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  1. I don't know why I predicted The Prodigy to be that low... Congrats @datpepper for winning!
  2. No real competition for @POTUS 2020 last week, congrats for winning!
  3. Some really high scores this week! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning!
  4. Some movies held better then most players expected! Congrats @Zakiyyah6 for winning!
  5. 8wombi7

    Yearly Prediction Accuracy Prize

    I scored my best average yet and still fell short compared to previous years, wich oly goes to show how competition got stronger! But I never considered myself to be a contender for the yearly crown anyway... I'm just happy to occasionally win a week
  6. 8wombi7

    Derby! Derby, derby, derby! | Week 2

    Congrats (to the) @Devil for winning this week!
  7. A little late, but anyway, congrats @JMorphin for winning!
  8. Ending the year on a low note... Congrats @POTUS for winning!
  9. Tough week! Congrats @Lights Camera Action for winning!
  10. Thanks @AndyLL! Congrats to everyone who did well!
  11. All those 0% New Release Scores except for three people 🙂 Congrats @TalismanRing for guessing SL almost right and therefore winning this week!
  12. Congrats @Bates for the Double!

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