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  1. Congrats @Keanu for winning! It doesn't change 1st place but @AndyLL, you put in the wrong number for Aladdin (should be 4.09 instead of 2.6).
  2. @TalismanRing obliterated competition this week! Congrats on a great score! Also congrats to last two weeks winners @Exxdee and @Bates!
  3. Should've stuck with my lower earlier prediction for TS4! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning once again!
  4. Damn, that DP drop and that Shaft opening! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning!
  5. That was close! Congrats to everyone who did well!
  6. Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning! Fotofinish there for second place!
  7. Really underestimated Aladdins potential, but seems like most people did. Congrats @Exxdee for winning!
  8. Derby Killer strikes again! Congrats @Sheikh for winning!
  9. A weekend all over the place due to its massive number one. Congrats @POTUS 2020 for winning this historical weekend!
  10. Some really unexpected drops this week (at least for me)! Congrats @BobDole for winning!
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