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  1. I don't know if this is intentional, but there are 11 movies to predict at the moment, so there is a page 2 on the prediction page! Just in case, so people don't overlook it!
  2. It's great to play the Derby again, thanks for bringing it back! Not my best result, but okay after that long time and with all these low grosses... Congrats @Product Driven Legion!
  3. Congrats @Keanu for winning! It doesn't change 1st place but @AndyLL, you put in the wrong number for Aladdin (should be 4.09 instead of 2.6).
  4. @TalismanRing obliterated competition this week! Congrats on a great score! Also congrats to last two weeks winners @Exxdee and @Bates!
  5. Should've stuck with my lower earlier prediction for TS4! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning once again!
  6. Damn, that DP drop and that Shaft opening! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning!
  7. That was close! Congrats to everyone who did well!
  8. Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning! Fotofinish there for second place!
  9. Really underestimated Aladdins potential, but seems like most people did. Congrats @Exxdee for winning!
  10. Derby Killer strikes again! Congrats @Sheikh for winning!
  11. A weekend all over the place due to its massive number one. Congrats @POTUS 2020 for winning this historical weekend!
  12. Some really unexpected drops this week (at least for me)! Congrats @BobDole for winning!
  13. Being one of three people who were spot on with Captive State certainly helped a lot this week! Congrats to everyone who did well!
  14. I had a feeling I was to generous on Captive State... Congrats @BobDole for winning!
  15. Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning! And since I forgot, also for winning three weeks ago! Also congrats @Exxdee and @Sheikh for their respective weeks!
  16. I don't know why I predicted The Prodigy to be that low... Congrats @datpepper for winning!
  17. No real competition for @POTUS 2020 last week, congrats for winning!
  18. Some really high scores this week! Congrats @The Fast and the Furiosa for winning!
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