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  1. Just market it as a straight up horror film.
  2. If everything pans out well for this I think it might beat Dark Knight’s OW. There’s gonna be an enormous rush factor if Phoenix and the movie is getting Oscar consideration.
  3. I wouldn’t give up on this movie just yet. The negative buzz will probably lower its OW but if it’s a crowd pleaser (big if I know) it might leg it out like Greatest Showman. Heck it’s facing the exact same competition with Star Wars and Jungle Book lol.
  4. These numbers seem really solid. It’s still way too early to calculate where it’ll land but it seems locked to beat Beauty and the Beast.
  5. Still get released probably. I do think if they market it as horror it can save it from being an outright flop. Push the movie for an OW big enough that legs won’t matter if it’s terrible.
  6. So how did Aladdin do this weekend and where do y’all see it ending its run? $100M+?
  7. Pretty terrible hold internationally this weekend. So around $250M WW...
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