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  1. I think it's save to say congrats @Exxdee for winning, but it seems like you made a typo @AndyLL. It should be 5.18 for Home Again. And also, this is last weeks thread
  2. Wow, only the second worst prediction for Home again Congrats @Rolling Thunder for winning!
  3. And there goes my streak of good scores... I hate to predict 4-day weekends because most of the time I way underestimate movies! The same goes for the change of friday increases when summer is over (which apparently was this weekend too), I can't seem to find out exactly when that happens every year Congrats @Wrath for winning and the top three in general for having way better scores then the rest of us!
  4. Good result despite screwing up The Nut Job 2! Congrats @boxofficeth for winning and an excellent score!
  5. I was absent last week but luckily I managed to enter predictions at some point. Although with mixed results the important thing is that l didn't miss the game since I've played every week from the start. So congrats to last weeks winner @Xillix and of course also congrats to this weeks winner @Deja23!
  6. Sorry, didn't mean to do that! I was looking at the player sheet and it said 94,4% there... In this case I'm happy of course to finally have won a game this year, it's been a while
  7. Looks like I'm not destined to win a week this year! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for the first threepeat in the new games history and the third(!!!) week of over 94% in a row! Truly amazing!
  8. High scores all over the place this month! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning again and for winning the month too!
  9. Another high scoring week where 90.76% is 'only' good enough for 15th place! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning!
  10. Too optimistic on TBS and to pessimistic on The House leads to 6th place, pretty happy about staying in the top 10 for 2 consecutive weeks! And once again, congrats @Bates for yet another fantastic score and showing us how its done
  11. High scoring week all around, but noone was a match for @Bates' extraordinary score! Congrats for winning!
  12. 13th, nothing to be ashamed of! Congrats @cannastop for your first weekly win and @nomyth for your first monthly win!
  13. What is it with some of this holds like 47MD? And earlier last week I had All Eyez at 6m but thought that was to extreme and went up about 1m last minute... Congrats @Simionski for winning!
  14. 35th out of 39 players... awful week, doesn't get much worse than this! congrats @nomyth for winning the week and @Bates for winning the tournament!
  15. The openers weren't kind to me this week... Congrats @Wildbill! This was an issue since week 21, so the last 3 games are affected. Thanks for your continuing effort every week to keep this game running

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