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  1. There’s like ZERO buzz for this.
  2. This looks good! X Men franchise deserves a lot more respect than what it’s getting in here. Logan and Days of Future Past is among the top 10 superhero films of all time! It’s like we’re just letting Apocalypse define the entire franchise... This is the last film of the iconic series let’s show some more love!
  3. Godzilla

    The Predator (2018)

    To call this movie trash is an insult to trash. I saw this for free and felt ripped off. Bad action, terrible acting, god awful characters, cringey comedy, atrocious plot, I mean I could go on all day... F and I feel like I’m overrating it with that score...
  4. So it’s gonna cross $500M?
  5. I think this could break out. $40M OW $150M DOM $400M WW
  6. The Greatest Showman and Jumanji 2 not even a year ago. Yes they were released in the holidays but their holds were still extraordinary.
  7. Nice to see the Romantic Comedy genre finally having a hit. It’s been dead since How Do You Know flopped.
  8. Just saw the movie and it’s a damn shame it’s getting overlooked. One of the worst marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen. It’s like they wanted this movie to flop...
  9. I think Crazy Rich Asians will make around what Game Night and Blockers did. They also had great reviews. It just seems like people are skipping comedies in theaters cause they know it’ll be on Netflix, etc in a couple months.
  10. Should hit $100M with $40M OW considering no competition from the rest of August and Labor Day weekend.

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