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  1. I still think it can do 300m DOM and 700+ WW, which would be perfectly fine and pretty much guarantee a 3rd movie.
  2. Saw it earlier today. Really enjoyed it. Just a fun, entertaining movie. Craig was great. Loved the accent. Would definitely love to see him play this character again.
  3. There is very clearly early concept art from TFA showing DS2 wreckage submerged underwater as well as Rey(Kira at the time) swimming down to Palps throne room. It’s in the art of book for TFA with text talking about story ideas they had early on regarding the Death Star and what Rey was looking for. So, obviously they had thought about it. Maybe early on in TFA development they changed their minds. Personally, I don’t think they intended for this to be the end when they first started working on the trilogy; but after what went down following TLJ, Iger and KK probably just said fuck it! Let’s end this thing so we can get away from the Skywalker story and just start fresh lol.
  4. I had a feeling this was coming after they signed that giant Netflix deal. Also, after what went down with the last season of GoT, I bet KK started having second thoughts about sticking with these guys.
  5. If TRoS opens above TLJ then I’ll be pleasantly surprised as I’ve had it opening below TLJ for quite some time now. The difference being that it would have better legs and therefore out gross TLJ in the end both DOM and WW.
  6. love that they’ve got an advert for the tickets being in sale right behind the hitters for everyone watching to see as well
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