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  1. Ending the year on a low note... Congrats @POTUS for winning!
  2. Tough week! Congrats @Lights Camera Action for winning!
  3. Thanks @AndyLL! Congrats to everyone who did well!
  4. All those 0% New Release Scores except for three people 🙂 Congrats @TalismanRing for guessing SL almost right and therefore winning this week!
  5. Congrats @Bates for the Double!
  6. Goosebumps got slaughtered and screwed almost everyone! Congrats @POTUS for winning!
  7. Congrats this weeks winner @Deja23 and belated congrats to @Litio for winning last weeks foto finish against @Bates, our October/Fall champ (also congrats)!
  8. You know it was a high scoring week, when 91+% was only good enough for 17th... Congrats @gravestonedt for two in a row!
  9. Didn't see that Predator drop coming! Congrats @Bates for winning!
  10. I don't know how to copy it here, but the way the Derby is measured is rounding to two decimals and by doing so in the Player Sheet you're still winning this week, going up by 0.01% to 92.96% :) So, congratulations!
  11. Only eight players above 80%... tough week! Congrats @WrathOfHan for winning!
  12. Raising Unbroken last minute wasn't a good idea... Congrats @Deja23 for winning!
  13. 8wombi7

    Derby League 2

    Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for taking the crown! It's been a fun competition in here!

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