. I’m down for any movie staring the Rock and Emily Blunt. It looks like a lot of fun. This will be the first movie of the summer that I’ll be seeing in theaters.
  3. This felt like two different movies for me. This first 2 acts were like a 8/10 while the 3rd act was more of a 6/10. They should have stuck with the overall tone of the first 2 acts for the whole movie just slightly ramped up a bit in the 3rd act with a bad ass fight between Natasha and Taskmaster. Now that I think about it, they were clearly foreshadowing the whole ending on the floating base by having Natasha watching Moonraker early in the movie lol.
  4. The Tomorrow War - B+ Over all I thought it was a solidly entertaining movie. Most of it centers around Pratt and his daughter character wise. Most of the other characters are fairly one dimensional but it was fine as they were mostly meant to be supportive characters. The action was pretty good, especially the sequence after they first time travel and the big sequence at the base in the middle of the ocean. The design of the aliens was pretty cool as well.
  5. I’m not a big horror guy but this looks REALY good to me. I enjoyed the first so I’m down for this.
  6. I’m always up for more Indy. I liked the opening sequence of Skull(yes, including the fridge lol). For me, the middle of the movie is kind of dull and the end was underwhelming. I enjoyed the jungle sequence and the fight in the middle of the “big damn ants!”
  7. Army of the Dead - B- I liked the opening sequence and the 3rd act action was pretty fun but that WHOOOLE middle part was long and dragged. Also, all that in focus/out of focus blurry back ground stuff was kind of annoying.
  8. Finished Resident Alien. Really enjoyed the show. Everyone does a great job with their characters. A Without Remorse - Fairly decent action/thriller. Nothing I’d ever feel the need to rewatch though. B- Mortal Kombat!!! Lol. It was ok. Dialogue and acting was pretty mediocre. Fight scenes were mostly good. The best ones were the first and last fights. B- Patiently waiting for Superman and Lois to come back on lol
  9. This looks like the most bat shit coocoo for Cocoa Puffs crazy thing ever and I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT TO SEE IT!! Lol
  10. No Time to Die- really liked the trailer and I’m hoping Craig can go out on a more positive note F9 - It looks bat shit crazy and I’m there for it lol MI7 - Loved the last two so definitely looking forward to this
  11. Saw Nobody today. Good movie. Nice mix of action and light comedy. Odenkirk did a great job and Loyd was awesome in his role. Took a little longer for the action to kick in than I thought it would but it was a solid set up and once it does kick off it’s a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind seeing this character on screen again
  12. Pretty much looks like what an R rated James Gunn action/comedy would look like. I did think that a couple of the jokes didn’t quite land but I still laughed/chuckled a couple of times. King Shark is going to be the big breakout character.
  13. Just get the damn movie out already! Lol I’ve actually really been looking forward to this. Oh well
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